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The Signpost archives contain a record of all of the major news and events on the English Wikipedia and in the Wikimedia movement more broadly, stretching back more than a decade of weekly publications to our founding in early 2005.

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Every Signpost article, ever
Date Subpage Title Authors Subheading
2024-07-04 Traffic report Talking about you and me, and the games people play Igordebraga Elections, movies, sports.
2024-07-04 Special report Wikimedia Movement Charter ratification vote underway, new Council may surpass power of Board Smallbones Will we weather the storm?
2024-07-04 Sister projects On editing Wikisource Cremastra A journey to a sister project.
2024-07-04 Recent research Is Wikipedia Politically Biased? Perhaps Tilman Bayer And other new publications on systemic bias and other topics.
2024-07-04 Opinion Etika: a Pop Culture Champion PantheonRadiance An article about Etika's appeal and legacy in pop culture.
2024-07-04 Op-Ed Why you should not vote in the 2024 WMF BoT elections Philip Kopetzky "Simply not good enough".
2024-07-04 Obituary Hanif Al Husaini, Salazarov, Hyacinth, and PirjanovNurlan QuicoleJR Hanif Al Husaini, Salazarov, Hyacinth, PirjanovNurlan: Rest in peace.
2024-07-04 News and notes WMF board elections and fundraising updates Andreas Kolbe Three new admins, but overall numbers still shrinking.
2024-07-04 In the media War and information in war and politics Smallbones Advocacy organizations, a journalist, mycophobes, conservatives, leftists, photographers, and a disinformation task force imagine themselves in Wikipedia.
2024-07-04 In focus How the Russian Wikipedia keeps it clean despite having just a couple dozen administrators By Unbundling, automation, fighting spirit, and a bot named Reimu Hakurei.
2024-07-04 Humour A joke Levivich ...!
2024-07-04 Gallery Spokane Willy's photos Smallbones A virtual visit to the Inland Northwest.
2024-07-04 Discussion report Wikipedians are hung up on the meaning of Madonna Svampesky Wikipedians are hung up on the primary topic of Madonna
2024-07-04 Crossword On a day of independence, beat crosswords into crossploughshares Cremastra How well do you know the main page (no peeking)?
2024-07-04 Cobwebs Counting to a billion — manuscripts don't burn none Special:Diff/1 and related techno-trivia more complicated than you'd think.
2024-06-08 Traffic report Chimps, Eurovision, and the return of the Baby Reindeer none Movies, deaths, elections (but no cricket).
2024-06-08 Technology report New Page Patrol receives a much-needed software upgrade Sam Walton A new model for collaboration between the WMF and the community?
2024-06-08 Special report RetractionBot is back to life! Headbomb ... and flagging your articles with big ugly red notices! (This is a good thing.)
2024-06-08 Recent research ChatGPT did not kill Wikipedia, but might have reduced its growth Tilman Bayer And various research findings about Wikidata and knowledge graphs.
2024-06-08 Opinion Public response to the editors of Settler Colonial Studies Tamzin A letter.
2024-06-08 News from the WMF Progress on the plan — how the Wikimedia Foundation advanced on its Annual Plan goals during the first half of fiscal year 2023-2024 Elena Lappen Outlining progress against the four key goals
2024-06-08 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation publishes its Form 990 for fiscal year 2022-2023 Andreas Kolbe The Form 990, as well as highlights and FAQs, are now available for review.
2024-06-08 In the media National cable networks get in on the action arguing about what the first sentence of a Wikipedia article ought to say Bri First line, sixth paragraph, body text or unified Reich?
2024-06-08 Humour Wikipedia rattled by sophisticated cyberattack of schoolboy typing "balls" in infobox JPxG Project in shambles – "it had never occurred to us that this was possible".
2024-06-08 Featured content We didn't start the wiki Generalissima No we didn't write it, but we tried to cite it
2024-06-08 Essay No queerphobia none An essay.
2024-06-08 Deletion report The lore of Kalloor Svampesky Lore of Kalloor: Hoaxes and the genesis of information.
2024-06-08 Concept Palimpsestuous JPxG Hypertext.
2024-06-08 Comix The Wikipediholic Family Relativity Some stuff's only okay in the privacy of the home.
2024-05-16 Traffic report Crawl out through the fallout, baby Igordebraga With cricket and some cute baby reindeer!
2024-05-16 Special report Will the new RfA reform come to the rescue of administrators? Oltrepier We don't know yet, but there is some encouraging news, nevertheless.
2024-05-16 Op-Ed Wikidata to split as sheer volume of information overloads infrastructure Bluerasberry More queries are failing, and more frequently, so what is to be done?
2024-05-16 News and notes Democracy in action: multiple elections Bluerasberry WMF trustee elections, U4C results, Italian ArbCom, WMF and Endowment annual reports.
2024-05-16 In the media Deadnames on the French Wikipedia, and a duel between Russian wikis Bluerasberry Plus, the WMF joins the Unicode Consortium, Chris Albon talks about AI tools on Wikipedia, communities address under-representation on the site.
2024-05-16 Comix Generations Generalissima It do be like that sometimes.
2024-05-16 Arbitration report Ruined temples for posterity to ponder over – arbitration from '22 to '24 JPxG Some go out with a bang, some with a whimper, few with much of a comprehensible explanation.
2024-04-25 WikiProject report WikiProject Newspapers (Not WP:NOTNEWS) Shushugah A WikiProject report on the 📰🌍 globe's finest news source!
2024-04-25 WikiConference report WikiConference North America 2023 in Toronto recap Lane Rasberry WikiConference North America 2023 in Toronto recap
2024-04-25 Traffic report O.J., cricket and a three body problem Igordebraga Plus Godzilla meets Francis Scott Key!
2024-04-25 Recent research New survey of over 100,000 Wikipedia users Tilman Bayer And other recent research publications
2024-04-25 News and notes A sigh of relief for open access as Italy makes a slight U-turn on their cultural heritage reproduction law Andreas Kolbe Plus, new updates on the privacy and research ethics whitepaper and the graphs outage situation, and an Iranian former steward is globally banned from Wikimedia projects
2024-04-25 In the media Censorship and wikiwashing looming over RuWiki, edit wars over San Francisco politics and another wikirace on live TV Andreas Kolbe Plus, tribute songs and shout-outs outweighing vandalism and hoaxes, a dispute about the real king of the platform and other bits of news.
2024-03-29 Traffic report He rules over everything, on the land called planet Dune Igordebraga Let me take you to the movies.
2024-03-29 Technology report Millions of readers still seeing broken pages as "temporary" disabling of graph extension nears its second year HaeB Much effort was spent drafting a movement charter about becoming "essential infrastructure of the ecosystem of free knowledge". How much is spent maintaining it?
2024-03-29 Special report 19-page PDF accuses Wikipedia of bias against Israel, suggests editors be forced to reveal their real names, and demands a new feature allowing people to view the history of Wikipedia articles JPxG And does it have anything to do with the unusual decision to let a zero-edit user open an arbitration request?
2024-03-29 Recent research "Newcomer Homepage" feature mostly fails to boost new editors Tilman Bayer And several papers look at climate change on Wikipedia
2024-03-29 Op-Ed Wikipedia in the age of personality-driven knowledge Maryana Pinchuk Can we compete with social media? Will zoomers forget Wikipedia?
2024-03-29 News and notes Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee Charter ratified Andreas Kolbe WLM winners announced, Wikimania 2024, a new Wikimedia movement affiliate, and active enwp admins reach a record low.
2024-03-29 Interview Interview on Wikimedia Foundation fundraising and finance strategy Bluerasberry Signpost interviews Wikimedia Foundation leadership on fundraising banners
2024-03-29 In the media "For me it’s the autism": AARoard editors on the fork more traveled Bri Worldwide women turned blue and controversies on Serbian & French Wikipedia.
2024-03-29 Humour Letters from the editors Thebiguglyalien The only worthwhile grievance is the one that prompts satire.
2024-03-29 Comix Layout issue JPxG margin: 0 auto !important;
2024-03-02 WikiCup report High-scoring WikiCup first round comes to a close BeanieFan11 135 battle it out; 67 advance
2024-03-02 Traffic report Supervalentinefilmbowlday Igordebraga If you say it loud enough the views will come your way!
2024-03-02 Recent research Images on Wikipedia "amplify gender bias" Bri And other new findings
2024-03-02 Obituary Vami_IV JPxG Rest in peace.
2024-03-02 News and notes Wikimedia enters US Supreme court hearings as "the dolphin inadvertently caught in the net" Andreas Kolbe Plus, the U4C Charter keeps planting seeds, the RfA process is set to become more sustainable, and more news from the Wikimedia ecosystem.
2024-03-02 In the media The Scottish Parliament gets involved, a wikirace on live TV, and the Foundation's CTO goes on record none Plus, naughty politicians, Federal judge not a fan, UFOs and beavers.
2024-02-13 Traffic report Griselda, Nikki, Carl, Jannik and two types of football Igordebraga Plus films, Grammys and a rumble!
2024-02-13 Serendipity Is this guy the same as the one who was a Nazi? Julle The hunt for Bertil Ragnar Anzén.
2024-02-13 News and notes Wikimedia Russia director declared "foreign agent" by Russian gov; EU prepares to pile on the papers Andreas Kolbe "the exact extent of the obligations" unclear... many such cases!
2024-02-13 In the media Speaking in tongues, toeing the line, and dressing the part Bri The usual odd articles about Wikipedia.
2024-02-13 Gallery Before and After: Why you don't need to touch grass to dramatically improve images of flora and fauna Jengod Finding the right bumblebee among all the bumblebees!
2024-02-13 Disinformation report How low can the scammers go? Smallbones Lower, trust me!
2024-02-13 Crossword Our crossword to bear Cremastra &c.
2024-02-13 Comix Strongly JPxG That's more than weakly!
2024-01-31 Traffic report DJ, gonna burn this goddamn house right down Igordebraga Job changes, death, sex, murder, suicide and a vacation!
2024-01-31 Recent research Croatian takeover was enabled by "lack of bureaucratic openness and rules constraining [admins]" Bri And other new research publications.
2024-01-31 Opinion Until it happens to you Oltrepier A stream of consciousness about plagiarism on Wikipedia from the perspective of a user who directly witnessed it.
2024-01-31 News and notes Wikipedian Osama Khalid celebrated his 30th birthday in jail Andreas Kolbe Plus WMF child rights impact assessment, Chinese Wikipedia changes admin rules
2024-01-31 In the media Katherine Maher new NPR CEO, go check Wikipedia, race in the race Bri Another wobble, more Ackman, our usual pathological optimist, and football in dirty pants!
2024-01-31 In focus The long road of a featured article candidate, part 2 Roy Smith Everything you really wanted to know about writing featured articles.
2024-01-31 Disinformation report How paid editors squeeze you dry Smallbones And how you can stop them!
2024-01-31 Comix We've all got to start somewhere JPxG Writing a good subheading for a one-sentence joke is basically like writing an entire second joke so I'm not going to do it.
2024-01-10 WikiProject report WikiProjects Israel and Palestine Shushugah What are the editorial processes behind covering some of the most politically polarizing and contentious topics on English Wikipedia?
2024-01-10 Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2023 Igordebraga Around the world in 365 days (with many stops in India).
2024-01-10 Technology report Wikipedia: A Multigenerational Pursuit SDeckelmann-WMF A techie looks at the big questions.
2024-01-10 Special report Public Domain Day 2024 SnowFire Mickey & You: What can you do?
2024-01-10 Obituary Anthony Bradbury DreamRimmer Rest in peace.
2024-01-10 News and notes In other news ... see ya in court! Andreas Kolbe Let the games begin! The 2024 WikiCup is off to a strong start. With copyright enforcement, AI training and freedom of expression, it's another typical week in the wiki-sphere!
2024-01-10 In the media What is plagiarism? Oklahoma Disneyland? Reaching a human being at Wikipedia? Bri Watch out for those space ships!
2024-01-10 In focus The long road of a featured article candidate Roy Smith The first of two installments, regarding a process of many installments.
2024-01-10 From the editor NINETEEN MORE YEARS! NINETEEN MORE YEARS! JPxG The Signpost can now drink beer and chant slogans in Canada. What slogans should we chant for the next nineteen years?
2024-01-10 Crossword everybody gangsta till the style sheets start cascading JPxG The good news is that I've perfected the templates that allow other people to make actually good crosswords.
2024-01-10 Comix Conflict resolution JPxG Getting down to brass tacks &c.
2023-12-24 Traffic report What's the big deal? I'm an animal! none Bollywood, Hollywood, and both kinds of football to close out December.
2023-12-24 Technology report Dark mode is coming Olga Vasileva No more must Wikipedia always be a lightbulb in the dark — except metaphorically of course.
2023-12-24 Special report Did the Chinese Communist Party send astroturfers to sabotage a hacktivist's Wikipedia article? JPxG Wikipedia article histories are public records that can be easily examined, so unlike other websites, we can answer this question thoroughly.
2023-12-24 Recent research "LLMs Know More, Hallucinate Less" with Wikidata Tilman Bayer And other new research publications.
2023-12-24 News and notes The Italian Public Domain wars continue, Wikimedia RU set to dissolve, and a recap of WLM 2023 Oltrepier Not the best of times for Wikipedians across the world, but there are still glimpses of hope...
2023-12-24 In the media Consider the humble fork Bri Forky on forky on forky, plus a strange donation scheme and other interesting bits of news.
2023-12-24 In focus Liquidation of Wikimedia RU Russian Wikinews editors Wikimedia Russia closes after founder is declared a "foreign agent".
2023-12-24 Humour Guess the joke contest JPxG Winner receives a special prize!
2023-12-24 Gallery A feast of holidays and carols Smallbones Peace on earth, goodwill to all!
2023-12-24 From the editor A piccy iz worth OVAR 9000!!!11oneone! wordz ^_^ JPxG The debugging will continue until performance improves.
2023-12-24 Discussion report Arabic Wikipedia blackout; Wikimedians discuss SpongeBob, copyrights, and AI Red-tailed hawk Wiki goes dark and adopts Palestine flag logo; intellectual property rumblings from the bowels of the law.
2023-12-24 Crossword when the crossword is sus JPxG The Signpost Crossword is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game that takes place in space-themed settings where players are colorful, armless cartoon astronauts.
2023-12-24 Comix Lollus lmaois 200C tincture JPxG the dilution makes it stronger.
2023-12-24 BJAODN Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense Kjoles Edit summary: "Only need this page for about 30 minutes to demonstrate to a friend how easy it is to create a Wikipedia page. Then it will be deleted."
2023-12-24 Apocrypha Local editor discovered 1,380 lost subheadings in ancient Signpost scrolls. And what he found was shocking. JPxG Heartwarming — MUST READ — You Won't BELIEVE #4!!!!!
2023-12-04 Traffic report And it's hard to watch some cricket, in the cold November Rain Igordebraga If you don't fancy the sport that occupies over 25% of the slots in these lists, there's always movies, celebrities, and political follies to fall back on – or an unusual fired-for-the-weekend CEO.
2023-12-04 News and notes Beeblebrox ejected from Arbitration Committee following posts on Wikipediocracy Sdkb Just as his term was ending!
2023-12-04 In the media Turmoil on Hebrew Wikipedia, grave dancing, Olga's impact and inspiring Bhutanese nuns Smallbones Plus Apple Pay, fiction, registration, expulsion, and elimination!
2023-12-04 In focus Tens of thousands of freely available sources flagged Headbomb Continuing years of efforts to improve free-to-read access.
2023-12-04 Humour Mandy Rice-Davies Applies JPxG This page in a nutshell: Whether or not someone has denied unsavory allegations — though such a denial may not merit being given equal weight in an article — a worthless shitpost should still be included.
2023-12-04 Featured content Real gangsters move in silence Adam Cuerden Quite literally, and other fascinating featured articles, pictures and lists
2023-12-04 Essay I am going to die WhatamIdoing And so are you.
2023-12-04 Disinformation report "Wikipedia and the assault on history" Smallbones An analysis of a literary mystery.
2023-12-04 Comix Bold comics for a new age JPxG "I think we ought to read only the kind of comics that wound or stab us. If the comic we're reading doesn't wake us up with a blow to the head, what are we reading for?" — Franz Kafka
2023-11-20 Wikimania Wikimania 2024 scholarships Nadzik Scholarship applications for Wikimania 2024 are now open!
2023-11-20 Traffic report If it bleeds, it leads Igordebraga Or if it's Indian sport or cinema.
2023-11-20 Recent research Canceling disputes as the real function of ArbCom Bri And other new research findings.
2023-11-20 News and notes Update on Wikimedia's financial health Andreas Kolbe Plus: Sockpuppet investigators asking for help.
2023-11-20 In the media Propaganda and photos, lunatics and a lunar backup Bri Comic-con, Media summit, and a classic!
2023-11-06 Wikidata Evaluating qualitative systemic bias in large article sets on Wikipedia Larataguera A systematic approach.
2023-11-06 WikiCup report The WikiCup 2023 BeanieFan11 The winner is...
2023-11-06 Traffic report Cricket jumpscare Igordebraga Plus Kollywood, Killers of the Flower Moon, and ongoing war.
2023-11-06 Recent research How English Wikipedia drove out fringe editors over two decades Tilman Bayer And other new research findings.
2023-11-06 Opinion An open letter to Elon Musk Smallbones You should learn some of our rules!
2023-11-06 News from Wiki Ed Equity lists on Wikipedia Will Kent Do you ever wonder where Wikipedia articles come from?
2023-11-06 News and notes Board candidacy process posted, editors protest WMF privacy measure, sweet meetups Andreas Kolbe And three new admins!
2023-11-06 In the media UK gov bigwig accused of ripping off WP articles for book, Wikipedians accused of being dicks by a rich man Bri Plus Gaza bias, Speaker Johnson, Maher, the music of websites, and antisemitism.
2023-11-06 Featured content Like putting a golf course in a historic site. Adam Cuerden Only literally.
2023-11-06 Arbitration report Admin bewilderingly unmasks self as sockpuppet of other admin who was extremely banned in 2015 Bri "Is this an ArbCom case request or an M. Night Shyamalan movie?"
2023-10-23 Traffic report The calm and the storm Igordebraga They are still fighting.
2023-10-23 News from Diff Sawtpedia: Giving a Voice to Wikipedia Using QR Codes Yamen Sounds good!
2023-10-23 News and notes Where have all the administrators gone? Andreas Kolbe Long time passing
2023-10-23 In the media Thirst traps, the fastest loading sites on the web, and the original collaborative writing Smallbones Also: High fives, Wikipedia as a guide for counterfeiters and crossword makers, and Iskander at the UN.
2023-10-23 Humour New citation template introduced for divine revelations, drug use, and really thinking about it JPxG "Cite altered state" to join the distinguished ranks of CS1 templates
2023-10-23 Gallery Before and After: Why you don't need to know how to restore images to make massive improvements Adam Cuerden The benefits of research.
2023-10-23 Featured content Yo, ho! Blow the man down! Adam Cuerden These titles never make much sense even at the best of times, so why not be random?
2023-10-03 Traffic report There shall be no slaves in the land of lands, it's a Bollywood jam Igordebraga Taylor Swift with an NFL tight end and Lauren Boebert with a Democrat?
2023-10-03 Recent research Readers prefer ChatGPT over Wikipedia; concerns about limiting "anyone can edit" principle "may be overstated" Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2023-10-03 Poetry "The Sight" Tamzin Tamzin reflects on the hunt.
2023-10-03 News and notes Wikimedia Endowment financial statement published Andreas Kolbe Finances during Tides Foundation management of the endowment are shown for the first time.
2023-10-03 In the media History is written by whoever can harness the most editors Smallbones Plus Harvard, Yale, Lords and Commons, partners and trolls!
2023-10-03 Featured content By your logic, Adam Cuerden The first issue to feature two poetry articles?
2023-10-03 Concept Wikipedia policies from other worlds: WP:NOANTLERS JPxG Material must be written with the greatest care and attention; the level of detail and commentary regarding the antlers of living persons is to be kept to a minimum.
2023-09-16 Traffic report Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic Igordebraga Sports, film and singers. We've got it all!
2023-09-16 Serendipity Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no paywall, for thou, Wikipedia Library, art with me Benedict Udeh Non-flammable, BPA-free, and really whips the llama's ass.
2023-09-16 Obituary Nosebagbear Giraffer A Wikipedian and a friend.
2023-09-16 News and notes Wikimedia power sharing – just an advisory role for the volunteer community? Andreas Kolbe Plus: Africa news, funding report, U4C draft, roads fork and another ChatGPT block.
2023-09-16 In the media "Just flirting", going Dutch and Shapps for the defence? Andreas Kolbe Plus a new judge, an "unimportant" record, and staying in the swim!
2023-09-16 Featured content Catching up Adam Cuerden Covering all of August. Pretty much.
2023-09-16 Concept Strange portal opened by CERN researchers brings Wikipedia articles from "other worlds" JPxG The Signpost brings you the latest from the source.
2023-08-31 Traffic report Raise your drinking glass, here's to yesterday Igordebraga I just poured HOT GRITS down my pants ohh yeah
2023-08-31 Recent research The five barriers that impede "stitching" collaboration between Commons and Wikipedia Tilman Bayer And other recent research publications.
2023-08-31 News and notes You like RecentChanges? User:JPxG Wikipedia really comes into its own, editorially and artistically.
2023-08-31 In the media Taking it sleazy Adam Cuerden "Poli", which means "many", and "tics", which means "under-the-table Wikipedia article whitewashing campaigns".
2023-08-31 Humour The Dehumourification Plan -insert valid name here- A message from the Counter-Fun Unit.
2023-08-31 From the editor Beta version of now online JPxG News for the editoriat. Stuff that matters.
2023-08-31 Draftspace Bad Jokes and Other Draftspace Novelties JPxG The good, the bad, and the nonsense.
2023-08-15 Traffic report Come on in, and pull yourself up a chair Igordebraga Barbenheimer, Pee-Wee Herman, and the World Cup.
2023-08-15 Tips and tricks How to find images for your articles, check their copyright, upload them, and restore them Adam Cuerden Because one gets some secondary skills when one has 645 featured pictures,
2023-08-15 Special report Thirteen years later, why are most administrators still from 2005? WereSpielChequers Damn kids need to get off our lawn and onto RfA.
2023-08-15 Serendipity Why I stopped taking photographs almost altogether An announcement of 335,000 new images on Wikimedia Commons.
2023-08-15 Opinion Copyright trolls, or the last beautiful free souls on this planet? Jonatan Svensson Glad For whom does the Creative Commons enforcement clause toll?
2023-08-15 News and notes Dude, Where's My Donations? Wikimedia Foundation announces another million in grants for non-Wikimedia-related projects Andreas Kolbe Jimbo promises more transparency, Wikimania in Singapore, move away from Tides still planned, and Wikifunctions rolls out.
2023-08-15 In the media An accusation of bias from Brazil, a lawsuit from Portugal, plagiarism from Florida Andreas Kolbe Harsh words from problematic fave Glenn Greenwald.
2023-08-15 In focus 2023 Good Article Nomination drive is underway: get your barnstars here! Vaticidalprophet Rigorous Review of Content for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Wikipedia.
2023-08-15 Humour Arbitration Committee to accept case against Right Honorable Frimbley Cantingham, 15th Viscount Bellington-upon-Porkshire JPxG Case request cited misuse of tools by administrator who last used tools in 1661
2023-08-15 Featured content Barbenheimer confirmed Adam Cuerden Some improvement on last week.
2023-08-15 Cobwebs Getting serious about writing Headbomb The innards of the Signpost received a major overhaul in March/April 2019. In this article, we explain how we reduced behind-the-scenes busywork and improved writers resources.
2023-08-01 Traffic report Come on Oppie, let's go party Igordebraga Oppenheimer, Barbie, and a couple other scandals
2023-08-01 Tips and tricks Citation tools for dummies! Headbomb You don't really want to do this stuff by yourself, do you?
2023-08-01 Opinion Are global bans the last step? Lemonaka Possible solutions after being re-harassed.
2023-08-01 Obituary Donald Cram, Peter McCawley, and Eagleash JPxG Three editors have departed.
2023-08-01 News and notes City officials attempt to doxx Wikipedians, Ruwiki founder banned, WMF launches Mastodon server Red-tailed hawk And French gov't proposes legislation to slam Wikipedia, others
2023-08-01 In the media Truth, AI, bull from politicians, and climate change Smallbones Or just another brouhaha?
2023-08-01 In focus Journals cited by Wikipedia Headbomb A compilation of over 3M citations
2023-08-01 Humour Does Wikipedia present neutral perspectives? Headbomb A serious visual investigation
2023-08-01 Featured content Featured Content, 1 to 15 July Adam Cuerden Due to unfortunate events, this issue is published as is, in its unfinished state
2023-08-01 Disinformation report Hot climate, hot hit, hot money, hot news hot off the presses! Smallbones Hot damn, it's damned hot!
2023-07-17 Traffic report The Idol becomes the Master Igordebraga Sex, drugs and violence, English, math and science
2023-07-17 Tips and tricks What automation can do for you (and your WikiProject) Headbomb A summary of various tools designed over the years.
2023-07-17 Recent research Wikipedia-grounded chatbot "outperforms all baselines" on factual accuracy Nicolas Jullien And various other research on large language models and Wikipedia
2023-07-17 Obituary David Thomsen (Dthomsen8) and Ingo Koll (Kipala) Guild of Copy Editors coordinators Philadelphians and Tanzanians say goodbye.
2023-07-17 News from the WMF ABC for Fundraising: Advancing Banner Collaboration for fundraising campaigns Julia Brungs The collaboration process for the 2023 English fundraising campaign is kicking off now, right from the start of the fiscal year.
2023-07-17 News and notes Big bux hidden beneath wine-dark sea as we wait for the Tides to go out? Andreas Kolbe Gitz6666 unglocked, Wikimania scholarships given and a new admin anointed.
2023-07-17 In the media Tentacles of Emirates plot attempt to ensnare Wikipedia HaeB Ruwiki on the Ruinternet, Rauwerda on TEDx, and Jimbo on Fridman.
2023-07-17 In focus Are the children of celebrities over-represented in French cinema? PAC2 Wikidata queries investigate nepo babies
2023-07-17 Humour New fringe theories to be introduced JPxG Bold move intended to "get some variety" into Wikipedia arguments
2023-07-17 Featured content Scrollin', scrollin', scrollin', keep those readers scrollin', got to keep on scrollin', Rawhide! Adam Cuerden In which choices have been made™.
2023-07-17 Cobwebs If you're reading this, you're probably on a desktop FacetsOfNonStickPans The annual report that tries to understand the Signpost through data, written in 2020, which never saw the light of day until now.
2023-07-03 Traffic report Are you afraid of spiders? Arnold? The Idol? ChatGPT? Igordebraga Don't worry, they are mostly harmless.
2023-07-03 News and notes Online Safety Bill: Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK launch open letter Tilman Bayer ... and a new Elections Committee
2023-07-03 In the media Journo proposes mass Wiki dox, sponsored articles on Fandom, Section 230 discussed Smallbones Are you now, or have you ever been, a Wikipedia editor?
2023-07-03 Humour United Nations dispatches peacekeeping force to Wikipedia policy discussions JPxG Mission to ensure stability in conflict-ridden area
2023-07-03 Featured content Incensed Adam Cuerden In which featured pictures have a pleasing orange/blue colour scheme for some reason.
2023-07-03 Disinformation report Imploded submersible outfit foiled trying to sing own praises on Wikipedia Smallbones A few editors who fought many times to keep advertisements out.
2023-06-19 Recent research Hoaxers prefer currently-popular topics Tilman Bayer And other new research findings
2023-06-19 News and notes WMF Terms of Use now in force, new Creative Commons licensing Andreas Kolbe Problems with emergency emails sent to WMF
2023-06-19 In the media English WP editor glocked after BLP row on Italian 'pedia Smallbones ... and an AI writer explains why he just bought a paper encyc
2023-06-19 Featured content Content, featured Adam Cuerden Poetry still present
2023-06-05 Traffic report Celebs, controversies and a chatbot in the public eye Igordebraga Plus mortalities, and movies about mermaids.
2023-06-05 News and notes WMRU director forks new 'pedia, birds flap in top '22 piccy, WMF weighs in on Indian gov's map axe plea Andreas Kolbe Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee Building Committee Commences Command By Convening
2023-06-05 In the media Section 230 stands tall, WP vs. UK bill, Miss Information dissed again Jonatan Svensson Glad Also: Goog gets delist ask for en-wp yt-dl ar-ticle, wacky football fails
2023-06-05 Featured content Poetry under pressure Adam Cuerden Now is not this ridiculous, and is not this preposterous? A thorough-paced absurdity - explain it if you can.
2023-05-22 WikiProject report Wikipedians Convene for Queering Wikipedia 2023: The First International LGBT+ Wikipedia Conference Hexatekin An online conference with 12 distributed trans-local in-person meetup "Nodes" on 5 continents
2023-05-22 Traffic report Coronation, chatbot, celebs Igordebraga Celebs and Bollywood film dominated reader interest, as usual, but with a new persistent presence on the lists of a certain A.I.
2023-05-22 Recent research Create or curate, cooperate or compete? Game theory for Wikipedia editors Tilman Bayer And other new research results.
2023-05-22 News and notes Golden parachutes: Record severance payments at Wikimedia Foundation Andreas Kolbe ... and a referendum on Jimmy Wales' traditional role as a final court of appeal in arbitration policy
2023-05-22 In the media History, propaganda and censorship Bri Opposing scholars on ArbCom case
2023-05-22 Featured content A very musical week for featured articles Adam Cuerden Bird is the word for featured pictures
2023-05-22 Arbitration report Final decision in "World War II and the history of Jews in Poland" Bri Includes stronger sourcing restriction, and a nod to the UCoC
2023-05-08 Special report There Shall Be Seasons Refreshing – Stories from WikiConference India 2023 Abhinav619 First national-level conference in the Indian subcontinent in seven years.
2023-05-08 Recent research Gender, race and notability in deletion discussions XOR'easter And other new research publications.
2023-05-08 News from the WMF Planning together with the Wikimedia Foundation MPaul (WMF) The second article in a series describing the priorities and work of the Wikimedia Foundation. The article invites Wikimedians to collaborate with the Foundation.
2023-05-08 News and notes New legal "deVLOPments" in the EU Andreas Kolbe ... and at WP:Mastodon.
2023-05-08 In the media Vivek's smelly socks, online safety, and politics Andreas Kolbe Fake fines, false alarms and faux headlines!
2023-05-08 Featured content I wrote a poem for each article, I found rhymes for all the lists;
My first featured picture of this year now finally exists!
Adam Cuerden ...Layout lovers will hate this featured content's title.
2023-05-08 Arbitration report "World War II and the history of Jews in Poland" approaches conclusion Bri There will likely be more to say next issue.
2023-04-26 Traffic report Long live machine, the future supreme Igordebraga Wrestling bumps world-changing technology from the #1 spot, imagine that.
2023-04-26 Special report Signpost statistics between years 2005 and 2022 Dušan Kreheľ Signpost statistics statistics from 2005 to 2022: In this article, we will look at The Signpost statistics. More precisely: Signpost article statistics by year, TOP 20 titles of Signpost articles, TOP 20 article authors, and the home wikis of article authors.
2023-04-26 Opinion What Jimbo's question revealed about scamming Smallbones The problem we haven't solved.
2023-04-26 Op-Ed Wikipedia as an anchor of truth Lambiam Can Wikipedia help keep AI agents honest?
2023-04-26 Obituary Remembering David "DGG" Goodman Bluerasberry The prolific editor, former Arbitration Committee member and co-founder of Wikimedia New York City died in April.
2023-04-26 News from the WMF Collective planning with the Wikimedia Foundation Mayur Paul First of a two part series summarising the priorities for the Wikimedia Foundation's next fiscal year (July 2022–June 2023) including staffing, budget and other changes, and how to provide your feedback.
2023-04-26 News and notes Staff departures at Wikimedia Foundation, Jimbo hands in the bits, and graphs' zeppelin burns Andreas Kolbe Plus: Wikipedians get own Mastodon account, and Wikiprojects move to uniform quality assessment.
2023-04-26 In the media Contested truth claims in Wikipedia Andreas Kolbe Covering Russia, Poland, the Vatican, the U.S., and the "perilously thin" boundary between real life and Wikipedia.
2023-04-26 Humour The law of hats Widefox The Selfish Hatnote, the Disambiguation Singularity, and other information-theoretic conundra of encyclopedic note.
2023-04-26 From the archives April Fools' through the ages, part two Adam Cuerden 2011 and on.
2023-04-26 Featured content In which we described the featured articles in rhyme again Adam Cuerden And somehow made it more readable than when it's not rhyming.
2023-04-26 Arbitration report Holocaust in Poland, Jimbo in the hot seat, and a desysopping Bri No news is good news, and this isn't no news.
2023-04-03 Recent research Language bias: Wikipedia captures at least the "silhouette of the elephant", unlike ChatGPT Tilman Bayer And a dataset of article revisions to provide a corpus for promotional content.
2023-04-03 News and notes Sounding out, a universal code of conduct, and dealing with AI Andreas Kolbe Skynet believed to be in violation of the new Universal Code of Conduct.
2023-04-03 In the media Twiddling Wikipedia during an online contest, and other news Andreas Kolbe Taking the phrase "gaming the system" to the next level.
2023-04-03 From the editor Some long-overdue retractions JPxG Errata regretted.
2023-04-03 From the archives April Fools' through the ages Adam Cuerden A retrospective of the best and worst pranks.
2023-04-03 Featured content Hail, poetry! Thou heav'n-born maid Adam Cuerden Thou gildest e'en the Signpost's trade.
2023-04-03 Disinformation report Sus socks support suits, seems systemic Smallbones Do important banks sock? Maybe – but don't grab your money and run just yet!
2023-04-03 Arbitration report "World War II and the history of Jews in Poland" case is ongoing Bri Desysop case request still in accept/decline phase.
2023-03-20 Traffic report Who died? Who won? Who lost? Igordebraga All the pop culture that's fit to print, with a sprinkling of cocaine (bear).
2023-03-20 News and notes Wikimania submissions deadline looms, Russian government after our lucky charms, AI woes nix CNET from RS slate Andreas Kolbe Be part of the Wikimania 2023 program!
2023-03-20 Interview 228/2/1: the inside scoop on Aoidh's RfA FormalDude An interview with Wikipedia's newest admin.
2023-03-20 In the media Paid editing, plagiarism payouts, proponents of a ploy, and people peeved at perceived preferences Andreas Kolbe Everything is broken, again.
2023-03-20 Featured content Way too many featured articles Adam Cuerden Seriously, it's only a fortnight's worth!
2023-03-20 Eyewitness Three more stories from Ukrainian Wikimedians Anton Protsiuk One year in: volunteering, science, art, and candlelight.
2023-03-09 Technology report Second flight of the Soviet space bears: Testing ChatGPT's accuracy Adam Cuerden Using failed AI Galactica's worst mistakes to test a new AI.
2023-03-09 Recent research "Wikipedia's Intentional Distortion of the Holocaust" in Poland and "self-focus bias" in coverage of global events Nathan TeBlunthuis And other new research publications.
2023-03-09 News and notes What's going on with the Wikimedia Endowment? Andreas Kolbe A lack of transparency.
2023-03-09 In the media What should Wikipedia do? Publish Russian propaganda? Be less woke? Cover the Holocaust in Poland differently? Adam Cuerden Probable answers: No, no, maybe?
2023-03-09 From the archives Five, ten, and fifteen years ago Adam Cuerden Wikizine, Wikipedia Zero, Single User Login, and Wales allegedly editing his girlfriend's article.
2023-03-09 Featured content In which over two-thirds of the featured articles section needs to be copied over to WikiProject Military History's newsletter Adam Cuerden Thanks to the vagaries of the fortnightly schedule, I can already tell next issue's is going to be a bit overpacked
2023-02-20 Traffic report Superbowl? Pfft. Give me some Bollywood! Yours sincerely, the world Igordebraga And maybe a side of AI.
2023-02-20 Tips and tricks All about writing at DYK theleekycauldron Your one-stop hooker's handbook.
2023-02-20 News and notes Terms of Use update, Steward elections, and Wikipedia back in Pakistan Adam Cuerden UCoC Enforcement Guidelines pass, Wikimedia Enterprise financials, GPTs gone wild, and a speedy deletion criterion removed.
2023-02-20 In the media Arbitrators open case after article alleges Wikipedia "intentionally distorts" Holocaust coverage Andreas Kolbe Also: Russ Baker's BLP, the digital commons, the NSA, and more on Pakistan.
2023-02-20 Humour The RfA Candidate's Song Bucketsofg A musical interlude.
2023-02-20 Gallery Love is in the air Adam Cuerden Lovey-dovey stuff for Valentine's.
2023-02-20 From the archives 5, 10, and 15 years ago: Let's (not) delete the Main Page! Adam Cuerden Also: let's delete images of Muhammed! Let's delete portals!
2023-02-20 Featured content Eden, lost. Adam Cuerden But much else to be found.
2023-02-20 Essay Machine-written articles: a new challenge for Wikipedia Rory Jaffe GPT: friend or foe?
2023-02-20 Disinformation report The "largest con in corporate history"? Smallbones Gautam Adani and his companies possibly behind scheme featuring scores of socks, infiltration of articles for creation process.
2023-02-20 Cobwebs Editorial: The loss of the moral high ground Adam Cuerden Yesterday's controversies, reported on today.
2023-02-04 WikiProject report WikiProject Organized Labour Shushugah An interview with those who pitch in together
2023-02-04 Traffic report Films, deaths and ChatGPT Igordebraga Can we have a chat?
2023-02-04 Tips and tricks XTools: Data analytics for your list of created articles PAC2 Letting you find out about yourself (and others).
2023-02-04 Special report Legal status of Wikimedia projects "unclear" under potential European legislation JPxG WMF issues salvo in latest battles of the Posting Wars
2023-02-04 Section 230 Twenty-six words that created the internet, and the future of an encyclopedia JPxG Section 230 before the Supreme Court in two cases, with broad implications for the web.
2023-02-04 Recent research Wikipedia's "moderate yet systematic" liberal citation bias Tilman Bayer And other new research publications.
2023-02-04 Opinion Study examines cultural leanings of Wikimedia projects' visual art coverage MartinPoulter English Wikipedia among most "global" and Thai Wikipedia's among most "Western", but non-Western works neglected overall.
2023-02-04 Op-Ed Estonian businessman and political donor brings lawsuit against head of national Wikimedia chapter Käbi Laan Isamaa party sponsor Parvel Pruunsild files claim in Tartu County Court against WMEE head Ivo Kruusamägi and Reform Party politicians.
2023-02-04 News and notes Foundation update on fundraising, new page patrol, Tides, and Wikipedia blocked in Pakistan Andreas Kolbe As well as the continued rise of the machines.
2023-02-04 In the media Furor over new Wikipedia skin, followup on Saudi bans, and legislative debate Bri The good, the bad, and the ugly.
2023-02-04 From the editor New for the Signpost: Author pages, tag pages, and a decent article search function JPxG Last issue's vow for "something to show for these efforts" revisited.
2023-02-04 Featured content 20,000 Featureds under the Sea Adam Cuerden An exceptionally good period for featured articles.
2023-02-04 Disinformation report Wikipedia on Santos Smallbones Or Santos on Wikipedia?
2023-01-16 Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2022 Igordebraga War, sports, and all types of chaos.
2023-01-16 Technology report View it! A new tool for image discovery JamieF The depths of Commons, at your fingertips. Or eyetips.
2023-01-16 Special report Coverage of 2022 bans reveals editors serving long sentences in Saudi Arabia since 2020 Andreas Kolbe Long-time contributors imprisoned for 32 and 8 years after "swaying public opinion" and "violating public morals".
2023-01-16 Serendipity How I bought part of Wikipedia – for less than $100 Vysotsky The economics of Wikipedia.
2023-01-16 Opinion Good old days, in which fifth-symbol-lacking lipograms roam'd our librarious litany Bri Allow us to bring you back, back, back, to days of Wikifun rampant.
2023-01-16 News and notes Revised Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines up for vote, WMF counsel departs, generative models under discussion Bri UCoC draws nearer, alongside the rise of the machines, in mainspace this time.
2023-01-16 In the media Court orders user data in libel case, Saudi Wikipedia in the crosshairs, Larry Sanger at it again Adam Cuerden Wikipedia's birthday, a cute dog, and nipplefruit.
2023-01-16 In focus Busting into Grand Central Debunking widely-told myths about New York's grandest and centralest railway station.
2023-01-16 Humour New geologically speedy deletion criteria introduced JPxG 7,000,000-year Landmasses for Subduction discussions considered "too long".
2023-01-16 Gallery What is our responsibility when it comes to images? Adam Cuerden When notability conflicts with what it might be used for.
2023-01-16 From the team We heard zoomers liked fortnights: the biweekly Signpost rides again JPxG It's not just a phase! Well, maybe it is.
2023-01-16 From the archives Five, ten, and fifteen years ago Adam Cuerden The editor with five million edits, the death of Aaron Swartz, and rollback.
2023-01-16 Featured content Flip your lid Adam Cuerden ...and your ambigram. Also: Boring lava fields, birds of Tuvalu, and commelinid family names with etymologies.
2023-01-01 Traffic report Football, football, football! Wikipedia Football Club! Igordebraga It is mostly about football!
2023-01-01 Technology report Wikimedia Foundation's Abstract Wikipedia project "at substantial risk of failure" Tilman Bayer Wikifunctions might drag it down.
2023-01-01 Serendipity Wikipedia about FIFA World Cup 2022: quick, factual and critical Vysotsky How Iranian press agencies help Wikipedia to reflect football in a better way.
2023-01-01 Recent research Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement in talk page disputes Tilman Bayer And other new research findings.
2023-01-01 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation ousts, bans quarter of Arabic Wikipedia admins Andreas Kolbe Plus admin update and cool tools for the new year.
2023-01-01 Interview ComplexRational's RfA debrief FormalDude Interview of ComplexRational about their recent request for adminship.
2023-01-01 In the media Odd bedfellows, Elon and Jimbo, reliable sources for divorces, and more Lane Rasberry Sometimes you need to read more than just the headlines!
2023-01-01 From the archives Five, ten, and fifteen years ago Adam Cuerden Photographers, Sandy Hook, the shocking use of Nazi symbols in articles about Nazis, and "You wouldn't recognise a fact if it bit you in the ass".
2023-01-01 Featured content Would you like to swing on a star? Adam Cuerden You head into the featured content report. Amongst the features you see astronauts, both Gilbert and Sullivan, Ursula K. Le Guin's incredibly talented mother, and Billboard charts. It is pitch black, you are likely to be eaten by a grue.
2023-01-01 Essay Mobile editing Clovermoss Frustrations and successes.
2023-01-01 CommonsComix #4: The Course of WikiEmpire Adam Cuerden In which a couple sentences of text recontextualises an image.
2023-01-01 Arbitration report Arbitration Committee Election 2022 Kudpung Congratulations.
2022-11-28 Traffic report Musical deaths, murders, Princess Di's nominative determinism, and sports Igordebraga The weeks and weeks, as reviewed by Wikipedia's readers.
2022-11-28 Tips and tricks (Wiki)break stuff Headbomb Productively doing nothing
2022-11-28 Technology report Galactic dreams, encyclopedic reality JPxG Facebook's Galactica demo provides a case study in large language models for text generation at scale: this one was silly, but we cannot ignore them forever.
2022-11-28 Recent research Study deems COVID-19 editors smart and cool, questions of clarity and utility for WMF's proposed "Knowledge Integrity Risk Observatory" Piotr Konieczny And other research findings.
2022-11-28 Opinion Privacy on Wikipedia in the cyberpunk future Ladsgroup Oh, just one more thing... AI couldn't help but notice you use that punctuation a little bit more than most people...
2022-11-28 Op-Ed Diminishing returns for article quality Julle Have we gotten past the point where better articles makes us a better encyclopedia? And what comes next?
2022-11-28 Obituary A tribute to Michael Gäbler Rhododendrites They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
2022-11-28 News and notes English Wikipedia editors: "We don't need no stinking banners" Adam Cuerden Joe Roe's close sows dough woes, manifestos... vetoes? overthrows?
2022-11-28 Interview Lisa Seitz-Gruwell on WMF fundraising in the wake of big banner ad RfC The Land An interview with Wikimedia's Chief Advancement Officer.
2022-11-28 In the media "The most beautiful story on the Internet" Lane Rasberry Ineffective altruism, return of the toaster, Jess Wade keeps wading through it, Russia censors searches, schools embrace Wikipedia.
2022-11-28 From the archives Five, ten, and fifteen years ago Adam Cuerden Search upgrades, lawsuits, paid editing, and personal reflection.
2022-11-28 Featured content A great month for featured articles Adam Cuerden Do consider joining FPC, though: we need you.
2022-11-28 Essay The Six Million FP Man Adam Cuerden Okay, six hundred, but either way, the bionic editor speaks.
2022-11-28 Disinformation report Missed and Dissed JPxG Are government goons prowling our fair encyclopedia?
2022-11-28 Concept The relevance of legal certainty to the English Wikipedia Anonymous A lost article from our deep annals
2022-11-28 CommonsComix Joker's trick Adam Cuerden A toast to good health, a health to good hoax, a hoax to good toast.
2022-11-28 Book review Writing the Revolution Andreas Kolbe Heather Ford's new volume on Wikipedia, knowledge and power in the 2011 Egyptian revolution.
2022-10-31 Traffic report Mama, they're in love with a criminal Igordebraga More serial killers than you can shake a stick at!
2022-10-31 Serendipity We all make mistakes – don’t we? Vysotsky The strength of Wikipedia is the peer review afterwards.
2022-10-31 Recent research Disinformatsiya: Much research, but what will actually help Wikipedia editors? Tilman Bayer And other new research publications.
2022-10-31 News from the WMF Governance updates from, and for, the Wikimedia Endowment Lisa Seitz-Gruwell 501(c)(3) application approved, Amazon donates another million.
2022-10-31 News and notes Wikipedians question Wikimedia fundraising ethics after "somewhat-viral" tweet Andreas Kolbe News from Twitter, Commons and the WMF C-Suite.
2022-10-31 Interview Isabelle Belato on their Request for Adminship FormalDude The newest sysop speaks on the process that got them there.
2022-10-31 In the media Scribing, searching, soliciting, spying, and systemic bias OwenBlacker Wading into several controversies.
2022-10-31 From the team A new goose on the roost JPxG Or maybe the spit -- only time will tell.
2022-10-31 From the archives Paid advocacy, a lawsuit over spelling mistakes, deleting Jimbo's article, and the death of Toolserver Adam Cuerden What tales echo in these hallowed halls.
2022-10-31 Featured content Topics, lists, submarines and Adam Cuerden Featured content from October.
2022-10-31 Disinformation report From Russia with WikiLove Smallbones I can has Kremlin sockfarms?
2022-09-30 Traffic report Kings and queens and VIPs Igordebraga Repeat after me: I solemnly swear not to put "oh my!" in a headline.
2022-09-30 Special report Decentralized Fundraising, Centralized Distribution Wikimedia Deutschland The latest from the Wikimedia Deutschland Movement Strategy & Global Relations Team.
2022-09-30 Serendipity Removing watermarks, copyright signs and cigarettes from photos Vysotsky Suggestion: promote removal of visible copyright signs of images under a CC-BY license.
2022-09-30 Recent research How readers assess Wikipedia's trustworthiness, and how they could in the future Tilman Bayer And other research news.
2022-09-30 Opinion Are we ever going to reach consensus? Helloheart Some Articles for Deletion just drag on.
2022-09-30 News and notes Board vote results, bot's big GET, crat chat gives new mop, WMF seeks "sound logo" and "organizer lab" Andreas Kolbe Candidates sign off and peel out – Sigalov is on and Peel is in.
2022-09-30 Interview ScottishFinnishRadish's Request for Adminship FormalDude Find out firsthand what our newest admin, ScottishFinnishRadish, does with a chainsaw.
2022-09-30 In the media A few complaints and mild disagreements Andreas Kolbe Was Katherine Maher a former encyclopedia salesperson?
2022-09-30 In focus NPP: Still heaven or hell for new users – and for the reviewers MB Just what is NPP? Why does it need the WMF? Why does it need YOU?
2022-09-30 Gallery A Festival Descends on the City: The Edinburgh Fringe, Pt. 2 Adam Cuerden Lo!
2022-09-30 From the archives 5, 10, and 15 Years ago: September 2022 Adam Cuerden Yes, again.
2022-09-30 Featured content Farm-fresh content Adam Cuerden This month: A FACBot upgrade, a completed list of lists.
2022-09-30 Discussion report Much ado about Fox News FormalDude Source reliability, NPP, and appearance discussions.
2022-09-30 CommonsComix CommonsComix 2: Paulus Moreelse Adam Cuerden When Commons gives you a blank space...
2022-08-31 Traffic report What dreams (and heavily trafficked articles) may come Igordebraga Because there really is no real theme this month you can grab onto to give a catchy title.
2022-08-31 Tips and tricks The unexpected rabbit hole of typo fixing in citations... Headbomb Sometimes Citation bot is not enough
2022-08-31 Technology report Vector (2022) deployment discussions happening now EpicPupper Plus, the Private Incident Reporting System, and new bots & user scripts!
2022-08-31 Special report Wikimania 2022: no show, no show up? Ziko Why the 'Festival Edition' was less than perfect, and what we can do better.
2022-08-31 Serendipity Two photos of every library on earth Smallbones One exterior, one interior.
2022-08-31 Recent research The dollar value of "official" external links Tilman Bayer And other new research
2022-08-31 News from Wiki Education 18 years a Wikipedian: what it means to me Ian Ramjohn Change and stability.
2022-08-31 News and notes Admins wanted on English Wikipedia, IP editors not wanted on Farsi Wiki, donations wanted everywhere Andreas Kolbe (not a typo?) wants a moment of your time.
2022-08-31 In the media Truth or consequences? A tough month for truth Andreas Kolbe But Annie Rauwerda is the real thing!
2022-08-31 In focus Thinking inside the box Urban Versis 32 All there is to know about userboxes.
2022-08-31 Humour CommonsComix No. 1 Adam Cuerden Because the Signpost needs a cartoon.
2022-08-31 Gallery A Fringe Affair (but not the show by Edward W. Feery that was on this year) Adam Cuerden Edinburgh in August.
2022-08-31 From the archives 5, 10, and 15 years ago Adam Cuerden The Signpost looks back on The Signpost: New reports, conceived in a spirit of collaboration, and dedicated to the proposition of information and, uh, more information for all.
2022-08-31 Featured content Our man drills are safe for work, but our Labia is Fausta. Adam Cuerden Also includes a campaign to "Suck for Luck".
2022-08-31 Essay Delete the junk! Adam Cuerden Some articles aren't worth saving
2022-08-31 Discussion report Boarding the Trustees EpicPupper 2022 elections, new page patrol, Fox News, Vector 2022, Royal Central and external links
2022-08-01 Traffic report US TV, JP ex-PM, outer space, and politics of IN, US, UK top charts for July Igordebraga The world shows its messy complexity.
2022-08-01 Tips and tricks Cleaning up awful citations with Citation bot Headbomb It doesn't have to be a pain in the butt!
2022-08-01 Serendipity Don't cite Wikipedia Vysotsky But Commons is a treasure trove.
2022-08-01 Recent research A century of rulemaking on Wikipedia analyzed Tilman Bayer And other new research findings.
2022-08-01 Opinion Criminals among us Smallbones Mass murderers, sex criminals, Ponzi schemers, insider traders, and business people.
2022-08-01 Op-Ed The "recession" affair JPxG IGNORANCE IS NOT STRENGTH.
2022-08-01 On the bright side Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war — three (more) stories Anton Protsiuk Education, climate change, and journalism.
2022-08-01 News and notes Information considered harmful Bri Wikipedia and human rights, publishers and the Internet Archive, Russia and Wikipedia.
2022-08-01 In the media Censorship, medieval hoaxes, "pathetic supervillains", FB-WMF AI TL bid, dirty duchess deeds done dirt cheap Andreas Kolbe Real news or silly season?
2022-08-01 In focus Wikidata insights from a handy little tool PAC2 PAC2 explains the item documentation template.
2022-08-01 Humour Why did the chicken cross the road? Adam Cuerden Strange mysteries of our animal world.
2022-08-01 Gallery A backstage pass Adam Cuerden All the things about theatre that the general public misses out on.
2022-08-01 From the editors Rise of the machines, or something JPxG The future of stuff? Who knows, but two articles were written by a computer this month.
2022-08-01 From the archives 2012 Russian Wikipedia shutdown as it happened Tony1 Ten years ago, Russian Wikipedia went dark in protest of new Russian laws. Today...
2022-08-01 Featured content A little list with surprisingly few lists Adam Cuerden More lists expected next month.
2022-08-01 Eyewitness Wikimedian, Vinnytsia, Ukraine War diary (part 3) George Chernilevsky "This year's victory was sad and dull."
2022-08-01 Essay How to research an image Adam Cuerden Zoom and enhance.
2022-08-01 Election guide/Candidate Op-Ed, Tobechukwu Precious Friday Why Tobechukwu Precious Friday is running for the WMF Board Tobechukwu Precious Friday Friday's candidate statement.
2022-08-01 Election guide/Candidate Op-Ed, Shani Evenstein Sigalov Why Shani Evenstein Sigalov is running for the WMF Board Shani Evenstein Sigalov Sigalov's candidate statement.
2022-08-01 Election guide/Candidate Op-Ed, Mike Peel Why Mike Peel is running for the WMF Board Mike Peel Peel's candidate statement.
2022-08-01 Election guide/Candidate Op-Ed, Michał Buczyński Why Aegis Maelstrom is running for the WMF Board Michał Buczyński Buczyński's candidate statement.
2022-08-01 Election guide/Candidate Op-Ed, Kunal Mehta Why Legoktm is running for the WMF Board Kunal Mehta "I aim to bring my unique technical and staff experience to the board".
2022-08-01 Election guide/Candidate Op-Ed, Farah Jack Mustaklem Why Farah Jack Mustaklem is running for the WMF Board Farah Jack Mustaklem Mustaklem's candidate statement.
2022-08-01 Election guide The chosen six: 2022 Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees elections EpicPupper Candidate op-eds, open question spaces, and more.
2022-08-01 Discussion report Notability for train stations, notices for mobile editors, noticeboards for the rest of us FormalDude And when is 'today'?
2022-08-01 Deletion report This is Gonzo Country GPT-3 GPT-3 whips it out.
2022-08-01 Community view Youth culture and notability Waggers Was Minecraft YouTuber a GNG pass in life, or only in death?
2022-08-01 Arbitration report Winds of change blow for cyclone editors, deletion dustup draws toward denouement JPxG The last three months of arbitration through the eyes of a GPT-3
2022-06-26 Traffic report Top view counts for shows, movies, and celeb lawsuit that keeps on giving Igordebraga Plus editing stampedes for cheery subjects: shootings, deaths, and virus.
2022-06-26 Special report "Wikipedia's independence" or "Wikimedia's pile of dosh"? Andreas Kolbe A review of Wikipedia's fundraising messages and financial status.
2022-06-26 Serendipity Was she really a Swiss lesbian automobile racer? Vysotsky What's the deal with Anita Forrer, redlinked woman of mystery who saved Schwarzenbach archives?
2022-06-26 Recent research Wikipedia versus academia (again), tables' "immortality" probed Tilman Bayer Tables "like to socialize" and "share genes": ooh la la!
2022-06-26 Opinion Picture of the Day – how Adam plans to ru(i)n it Adam Cuerden Famed FP ace steps up to run main page outfit. Millions tremble in fear, or something.
2022-06-26 News from the WMF Wikimedia Enterprise signs first deals Wikimedia Foundation Google and Internet Archive sold on new product, more customers hoped to follow.
2022-06-26 News and notes WMF inks new rules on government-ordered takedowns, blasts Russian feds' censor demands, spends big bucks Andreas Kolbe Office actions to secretly delete stuff when told to? Well, at least not if they're Putin's.
2022-06-26 In the media Editor given three-year sentence, big RfA makes news, Guy Standing takes it sitting down Andreas Kolbe Belarusian Mark Bernstein to serve 36 months of "home chemistry" for unapproved posting, Slate covers historically large adminship bid, UBI economist with goofy infobox caption thinks it's funny.
2022-06-26 Humour Shortcuts, screwballers, Simon & Garfunkel theleekycauldron Can we offer you a nice crossword in this trying time?
2022-06-26 Gallery Celebration of summer, winter Adam Cuerden Lest Southern Hemisphere be forgotten.
2022-06-26 Featured content Articles on Scots' clash, Yank's tux, Austrian's action flick deemed brilliant prose Adam Cuerden And who can forget the black-breasted buttonquail.
2022-06-26 Essay RfA trend line haruspicy: fact or fancy? Wugapodes Don't be dumb, says math whiz: avoid the gambler's fallacy. Illustrated for your pleasure.
2022-06-26 Discussion report MoS rules on CCP name mulled, XRV axe plea nulled, mass drafting bid pulled FormalDude Just three for the history books this month (or not).
2022-05-29 WikiProject report WikiProject COVID-19 revisited Ixtal The interviewees of March 2020's WikiProject report join us once again to discuss the evolution and future of the project.
2022-05-29 Video How the entire country of Qatar was blocked from editing EpicPupper A light-hearted video-based submission from a community member that explores the 2006 accidental block of Qatar from editing.
2022-05-29 Traffic report Strange highs and strange lows Igordebraga Were Johnny and Amber exchanging blows?
2022-05-29 Tips and tricks The reference desks of Wikipedia EpicPupper Helpful advice from Tips of the Day.
2022-05-29 Technology report A new video player for Wikimedia wikis EpicPupper Plus, Growth Features configuration, the Hackathon, and more
2022-05-29 Special report Three stories of Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war Anton Protsiuk Tales of hope, perseverance and even a little humor.
2022-05-29 Serendipity Those thieving image farms Vysotsky Stopping them from taking your photos from Commons.
2022-05-29 Recent research 35 million Twitter links analysed Tilman Bayer And other recent research findings
2022-05-29 Opinion The Wikimedia Endowment – a lack of transparency Andreas Kolbe A little more information, please
2022-05-29 News from the WMF The EU Digital Services Act: What’s the Deal with the Deal? Jan Gerlach New regulations governing online censorship
2022-05-29 News from Diff Winners of the Human rights and Environment special nomination by Wiki Loves Earth announced Iryna Yehiazarova A stunning collection of photos raising awareness for nature protection and human impacts on nature.
2022-05-29 News and notes 2022 Wikimedia Board elections EpicPupper Plus, Form 990, fundraising, RfA and UCoC.
2022-05-29 Interview Wikipedia's Pride EpicPupper Wikipedia's pride: An interview with queer Wikimedians.
2022-05-29 In the media Putin, Jimbo, Musk and more Bri A varied collection of "special operations", and interviews.
2022-05-29 In focus Measuring gender diversity in Wikipedia articles PAC2 A new approach at the article level.
2022-05-29 Humour A new crossword Ganesha811 Test your word-puzzle skills!
2022-05-29 Gallery Diving under the sea for World Oceans Day EpicPupper Exploring Featured Pictures of the world's oceans.
2022-05-29 From the team A changing of the guard EpicPupper Your two new Signpost Editors in Chief.
2022-05-29 From the archives The Onion and Wikipedia EpicPupper A look at when The Onion published an humorous article regarding Wikipedia.
2022-05-29 Featured content Featured content of April Adam Cuerden Featured Content of April: Showcasing the very best articles, pictures, videos, and other contributions from Wikipedians last month.
2022-05-29 Essay How not to write a Wikipedia article theleekycauldron On creative works.
2022-05-29 Discussion report Portals, April Fools, admin activity requirements and more FormalDude We summarize the drama for you.
2022-05-29 Community view Have your say in the 2022 Wikimedia Foundation Board elections EpicPupper Community shortlisting in an affiliate-based process, and a poll for you to speak your mind.
2022-04-24 Traffic report Justice Jackson, the Smiths, and an invasion Igordebraga Plus deaths, films, and the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification.
2022-04-24 Technology report 8-year-old attribution issues in Media Viewer EpicPupper Plus, a new status page and Desktop Improvements.
2022-04-24 Special report Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war Anton Protsiuk Writing Wikipedia, joining the armed forces, and volunteering.
2022-04-24 Serendipity Wikipedia loves photographs, but hates photographers Vysotsky Why not just link to an article to attribute famous photographers?
2022-04-24 Recent research Student edits as "civic engagement"; how Wikipedia readers interact with images Bri And other new research findings
2022-04-24 News from the WMF How Smart is the SMART Copyright Act? Kate Ruane The deceptively simple Strengthening Measures to Advance Rights Technologies Copyright Act of 2022.
2022-04-24 News and notes Double trouble Andreas Kolbe The second case of Wikipedian persecution.
2022-04-24 Interview On a war and a map EpicPupper How a war map predated Wikimedia's map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
2022-04-24 In the media The battlegrounds outside and inside Wikipedia Lane Rasberry What's hot in the media this month.
2022-04-24 In focus Editing difficulties on Russian Wikipedia Anonymous A multi-national encyclopedia tries to move forward.
2022-04-24 Humour Really huge message boxes Stevertigo A serious statement of Wikipedia policy.
2022-04-24 Gallery A voyage around the world with WLM winners Krishna Chaitanya Velaga Wiki Loves Monuments 2021 winners announced
2022-04-24 From the archives Wales resigned WMF board chair in 2006 reorganization Michael Snow A look at when the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees was reorganized.
2022-04-24 Featured content Wikipedia's best content from March FormalDude We showcase the best content that Wikipedians offered this past month.
2022-04-24 Eyewitness Wikimedian, Vinnytsia, Ukraine War diary (Part 2) George Chernilevsky "Our proud Sparta bleeds too."
2022-04-24 Essay The problem with elegant variation Popcornfud An elegant Wikipedia essay.
2022-03-27 Wikimedian perspective My heroes from Russia, Ukraine & beyond Vysotsky The thought of cities being destroyed is unbearable.
2022-03-27 Traffic report War, what is it good for? Kingsif Ukraine, Russia and Anna Sorokin.
2022-03-27 Tips and tricks Become a keyboard ninja EpicPupper And other useful Tips of the Day.
2022-03-27 Technology report 2022 Wikimedia Hackathon EpicPupper Plus, Desktop Improvements and a new uploading tool for Commons.
2022-03-27 Recent research Top scholarly citers, lack of open access references, predicting editor departures Bri And other research publications.
2022-03-27 On the bright side The bright side of news EpicPupper Happy-er current events.
2022-03-27 News and notes Of safety and anonymity Bri The diff that resulted in arrest and jail time in Belarus.
2022-03-27 In the media Ukraine, Russia, and even some other stuff Bri Lenin did not say "Wow, check out those yachts"!
2022-03-27 Gallery "All we are saying is, give peace a chance..." EpicPupper The once-seen beauty of Ukraine, in high quality.
2022-03-27 From the Signpost team We stand in solidarity with Ukraine EpicPupper How the Signpost is documenting the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine: We stand in solidarity with free knowledge.
2022-03-27 From the archives Burn, baby burn EpicPupper A look at when early backups of Wikipedia were recovered.
2022-03-27 Eyewitness Wikimedian, Western Ukraine Working with Wikipedia helps Ата Holding up the elephants!
2022-03-27 Eyewitness Wikimedian, Vinnytsia, Ukraine War diary George Chernilevsky Reporting from on the ground in Ukraine.
2022-03-27 Eyewitness Wikimedian, Kharkiv, Ukraine Countering Russian aggression with a camera Anton Protsiuk A Ukrainian Wikipedian volunteers to document the war.
2022-03-27 Essay Yes, the sky is blue Wikipedia editors There is such thing as over-citing.
2022-03-27 Disinformation report The oligarchs' socks Smallbones For whom do the Bells toil?
2022-03-27 Discussion report Athletes are less notable now EpicPupper The Discussion Report returns with a diverse mix of community proposals.
2022-03-27 Deletion report Ukraine, werewolves, Ukraine, YouTube pundits, and Ukraine JPxG Things that go "boom" in the night
2022-03-27 Arbitration report Skeptics given heavenly judgement, whirlwind of Discord drama begins to spin for tropical cyclone editors JPxG Unclear whether storm will make landfall
2022-02-27 WikiProject report 10 years of tea EpicPupper Coffee in Teahouse and other secrets revealed in this interview with volunteers.
2022-02-27 Traffic report Euphoria, Pamela Anderson, lies and Netflix Igordebraga Plus quarterbacks, half-timers, Olympians, and Hulu!
2022-02-27 Technology report Community Wishlist Survey results EpicPupper Plus, DiscussionTools and dark mode.
2022-02-27 Special report A presidential candidate's team takes on Wikipedia Jules* Vive l'encyclopédie libre!
2022-02-27 Serendipity War photographers: from Crimea (1850s) to the Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022) Vysotsky "The first casualty when war comes is truth"
2022-02-27 Recent research How editors and readers may be emotionally affected by disasters and terrorist attacks Tilman Bayer And other recent research publications.
2022-02-27 Opinion Why student editors are good for Wikipedia Ian Ramjohn Who are the students and how do we assure quality?
2022-02-27 News from Diff The Wikimania 2022 Core Organizing Team Iolanda Pensa Meet the folks in charge!
2022-02-27 News and notes Impacts of Russian invasion of Ukraine Bri Plus, the Steward Elections, Leadership Development Task Force and a contest.
2022-02-27 In the media Wiki-drama in the UK House of Commons Bri Plus, Wiki Unseen, the "Sports Wars", and much more.
2022-02-27 Humour Notability of mailboxes Sdkb Does yours pass?
2022-02-27 Gallery The vintage exhibit EpicPupper Some good-ol' posters, restored to its former glory.
2022-02-27 From the team Selection of a new Signpost Editor-in-Chief Bri Bye-bye 'bones!
2022-02-27 Featured content Featured Content returns Sennecaster A fantastic diverse mix of a record-breaking amount of content.
2022-02-27 Deletion report The 10 most SHOCKING deletion discussions of February JPxG You WON'T believe #8!
2022-02-27 Crossword A Crossword, featuring Featured Articles Ganesha811 Can you fill in the boxes with Wikipedia's best content?
2022-02-27 By the numbers Does birthplace affect the frequency of Wikipedia biography articles? PAC2 Some evidence from people born in France.
2022-02-27 Arbitration report Parties remonstrate, arbs contemplate, skeptics coordinate JPxG The report on lengthy litigation.
2022-01-30 WikiProject report The Forgotten Featured EpicPupper Interview with volunteers at the Unreviewed featured articles 2020 working group.
2022-01-30 Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2021 Igordebraga Royals, Freddy and movies.
2022-01-30 Special report WikiEd course leads to Twitter harassment Sdkb Education, deletion and social media can be a volatile mix.
2022-01-30 Serendipity Pooh entered the Public Domain – but Tigger has to wait two more years Vysotsky Copyright is almost always complicated, but we break it down for you.
2022-01-30 Recent research Articles with higher quality ratings have fewer "knowledge gaps" Tilman Bayer And other research results
2022-01-30 Opinion Should the Wikimedia Foundation continue to accept cryptocurrency donations? GorillaWarfare One editor doesn't think so.
2022-01-30 Op-Ed Identifying and rooting out climate change denial Femkemilene Will this method apply to other sensitive topics?
2022-01-30 Obituary Twofingered Typist Guild of Copy Editors coordinators Rest in peace.
2022-01-30 News and notes Feedback for Board of Trustees election Bri Plus, the incredible shrinking admin cadre.
2022-01-30 Interview CEO Maryana Iskander "four weeks in" Smallbones "Impossible ideas can be created, not just imagined."
2022-01-30 In the media Fuzzy-headed government editing Bri Get down and party! But no COI editing!
2022-01-30 Gallery No Spanish municipality without a photograph B25es "An hour of driving time can mean ten kilometers or one hundred, but it always takes an hour."
2022-01-30 Essay The prime directive The Transhumanist Just imagine!
2022-01-30 Deletion report Ringing in the new year: Subject notability guideline under discussion JPxG More than you wanted to know about the massive NSPORTS RfC.
2022-01-30 Crossword Cross swords with a crossword JPxG Featuring an experimental on-wiki entry box
2022-01-30 Black History Month What are you doing for Black History Month? Smallbones Over 1,700 U.S. congressmen owned slaves. You can help document this.
2022-01-30 Arbitration report New arbitrators look at new case and antediluvian sanctions JPxG The spirit of 2006 is going strong
2021-12-28 Traffic report Spider-Man, football and the departed Igordebraga We'll always remember the Greek alphabet!
2021-12-28 Serendipity Born three months before her brother? Vysotsky Wikipedia and the Oxford Dictionary of Music have different opinions.
2021-12-28 Recent research STEM articles judged unsuitable for undergraduates below the first paragraph Tilman Bayer And other new research results
2021-12-28 News and notes Jimbo's NFT, new arbs, fixing RfA, and financial statements Bri Wrapping up 2021 with a pair of auctions, activity surrounding administrators, and an audit.
2021-12-28 In the media The past is not even past Bri Even for Wikipedia critics in nappies!
2021-12-28 Humour Buying Wikipedia Sdkb Helpful how-to for the prospective buyer. Why settle for a measly single edit, when you can buy the whole thing?
2021-12-28 Gallery Wikicommons presents: 2021 Llewee We look back at some of the most dramatic moments and developments of 2021 through Wikicommons images.
2021-12-28 From the editor Here is the news Bri And wishing our readers a healthy, fortunate and bountiful 2022.
2021-12-28 Deletion report We laughed, we cried, we closed as "no consensus" JPxG More hats than a rodeo: the best, worst, and gnarliest AfDs of 2021.
2021-12-28 Crossword Another Wiki crossword for one and all Ganesha811 Answers to last month's puzzle included.
2021-12-28 By the numbers Four billion words and a few numbers AmericanLemming Commemorating a milestone: word count comparisons with other Wikipedias
2021-12-28 Arbitration report A new crew for '22 JPxG Elections certified, bans unlifted, mailing lists restricted, but no new cases.
2021-11-29 WikiProject report Interview with contributors to WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers Tom (LT) From the silver screen to your computer screen
2021-11-29 WikiCup report The WikiCup 2021 Cwmhiraeth 15th annual event closes with hundreds of articles improved
2021-11-29 Traffic report Reporting ticket sales on the edge of the Wiki, if Eternals should fail Igordebraga Conjuring up the jesters again!
2021-11-29 Technology report What does it take to upload a file? Legoktm How MediaWiki works with media files.
2021-11-29 Serendipity "Did you know ..." featured a photo of the wrong female WWII pilot Vysotsky A worthy pilot but the photo didn't match the article!
2021-11-29 Recent research Vandalizing Wikipedia as rational behavior Tilman Bayer And other recent research publications
2021-11-29 News from Diff Content translation tool helps create one million Wikipedia articles Uzoma Ozurumba Sharing the wealth of information!
2021-11-29 In the media Denial: climate change, mass killings and pornography Ganesha811 Will they deny non-fungible tokens next?
2021-11-29 Humour A very new very Wiki crossword Ganesha811 Answers to last month's puzzle included.
2021-11-29 From a Wikipedia reader What's Matt Amodio? Matt Amodio Wikipedia democratizes knowledge, but is it in Jeopardy?
2021-11-29 Discussion report On the brink of change – RfA reforms appear imminent Mhawk10 Editors propose modifications to Wikipedia's admin-making process.
2021-11-29 Deletion report What we lost, what we gained JPxG 1,767 nominations in November... AN/Is... DRVs... The largest AfD in history, possibly ever!
2021-11-29 Arbitration report ArbCom in 2021 JPxG We should have at least one of these every year!
2021-10-31 WikiProject report Redirection Tom (LT) An interview with participants at WikiProject Redirect.
2021-10-31 Traffic report James Bond and the Giant Squid Game Igordebraga Plus German elections and movies galore.
2021-10-31 Technology report Wikimedia Toolhub, winners of the Coolest Tool Award, and more Lane Rasberry Now discovering and accessing Wikimedia tools will be easier.
2021-10-31 Serendipity How Wikipedia helped create a Serbian stamp Vysotsky Details can make all the difference!
2021-10-31 Recent research Welcome messages fail to improve newbie retention Tilman Bayer And other new research results
2021-10-31 Opinion A photo on Wikipedia can ruin your life Andreas Kolbe Section 230 in practice – this Black life should matter to us.
2021-10-31 News and notes The sockpuppet who ran for adminship and almost succeeded Artoria2e5 And will the last person to leave the C-Suite please turn off the lights?
2021-10-31 In the media China bans, and is there intelligent life on this planet? Bri Beam me up, Scotty – Matt Amodio for sure, and maybe just a few VIPs, billionaires, and Tucker Carlson.
2021-10-31 Humour A very Wiki crossword Ganesha811 24 clues to chew on.
2021-10-31 From the editor Different stories, same place Smallbones What Wikipedians can and cannot do.
2021-10-31 Discussion report Editors brainstorm and propose changes to the Requests for adminship process Mikehawk10 Proposals to solve eight core problems – what many describe as a broken process – identified in the 2021 RfA review.
2021-10-31 Community view Reflections on the Chinese Wikipedia 不爱思考得猪 Were the bans justified?
2021-10-31 Book review Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality Ian Ramjohn Or you could watch the video!
2021-09-26 WikiProject report The Random and the Beautiful Ganesha811 An interview with members of the Random Page Patrol.
2021-09-26 Traffic report Kanye, Emma Raducanu and 9/11 Igordebraga Or is it Donda, Leylah Fernandez, and Flight 93?
2021-09-26 Recent research Wikipedia images for machine learning; Experiment justifies Wikipedia's high search rankings Bri And other new research publications
2021-09-26 Opinion Wikimedians of Mainland China were warned 1233 But just disregarded the warnings.
2021-09-26 Op-Ed I've been desysopped Anonymous But not banned!
2021-09-26 News from Diff Welcome to the first grantees of the Knowledge Equity Fund Lisa Seitz-Gruwell $4.5 million for equity.
2021-09-26 News and notes New CEO, new board members, China bans Artoria2e5 And one new admin!
2021-09-26 In the media The future of Wikipedia Bri And a bit about the past.
2021-09-26 Disinformation report Paid promotional paragraphs in German parliamentary pages Zarasophos Did German Wikipedia love parliaments a little too much? Plus fake-bacon and a ponzi scheme.
2021-09-26 Discussion report Editors discuss Wikipedia's vetting process for administrators Mikehawk10 Emotional injury and rising standards against a backdrop of a dwindling sysop cadre: the 2021 Requests for adminship review grapples with tough issues.
2021-09-26 Community view Is writing Wikipedia like making a quilt? Mary Mark Ockerbloom Help us piece together WikiProject Craft!
2021-08-29 WikiProject report WikiProject Days of the Year Interview Tom (LT) You can start with your birthday article!
2021-08-29 Wikimedians of the year Seven Wikimedians of the year Smallbones With two musical celebrations!
2021-08-29 Traffic report Olympics, movies, and Afghanistan Igordebraga Winners and losers.
2021-08-29 Recent research IP editors, inclusiveness and empathy, cyclones, and world heritage Tilman Bayer IP editors, inclusiveness and empathy, cycles, and world heritage: A monthly overview of new research results
2021-08-29 News from Wiki Education Changing the face of Wikipedia LiAnna Davis Moving forward.
2021-08-29 News and notes Enough time left to vote! IP ban Bri Just do it!
2021-08-29 In the media Vive la différence! Smallbones Vive la différence!: May Father Will forgive us!
2021-08-29 Gallery Our community in 20 graphs Smallbones We just look at the pictures!
2021-08-29 Community view Making Olympic history on Wikipedia Hildreth gazzard Higher, faster, stronger and more informative!
2021-07-25 Traffic report Football, tennis and marveling at Loki Igordebraga But you can call it soccer if you'd like.
2021-07-25 Special report Hardball in Hong Kong Smallbones Three strikes and you're out?
2021-07-25 Recent research Gender bias and statistical fallacies, disinformation and mutual intelligibility Tilman Bayer And other recent research publications
2021-07-25 News from the WMF Uncapping our growth potential – interview with James Baldwin, Finance and Administration Department Elena Lappen Money, money, money.
2021-07-25 News and notes Wikimania and a million other news stories Smallbones And one new admin!
2021-07-25 In the media Larry is at it again Bri Bias, propaganda and more murderous mistakes!
2021-07-25 Humour A little verse Ganesha811 Two poems of Wikipedia.
2021-07-25 Board of Trustees candidates See the candidates Smallbones Watch the video!
2021-06-27 WikiProject report WikiProject on open proxies interview Tom (LT) Interview with volunteers at Wikiproject on open proxies
2021-06-27 Traffic report So no one told you life was gonna be this way Igordebraga We'll be there for you!
2021-06-27 Recent research Feminist critique of Wikipedia's epistemology, Black Americans vastly underrepresented among editors, Wiki Workshop report Markworthen Summaries of 26 new research publications
2021-06-27 Obituary SarahSV Wikipedia editors Requiescat in pace.
2021-06-27 News from the WMF Searching for Wikipedia Dan Andreescu How do our readers find us?
2021-06-27 News and notes Elections, Wikimania, masking and more Smallbones Submit your candidacy today!
2021-06-27 In the media Boris and Joe, reliability, love, and money Ganesha811 Will he hang it in the Oval Office?
2021-06-27 Humour Wikipedia's best articles on the world's strangest things Ganesha811 It's the wheel thing.
2021-06-27 Forum Is WMF fundraising abusive? Smallbones A calm discussion.
2021-06-27 Disinformation report Croatian Wikipedia: capture and release Smallbones Curious and curiouser!
2021-06-27 Discussion report Reliability of WikiLeaks discussed Mikehawk10 WikiLeaks on multiple boards.
2021-04-25 Traffic report The verdict is guilty, guilty, guilty Igordebraga Plus Godzilla and Kong
2021-04-25 Recent research Quality of aquatic and anatomical articles Tilman Bayer And other research publications
2021-04-25 Opinion The (Universal) Code of Conduct Wugapodes Explicit behavioral expectations are better than unwritten social norms
2021-04-25 Op-Ed A Little Fun Goes A Long Way Ganesha811 Why do we work so hard to avoid having a sense of humor?
2021-04-25 News from Wiki Education Encouraging professional physicists to engage in outreach on Wikipedia Evan Monk Even a Nobel laureate can learn more!
2021-04-25 In the media Fernando, governance, and rugby Smallbones Jimmy does OK too!
2021-04-25 From the editor A change is gonna come Smallbones But not soon enough.
2021-04-25 Disinformation report Paid editing by a former head of state's business enterprise Smallbones The Trump Organization's paid editors: Michael and Ivanka?
2021-04-25 Changing the world The reach of protest images on Wikipedia DiplomatTesterMan Wikiepedia's retweet and share buttons
2021-03-28 Traffic report Wanda, Meghan, Liz, Phil and Zack Igordebraga Another royal bash!
2021-03-28 Recent research 10%–30% of Wikipedia’s contributors have subject-matter expertise Tilman Bayer And other recent research results
2021-03-28 Obituary Yoninah Staff Barukh dayan ha-emet ("Blessed is the true judge.")
2021-03-28 News from the WMF Project Rewrite: Tell the missing stories of women on Wikipedia and beyond Adora Svitak Telling women’s stories is a radical act.
2021-03-28 News and notes A future with a for-profit subsidiary? Smallbones Or becoming more business-like?
2021-03-28 In the media Wikimedia LLC and disinformation in Japan Smallbones Plus CPAC misinformation
2021-03-28 Gallery Wiki Loves Monuments Smallbones 2020 international winners
2021-03-28 From the editor What else can we say? Smallbones What can we link to?
2021-03-28 From the archives Google isn't responsible for Wikipedia's mistakes Zarasophos So it shouldn't get credit for our work, either.
2021-03-28 Essay Wikipedia:The Free Encyclopedia Amir E. Aharoni As in "free software" and "free culture".
2021-03-28 Arbitration report Open letter to the Board of Trustees Staff Let's do the UCoC right!
2021-02-28 Traffic report Does it almost feel like you've been here before? Igordebraga Watching the Super Bowl at the Cecil?
2021-02-28 Recent research Take an AI-generated flashcard quiz about Wikipedia; Wikipedia's anti-feudalism Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2021-02-28 Opinion The call for feedback on community seats is a distraction Ad Huikeshoven Free as in Liberty.
2021-02-28 News from the WMF Who tells your story on Wikipedia Janeen Uzzell You can!
2021-02-28 News and notes Maher stepping down Bri UCC launch.
2021-02-28 In the media Corporate influence at OSM, Fox watching the hen house Smallbones Wikidata, Turkey, Valentine's Day and all sorts of bias!
2021-02-28 Gallery What is Black history and culture? Smallbones In paintings, photos, and recordings.
2021-02-28 Featured content A Love of Knowledge, for Valentine's Day Adam Cuerden Stealing your heart, and Charles Darwin's notebooks.
2021-02-28 Disinformation report A "billionaire battle" on Wikipedia: Sex, lies, and video Smallbones Edits of the rich and famous.
2021-01-31 Videos and podcasts Celebrating 20 years Smallbones Multimedia in many styles!
2021-01-31 Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2020 Igordebraga The end of the world as we know it?
2021-01-31 Technology report The people who built Wikipedia, technically Legoktm Starting with trust, expanding, controversy, and opportunities.
2021-01-31 Special report Wiki reporting on the United States insurrection GorillaWarfare From the Hill to the news to Wikipedia in minutes!
2021-01-31 Recent research Students still have a better opinion of Wikipedia than teachers do Matthew Sumpter Students still have a better opinion of Wikipedia than teachers: And other new research results
2021-01-31 Opinion Wikipedia's war against scientific disinformation Mary Mark Ockerbloom Are we getting lead by the nose?
2021-01-31 Obituary Flyer22 Frozen Wikipedia editors RIP.
2021-01-31 News from the WMF Wikipedia celebrates 20 years of free, trusted information for the world Wikimedia Foundation Happy birthday!
2021-01-31 News and notes 1,000,000,000 edits, board elections, virtual Wikimania 2021 Smallbones Who else but Ser Amantio di Nicolao?
2021-01-31 In the media The world's press says "Happy Birthday!" with a few twists Smallbones Even the world's richest man is happy we exist!
2021-01-31 In focus From Anarchy to Wikiality, Glaring Bias to Good Cop: Press Coverage of Wikipedia's First Two Decades Omer Benjakob A new "wiki journalism" is needed.
2021-01-31 Humour Dr. Seuss's Guide to Wikipedia Levivich With a special appearance by Senator Ted Cruz!
2021-01-31 Featured content New Year, same Featured Content report! Adam Cuerden ...Except we changed the articles and pictures. Mostly.
2020-12-28 Traffic report 2020 wraps up Igordebraga Punks and heroes, losers and winners, the bereaved and the deceased – they're all here.
2020-12-28 Recent research Predicting the next move in Wikipedia discussions Tilman Bayer Six million talk page threads analyzed, and other research.
2020-12-28 Opinion How to make your factory's safety and labor issues disappear Zarasophos Edit wars fought on the back of workers.
2020-12-28 Op-Ed An unforgettable year we might wish to forget Smallbones The year that was 2020.
2020-12-28 News from the WMF What Wikipedia saw during election week in the U.S., and what we’re doing next Ryan Merkley No evidence of large-scale state-sponsored disinformation.
2020-12-28 News and notes Year-end legal surprises cause concern, but Public Domain Day is imminent Bri New laws in the US and Europe might enable trolls; sad admin milestone for English Wikipedia, or not?
2020-12-28 In the media Concealment, data journalism, a non-pig farmer, and some Bluetick Hounds Llewee As 2020 draws to a close, this website has been splattered all over the headlines.
2020-12-28 Humour 'Twas the Night Before Wikimas Nick Moyes And to all a good night!
2020-12-28 Gallery Angels in the architecture Smallbones Spinning in infinity.
2020-12-28 Featured content Very nearly ringing in the New Year with "Blank Space" – but we got there in time. Adam Cuerden Very nearly ringing in the New Year with "Blank Space" – but we got there in time: Texas amphibia, mongeese, and Normandy invasion plans grateful.
2020-12-28 Essay Subjective importance Sebwite Is not important to notability.
2020-12-28 Arbitration report 2020 election results Bri Congratulations to the new Arbs!
2020-11-29 Wikicup report Lee Vilenski wins the 2020 WikiCup Cwmhiraeth Gog the Mild and The Rambling Man in second and third!
2020-11-29 Traffic report 007 with Borat, the Queen, and an election Igordebraga Plus Alex Trebek and the Queen's Gambit.
2020-11-29 Recent research Wikipedia's Shoah coverage succeeds where libraries fail Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2020-11-29 Opinion How billionaires rewrite Wikipedia Smallbones How billionaires re-write Wikipedia: Billionaires are different from you and me.
2020-11-29 Op-Ed Re-righting Wikipedia Newslinger Wikipedia deprecates more right-wing sources than left-wing sources ... but is it a problem?
2020-11-29 News from Wiki Education An assignment that changed a life: Kasey Baker LiAnna Davis Wiki Education and changing our encyclopedia
2020-11-29 News and notes Jimmy Wales "shouldn't be kicked out before he's ready" Tilman Bayer Arbitration Committee elections begin.
2020-11-29 In the media Relying on Wikipedia: voters, scientists, and a Canadian border guard Bri And yes, it does!
2020-11-29 GLAM plus West Coast New Zealand's Wikipedian at Large Mike Dickison Succeeding one step at a time.
2020-11-29 Featured content Frontonia sp. is thankful for delicious cyanobacteria Adam Cuerden The Réunion swamphen is a lot less thankful.
2020-11-29 Essay Writing about women SarahSV Male is not the default.
2020-11-01 Traffic report Jump back, what's that sound? Igordebraga Here comes the judge.
2020-11-01 Recent research OpenSym 2020: Deletions and gender, masses vs. elites, edit filters OpenSexism Ortega's hypothesis was right! (If you start with the right definitions and assumptions.)
2020-11-01 Op-Ed Anti-vandalism with masked IPs: the steps forward Johan Jönsson Getting input from editors.
2020-11-01 News from the WMF Meet the 2020 Wikimedian of the Year Wikimedia Foundation Sandister Tei.
2020-11-01 News and notes Ban on IPs on ptwiki, paid editing for Tatarstan, IP masking Érico Branding pause, birthday.
2020-11-01 Interview Joseph Reagle and Jackie Koerner Smallbones The co-editors of Wikipedia @ 20.
2020-11-01 In the media Murder, politics, religion, health and books Bri A possible conspiracy and 2 infodemics!
2020-11-01 In focus The many (reported) deaths of Wikipedia Joseph Reagle The grove continues to grow – despite periods of dismal predictions.
2020-11-01 Featured content The "Green Terror" is neither green nor sufficiently terrifying. Worst Hallowe'en ever. Adam Cuerden A hairy starfish flower might help!
2020-11-01 Discussion report Proposal to change board composition, In The News dumps Trump story Nosebagbear Will editors be affected?
2020-11-01 Book review Review of Wikipedia @ 20 Smallbones We made it this far, but where do we go from here?
2020-09-27 Traffic report Is there no justice? Igordebraga Perhaps on the tennis court.
2020-09-27 Special report Paid editing with political connections Smallbones WE charity and Justin Trudeau, Bell Pottinger, Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.
2020-09-27 Recent research Wikipedia's flood biases Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2020-09-27 News and notes More large-scale errors at a "small" wiki Bri With inline parenthetical citations!
2020-09-27 In the media WIPO, Seigenthaler incident 15 years later Smallbones A celebrity quiz, Scots, and a Crypto-hating Wikipedia editor
2020-09-27 Featured content Life finds a Way Eddie891 Animals, sports, military, and science feature heavily in this month's best content.
2020-09-27 Arbitration report Clarifications and requests Bri Who is that guy JzG?
2020-08-30 Traffic report Heart, soul, umbrellas, and politics Igordebraga More politics than usual.
2020-08-30 Special report Wikipedia's not so little sister is finding its own way Lydia Pintscher Wikidata's profound impact on Wikipedia
2020-08-30 Recent research Detecting spam, and pages to protect; non-anonymous editors signal their intelligence with high-quality articles Matthew Sumpter And other new research results
2020-08-30 Op-Ed The longest-running hoax Enwebb Watch out for those Mustelodons!
2020-08-30 Obituaries Marcus Sherman, Jerome West, and Pauline van Till Wikipedia editors Rest in Peace.
2020-08-30 News from the WMF Fourteen things we’ve learned by moving Polish Wikimedia conference online Natalia Szafran-Kozakowska Celebrating of our community in a different format.
2020-08-30 News and notes The high road and the low road SnowFire Will the Scots language Wikipedia survive?
2020-08-30 In the media Storytelling large and small Smallbones COVID, Fox, Kamala, Scots, cryptocurrency, and more.
2020-08-30 From the archives Wikipedia for promotional purposes? Ral315 A question from 2005 that we still haven't answered.
2020-08-30 Featured content Going for the goal Eddie891 Sports, music, military and more
2020-08-30 Arbitration report A slow couple of months Bri Everybody deserves a vacation!
2020-08-02 Traffic report Now for something completely different Igordebraga Death and Alexander Hamilton.
2020-08-02 Special report Wikipedia and the End of Open Collaboration? Benjamin Mako Hill Comparing Wikipedia to similar projects.
2020-08-02 Recent research Receiving thanks increases retention, but not the time contributed to Wikipedia Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2020-08-02 Obituaries Hasteur and Brian McNeil Wikipedia editors Rest in peace.
2020-08-02 News from the WMF New Chinese national security law in Hong Kong could limit the privacy of Wikipedia users Wikimedia Foundation Privacy is critical to sustaining freedom of expression and association, enabling knowledge and ideas to thrive.
2020-08-02 News and notes Abstract Wikipedia, a hoax, sex symbols, and a new admin Smallbones Plus lots of affiliations!
2020-08-02 In the media Dog days gone bad Smallbones Pandemic, politics, and possibly paid editing.
2020-08-02 In focus WikiLoop DoubleCheck, reviewing edits made easy Macruzbar Making Wikipedia the encyclopedia that anyone can review.
2020-08-02 Gallery Photos of threatened species from iNaturalist Jonatan Svensson Glad Sometimes you just have to ask.
2020-08-02 Featured content Remembering Art, Valor, and Freedom Eddie891 soldiers, sports, and actors feature heavily this month.
2020-08-02 Essay Not compatible with a collaborative project TonyBallioni Some editors aren't.
2020-08-02 Discussion report Fox News, a flight of RfAs, and banning policy Pythoncoder Plus a proposed massive invasion of privacy!
2020-08-02 COI and paid editing Some strange people edit Wikipedia for money Smallbones And thanks for the photo, Ghislaine!
2020-06-28 WikiProject report WikiProject Black Lives Matter Puddleglum2.0 How Wikipedia is covering racial injustice, both in the outer world and on-site
2020-06-28 Traffic report The pandemic, alleged murder, a massacre, and other deaths Igordebraga Plus Rajput, Musk, Epstein, Maxwell, Owens and Anonymous
2020-06-28 Recent research Wikipedia and COVID-19; automated Wikipedia-based fact-checking Matthew Sumpter And other new research publications
2020-06-28 Opinion Trying to find COI or paid editors? Just read the news Smallbones A scientific scandal and the Renaldo of investment banking.
2020-06-28 On the bright side For what are you grateful for this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2020-06-28 News from the WMF We stand for racial justice Katherine Maher On these issues, there is no neutral stance.
2020-06-28 News and notes Progress at Wikipedia Library and Wikijournal of Medicine Bri Plus Swedish biographies and the big oops!
2020-06-28 Interview What is wrong with rebranding to "Wikipedia Foundation"? Smallbones Four signers of the open letter explain.
2020-06-28 In the media Part collaboration and part combat Smallbones Racial justice, Facebook, LGBTQ+, Ryan Merkley, and a woman.
2020-06-28 In focus Edit Loud, Edit Proud: LGBTIQ+ Wikimedians and Global Information Activism Rachel Wexelbaum The history and impact of LGBTIQ+ contributions to Wikimedia projects.
2020-06-28 Humour Cherchez une femme Wikipedia editors It's amazing what one can do.
2020-06-28 Gallery After the killing of George Floyd Smallbones Protests and photos from around the world..
2020-06-28 Featured content Sports are returning, with a rainbow Eddie891 Battles, music, and animals feature prominently in this month's best content.
2020-06-28 Discussion report Community reacts to WMF rebranding proposals Pythoncoder Many Wikimedia community members are upset about the WMF's plan to rebrand. Plus, a discussion of Fox News's reliability.
2020-06-28 Community view Community open letter on renaming Wikipedia editors Reacting to the WMF's rebranding proposal.
2020-06-28 Arbitration report Anti-harassment RfC and a checkuser revocation Bri The RfC should keep everybody busy.
2020-05-31 WikiProject report Revitalizing good articles Eddie891 Can our energy be turned into long-term change?
2020-05-31 Traffic report Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam Igordebraga Time to bring on the Bulls.
2020-05-31 Special report The sum of human knowledge? Not in one Wikipedia language edition Marc Miquel-Ribé Cultural context, diversity, and the future of languages.
2020-05-31 Recent research Automatic detection of covert paid editing; Wiki Workshop 2020 Tilman Bayer New results from academic research
2020-05-31 Op-Ed Where Is Political Bias Taking Us? Atsme Straight down the tubes.
2020-05-31 On video COVID-19 spurs innovations in Wikimedia video and virtual programming Pharos Community harnesses new technologies for remote participation in events and gatherings
2020-05-31 On the bright side 500,000 articles in the Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2020-05-31 Obituaries Dmitrismirnov, Kattenkruid, Muidlatif, Ronhjones, Tsirel Staff Rest in peace.
2020-05-31 News from the WMF WMF Board announces Community Culture Statement Wikimedia Foundation Enacting new standards to address harassment and promote inclusivity across projects.
2020-05-31 News and notes 2019 Picture of the Year, 200 French paid editing accounts blocked, 10 years of Guild Copyediting Smallbones Many of these accounts now blocked on the English-language Wikipedia.
2020-05-31 In the media CBS on COVID-19, Sanger on bias, false noses, and five prolific editors Smallbones Worth Every Goddamn Second!
2020-05-31 Gallery Wildlife photos by the book Smallbones Birds, insects, elephants, a macaque and more.
2020-05-31 From the editor Meltdown May? Smallbones Or will it be meltdown June?
2020-05-31 Featured content Weathering the storm Eddie891 Battles, bombs, wars, and more storms.
2020-05-31 Discussion report WMF's Universal Code of Conduct Pythoncoder It's no April Fool's joke, but we discuss those, too.
2020-05-31 Community view Transit routes and mapping during stay-at-home order downtime Hello Columbus.
2020-05-31 Arbitration report Board member likely to receive editing restriction Bri Board member receives editing restriction: Sanctions of multiple flavors, and a non-decision on the breadth of discretionary sanctions.
2020-04-26 WikiProject report The Guild of Copy Editors Puddleglum2.0 An interview with members of the Guild.
2020-04-26 Traffic report Disease the Rhythm of the Night Igordebraga I told you once and I told you twice, the virus spread because people didn't take advice.
2020-04-26 Recent research Trending topics across languages; auto-detecting bias Isaac Johnson And other new research results.
2020-04-26 Opinion Trusting Everybody to Work Together Pete Forsyth In an increasingly factious world, Wikipedia's approach to collaboration and trust-building point to a brighter future.
2020-04-26 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Clovermoss A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2020-04-26 News and notes Unbiased information from Ukraine's government? Bri The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pitches in.
2020-04-26 Interview Health and RfAs: An interview with Guy Macon Puddleglum2.0 A Wikipedia editor reflects on his recent RfA and the health issues that became part of it.
2020-04-26 In the media Coronavirus, again and again Smallbones Plus the importance of language.
2020-04-26 In focus Multilingual Wikipedia Denny Vrandečić How to better integrate articles across language editions.
2020-04-26 Gallery Roy is doing fine and sending more photos Smallbones A coronavirus cruise can't stop Roy!
2020-04-26 Featured content Featured content returns Eddie891 Movies, roads, awards and more.
2020-04-26 Essay Wikipedia:An article about yourself isn't necessarily a good thing Sebwite And it could get worse!
2020-04-26 Discussion report Redesigning Wikipedia, bit by bit Pythoncoder The Wikimedia community discusses modifying or hiding the sidebar on the left of every page.
2020-04-26 By the numbers Open data and COVID-19: Wikipedia as an informational resource during the pandemic Changwook Jung What COVID-19 data are available from the WMF?
2020-04-26 Arbitration report Two difficult cases Smallbones Even our best editors sometimes disagree.
2020-03-29 WikiProject report WikiProject COVID-19: A WikiProject Report Puddleglum2.0 An interview with members of the COVID Project.
2020-03-29 Traffic report The only thing that matters in the world Igordebraga Going to movies and sport stadiums is history, and readers turn to Wikipedia for crucial medical information and updates.
2020-03-29 Special report Wikipedia on COVID-19: what we publish and why it matters Bri Wikipedia presents solid widely-consulted information on COVID-19 and related topics.
2020-03-29 Recent research Disease outbreak uncertainties, AfD forecasting, auto-updating Wikipedia Tilman Bayer New research publications on "the fear of being erased" and other topics.
2020-03-29 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Clovermoss A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2020-03-29 News from the WMF Amid COVID-19, Wikimedia Foundation offers full pay for reduced hours, mobilizes all staff to work remote, and waives sick time Katherine Maher The WMF responds.
2020-03-29 News and notes 2018 Wikipedian of the year blocked Smallbones Wheel war on Tatar Wikipedia
2020-03-29 In the media Blocked in Iran but still covering the big story Smallbones COVID-19, Zika, edit-a-thons, and macrons.
2020-03-29 In focus "I have been asked by Jeffrey Epstein …" Smallbones The twists and turns of Epstein’s portrayal on Wikipedia
2020-03-29 Gallery Visible Women on Wikipedia Megalibrarygirl Images from the Whose Knowlege? campaign.
2020-03-29 From the editors The bad and the good Smallbones Getting ready for anything.
2020-03-29 From the archives Text from Wikipedia good enough for Oxford University Press to claim as own James Heilman Five years ago with a different crisis.
2020-03-29 Discussion report Rethinking draft space Pythoncoder Plus: geonotices, reliable sources, and job titles.
2020-03-29 Community view Wikimedia community responds to COVID-19 Lane Rasberry Individually and in organized groups, Wikimedians stand up and make a difference.
2020-03-29 Arbitration report Unfinished business Bri A new case, a case returns from limbo, and an RfC being prepared.
2020-03-01 Traffic report February articles, floating in the dark Igordebraga Kobe sets another record.
2020-03-01 Special report More participation, more conversation, more pageviews DiplomatTesterMan A statistical insight into the English Wikipedia's very own online community newsletter.
2020-03-01 Recent research Wikipedia generates $50 billion/year consumer surplus in the US alone Goran S. Milovanović And other new research results
2020-03-01 Opinion Wikipedia is another country Gog the Mild Or: how to best bite a newbie.
2020-03-01 Op-Ed What I learned as Wikimedia UK Communications Coordinator John Lubbock Getting across the Wikipedia experience to the press.
2020-03-01 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Clovermoss A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2020-03-01 News and notes Alexa ranking down to 13th worldwide Smallbones Falling behind Chinese websites.
2020-03-01 In the media Mapping IP editors, Smithsonian open-access, and coronavirus disinformation Smallbones We're all over the map this month.
2020-03-01 In focus History of The Signpost, 2015–2019 Smallbones Covering Wikipedia for another five years!
2020-03-01 Humour The Wilhelm scream Greg Williams WikiWorld is back.
2020-03-01 Gallery Feel the love Pine Renewing our vows.
2020-03-01 From the editor The ball is in your court Smallbones How to stop abusive commercial editing.
2020-03-01 From the archives Is Wikipedia for sale? James Heilman How long has Wikipedia been for sale? When will it stop?
2020-03-01 Discussion report Do you prefer M or P? Staff Wikimedia or Wikipedia?
2020-03-01 Community view The Incredible Invisible Woman Megalibrarygirl No more "Hidden Figures", let's work to make women visible on Wikipedia!
2020-03-01 By the numbers How many actions by administrators does it take to clean up spam? MER-C Numbers for vandalism and sockpuppeting included at no additional charge!
2020-03-01 Arbitration report Two prominent administrators removed Bri Arbitration Committee and the "blue wall of silence".
2020-01-27 WikiProject report WikiProject Japan: a wikiProject Report Puddleglum2.0 An interview with four members of the WikiProject Japan.
2020-01-27 Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2019 Igordebraga As only The Signpost can describe them.
2020-01-27 Special report The limits of volunteerism and the gatekeepers of Team Encarta Robert Fernandez How to survive the asshole consensus.
2020-01-27 Recent research How useful is Wikipedia for novice programmers trying to learn computing concepts? Isaac Johnson And other new research publications.
2020-01-27 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2020-01-27 Obituary Remembering Wikipedia contributor Brian Boulton MJL A mentor to us all
2020-01-27 News from the WMF Capacity Building: Top 5 Themes from Community Conversations Kelsi Stine-Rowe Growing our community and our abilities.
2020-01-27 News and notes Six million articles on the English language Wikipedia Smallbones You ain't seen nothing yet.
2020-01-27 In the media Turkey's back up, but what's happening with Dot-org and a new visual identity? Smallbones Plus politics and other oddities.
2020-01-27 In focus Cryptos and bitcoins and blockchains, oh no! David Gerard Everybody needs to make a buck somehow — just not here, thanks.
2020-01-27 Humour Predicting the 6,000,000th article Mercurywoodrose I may fall in love all over again!
2020-01-27 Gallery Wiki Loves Monuments 2019, we're all winners Smallbones The top 15 international photos.
2020-01-27 From the editor Reaching six million articles is great, but we need a moratorium Smallbones How long can we ignore Wiki-PR?
2020-01-27 From the archives A decade of The Signpost, 2005–2015 Gamaliel The first 10 years are the hardest.
2020-01-27 Community view Our most important new article since November 1, 2015 Smallbones Well, it's a bit subjective.
2020-01-27 Arbitration report Three cases at ArbCom Smallbones The new arbs have a big load.
2019-12-27 WikiProject report Wikiproject Tree of Life: A Wikiproject report Puddleglum2.0 Eight years after our last interview, WikiProject Tree of Life continues to thrive.
2019-12-27 Traffic report Queens and aliens, exactly alike, once upon a December Hugsyrup We may have scrambled the headlines a bit.
2019-12-27 Technology report User scripts and more BEANS X2 Customise your Wikipedia experience
2019-12-27 Special report Are reputation management operatives scrubbing Wikipedia articles? Newslinger Son of Wiki-PR
2019-12-27 Recent research Acoustics and Wikipedia; Wiki Workshop 2019 summary Bri 15 recent papers, and other research news
2019-12-27 Op-Ed Why we need to keep talking about Wikipedia's gender gap Jesswade88 There's still a long way to go.
2019-12-27 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2019-12-27 News and notes What's up (and down) with administrators, articles and languages Bri Active administrators and articles achieved are marking milestone metrics, but in diverging directions. Plus, the first time any court has found there exists a constitutional right to read Wikipedia.
2019-12-27 In the media "The fulfillment of the dream of humanity" or a nightmare of PR whitewashing on behalf of one-percenters? Bri Praise for possibly pansophic Wikipedia from a Nobel laureate collides head-on with real-world events in December.
2019-12-27 Gallery Holiday wishes Staff Messages of holiday cheer from us to you.
2019-12-27 From the editors Caught with their hands in the cookie jar, again Bri You can buy "cleaners" but you might not come away clean.
2019-12-27 From the archives The 2002 Spanish fork and ads revisited (re-revisited?) MJL A look at different approaches taken by Wikipedia's founders in 2002, as seen from the perspective of nine years when it was written; nearly twenty years ago now.
2019-12-27 Discussion report December discussions around the wiki Smallbones Regarding integrity of information presented by Wikipedia, as well as the processes and people who ensure it remains trustworthy.
2019-12-27 Arbitration report Announcement of 2020 Arbitration Committee Bri ArbCom election results and status of open and requested cases.
2019-11-29 Traffic report The queen and the princess meet the king and the joker A lad insane Could this be the end of the Terminator?
2019-11-29 Technology report Reference things, sister things, stranger things Evad37 The latest tech news and updates.
2019-11-29 Special report How many people edit in your favorite language? Where are they from? Smallbones Only now can we say!
2019-11-29 Recent research Bot census; discussions differ on Spanish and English Wikipedia; how nature's seasons affect pageviews Tilman Bayer And other new research publications.
2019-11-29 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2019-11-29 News and notes How soon for the next million articles? Bri And when will we get the second extraterrestrial edit?
2019-11-29 In the media You say you want a revolution Smallbones Everybody wants to change Wikipedia.
2019-11-29 In focus An update on the Wikimedia Movement 2030 Strategy Risker Coming to the end of a long road formulating the strategy.
2019-11-29 Gallery Winter and holidays Bri Some interesting and unusual winter and holiday images.
2019-11-29 From the editor Put on your birthday best Smallbones "We get by with a little help from our friends"
2019-11-29 From the archives WikiProject Spam, revisited MER-C Veteran editor: Wikipedia is losing existential battle against spam.
2019-11-29 Essay Adminitis Pine Some humor about the otherwise serious subject of burnout.
2019-11-29 Arbitration report Two requests for arbitration cases Bri Important or imprudent? Pondering portals. And an editor gets transported off-wiki for good.
2019-10-31 Traffic report Wrestling with a couple of teenagers, a Nobelist, and a lot of jokers Igordebraga Plus a few celebrities.
2019-10-31 Special report “Catch and Kill” on Wikipedia: Paid editing and the suppression of material on alleged sexual abuse Smallbones "It's time for Wikipedia to grow up."
2019-10-31 Recent research Research at Wikimania 2019: More communication doesn't make editors more productive; Tor users doing good work; harmful content rare on English Wikipedia Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2019-10-31 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
2019-10-31 News from the WMF Welcome to Wikipedia! Here's what we're doing to help you stick around Dan Fost Twenty questions to get you started.
2019-10-31 Interview Carl Miller on Wikipedia Wars Smallbones A discussion on info wars, government editing and our defences.
2019-10-31 In the media How to use or abuse Wikipedia for fun or profit Smallbones Sweden, Poland, Armenia, Russia, the Vatican, and clueless English pubs.
2019-10-31 In focus The BBC looks at Chinese government editing Indy beetle But they aren't entirely sure they see it
2019-10-31 Gallery Wiki Loves Broadcast Wikiolo The future of public broadcasting has arrived.
2019-10-31 Essay Wikipedia is in the real world Mangoe Editing can have serious consequences.
2019-10-31 Community view Observations from the mainland Yan A different point of view
2019-10-31 Arbitration report October actions Staff An "unblockable" is blocked; a former arb resigns.
2019-09-30 Traffic report Varied and intriguing entries, less Luck, and some retreads User:Stormy clouds Luck, Serena, Bianca, 9/11, bad films, mass murderers and other good stuff
2019-09-30 Special report Post-Framgate wrap-up Bri Summary of actions around a formerly banned former administrator: Arbitration Committee action and withdrawn request for adminship
2019-09-30 Recent research Wikipedia's role in assessing credibility of news sources; using wikis against procrastination; OpenSym 2019 report Nate TeBlunthuis And other recent research publications
2019-09-30 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories that are from the Wikiverse
2019-09-30 News from the WMF How the Wikimedia Foundation is making efforts to go green Lydia Hamilton Wikipedia's footprint is equivalent to 251 average US homes’ energy use. Yes we can go green.
2019-09-30 In the media A net loss: Wikipedia attacked, closing off Russia? welcoming back Turkey? Smallbones The internet may not be as stable as it seems
2019-09-30 In focus Wikidata & Wikibase for national libraries: the inaugural meeting Liam Wyatt National libraries are planning to leverage Wikidata to interoperate and to bring information to the public
2019-09-30 Gallery Finding freely licensed photo collections Lane Rasberry Wikimedia Commons is not the only place to find freely licensed photos
2019-09-30 From the editors Where do we go from here? Smallbones Our constitutional crisis may continue
2019-08-30 Traffic report Once upon a time in Greenland with Boris and cornflakes Igordebraga And some summer flicks with the usual heroes and villains
2019-08-30 Recent research Special issue on gender gap and gender bias research Khandaker Tasnim Huq A roundup of many recent publications examining Wikpedia's gender gaps in participation and content, and their possible reasons
2019-08-30 Opinion The Curious Case of Croatian Wikipedia GregorB Or how to make a concentration camp disappear?
2019-08-30 Op-Ed We couldn't have told you this, but Wikipedia was censored Hawkeye7 Should we break the law or publish the truth?
2019-08-30 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories that are from the Wikiverse
2019-08-30 News from the WMF Meet Emna Mizouni, the newly minted 2019 Wikimedian of the Year Ed Erhart Emna Mizouni was named the 2019 Wikimedian of the Year.
2019-08-30 News and notes Documenting Wikimania and our beginnings Lane Rasberry The oldest surviving Wikipedia edit restored to article history, Wikimania, and the mystery of a disappearing Funds Dissemination Committee.
2019-08-30 In the media Many layers of fake news: Fake fiction and fake news vandalism Smallbones And the media report it all
2019-08-30 In focus Ryan Merkley joins WMF as Chief of Staff Smallbones Working with leadership and the community, taking on both operational and strategic responsibilities
2019-08-30 Discussion report Meta proposals on partial bans and IP users Pythoncoder Can we survive without IP addresses?
2019-08-30 Community view Chinese Wikipedia and the battle against extradition from Hong Kong 1233 From streets to Wikipedia - What are editors from Hong Kong facing?
2019-07-31 Traffic report World cups, presidential candidates, and stranger things Igordebraga and don't forget the movies
2019-07-31 Special report Administrator cadre continues to contract Bri A new record set: fewer than 500 active admins.
2019-07-31 Recent research Most influential medical journals; detecting pages to protect FULBERT And other new research publications
2019-07-31 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories that are from the Wikiverse.
2019-07-31 News from the WMF Designing ethically with AI: How Wikimedia can harness machine learning in a responsible and human-centered way Jonathan T. Morgan Or, how to avoid Artificial Ignorance
2019-07-31 News and notes Wikimedia grants less accessible for travel, equipment, meetups, and India DannyS712 WMF grants program changes position on funding random individuals globally and 100 crore people in one region
2019-07-31 In the media Politics starts getting rough Smallbones Are we ready for the sharp elbows?
2019-07-31 In focus The French Wikipedia is overtaking the German Dr. Bernd Gross Who is growing? Who is not?
2019-07-31 Gallery Classic panoramas from Heinrich Berann Smallbones It looks nice and cool up in those mountains
2019-07-31 Discussion report New proposals in aftermath of Fram ban Pythoncoder Resysop requests on the ’crat board prove controversial; plus, aftermath of Framgate.
2019-07-31 Community view Video based summaries of Wikipedia articles. How and why? Ian Furst It's easy, education saves lives.
2019-07-31 Arbitration report A month of reintegration DannyS712 Arbitration begins setting new boundaries after the June blow-up
2019-06-30 Traffic report Juneteenth, Beauty Revealed, and more nuclear disasters Igordebraga But we won't mention Liverpool.
2019-06-30 Technology report Actors and Bots DannyS712 Database changes, new scripts, Tech News, and more.
2019-06-30 Special report Deleted article Smallbones This Signpost article was deleted on 2019-07-01 by Jehochman — G10: Attack page or negative unsourced BLP: Out of caution this should be hidden from view until ArbCom rules. We can’t have scandalous assertions without evidence.
2019-06-30 Recent research What do editors do after being blocked?; the top mathematicians, universities and cancers according to Wikipedia FULBERT And other recent research publications.
2019-06-30 Opinion Why the Terms of Use change didn't curtail undisclosed paid editing—and what might William Beutler To reduce the incentives driving undisclosed paid editing, Wikipedia could simplify the process and meet outsiders halfway
2019-06-30 Op-Ed 2019 Wikimedia Affiliate Selected Board Seats Election Results Lane Rasberry Wikimedia community organizations elect two members for the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees
2019-06-30 On the bright side What's making you happy this month? Pine A selection of good news and encouraging stories that are from the Wikiverse.
2019-06-30 News and notes Mysterious ban, admin resignations, Wikimedia Thailand rising DannyS712 Many administrators resign related to Fram case; Wikimedia Thailand to host Wikimania 2020.
2019-06-30 In the media The disinformation age Smallbones or is it the information error?
2019-06-30 In focus WikiJournals: A sister project proposal Thomas Shafee Academic peer review meets Wikimedia.
2019-06-30 Gallery Unlike the North Face, Wiki Loves Earth Smallbones Wikimedia photographers surge to contribute to the Wiki Loves Earth campaign even while rogue clothing company The North Face replaces wiki illustrations with advertisements
2019-06-30 From the archives Women and Wikipedia: the world is watching. Gamaliel "If you don't clean up this mess, the adults are going to come and take your toys away from you."
2019-06-30 Discussion report A constitutional crisis hits English Wikipedia Bri Could this be a new relationship between the Foundation and ArbCom, and between the Foundation and enwiki?
2019-06-30 Community view A CEO biography, paid for with taxes Britishfinance How an Irish state-level paid editor tried to turn me into the villain.
2019-05-31 Traffic report Dark marvels, thrones, a vile serial killer biopic, that's entertainment! Igordebraga Who will be next to fill the throne at the top of the list?
2019-05-31 Technology report Lots of Bots DannyS712 Admin bots, approved bots, bots on trial, lots and lots of bots
2019-05-31 Recent research Wikipedia more useful than academic journals, but is it stealing the news? Tilman Bayer And other new research publications
2019-05-31 News from the WMF Wikimedia Foundation petitions the European Court of Human Rights to lift the block of Wikipedia in Turkey Wikimedia Foundation The WMF keeps working to stop Turkey from blocking Wikipedia
2019-05-31 News and notes Wikimania and trustee elections Smallbones Get ready to go to Wikimania in Stockholm where you might meet two new trustees
2019-05-31 In the media Politics, lawsuits and baseball Smallbones Wikipedia finds itself up against China, Turkey, the NSA, Pennsylvania politicians and the Detroit Tigers
2019-05-31 From the editors Picture that Smallbones The North Face sneaks in advertisements, apologizes after being caught
2019-05-31 From the archives FORUM:Should Wikimedia modify its terms of use to require disclosure? Smallbones A debate from 5 years ago on whether we should change the terms of use to prohibit undisclosed paid editing
2019-05-31 Essay Paid editing Staff We've been talking about paid editing forever
2019-05-31 Discussion report Admin abuse leads to mass-desysop proposal on Azerbaijani Wikipedia Pythoncoder Neutrality and copyright concerns lead to a proposal to remove all admins on the Azerbaijani Wikipedia. Plus: arbitration enforcement controversy and part 2 of the talk pages consultation.
2019-05-31 Arbitration report ArbCom forges ahead DannyS712 Resignations, new cases, administrator security, and more
2019-04-30 Traffic report Mötley Crüe, Notre-Dame, a black hole, and Bonnie and Clyde Igordebraga Round up the unusual suspects
2019-04-30 Technology report A new special page, and other news DannyS712 Welcoming English Wikipedia's newest admin (bot)
2019-04-30 Recent research Female scholars underrepresented; whitepaper on Wikidata and libraries; undo patterns reveal editor hierarchy Lane Rasberry And other recent research results
2019-04-30 Opinion The gaps in our knowledge of our gaps GreenMeansGo What we know we don't know, and why it might matter more than you might think
2019-04-30 News from the WMF Can machine learning uncover Wikipedia’s missing “citation needed” tags? Miriam Redi Wikimedia Foundation data scientists are using machine learning to predict whether—and why—any given sentence on Wikipedia may need a citation in order to help editors identify areas of content violating the verifiability policy.
2019-04-30 News and notes An action-packed April DannyS712 An Action Packed April: New Administrators, April Fools, our competitors, and other associated updates
2019-04-30 Interview Katherine Maher marks 3 years as executive director Smallbones Maher discusses her tenure as ED, the editing community, harassment and diversity, the WMF's 3-5 year plan, airplane travel, books, and her future.
2019-04-30 In the media Is Wikipedia just another social media site? Smallbones Harassment, a black hole, the Mueller Report, and Mötley Crüe - just another social media site?
2019-04-30 Humour Jimbo and Larry walk into a bar ... Smallbones Some editors will do anything to get a laugh
2019-04-30 Gallery Notre-Dame de Paris burns Smallbones Photos and videos show the damage
2019-04-30 From the archives Portals revisited DannyS712 "The future of portals", a year later
2019-04-30 Featured content Anguish, accolades, animals, and art Evad37 April's admirable additions.
2019-04-30 Discussion report English Wikipedia community's conclusions on talk pages Pythoncoder Plus: another round of paid editing discussion.
2019-04-30 Community view 2019 Wikimedia Summit gathers movement affiliate representatives to discuss movement strategy Airplaneman An overview of Wikimedia Summit 2019, a working conference to discuss the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Process, preparing draft recommendations for Wikimania 2019 in August.
2019-04-30 Arbitration report An Active Arbitration Committee DannyS712 Policies and procedures, cases and controversies, and other ArbCom updates
2019-03-31 Traffic report Exultations and tribulations Acorri Academy Award winners, celebrations, scandals, and terror.
2019-03-31 Technology report New section suggestions and sitewide DannyS712 Plus the latest scripts, bots, and tech news.
2019-03-31 Special report Wiki Loves (50 Years of) Pride Lane Rasberry Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the modern LGBT+ rights movement by editing wiki projects!
2019-03-31 Recent research Barnstar-like awards increase new editor retention Tilman Bayer And other recent research results
2019-03-31 Op-Ed Pro and Con: Has gun violence been improperly excluded from gun articles? Dlthewave A decade-long disagreement on including material in gun articles is weighed down by a Wikiproject's essay ... or is it?
2019-03-31 News from the WMF The WMF's take on the EU Copyright Directive Jan Gerlach The WMF's take on the new EU Copyright Directive: The Wikimedia Foundation reacts to the passing of the new EU Copyright Directive.
2019-03-31 News and notes Blackouts fail to stop EU Copyright Directive DannyS712 Eight Wikipedias blacked out their pages trying to stop major copyright law changes.
2019-03-31 In the media Women's history month Smallbones An explosion of women's history coverage, continuing coverage.
2019-03-31 In focus The Wikipedia SourceWatch Headbomb is a new project designed to find unreliable sources cited by Wikipedia. The SourceWatch's creator presents a brief history of the project, along with its motivations, and what exactly it means to be listed on The SourceWatch.
2019-03-31 Humour The Epistolary of Arthur 37 Rosguill A collection of 19th century emails from a pioneer Wikipedia editor working in the mines of the New Page Feed.
2019-03-31 From the editors Getting serious about humor Smallbones Smallbones, The Signpost's new editor-in-chief, presents a retrospective on last month's humour article in the aftermath of the community's response.
2019-03-31 From the archives New group aims to promote Wiki-Love (Follow-up) MJL Esperanza organization disbanded after deletion discussion: The destruction of the Esperanza group. A follow up to its creation.
2019-03-31 Featured content Out of this world Evad37 Both literally and metaphorically.
2019-03-31 Discussion report Portal debates continue, Prespa agreement aftermath, WMF seeks a rebranding Pythoncoder From MFD to CSD, debates are continuing across Wikipedia about which portals should stay and which portals should go. Plus: Wikimedia rebranding and Macedonia naming conventions.
2019-03-31 Community view Wikipedia's response to the New Zealand mosque shootings Giantflightlessbirds Our community reacts, the first draft of history.
2019-03-31 Arbitration report The Tides of March at ARBCOM Headbomb After a fairly tame February, ARBCOM had a lot on its plate this month.
2019-02-28 Traffic report Binge-watching Acorri Netflix shows and TV sports dominate. A US politician breaks into the top 10.
2019-02-28 Technology report Tool labs casters-up DannyS712 Tool labs goes kaput, bots running wild (not really), interface administrators step into the breach, new gadgets and other tech happenings.
2019-02-28 Recent research Research finds signs of cultural diversity and recreational habits of readers Andrew Krizhanovsky When watchers want the whole truth, they wind up with the wiki! And Cultural Context Content comes out of a complete cartography.
2019-02-28 News and notes Front-page issues for the community Bri Encyclopedias for Deletion; Corinne; scholarships; partial blocks; and administrators headcount.
2019-02-28 In focus Wikimedia affiliate organizations seek community participation in 2019 board election Lane Rasberry This election will select 2 of 10 seats on the board. All Wikimedia users are stakeholders in the election outcome and should participate.
2019-02-28 Humour Streisand effect Barbara Page Pesky Pronouns: Not feeling blurbish right now.
2019-02-28 Gallery Signed with pride Bri A gallery of user signatures created by Wikipedians themselves.
2019-02-28 From the editors Help wanted (still) Bri This may be too wordy, verbose and loquacious – and possibly redundant – but as you know, it takes others to check our work, and if there were more people in the Newsroom, we'd be able to double check ourselves and produce a better product for our readership; if you think you are up to it, you are welcome to join us and even copyedit the Editor-in-Chief's article intros.
2019-02-28 From the archives New group aims to promote Wiki-Love MJL The creation of the Esperanza group.
2019-02-28 Featured content Conquest, War, Famine, Death, and more! Evad37 Horsemen of the apocalypse all represented in recently promoted content, alongside new life, pretty birds, great music, and other miscellaneous topics.
2019-02-28 Essay Optimist's guide to Wikipedia Bishonen Assume good faith even if it kills you.
2019-02-28 Discussion report Talking about talk pages DannyS712 This month's major discussions include a WMF talk page consultation and a proposed current events noticeboard.
2019-02-28 Arbitration report A quiet month for Arbitration Committee Bri Snowed in, maybe.
2019-01-31 Traffic report Death, royals and superheroes Ahecht The most popular articles of 2018 include a cornucopia of superheroes (Avengers, Black Panther, Aquaman, …), a gallery of the dearly departed (Stephen Hawking, George W. Bush, Stan Lee, …), old and new members of the British royal family, the World Cup of football, plus the perennial millennials, Rocket Man, and Tweeter-in-Chief returning from 2017.
2019-01-31 Technology report When broken is easily fixed Evad37 Emergency sever switch goes smoothly; technical glitches resolved; a new way to transfer files to Commons.
2019-01-31 Recent research Ad revenue from reused Wikipedia articles; are Wikipedia researchers asking the right questions? Isaac Johnson And other new research publications.
2019-01-31 Op-ed Random Rewards Rejected Kudpung Researchers don't get their own way with the Wikipedia community
2019-01-31 News from the WMF News from WMF Kudpung The world’s largest photo contest, a $1 million gift, Wikipedia’s birthday, WF appoints Valerie D'Costa.
2019-01-31 News and notes WMF staff turntable continues to spin; Endowment gets more cash; RfA continues to be a pit of steely knives Kudpung Venezuelan woes, and Arbitrator GorillaWarfare explains WMF tumult in post on Wikipediocracy
2019-01-31 In the media The Signpost's investigative story recognized, Wikipedia turns 18 and gets a birthday gift from Google, and more editors are recognized Bri Heroes and unsung heroes: many good news stories about the work we are all doing together.
2019-01-31 In focus The Collective Consciousness of Admin Userpages DiplomatTesterMan Did you know that there was an admin who thought that the metaphor of the mop was a joke, and now they know it's not?
2019-01-31 Humour See what some editors think is humour Barbara Page Village pump: More talk pages you don't want to miss.
2019-01-31 Gallery Let us build a memorial fit for such pain and suffering DiplomatTesterMan A tour of some of the world's greatest memorials courtesy the Prime Minister of India.
2019-01-31 From the archives An editorial board that includes you Kudpung Four years - and nothing changed?
2019-01-31 Featured content Don't miss your great opportunity Evad37 Get yourself lost in 1730's Paris, and a wide range of other recently promoted content.
2019-01-31 Essay How Kudpung A narrative to get you oriented to how this place works, and to the key policies and guidelines
2019-01-31 Discussion report The future of the reference desk Bri Plus: new speedy deletion criteria and admin activity requirements.
2019-01-31 Arbitration report An admin under the microscope Bri Snowman flames newbies? Or just oversensitive snowflakes?
2018-12-24 WikiProject report WikiProject Articles for Creation ProgrammingGeek Articlegenesis: Discovering how new and unregistered users make articles with the members of WikiProject Articles for Creation.
2018-12-24 Traffic report Queen dethroned by U.S. presidents Igordebraga The band relinquishes its first place hold; Aquaman is swimming into view for late December.
2018-12-24 Special report The Signpost got 380,000+ views in 2018; sounds reasonable enough, right? DiplomatTesterMan A statistical insight into the English Wikipedia's very own online community newspaper.
2018-12-24 Op-ed Wikipedia not trumped by Trump appointee Smallbones Did World Patent Marketing pay to get Wikipedia to include flattering information on their board member, now the Acting United States Attorney General?
2018-12-24 News and notes Some wishes do come true Kudpung NPP wins the wish list poll; Wikipedia editors will be able to work better at night; new WMF appointments and new arbitrators; and who wants to be an admin?
2018-12-24 In the media Political hijinks Kudpung Wikipedia says 'ta' to British M.P. and 'buh-bye' to U.S. President's image vandals.
2018-12-24 Humour I believe in Bigfoot Barbara Page Are you a believer?
2018-12-24 Gallery Sun and Moon, water and stone Bri Happy solstice, and happy New Year!
2018-12-24 From the editors Where to draw the line in reporting? Staff Tell us what you think!
2018-12-24 From the archives Compromised admin accounts – again Kudpung Compromised accounts – especially those of inactive admins.
2018-12-24 Essay Requests for medication Bri When the desire to continue to have the privilege of editing Wikipedia overrides the body's innate desire to choke the living shit out of some bastard who really has it coming.
2018-12-24 Discussion report Reliable Sources Noticeboard editors discuss deprecating sources Bri A new record low for RfA: Plus: reliable sources, notability, and fallout from the self-blocking software changes.
2018-12-24 Blog News from the WMF Kudpung In and around the WMF and its projects from the WMF's web site
2018-12-24 Arbitration report Year ends with one active case Bri GiantSnowman asked to chill, and other disputes addressed by Arbcom (or not).
2018-12-01 Traffic report Queen reigns for four weeks straight Igordebraga The "Queen" of stage and screen, that is. Is there another?
2018-12-01 Special report The Christmas wishlist Kudpung The race for the winning Top 10. What do the WMF devs have in store for the community?
2018-12-01 Reflections Wikipedia, history, and the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day Pine A moment to reflect on the subject of Armistice Day, and on the roles of Wikimedia – especially Wikipedia – in sharing knowledge of history and being a repository of our collective memory.
2018-12-01 Recent research Why do the most active Wikipedians burn out?; only 4% of students vandalize Bri And other new research results.
2018-12-01 Opinion The blogosphere migrates to Galaxy WMF Kudpung Suppose they gave a blog and nobody came?
2018-12-01 Op-ed Looking back, looking forward: A beginner's experience on Wikipedia DiplomatTesterMan The experiences of a new user on Wikipedia, told in their own words.
2018-12-01 News and notes Reviewer of the year, WikiCup winner, and the 2019 Wikimedia Summit Lane Rasberry Looking both backward and forward to events concerning the community.
2018-12-01 In the media Court-ordered article redaction, paid editing, and rock stars Kudpung Real-world news competes with the usual celeb fascination for Wikipedia's commentators.
2018-12-01 Humour Dangerous carrots Barbara Page Wonky carrots taste just as good
2018-12-01 Gallery Intersections Bri Biology or technology? Form follows function in nature and the constructed world.
2018-12-01 From the editor Time for a truce Staff Lay down your verbal weapons
2018-12-01 From the archives Ars longa,vita brevis Kudpung ARS might continue, but some Wikipedians might not.
2018-12-01 Essay No one cares about your garage band Barbara Page Nope, don't care!
2018-12-01 Discussion report Farewell, Mediation Committee Pythoncoder It was a good 15 years. Plus: admins, notability, substubs, and new padlocks.
2018-12-01 Arbitration report A long break ends Bri Arbcom takes its first new case since June.
2018-10-28 Traffic report Unsurprisingly, sport leads the field – or the ring Pythoncoder Who's reading what?
2018-10-28 Technology report Bots galore! Bri Bots can do anything you want – well, almost.
2018-10-28 Special report 2 Now Wikidata is six Charles Matthews SPARQL adds sparkle to WMF projects.
2018-10-28 Special report NPP: This could be heaven or this could be hell for new users – and for the reviewers Kudpung WMF continues to stonewall development – NPP wishes again relegated to stocking fillers
2018-10-28 Recent research Wikimedia Commons worth $28.9 billion Isaac Johnson If it weren't free, of course.
2018-10-28 Opinion Strickland incident Bradv The reviewer who declined the article gives his perspective.
2018-10-28 Op-ed Wikipedia's Strickland affair GreenMeansGo Is a missing article on a Nobel laureate a fail? What if her draft biography was declined as non-notable?
2018-10-28 News and notes WMF gets a million bucks Barbara Page And it's richer than ever.
2018-10-28 In the media Bans, celebs, and bias Bri Wikipedia in the news
2018-10-28 In focus Alexa Barbara Page We are all writing for Amazon.
2018-10-28 Humour After the apocalypse, when zombies and aliens take over the Earth in a thousand years and dig up Wikipedia's servers but can only find talk pages without their accompanying articles, what will they think?? Barbara Page Talk page humour: Wikipedia a long history of talk page tomfoolery.
2018-10-28 Gallery Planetary views Barbara Page Out of this world!: No special effects here, just beautiful celestial images.
2018-10-28 From the editors The Signpost is still afloat, just barely Bri A slightly thinner issue, but out on time.
2018-10-28 From the archives The Gardner interview Kudpung The holy-shit slide
2018-10-28 Discussion report Mediation Committee and proposed deletion reform Bri Plus: two pending changes-related discussions, notability, and naming conventions.
2018-10-01 Traffic report John McCain's death generates over 7 million hits, followed by historical low Igordebraga Fourth highest view count of the year; lowest view count since 2014; death, sports, and movies ever constant.
2018-10-01 Technology report Paying attention to your mobile Evad37 Plus the latest scripts, bots, and tech news.
2018-10-01 Recent research How talk page use has changed since 2005; censorship shocks lead to centralization; is vandalism caused by workplace boredom? Jonathan Morgan And other recent research papers.
2018-10-01 News and notes European copyright law moves forward Bri Wikipedia dodges a bullet in Brussels... maybe.
2018-10-01 In the media Knowledge under fire Bri Can Wikipedians help save the world's knowledge and shine a light on current events?
2018-10-01 Humour Pencils are mandatory Barbara Page Signpost Crossword Puzzle: What is a four-letter word for...
2018-10-01 Gallery A pat on the back Bri A pictorial ode to the end of summer.
2018-10-01 From the editor Is this the new normal? Bri We keep on publishing as long as you keep on reading.
2018-10-01 Essay You can do it! Just say thanks. Barbara Page Expressing thanks: You know you should...
2018-10-01 Discussion report Interface Admin policy proposal, part 2 Pythoncoder Plus: signatures, shortcuts, and reliable sources.
2018-10-01 Blog After a catastrophic fire at the National Museum of Brazil, a drive to preserve what knowledge remains João Alexandre Peschanski As the global community of volunteer Wikimedia editors mourns the destruction of this amazing museum, this post pays tribute to all editors who have contributed restlessly to tell the story of the National Museum, our history.
2018-10-01 Arbitration report A quiet month for Arbcom Bri No valid new requests for arbitration, no new cases.
2018-08-30 Traffic report Aretha dies – getting just 2,000 short of 5 million hits A lad insane Very high and very low hits
2018-08-30 Technology report Technical enhancements and a request to prioritize upcoming work Evad37 Citation bot and mapframe enhancements; new licenses for Data space; possible hiccup on 12 September; per-user page, namespace, and upload blocking; and miscellaneous new bots and tools.
2018-08-30 Special report Wikimania 2018 Kudpung "Bridging knowledge gaps, the ubuntu way forward".
2018-08-30 Recent research Wehrmacht on Wikipedia, neural networks writing biographies Tilman Bayer Readers prefer the AI's version 40% of the time – but it still suffers from hallucinations.
2018-08-30 News and notes Flying high; low practice from Wikipedia 'cleansing' agency; where do our donations go? RfA sees a new trend Kudpung WMF pays possible Orangemoody ring for user research, and ditches MediaWiki for publishing its own blog. Knife-edge closures at RfA.
2018-08-30 Interview 2018 Wikimedian of the Year, Farkhad Fatkullin Eddie891 "Imagine a world in which every single human being is a Wikimedian. That's my commitment!"
2018-08-30 In the media Quicksilver AI writes articles Bri But unfortunately its output is incompatible with open licensing.
2018-08-30 Humour Signpost editor censors herself Kudpung Nothing funny about it.
2018-08-30 Gallery Leapfrog, historic Thai cave, and a rhythmic beat Evad37 Some of the best pictures of 2017.
2018-08-30 From the editor Today's young adults don't know a world without Wikipedia Kudpung Keep straight on – there are trolls in the hedgerows.
2018-08-30 From the archives Playing with Wikipedia words Thespian The Wikipedia Plays.
2018-08-30 Featured content Featured content selected by the community Eddie891 Astronauts named Armstrong, babes of the Brits, Cortinarius caperatus and all that.
2018-08-30 Essay Principle of Some Astonishment EEng Remind you of any Wikipedia articles?
2018-08-30 Discussion report Drafting an interface administrator policy Bri Plus: Simple English Wikipedia stays open, a discussion on draft header templates, bias blind spot by admins offered cash?
2018-07-31 Traffic report Soccer, football, call it what you like – that and summer movies leave room for little else Igordebraga Finding the mathematician and Supreme Court nominee in this list is like playing Where's Waldo?.
2018-07-31 Technology report New bots, new prefs Evad37 Useful new gadgets.
2018-07-31 Recent research Different Wikipedias use different images; editing contests more successful than edit-a-thons Kudpung And other recent findings, plus a roundup of research presentations at Wikimania.
2018-07-31 Opinion Wrestling with Wikipedia and reality Cullen328 Wrestling with Wikipedia reality: Wikipedia referees wag a finger at Professional Wrestling editors.
2018-07-31 Op-ed The last leg of the Admin Ship's current cruise Kudpung How admins would-bes run the gauntlet
2018-07-31 News and notes Another newspaper for Wikipedia; Wikimania 2018 ends; changes at NPR Kudpung New admins and Kudpung finally leaves NPP after 7 years.
2018-07-31 In the media Blackouts in Europe, Wikipedia and capitalists, WMF Jet Set Bri Blackouts in Europe; Wikipedia and capitalists; WMF Jet Set: One secret cabal that watches out for conspiracy theories, and another one out to stymie venture capitalists?
2018-07-31 Humour It's all the same Barbara Page Merge WikiProject Professional wrestling and ANI.
2018-07-31 Gallery Independence days, national holidays, and football – all in July Bri Depictions of July events in several countries.
2018-07-31 From the editor Ships and shoes – and if you don't like it here, just go away! Kudpung If only if: Ships and shoes – and if you don't like it here, just go away!
2018-07-31 From the archives The pending changes fiasco: how an attempt to answer one question turned into a quagmire Kudpung They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
2018-07-31 Featured content Wikipedia's best content in images and prose Bri Spanning the gamut from warfare and destruction to pop culture to celebrations of nature and humanity's achievements.
2018-07-31 Essay Wikipedia does not need you Kudpung Get over it!
2018-07-31 Discussion report Wikipedias take action against EU copyright proposal, plus new user right proposals Pythoncoder And more: a new user group for editing code, Women in Red, and arbitrator articles.
2018-07-31 Blog Motivation of two editors Ed Erhart Those who study ancient Egypt.
2018-07-31 Arbitration report Status quo processes retained in two disputes Bri We don't have "state agents" in a political debate, but couldn't talk about it if there were.
2018-06-29 Wikipedia essays This month's pick by The Signpost editors Kudpung Some essays are funny, some are serious; some are just, well what exactly?
2018-06-29 Traffic report Endgame Igordebraga Two celebrities hang themselves, and the FIFA World Cup is underway.
2018-06-29 Technology report Improvements piled on more improvements Evad37 An AI assistant comes to watchlists; better mobile compatibility; new bots, tools and scripts; and more.
2018-06-29 Special report NPR and AfC – The Marshall Plan: an engagement, or a marriage? Kudpung NPR and AfC – The Marshall Plan: an engagement and a marriage?: Further developments on New Page Review and Articles for Creation work sharing.
2018-06-29 Recent research How censorship can backfire and conversations can go awry Tilman Bayer And: Wikipedians 'driven by a sense of mission', according to researchers.
2018-06-29 Opinion Google isn't responsible for Wikipedia's mistakes Zarasophos So it shouldn't get credit for our work, either.
2018-06-29 Op-ed What do admins actually do? Kudpung What do admins do?: Admins volunteer to be abused – or so it seems.
2018-06-29 News and notes Money, milestones, and Wikimania Bri Major grants announced, a new milestone for Afrikaans Wikipedia, a new WMF technical engagement team, an effort to start up a new library, two new admins – or maybe three fewer depending on your math.
2018-06-29 In the media Much wikilove from the Mayor of London, less from Paekakariki or a certain candidate for U.S. Congress Bri Several online battles are juxtaposed with stories about cooperation and good deeds, Arbcom hovering over it all; notwithstanding, a good action movie script is not necessarily found here.
2018-06-29 Humour Television plot lines Barbara Page In our next episode...
2018-06-29 Gallery Wiki Loves Africa Selsharbaty Colorful and moving.
2018-06-29 From the editor The Admin Ship is still barely afloat, while a Foundation project risks sinking Kudpung Signpost settles down (almost) to a routine
2018-06-29 From the archives Wolves nip at Wikipedia's heels: A perspective on the cost of paid editing Kudpung Revisiting an editor's warning to count our kidneys and keep the wolves at bay.
2018-06-29 Featured content New promotions Eddie891 Enjoy the superb content.
2018-06-29 Discussion report Deletion, page moves, and an update to the main page Kudpung Community discussions include style updates to project-wide icons and the main page, procedural questions on royal names and jettisoning unsuitable drafts, and deeper questions of compliance with European privacy laws and the perennial issue of shrinking admin corps.
2018-06-29 Blog Wikipedia should be open for editors in Turkey Eileen Hershenov WMF appeals to Turkish Minister of Transport, Maritime, and Communications Ahmet Arslan to lift the block of all language versions of Wikipedia for over a year.
2018-06-29 Arbitration report WWII, UK politics, and a user deCrat'ed Bri Andrevan requests removal of his admin and crat rights while already blocked for another issue.
2018-05-24 WikiProject report WikiProject Portals Zarasophos After a recent Village Pump discussion, the Signpost looks at .
2018-05-24 Traffic report Superheroes and actresses Igordebraga We love our superheroes: No surprises here as the summer movie season begins.
2018-05-24 Technology report A trove of contributor and developer goodies Evad37 Improved mobile app, searching, citations, inline maps, voting, and more.
2018-05-24 Recent research Why people don't contribute to Wikipedia; using Wikipedia to teach statistics, technical writing, and controversial issues Miriam Redi Too many women still don't know that Wikipedia is editable.
2018-05-24 Opinion Integrating my many lives on Wikipedia Hurricanehink Thoughts on how looking for the truth on Wikipedia brings out unexpected things in the real world.
2018-05-24 Op-ed Has the wind gone out of the AdminShip's sails? Kudpung Kudpung has some thoughts on the reasons for becalmed forums and the reluctance of candidates to (wo)man the rigging.
2018-05-24 News and notes Lots of Wikimedia Zarasophos De-recognition of Brazil user groups; brute-force attack on Wikipedia; Wikimedia Conference 2018; and assorted other silly things.
2018-05-24 In the media Wikipedia in Turkish politics; COI politics in Wikipedia; most cited page Eddie891 Wikipedia in Turkish politics; COI politics in Wikipedia; most cited work: And the burning question of the day, is the the monkey selfie going to space with the rest of Wikipedia?
2018-05-24 Humour Play with Your food Barbara Page Play with your food: Down the rabbit hole into the realm of third-grade minds.
2018-05-24 Gallery Wine not? Bri May 25 is National Wine Day in the United States.
2018-05-24 From the editor Another issue meets the deadline Kudpung A busy office with minimal staff.
2018-05-24 From the archives From the archives Kudpung The Signpost scoops The Signpost: The dark and twisted world of Wikipedia's most powerful media institution: The Signpost.
2018-05-24 Featured content Featured content selected by the community Eddie891 Science, sportspeople, video games, and history feature heavily in the community's picks this month.
2018-05-24 Discussion report User rights, infoboxes, and more discussion on portals Pythoncoder A busy month for discussions on major topics.
2018-05-24 Blog Why I write about women on Wikipedia SusunW Editor SusunW delves into reasons why she has created hundreds of article about women.
2018-05-24 Arbitration report Managing difficult topics Bri Has an attempt to prevent historical revisionism become a content battleground?
2018-04-26 WikiProject report WikiProject Military History Eddie891 Combat, weapons, monuments and personalities.
2018-04-26 Traffic report A quiet place to wrestle with the articles of March Evad37 The most popular articles from March 25 to April 14.
2018-04-26 Technology report Coming soon: Books-to-PDF, interactive maps, rollback confirmation Evad37 Plus the latest tech news and userscripts.
2018-04-26 Special report ACTRIAL results adopted by landslide Kudpung New major editing policy starting immediately: creation of articles in mainspace is to be limited to users with confirmed accounts
2018-04-26 Signpost Future directions for The Signpost Bri How to revive and evolve The Signpost? Big blue-sky proposals and small concrete proposals from the community and from two regular Signpost contributors.
2018-04-26 Opinion Guideline for Organization Notability revised Jytdog The standards have been raised for sources used in judging the notability of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
2018-04-26 Op-ed World War II Myth-making and Wikipedia K.e.coffman Wikipedia's myth of the clean Wehrmacht and what you can do about it. Or, how not to be one of "the worst distributors of pro-Nazi perspectives and the Wehrmacht myth".
2018-04-26 News and notes Photo of Kim Jong-un. Stephen Hawking death tops hits on many Wikipedias. Eddie891 Finally a free image Kim Jong-un. WMF wins legal battle. Stephen Hawking death tops all Wikipedia hits.
2018-04-26 In the media Internet companies use Wikipedia to police truth; Citogenesis proven yet again; early birthday greetings; and trains Eddie891 The rise of Wikipedia as a disinformation mop: Internet companies use Wikipedia to police truth; Citogenesis proven yet again; early birthday greetings; and trains
2018-04-26 In focus Admin reports board under criticism Zarasophos A recent Community Health Initiative survey found only 27% of respondents are happy with the way reports of conflicts between editors are handled on the Administrators' Incident Noticeboard (ANI).
2018-04-26 Humour Essays may not be policies but at least you get to whine about things Barbara Page Our Favorite Places to Whine About Stuff: You might not get all excersized about essays but they can be as fun as talk pages
2018-04-26 Gallery A look at some famous and not as well-known border tripoints Bri Honoring a day in military history, as well as peaceful borders
2018-04-26 From the editors The Signpost's presses are rolling again... Kudpung A burst of enthusiasm to keep the newspaper in print.
2018-04-26 Featured content Featured content selected by the community Eddie891 Material promoted from March 2 through April 20.
2018-04-26 Discussion report/Vote ${title} unparsed
2018-04-26 Discussion report The future of portals Pythoncoder What should we do about Portals? Keep them, delete them, or mark them as historical? Or should they be more closely connected with their WikiProject(s)?
2018-04-26 Community view It's time we look past Women in Red to counter systemic bias Indy beetle Can Wikipedia mobilize the same energy to fill other gaps in coverage?
2018-04-26 Blog Why the world reads Wikipedia Florian Lemmerich What we learned about reader motivation from a recent research study
2018-04-26 Arbitration report No new cases, and one motion on administrative misconduct Power~enwiki Quiet month for the Arbitration Committee
2018-03-29 Traffic report Real sports, real women and an imaginary country: what's on top for Wikipedia readers Stormy clouds Wikipedia, more like Wakandapedia, am I right?
2018-03-29 Technology report Timeless skin review FR30799386 It aims to provide equal emphasis on both content and editing tools simultaneously. Does it?
2018-03-29 Special report ACTRIAL wrap-up Kudpung "Information gathered during the trial period will be reported to the English Wikipedia community, and the community will decide if any additional steps should be taken based on the results".
2018-03-29 Op-ed Death knell sounding for The Signpost? Kudpung Despite the brave efforts of many past and present editorial staff.
2018-03-29 News and notes Wiki Conference roundup and new appointments Lane Rasberry Please contact and support your representatives with good wishes in advance of this conference.
2018-03-29 In the media The media on Wikipedia's workings: the good and not-so-good Eddie891 And the ugly.
2018-03-29 Humour WikiWorld Reruns Greg Williams The strips so nice we ran them twice, thrice, quatrice and/or tetrice
2018-03-29 Featured content Animals, Ships, and Songs Eddie891 And other featured content.
2018-03-29 Arbitration report Ironing out issues in infoboxes; not sure yet about New Jersey; and an administrator who probably wasn't uncivil to a sockpuppet. Bri Infobox probation at a new location.
2018-02-20 Traffic report Addicted to sports and pain Serendipodous The Superbowl, the Winter Olympics, death, and accusations of unspeakable things.
2018-02-20 Technology report Paragraph-based edit conflict screen; broken thanks Evad37 And other recent tech news.
2018-02-20 Recent research Politically diverse editors write better articles; Reddit and Stack Overflow benefit from Wikipedia but don't give back Barbara Page There might be good things about an edit war.
2018-02-20 News and notes The future is Swedish with a lack of administrators Evad37 Sweden selected for Wikimania 2019; research report on shaping the future; a scarcity of RfAs.
2018-02-20 Humour Traffic report of weirdness Barbara Page Stubs get a lot of pageviews
2018-02-20 Featured content Entertainment, sports and history Eddie891 An eclectic mix of promotions.
2018-02-20 Arbitration report Arbitration committee prepares to examine two new cases Bri Editor in self-imposed exile and infobox wars a thorn in the side of arbitration committee.
2018-02-05 Traffic report TV, death, sports, and doodles Stormy clouds The most popular articles for January 14 to 27
2018-02-05 Special report Cochrane–Wikipedia Initiative JenOttawa A partnership to improve and update Wikipedia's medical content
2018-02-05 Recent research Automated Q&A from Wikipedia articles; Who succeeds in talk page discussions? Eddie891 Also: Polish quality, Russian political mythologization, and multilingual analyses
2018-02-05 Op-ed Do editors have the right to be forgotten? Atsme Should an editor's block history be a permanent "rap sheet", or does Wikipedia forgive and forget? A reform initiative has begun.
2018-02-05 Interview Interview with The Rambling Man, Wikipedia's top contributor of Featured Lists Eddie891 Lessons on Creating a Featured List
2018-02-05 In the media Solving crime; editing out violence allegations Eddie891 Also, did UCF really win?
2018-02-05 Humour The Newest Ride in Disney World Jdlrobson You really are in Wonderland: Enjoy the humour of another contributor
2018-02-05 Featured content Wars, sieges, disasters and everything black possible Eddie891 Exemplary content recognized between January 12 and January 20, 2018
2018-02-05 Blog New monthly dataset shows where people fall into Wikipedia rabbit holes Joseph Allemandou The Wikimedia Foundation's Analytics team compiles a clickstream dataset, now available as a series of monthly data dumps for English, Russian, German, Spanish, and Japanese Wikipedias.
2018-02-05 Arbitration report New cases initiated for inter-editor hostility and other collaboration issues Bri New cases requested for inter-editor hostility and other collaboration issues: Politeness and collegial behavior about to be taken up by Arbcom, and perhaps a revisit of the infobox question.
2018-01-16 Traffic report The best and worst of 2017 Stormy clouds Citation not really needed.
2018-01-16 Technology report Dedicated Wikidata database servers Evad37 Plus the latest technology upgrades, tools and news.
2018-01-16 News and notes Communication is key Evad37 Two new WMF Communications department leadership appointments; a new way for Wikimedia communities to communicate their capacities.
2018-01-16 Interview Interview with Ser Amantio di Nicolao, the top contributor to English Wikipedia by edit count Eddie891 How do you make an average of 3,600 edits a week for over a decade? And what do you learn when you've done it?
2018-01-16 In the media The Paris Review, British Crown and British Media Eddie891 Wikipedia manipulated and copied – again
2018-01-16 Humour Why don't we have an article about _________? Barbara Page Notable missing articles.
2018-01-16 Featured content History, gaming and multifarious topics Eddie891 Historical and pop culture articles promoted.
2018-01-16 Arbitration report Mister Wiki is first arbitration committee decision of 2018 Bri In deciding to de-sysop an admin for efforts to evade discussion and review of paid edits made on behalf of a PR firm, Arbitration Committee doesn't significantly change the rules around paid editing, and leaves it up to the community whether to apply special restrictions to administrators.
2017-12-18 Traffic report Notable heroes and bad guys Evad37 We like our heroes and bad guys.
2017-12-18 Technology report Your wish lists and more Wikimedia tech Evad37 Including improved blocking tools, new user scripts, and the latest technical news.
2017-12-18 Special report Women in Red World Contest wrap-up Eddie891 Global article creation contest/editathon exceeds expectations.
2017-12-18 Recent research French medical articles have "high rate of veracity"; quality comparisons across languages; perceptions of credibility Nicolas Jullien French medical articles have "high rate of veracity": And other recent research publications.
2017-12-18 Interview Interview with Charlesjsharp, regular contributor of Wikipedia's featured pictures Eddie891 Interview with Charlesjsharp, regular contributor of Wikipedia's Featured Pictures.: Looking back on a decade of contributions including over 1,000 images and over three dozen Featured Pictures, Charles shares his wildlife photography experience and tips.
2017-12-18 In the media Stolen seagulls, public domain primates and more Lane Rasberry The media discuss online copyright issues, Wikipedia's coverage of the capital of Israel and creation of a "reasonably clean, honest and reliable" work on Earth and in space.
2017-12-18 Humour Here's What's Missing Barbara Page On their way to the WMF Incubator: u-nye-loo-lay-doo? Dochvetlh vISoplaHbe’.
2017-12-18 Gallery Wiki loving Evad37 Wiki Loves Earth and Monuments 2017.
2017-12-18 Featured content Featured content to finish 2017 Evad37 Seventeen articles, twenty-nine lists, three pictures and one featured topic were promoted.
2017-12-18 Blog Close encounters of the Wikipedia kind: Astronaut is first to specifically contribute to Wikipedia from space Andy Mabbett Close encounters of the Wikipedia kind.
2017-12-18 Arbitration report Last case of 2017: Mister Wiki editors Bri Evidence phase in Mister Wiki editors case is complete; the community is proposing remedies and the Arbitration committee is slated to make a decision by end of year. Meanwhile, voting has closed on 2017 elections.
2017-11-24 WikiProject report Recommendations for WikiProjects Bobo.03 A novel approach to recruit members for your project!
2017-11-24 Traffic report Strange and inappropriate Evad37 Readers intrigued by the Netflix show 'Stranger Things', and by sexually assault allegations
2017-11-24 Technology report Searching and surveying Evad37 A new advanced search interface; the Community Wishlist Survey is back.
2017-11-24 Recent research Who wrote this? New dataset on the provenance of Wikipedia text Tilman Bayer And other new research publications.
2017-11-24 News and notes Cons, cons, cons Charles Matthews The first ever Wikidata conference was a con we wanted. Problematic paid editing while in a position of trust: not so much.
2017-11-24 Interview A featured article centurion Eddie891 Brianboulton talks about featured articles on his 100th promotion.
2017-11-24 In the media Open knowledge platform as a media institution Lane Rasberry Wikipedia seen as flawed but important; conservative think-tank fellow wants his say; volunteer in Madison wants to close the gender gap.
2017-11-24 Humour Good faith gibberish Barbara Page Good faith (but still incomprehensible): The entertainment value of Wikipedia.
2017-11-24 Featured content We will remember them Evad37 War memorials, soldiers, extinct species, and devastating hurricanes are some of the most recently promoted featured content.
2017-11-24 Arbitration report Administrator desysoped; How to deal with crosswiki issues; Mister Wiki case likely Bri Arbitration matters from October and November.
2017-10-23 Traffic report Death, disaster, and entertainment Eddie891 Readers interested in the the death of Hef, Puerto Rico, films and television.
2017-10-23 Special report Working with GLAMs in the UK Jwslubbock Wikimedia UK's partnerships and achievements working with GLAM institutions.
2017-10-23 News and notes Money! WMF fundraising, Wikimedia strategy, WMF new office! Eddie891 The Wikimedia Foundation publishes the latest fundraising report, convenes over the close of the strategic plan discussion, and moves into a new space.
2017-10-23 In the media Facebook and poetry Eddie891 Fighting fake news and plagiarism.
2017-10-23 In focus Offline Wikipedia developed at OFF.NETWORK Content Hackathon Lane Rasberry Advocates for sharing offline information gather to make content, software, hardware, and social decisions.
2017-10-23 Humour If you are named Ralph I am sorry Barbara Page Guys named Ralph: If your name is Ralph, well sorry.
2017-10-23 Featured content Don, Marcel, Emily, Jessica and other notables Eddie891 A variety of topics promoted.
2017-10-23 Blog The future of offline access to Wikipedia: The Kiwix example Anne Gomez The future of offline access to Wikipedia: A chat with a developer of Kiwix, an open source software which allows users to download web content for offline reading, and the future of offline access to Wikipedia.
2017-09-25 Traffic report Fights and frights OZOO Boxing, hurricanes, clowns, and more!
2017-09-25 Technology report Flow restarted; Wikidata connection notifications Evad37 Plus more tech news, and the latest scripts and bots
2017-09-25 Special report Two steps forward, one step backward: The Sustainability Initiative Gnom Finally we're seeing some initial successes, but the Wikimedia movement is still far from being environmentally sustainable.
2017-09-25 Recent research Wikipedia articles vs. concepts; Wikipedia usage in Europe Thomas Niebler Plus the latest research publications.
2017-09-25 News and notes Chapter updates; ACTRIAL Evad37 News from Wikimedia France, Wikimedia Macedonia, and Wikimedia Israel's; Autoconfirmed article creation trial begins
2017-09-25 In the media Monkey settlement; Wikipedia used to give AI context clues Eddie891 Also, Jeopedia, Dubaipedia, shaping science, fake quote reused by scholarly sources
2017-09-25 Humour Chickenz Barbara Page The best that poultry has to offer
2017-09-25 Gallery Chicken mania JoeHebda Complimenting this issue's Humour about chickens...
2017-09-25 Featured content Flying high Eddie891 Newly featured birds, planes, and high achievers
2017-09-06 WikiProject report New to you: WikiProject YouTube Megalibrarygirl WikiProject YouTube: WikiProject YouTube is a new project on both English and Simple English Wikipedia.
2017-09-06 Wikicup 2017 WikiCup round 4 wrap-up Eddie891 Ships, typhoons, birds, and more!
2017-09-06 Traffic report A fortnight of conflicts Igordebraga White supremacists v. anti-fascism groups, Mayweather v. McGregor, Moon v. Sun
2017-09-06 Technology report Latest tech news Evad37 Syntax highlighting, failed login notifications, watchlist filters, and more
2017-09-06 Special report Biomedical content, and some thoughts on its future T. Shafee Wikipedia's medical an scientific content has come a long way since 2001. Here are some thoughts on how it may continue to evolve.
2017-09-06 Recent research Discussion summarization; Twitter bots tracking government edits; extracting trivia from Wikipedia Baha Mansurov A list of recent research publications on various topics
2017-09-06 News and notes Basselpedia; WMF Board of Trustees appointments Lane Rasberry Some of the goings-on from Wikimania 2017
2017-09-06 In the media Google's Ideological Echo Chamber; What makes someone successful? Eddie891 Plus the latest reports of vandalism and mistakes in Wikipedia
2017-09-06 Humour Bots Barbara Page They do the things you don't want to do (and sometimes things you don't want done).
2017-09-06 From the editors What happened at Wikimania? Lane Rasberry Please share your Wikimania 2017 experiences
2017-09-06 Featured content Warfighters and their tools or trees and butterflies: take your pick of the best of Wikipedia Eddie891 Warfighters and their tools or trees and butterflies: Take your pick of the best of Wikipedia
2017-08-05 WikiProject report Comic relief James Kerrane An interview with a project that is centered around comics.
2017-08-05 Traffic report Swedish countess tops the list Eddie891 Plus plenty of sports, film, and television
2017-08-05 Technology report Introducing TechCom Evad37 The Architecture Committee adopts a new charter and name; and the latest in script, bot, and tech news
2017-08-05 Special report Sharing Wikipedia offline medical information in the Dominican Republic Lane Rasberry Wikimedia contributors support each other's projects in many unexpected ways
2017-08-05 Recent research Wikipedia can increase local tourism by 9%; predicting article quality with deep learning; recent behavior predicts quality Marco Chemello Local tourism gains +9% when Wikipedia articles are improved; significant improvements in predicting article quality with deep learning; recent editor behavior is a strong predictor of content quality
2017-08-05 News and notes Non-English special edition! 99% no news about English-based wiki communities! Lane Rasberry Wikimania in Montreal, lawsuit in Sweden, challenges in France
2017-08-05 In the media Wikipedia used to judge death penalty, arms smuggling, Indonesian governance, and HOTTEST celebrity Eddie891 Wikipedia and reliable sources of information continue to define each other
2017-08-05 Humour WWASOHs and ETCSSs Barbara Page An elite squad of highly insightful editors can lead the way for other editors who may need to retrain their faces into forming a smile.
2017-08-05 Featured content Everywhere in the lead Eddie891 Recently promoted articles, lists and pictures – with a very heavy one in the mix
2017-08-05 Blog Canadian Supreme Court rules against Google in favor of worldwide court orders Jacob Rogers The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that Google must remove search results worldwide, dismissing concerns that this may impede freedom of expression for people outside of Canada or inspire other countries to censor speech.
2017-07-15 Wikicup 2017 WikiCup round 3 wrap-up Eddie891 The heat turns up on the 32 contestants who entered round three: 13 featured articles, 82 good articles, 167 DYKs, but we had to pick just eight of them to advance.
2017-07-15 Traffic report Film, television and Internet phenomena reign with some room left over for America's birthday Eddie891 Popular interest in celebrities, blockbusters and an upcoming season of a popular television show drive traffic, with a smattering of world events, holidays and a Reddit storm around – surprise – free porn for the U.S. Congress.
2017-07-15 Technology report New features in development; more breaking changes for scripts Evad37 Syntax highlighting, changes to Recent Changes, Wikidata on the enhance watchlist, accessible editing buttons and jQuery upgrade may break scripts.
2017-07-15 Recent research The chilling effect of surveillance on Wikipedia readers Tilman Bayer A closer look at the research that found that the 2013 Snowden revelations coincided with a significant drop of pageviews for privacy-sensitive Wikipedia articles
2017-07-15 Op-ed Why task forces and subgroups are dying in 2017 22mikpau Why Task Forces are Dying in 2017 – and is there anything we can do to stop it? Opinions and examples from across the project.
2017-07-15 News and notes French chapter woes, new affiliates and more WMF team changes Evad37 The English Wikipedia sees its first new admin of the season, discord rocks Wikimedia France, some tweaks to the WMF reorg, and a new WMF annual plan mark this issue's community news.
2017-07-15 In the media Concern about access and fairness, Foundation expenditures, and relationship to real-world politics and commerce Bri A grab bag of (in alphabetical order) alt-right speech, classical scholars, the dark web, elicited European tourism, $500,000 golden parachutes, forgery, the Great Firewall, net neutrality, nukes, paid editing, porn, and terrorism. Maybe we should make a Tom Hanks movie. Oh, and a new text adventure.
2017-07-15 Humour The infobox game Barbara The Infobox Game – Enjoy the Parameters: The Infobox Game can be enjoyed by everyone, not just those interested in water buffalo breeds, volcanic hotspots or the mysterious heteroisoform, and some day just might spawn an important facet of the financial derivatives industry.
2017-07-15 Gallery In the mix - Patterns and colors Joe Hebda A mix of patterns: An interesting mix of patterns and colors to brighten your day...
2017-07-15 Featured content Spectacular animals, Pine Trees screens, and more Eddie891 Recently promoted articles, lists, and pictures.
2017-06-23 Traffic report Wonder Woman beats Batman, The Mummy, Darth Vader and the Earth Eddie891 Summer blockbusters and sports, Trump and world events.
2017-06-23 Technology report Improved search, and WMF data scientist tells all Evad37 Search now can include sister projects; EpochFail doesn't fail to answer questions about AI; new scripts, bots and notifications, oh my!
2017-06-23 Recent research Utopian bubbles: Can Wikipedians create value outside of the capitalist system? Dorothy Howard A researcher applies Marxist critiques of political economy to investigate whether gamification, a culture of altruism, and other anti-corporatist influences on peer production can create a sustainable gift economy in project like Wikipedia.
2017-06-23 Op-ed Facto Post: a fresh take Charles Matthews Exploring sourcing issues in Wikimedia projects, a solution in Wikidata and fact mining, and a newsletter to continue the conversation.
2017-06-23 News and notes Departments reorganized at Wikimedia Foundation, and a month without new RfAs (so far) Altercari While the English Wikipedia community produces no new requests for adminhood in June, the Wikimedia Foundation makes changes to the Product and Technology departments.
2017-06-23 In the media Kalanick's nipples; Episode #138 of Drama on the Hill Jonatan Svensson Glad The anatomy of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's chest area has been the talk of the month. But so have high-profile edits, hacked articles, and one particular newborn growing up.
2017-06-23 Featured content Will there ever be a break? The slew of featured content continues Eddie891 22 featured articles, 17 featured lists, 7 featured pictures
2017-06-09 Traffic report Film on Top: Sampling the weekly Top 10 from recent months OZOO Film on Top: Sampling the weekly top 10: Two weeks of film dominance: Baahubali and the Academy Awards
2017-06-09 Technology report Tech news catch-up Evad37 Bots, scripts, tools, and changes from February to June 2017
2017-06-09 Recent research Wikipedia bots fight – or do they?; personality and attitudes to Wikipedia; large expert review experiment Aaron Halfaker Wikipedia bot wars capture the imagination of the popular press – but are they real?; personality and attitudes to Wikipedia; large expert review experiment
2017-06-09 Op-ed Wikipedia's lead sentence problem Kaldari Over the years, the lead sentences of Wikipedia articles have become less and less readable. Wikipedian Kaldari argues that it's time for us to address this problem and make Wikipedia great again.
2017-06-09 News and notes WMF Board results released, FDC election runs through June 11 Sj Global Elections: WMF Board election results, and FDC elections begin
2017-06-09 In the media Did Wikipedia just assume Garfield's gender? Milowent Garfield is male, and other places Wikipedia made the news
2017-06-09 From the editors Signpost status: On reserve power, help wanted Sj Signpost status: On reserve power, Help wanted!: Inviting new writers, editors, and ideas
2017-06-09 Featured content Three months in the land of the featured Armbrust This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 19 February to 20 May.
2017-06-09 Arbitration report From March: Cases closed in the Pacific and with Magioladitis GamerPro64 Cases closed in the Pacific and with Magioladitis: This Signpost Arbitration report covers material promoted from 19 February to 27 March.
2017-02-27 Traffic report Love, football, and politics Serendipodous Wikipedia's most popular articles in the last few weeks centered on Valentines Day, the Super Bowl, and American politics.
2017-02-27 Technology report Responsive content on desktop; Offline content in Android app Evad37 CREDIT showcase (Community, Reading, Editing, Discovery, Infrastructure and Technology) is a monthly live-streamed meeting that demonstrations developers' recent work, such as new gadgets, experiments and independent projects. It is hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation, with presentations from Wikimedia Engineering teams or individuals. The following highlights have been taken from the February's CREDIT showcase, which is available in full on Commons and on YouTube.
2017-02-27 Special report Peer review – a history and call for reviewers LT910001 English Wikipedia's peer review process is a relatively unknown yet fairly active venue for feedback. Editors can request a review of an article, regardless of its stage of development, in general form or highlighting specific areas they are looking to improve. One or more editors may weigh in. Here, I outline the history of peer review and my contributions to it, and detail future plans and a request for more reviewers.
2017-02-27 Recent research Special issue: Wikipedia in education Piotr Konieczny This month's edition focuses on research about the role of Wikipedia in education, with reviews of recently published articles covering various angles of the topic.
2017-02-27 Op-ed Wikipedia has cancer Guy Macon In biology, the hallmarks of an aggressive cancer include limitless and exponential multiplication of ordinarily beneficial cells, even when the body signals that further multiplication is no longer needed. The Wikipedia page on the wheat and chessboard problem explains that nothing can keep growing exponentially forever. In biology, the unwanted growth usually terminates with the death of the host. Exponential spending increases can often lead to the same undesirable result in organizations. The Wikimedia Foundation's expenses have grown aggressively every year; Wikipedian Guy Macon offers his analysis.
2017-02-27 In the media The Daily Mail does not run Wikipedia TeeVeeed The recent closing of an English Wikipedia Request for Comment on the reliability of the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, as a source has drawn wide press attention. The Guardian first covered the story (February 8), followed by a piece in Engadget (Feb. 9), and a flurry of coverage in various outlets extending for more than a week.
2017-02-27 Gallery Met montage Evad37 A Met montage: As covered in our In the Media section, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has made 375,000 public domain images available to the public. We present a few for our readers' perusal.
2017-02-27 From the editors Results from our poll on subscription and delivery, and a new RSS feed Pete Forsyth In January 2017, the Signpost polled its readers. We sought to learn more about our readers' habits and wishes, around subscription and notifications. We were also interested in the dynamics that bring readers to us in the first place; we believed that readers typically learn about the Signpost by finding it on their colleagues' user talk pages, but we wanted to test that hypothesis. The poll was prompted by recent progress on a long-planned extension to Wikipedia's underlying software, which will offer a new, central page on which publications may advertise their existence, and will allow publishers to notify their readers of new issues or editions via web or email notifications instead of user talk page messages.
2017-02-27 Featured content The dominance of articles continues Armbrust This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 5 to 18 February.
2017-02-27 Blog WikiIndaba 2017: A continent gathers to chart a path forward Bobby Shabangu A report from the second WikiIndaba conference, with summaries of several presentations.
2017-02-06 WikiProject report For the birds! Funcrunch Our second interview with the productive WikiProject Birds crew
2017-02-06 Traffic report Cool It Now Milowent Three weeks of the most popular Wikipedia articles
2017-02-06 Technology report Better PDFs, backup plans, and birthday wishes Evad37 Plus the latest scripts, bots, and tech news
2017-02-06 Special report Wolves nip at Wikipedia's heels: A perspective on the cost of paid editing Smallbones Undisclosed paid editing by a financial broker mired in scandal spans years, impacting Wikipedia's editors and readers
2017-02-06 Op-ed How to make editing workshops useful, even if participants don't stick around Amir E. Aharoni Veteran editing workshop leader responds to a previous Signpost op-ed
2017-02-06 News and notes Official WMF rebuke to Trump policy; WMF secures restricted funds Tony1 Foundation's latest foray into political waters, and grants funding structured data and anti-harassment measures, met with enthusiasm and concern
2017-02-06 In the media Presidential politics, periodic table, and our periodic roundup of updates TeeVeeed Wikipedia's response to Trump inauguration and a fruitful, public "edit war" lead our media updates
2017-02-06 In focus WMF strategy consultant brings background in crisis reputation management; Team behind popular WMF software put "on pause" Pete Forsyth Several developments in the $2.5 million strategic planning process explored, and a team within the software production department is sidelined
2017-02-06 Forum Productive collaboration around coordinated protest marches; Media and political personalities comment on Wikipedia at its 16th birthday celebration Samwalton9 Women's marches on seven continents attracted strong Wikipedia engagement; Media luminaries and a presidential candidate joined WMF boss Katherine Maher at a New York gathering
2017-02-06 Featured content Three weeks dominated by articles Armbrust Twenty-eight articles, seven lists, two topics and four pictures were promoted
2017-02-06 Arbitration report WMF Legal and ArbCom weigh in on tension between disclosure requirements and user privacy GamerPro64 The two statements prompt extensive community discussion; plus, our updates on recent ArbCom decisions
2017-01-17 Traffic report Out with the old, in with the new Milowent If you're reading this, you escaped 2016 alive
2017-01-17 Technology report Tech present, past, and future Evad37 Data sets now available on Commons, wishes to be worked on in 2017, and a recap of the Wikimedia Developer Summit
2017-01-17 Recent research Female Wikipedians aren't more likely to edit women biographies; Black Lives Matter in Wikipedia Piotr Konieczny And several other research papers reviewed and summarized
2017-01-17 News and notes Surge in RFA promotions—a sign of lasting change? Go Phightins! A close look at the history of approving administrators on English Wikipedia, and a roundup of news
2017-01-17 Interview What is it like to edit Wikipedia when you're blind? Tony1 The wiki environment can appear deceptively uniform, but it masks strikingly different editorial experiences
2017-01-17 In the media Year-end roundups, Wikipedia's 16th birthday, and more TeeVeeed The latest media reports
2017-01-17 From the editor Next steps for the Signpost Pete Forsyth Building toward better recruitment and retention
2017-01-17 Featured content One year ends, and another begins Armbrust Twelve articles, thirteen lists and twelve pictures were promoted
2017-01-17 Arbitration report Concluding 2016 and covering 2017's first two cases GamerPro64 Various minor developments
2016-12-22 Year in review Looking back on 2016 Pete Forsyth Roundup of the year's news from the Wikimedia world, featuring Wikipedia's 15th anniversary and organizational disarray at the Wikimedia Foundation
2016-12-22 Traffic report Post-election traffic blues Serendipodous Four weeks of popular article analysis
2016-12-22 Technology report Labs improvements impact 2016 Tool Labs survey results Legoktm And a roundup of recently-added tools
2016-12-22 Special report German Wikipedia ArbCom implodes amid revelation of member's far-right political role Tony1 German ArbCom implodes: The German Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee loses more than half its members amid political feud
2016-12-22 Recent research Privacy risks as perceived by Tor users and Wikipedians Tilman Bayer One study and several abstracts: Privacy and Tor, and several other studies
2016-12-22 Op-ed Operation successful, patient dead: Outreach workshops in Namibia Peter Gallert Even a well executed outreach event can yield disappointing results
2016-12-22 News and notes Strategic planning update; English Wikipedia ArbCom election results Pete Forsyth Strategic planning update; English ArbCom election results: WMF reflects, to some degree, on its past approaches to strategic planning
2016-12-22 In the media Coverage of gender gap initiatives, banner fundraising, and more Milowent In brief: Coverage of gender gap initiatives, banner fundraising, and more: Wikipedia women in the news, and media reacts to 2016 ad banner campaign
2016-12-22 In focus Active user page filter prevents vandalism and harassment Chris Schilling A proposal from the Inspire Campaign to address harassment was recently implemented to prevent unconstructive and malicious editing on user pages
2016-12-22 Featured content The Christmas edition Armbrust Twenty-three articles, ten lists and twenty-one pictures were promoted
2016-12-22 Blog Winning photos in world's largest photography contest reveal a world of monuments—and the volunteers who love them Jeff Elder Wiki Loves Monuments contest winners announced: Winning photos in world's largest photography contest reveal a world of monuments—and the volunteers who love them
2016-11-26 Traffic report President-elect Trump Serendipodous Someone is likely to dominate traffic for a long time
2016-11-26 Special report Taking stock of the Good Article backlog Wugapodes A close examination of the efficacy of the GA Cup contest, a longstanding effort to reduce the backlog of articles awaiting review
2016-11-26 Op-ed Fundraising data should be more transparent Lodewijk Gelauff Empowering volunteers and local chapters to engage with fundraising would yield varied benefits
2016-11-26 News and notes Arbitration Committee elections underway Tony1 Arbitration Committee elections commence: An overview of the English Wikipedia ArbCom election; brief notes as Asian and African initiatives wind down
2016-11-26 In the media Roundup of news related to U.S. presidential election and more Pete Forsyth Election prompts media to explore themes important to Wikipedians, including news literacy, privacy, and data security
2016-11-26 Gallery Around the world with Wiki Loves Monuments 2016 Pine A sampling of photo submissions to the annual photography campaign
2016-11-26 Featured content Featured mix Armbrust Eight articles, two lists and nine pictures were promoted
2016-11-26 Blog The top fifteen winning photos from Wiki Loves Earth Jeff Elder 115,000 images were submitted as part of the annual competition.
2016-11-04 Wikicup WikiCup report Godot13 WikiCup winners: Winners of the tenth annual WikiCup competition announced and profiled
2016-11-04 Traffic report Un-presidential politics Milowent Two weeks of insights into the mind of the mob
2016-11-04 Technology report New guideline for technical collaboration Evad37 citation templates now flag open access content, proposed best practices for communication and community involvement, and an improvement to Wikipedia's citation infrastructure
2016-11-04 Recent research Why women edit less, and where they are overrepresented; article importance and quality; predicting elections from Wikipedia Giuseppe Profiti A recap of recent research in our realm
2016-11-04 News and notes Finally, a new CTO; trustee joins Quora; copyright upgrade impending Pete Forsyth Victoria Coleman to fill long-vacant CTO role; Trustee Kelly Battles joins Quora executive team; last week for community input on Creative Commons 4.0 license
2016-11-04 In the media Washington Post leads the pack in this edition's roundup of media stories Pete Forsyth Washington Post continues in-depth Wikipedia coverage: Plus our roundup of recent media stories
2016-11-04 Featured content Cream of the crop Armbrust Fourteen articles, six lists and fourteen pictures were promoted
2016-11-04 Discussion report What's on your tech wishlist for the coming year? Danny Horn Progress on the 2015 Community Wishlist for tech features; and plans for a new Wishlist
2016-11-04 Arbitration report Recapping October's activities GamerPro64 Two cases closed, and an administrator loses editing rights
2016-10-14 Traffic report Debates and escapes Milowent Donald Trump remains a view-magnet, others change their channel
2016-10-14 Technology report Upcoming tech projects for 2017 Evad37 A new editor, a new parsing algorithm, and another server switch
2016-10-14 Recent research Wikipedia Dispute Index a mixed bag; how motivations differ among contributor roles Piotr Konieczny A 2011 study resurfaces in a media report: We explore the study, which sought insights from Wikipedia metadata into global events
2016-10-14 News and notes Challenges for WMF fundraising; Indian flora windfall for Commons Tony1 Fundraising, flora and fauna: Wikimedia Foundation reports on fundraising challenges and new initiatives; Indian botanists rally to build Wikimedia Commons' photo collection
2016-10-14 In the media Alright Wikipedia, I'm ready for my closeup Milowent A news columnist on the frustrations of tweaking his Wikipedia bio: And this edition's roundup of media coverage
2016-10-14 Featured content Variety is the spice of life Armbrust Twelve articles, twelve lists and twenty-one pictures were promoted
2016-10-14 Discussion report The complex phenomenon of leadership in the wiki world Pete Forsyth Cultivating leadership: Wikimedia Foundation seeks input: A new "peer academy" is proposed to find and support leadership in volunteer communities
2016-09-29 Traffic report From Gene Wilder to JonBenét: Four weeks of traffic Milowent From Gene Wilder to JonBenét: Four weeks of Wikipedia's most popular articles examined
2016-09-29 Technology report Category sorting and template parameters Evad37 Titles with numbers now sort numerically, and a new tool to check how template parameters are used
2016-09-29 News and notes Case study of Wikimedia Education Program published; remembrance of departed colleague Ray Saintonge (Eclecticology) Lane Rasberry Wikipedia Education Program case study published; and a longtime Wikimedian has made his final edit: Medical school class's Wikipedia contributions profiled as case study; and a remembrance of Ray Saintonge, Wikimedian since 2002
2016-09-29 In the media This edition's roundup of media coverage Lane Rasberry Wikipedia in the news: This edition's roundup of media coverage
2016-09-29 Featured content Three weeks in the land of featured content Armbrust Nineteen articles, eleven lists, one portal and twelve pictures were promoted
2016-09-29 Arbitration report Arbcom looking for new checkusers and oversight appointees while another case opens GamerPro64 TRM, CUOS '16, R&I, RfC
2016-09-06 WikiProject report Watching Wikipedia with the project devoted to television Megalibrarygirl Watching Wikipedia: An interview with WikiProject TV member CAWylie
2016-09-06 Traffic report From Phelps to Bolt to Reddit Milowent An update on two weeks of Wikipedia traffic, based on a new and improved tracking tool
2016-09-06 Technology report Wikimedia mobile sites now don't load images if the user doesn't see them Evad37 New scripts and technical news
2016-09-06 Special report Olympics readership depended on language Milowent A comparison of the 15 most-read articles related to the Olympics, in seven language editions of Wikipedia
2016-09-06 Recent research AI-generated articles and research ethics; anonymous edits and vandalism fighting ethics Denny Vrandečić Ethics of machine-created articles and fighting vandalism: One study encounters critique of its ethics from Wikipedians; another critiques the ethics employed by Wikipedia
2016-09-06 News and notes AffCom still grappling with WMF Board's criteria for new chapters Tony1 The Board’s two-year moratorium on new chapters and thematic organisations has expired; presentation of new criteria is reigniting smoldering controversies and introducing new ones
2016-09-06 In the media Librarians and Wikipedians—meant to be together? Milowent Librarians, Wikipedians, and a library of Wikipedia coverage: Wikipedia gaining ground in credibility among librarians; and a healthy helping of media coverage
2016-09-06 Featured content Entertainment, sport and something else in-between Armbrust Entertainment, sport, and something else in-between: Twelve articles, eight lists and four pictures were promoted
2016-09-06 Blog Switzerland’s ETH-Bibliothek is uploading 134,000 images to Wikimedia Commons Ed Erhart Upload of free photos from Swiss library underway: Switzerland's largest public science library is uploading 134k photos
2016-08-18 Traffic report Olympic views Milowent Politics gives way to sports, TV and film
2016-08-18 Technology report User script report (January–July 2016, part 2) Evad37 A review of numerous useful Wikipedia customizations
2016-08-18 Special report Engaging diverse communities to profile women of Antarctica T. Shafee Guest post recaps in-depth engagement of experts to address Wikipedia gender gap while improving coverage of their field
2016-08-18 News and notes Focus on India—WikiConference produces new apps; state government adopts free licenses Pete Forsyth Conference draws highly diverse and productive participation, and several years' advocacy pays off in a new government policy
2016-08-18 In the media The ugly, the bad, the playful, and the promising Pete Forsyth Wikipedia coverage ranged from sobering to playful in this issue's roundup
2016-08-18 Featured content Simply the best ... from the past two weeks Armbrust Simply the best ... from the last two weeks: Eight articles, eleven lists, one topic and five pictures were promoted
2016-08-18 Arbitration report The Michael Hardy case GamerPro64 New case opened, and a reminder to administrators not to impose blocks based on private information
2016-08-04 Traffic report Summer of Pokémon, Trump, and Hillary Milowent Pokémon Go led the chart for two weeks running
2016-08-04 Technology report User script report (January to July 2016, part 1) Evad37 New user scripts and other tech news
2016-08-04 Recent research Easier navigation via better wikilinks Jonathan Morgan Plus: new Wiki Studies journal, Wikipedia usage on Twitter and more
2016-08-04 Obituary Kevin Gorman, who took on Wikipedia's gender gap and undisclosed paid advocacy, dies at 26 The ed17 Kevin Gorman, who took on Wikipedia's gender gap and undisclosed paid advocacy, dies at 24: Condolences are being left on his English Wikipedia talk page
2016-08-04 News and notes Foundation presents results of harassment research, plans for automated identification; Wikiconference submissions open Tony1 WMF and Alphabet are developing an algorithm designed to detect personal attacks
2016-08-04 In the media Paid editing service announced; Commercial exploitation of free images; Wikipedia as a crystal ball; Librarians to counter systemic bias Andreas Kolbe Plus Android and Taylor Swift
2016-08-04 Featured content Women and Hawaii Armbrust Eight articles, two lists and fourteen pictures were promoted
2016-08-04 Editorial Wikipedia policy suppresses sharing of information Staff And the Signpost loses and gains a co-editor-in-chief
2016-08-04 Blog All-new notifications page helps Wikimedians focus on what matters most Joe Matazzoni WMF announces enhancements to the notifications system
2016-07-21 Traffic report Sports and esports Milowent Northern summer makes sport the winner
2016-07-21 Recent research Using deep learning to predict article quality; search engine helps schoolkids navigate Chinese Wikipedia; talk page sentiment Morten Warncke-Wang Using deep learning to predict article quality: Plus navigating the Chinese Wikipedia, and talkpage sentiment
2016-07-21 News and notes Board faces diversity and skill-base issues in new FDC appointments Tony1 Four seats to be filled in top WMF grantmaking body; General Counsel and Secretary Geoff Brigham leaves Wikimedia
2016-07-21 In the media Women-in-science editathon gets national press; Wikipedia "shockingly biased" Milowent Women in science editathon gets national press; Wikipedia "shockingly biased": Female scientists in India; probes Wikipedia's weaknesses
2016-07-21 Featured content A wide variety from the best Armbrust Promotions in four featured-content forums
2016-07-21 Discussion report Busy month for discussions Esquivalience New ArbCom restrictions; genetically modified food safety
2016-07-21 Arbitration report Script writers appointed for clerks GamerPro64 Plus a clerk appointment and two motions
2016-07-04 Traffic report Goalposts; Oy vexit Milowent European football and politics dominate the top-10
2016-07-04 Op-ed Two policies in conflict? James Heilman Paid-contributions disclosure vs. outing
2016-07-04 News and notes Board unanimously appoints Katherine Maher as new WMF executive director; Wikimedia lawsuits in France and Germany Tony1 News from Wikimania and the courts
2016-07-04 In the media Terrorism database cites Wikipedia as a source Andreas Kolbe Reliability worries
2016-07-04 Featured content Triple fun of featured content Armbrust Six articles, nine lists, one topic and thirteen pictures promoted
2016-07-04 Blog Jimmy Wales names Emily Temple-Wood and Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight as Wikipedians of the Year Ed Erhart From the Wikimedia Foundation blog
2016-06-15 Traffic report Another one with sports; Knockout, brief candle Milowent Wikipedia's most read articles in the last two weeks
2016-06-15 Special report Wikiversity Journal: A new user group Mikael Häggström Wikiversity Journal—A new user group: Wikimedia enters academic publishing
2016-06-15 Op-ed Commons Picture of the Year; Wikidata licensing Tony1 Two for the price of one—do the popular Commons image contest and Wikidata licensing serve the community as well as they should?
2016-06-15 News and notes Clarifications on status and compensation of outgoing executive directors Sue Gardner and Lila Tretikov Andreas Kolbe WMF board chair Patricio Lorente answers questions
2016-06-15 In the media Biography disputes; Craig Newmark donation; PR editing Andreas Kolbe Recent media coverage of Wikipedia and Wikimedia
2016-06-15 Featured content From the crème de la crème Armbrust Eleven featured articles, nine featured lists and fourteen featured pictures
2016-06-15 Blog Why I proofread poetry at Wikisource Sonja N. Bohm Poetry: “it is the stuff of the soul; it speaks to the body, the mind, and the spirit alike.” Sonja Bohm worked for years to get all of Florence Earle Coates’ poetry online, and now proofreads poetry on the English Wikisource, the free library. We asked why.
2016-06-05 WikiProject report WikiProject Video Games Megalibrarygirl We sat down with the writers of some of the most vistied Wikipedia articles
2016-06-05 Traffic report Pop goes the culture, again. Serendipodous Film and television maintain a strong grasp on Wikipedia's readership
2016-06-05 News and notes WMF cuts budget for 2016–17 as scope tightens Tony1 WMF cuts budget for 2016-17 as scope tightens: The Signpost analyzes the WMF's revised annual plan
2016-06-05 In the media Jimmy Wales on net neutrality—"It's complicated"—and his $100m fundraising challenge Andreas Kolbe Recent press interviews
2016-06-05 Featured content Overwhelmed ... by pictures Armbrust One article, one list, and seven images were featured this week
2016-06-05 Arbitration report ArbCom case Gamaliel and others concludes GamerPro64 ArbCom case "Gamaliel and others" concludes: The final results of the heated case
2016-05-28 Traffic report Splitting (musical) airs / Slow Ride Serendipodous We've recently come into possession of a new tool.
2016-05-28 Special report Compensation paid to Sue Gardner increased by almost 50 percent after she stepped down as executive director [Updated] Andreas Kolbe Compensation paid to Sue Gardner increased by almost 50 percent after she stepped down as executive director: Sue Gardner appears to be earning more money as the WMF's special advisor than she did as its executive director
2016-05-28 Recent research English as Wikipedia's lingua franca; deletion rationales; schizophrenia controversies Morten Warncke-Wang English as Wikipedia's Lingua Franca; deletion rationales; schizophrenia controversies: Round-up of recent Wikipedia research
2016-05-28 Op-ed Journey of a Wikipedian Jake Orlowitz Mental health carries a powerful stigma. The more we are open about it, the less that weighs all of us down
2016-05-28 News and notes Upcoming Wikimedia conferences in the US and India; May Metrics and Activities Meeting Montanabw Dates and venues for WikiCon USA 2016, WikiCon India 2016, 2016 Glam Boot Camp and 2016 Wikimedia Diversity Conference
2016-05-28 In the media The perils of Wikipedia's monopoly; Wikipedians' fragility; Street Sharks hoax Andreas Kolbe Not everything you read online is fact
2016-05-28 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Eight articles, three lists and five pictures: Another eight featured articles, three featured lists and five featured pictures
2016-05-28 Blog Freely licensed magic at Eurovision Ed Erhart Albin Olsson has been right there with them, capturing dramatic images of singers from around the world.
2016-05-28 Arbitration report Gamaliel resigns from the arbitration committee GamerPro64 Gamaliel and others case nears its end, and there are new 30/500 rules
2016-05-17 Wikicup That's it for WikiCup Round 2! Sturmvogel 66 35 competitors move on to round 3
2016-05-17 Traffic report Oh behave, Beyhive / Underdogs Serendipodous Prince gives way to Captain America
2016-05-17 Op-ed Swiss chapter in turmoil Gabriel Thullen Paid-editing controversy
2016-05-17 News and notes Affiliates' nomination of WMF trustees announced; FDC's straight talking to WMF Tony1 Christophe Henner and Nataliia Tymkiv respond to the Signpost{{'}}s questions
2016-05-17 In the media Wikimedia's Dario Taraborelli quoted on Google's Knowledge Graph in The Washington Post Andreas Kolbe Citations needed
2016-05-17 Featured content Two weeks for the prize of one Armbrust Nine featured articles, eight featured lists, and six featured pictures
2016-05-17 Arbitration report "Wikicology" ends in site ban; evidence and workshop phases concluded for "Gamaliel and others" Andreas Kolbe News from two arbitration cases
2016-05-02 Traffic report Purple Milowent Prince's death breaks traffic report records
2016-05-02 Recent research The eight roles of Wikipedians; do edit histories expose social relations among editors? Guillaume Paumier Making sense of Wikipedia's social network
2016-05-02 News and notes Wikimedia Switzerland's board and paid-editing firm; passing of Ed Dravecky Andreas Kolbe Wikimedia Switzerland board members involved in paid-editing firm
2016-05-02 In the media Wikipedia Zero piracy in Bangladesh; bureaucracy; chilling effects; too few cooks; translation gaps Andreas Kolbe More reports surface of pirates' new favorite database: Wikimedia Commons
2016-05-02 Featured content The best ... from the past two weeks Armbrust Seven articles, six lists, and four pictures were promoted these weeks
2016-05-02 Arbitration report Two editors unbanned; Wikicology case enters workshop phase; Gamaliel restricted from Gamergate at his own request Andreas Kolbe Arbitration news
2016-04-24 Traffic report Two for the price of one Serendipodous What's better than one traffic report? Two!
2016-04-24 Special report Update on EranBot, our new copyright violation detection bot Diannaa Help wanted!
2016-04-24 Op-ed Knowledge Engine and the Wales–Heilman emails Andreas Kolbe When is competing with Google not competing with Google?
2016-04-24 News and notes Lunar project; steering group formed to search for next executive director Tony1 Maybe the rover could find an ED on the moon...
2016-04-24 Featured content The double-sized edition Armbrust 10 articles, 6 lists, and 11 pictures have been promoted in this cycle
2016-04-24 Arbitration report Amendments made to the Race and intelligence case GamerPro64 When it rains, it pours
2016-04-14 Traffic report A welcome return to pop culture and death Milowent American politics seem to have finally bored people
2016-04-14 Op-ed Should prison inmates be permitted to edit Wikipedia? Lane Rasberry They do have plenty of time on their hands
2016-04-14 News and notes Denny Vrandečić resigns from Wikimedia Foundation board Andreas Kolbe More turnover in the foundation
2016-04-14 In the media Wikimedia Sweden loses copyright case; Tex Watson; AI assistants; David Jolly biography Andreas Kolbe Wikimedia Sweden loses copyright case; Tex Watson; AI assistants; David Jolly biography: Copyright laws, prisoners, and the future of technology
2016-04-14 Gallery A history lesson Gamaliel A look at political satire, brought to you by Wikipedia and Commons
2016-04-14 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Featured content
2016-04-14 Arbitration report The first case of 2016—Wikicology GamerPro64 The drought is finally over!
2016-04-01 WikiProject report Why should the Devil have all the good music? An interview with WikiProject Christian music 3family6 Rock out to this interview with project editors.
2016-04-01 Wikipedia Weekly Podcast # 121: How April Fools Went Down Andrew Lih Podcast #121: How April Fools went down: A roundtable discussion about current Wikimedia issues.
2016-04-01 Wikipedia Weekly Podcast #120—the status of Wikimania 2016 Andrew Lih Podcast #121: How April Fools went down: A roundtable discussion about current Wikimedia issues.
2016-04-01 Traffic report Donald v Daredevil Serendipodous ¿Quién es más macho?
2016-04-01 Technology report Browse Wikipedia in safety? Use Telnet! Tim Starling Set your Wayback Machine.
2016-04-01 Recent research "Employing Wikipedia for good not evil" in education; using eyetracking to find out how readers read articles Piotr Konieczny Current research about Wikimedia projects.
2016-04-01 News and notes Trump/Wales 2016 Gamaliel A surprise political announcement.
2016-04-01 In the media Saskatoon police delete Wikipedia content about police brutality Andreas Kolbe Police haul away some article content.
2016-04-01 Featured content A slow, slow week Armbrust Halo, cathedrals and more.
2016-04-01 Blog Growing hashtags: Expanding outreach on Wikipedia Alex Stinson Using hashtags to track the results of Wikimedia outreach.
2016-03-23 Wikipedia Weekly Podcast #120—the status of Wikimania 2016 Andrew Lih Podcast #120: Status of Wikimania 2016: Discussing the upcoming Italian Wikimania.
2016-03-23 Traffic report Be weary on the Ides of March Serendipodous Are readers exhausted?
2016-03-23 News and notes Lila Tretikov a Young Global Leader; Wikipediocracy blog post sparks indefinite blocks Andreas Kolbe The outgoing ED to be honored at Davos.
2016-03-23 Interview/Transcript Transcript of the Signpost's interview with Katherine Maher Tony1 "I think what we need to do is to work to demonstrate that the organisation is stable and strong."
2016-03-23 Interview Exclusive: interview with interim ED Katherine Maher Tony1 The Signpost speaks with the incoming WMF interim executive director.
2016-03-23 In the media Angolan file sharers cause trouble for Wikipedia Zero; the 3D printer edit war; a culture based on change and turmoil Andreas Kolbe Piracy and controversy.
2016-03-23 Featured content Watch out! A slave trader, a live mascot and a crested serpent awaits! Armbrust The week in newly promoted content.
2016-03-23 Editorial "God damn it, you've got to be kind." Gamaliel All of us can do better.
2016-03-23 Arbitration report Palestine-Israel article 3 case amended GamerPro64 Palestine-Israel article 3 case amended: Motions from the Committee.
2016-03-16 Wikipedia Weekly Podcast #119: The Foundation and the departure of Lila Tretikov Andrew Lih The popular podcast returns.
2016-03-16 Traffic report Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States Milowent Time to move abroad.
2016-03-16 Technology report Watchlists, watchlists, watchlists! Legoktm An interview with a MediaWiki developer.
2016-03-16 Op-ed Hard work needed to address Wikimedia’s leadership challenges Pete Forsyth The road ahead for the WMF.
2016-03-16 News and notes Wikipedia Zero: Orange mobile partnership in Africa ends; the evolution of privacy loss in Wikipedia Andreas Kolbe Parties could not agree on extending the 2009 agreement.
2016-03-16 In the media Wales at SXSW; lawsuit over Wikipedia PR editing Gamaliel Two board members on stage at the popular yearly event.
2016-03-16 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Featured content
2016-03-16 Discussion report Is an interim Executive Director inherently notable? Jonatan Svensson Glad Wikipedia news sparks editing disagreements.
2016-03-16 Blog It “revolutionized the way German-speaking people inform themselves about the world”: Fifteen years of the German Wikipedia Ed Erhart A Deutschland anniversary.
2016-03-09 WikiCup report First round of the WikiCup finishes Sturmvogel 66 Your detailed look at one of Wikipedia's largest contests.
2016-03-09 Traffic report All business like show business Serendipodous The Oscars, Super Tuesday, and Super Saturday"
2016-03-09 Technology report Wikimedia wikis will temporarily go into read-only mode on several occasions in the coming weeks Whatamidoing Finally, a break for the vandalism fighters!
2016-03-09 Systemic bias Revenge of "I can’t believe we didn’t have an article on ..." Emily Temple-Wood Wherein I am STILL fucking angry about systemic bias and am highlighting kick-ass articles we created and improved this month in our never-ending quest to fix it.
2016-03-09 Op-ed A modest proposal for Wikimedia’s future William Beutler A look at the future of our parent foundation.
2016-03-09 News and notes Katherine Maher named interim head of WMF; Wales email re-sparks Heilman controversy; draft WMF strategy posted Gamaliel Controversy, change, and everything between.
2016-03-09 In the media Wikipedian is break-out star of International Women's Day; dinosaur art; Wikipedia's new iOS app and its fight for market share Andreas Kolbe Perhaps we're turning over a new leaf as a front-runner in the fight for equality?
2016-03-09 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Five articles, four lists, a topic, and five images were promoted this week.: This week's featured content
2016-03-09 Blog The new alchemy: turning online harassment into Wikipedia articles on women scientists Ed Erhart By night, she smites trolls on the Internet with positive punishment: for each harassing email she receives, one Wikipedia article on a woman in science is created.
2016-03-02 Traffic report Brawling Milowent Politics and wrestling top the traffic statistics.
2016-03-02 Recent research Wikipedia and paid labour; Swedish gender gap; how verifiable is "verifiable"? Nicolas Jullien Current academic research about the encyclopedia and related projects.
2016-03-02 News and notes Tretikov resigns, WMF in transition Gamaliel A tumultuous time at the Wikimedia Foundation
2016-03-02 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Newly promoted articles and images.
2016-03-02 Blog Wikimedia Foundation details requests to alter or remove content in new Transparency Report Aeryn Palmer The WMF reports on incoming requests.
2016-02-24 Traffic report Of dead pools and dead judges Serendipodous Of Dead Pools and Dead Judges: Another grim week in traffic statistics.
2016-02-24 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2016-02-24 Special report [UPDATED] WMF in limbo as decision on Tretikov nears Gamaliel WMF in limbo as decision on Tretikov nears: The Board of Trustees may be deciding the direction of the Foundation.
2016-02-24 Op-ed Backward the Foundation Oliver Keyes Parting words from a WMF employee,
2016-02-24 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Newly promoted featured content.
2016-02-24 Blog Wiki Loves Africa brings the continent’s fashion to the world Ed Erhart Wiki Loves Africa photo competition focuses on continent’s varied fashion traditions from north, south, east, and west.
2016-02-24 Arbitration report Arbitration motion regarding CheckUser & Oversight inactivity GamerPro64 Committee motions and business.
2016-02-17 Traffic report Super Bowling Milowent The biggest annual event in America takes over Wikipedia viewership
2016-02-17 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors The news for the nerd inside of us
2016-02-17 Special report Search and destroy: the Knowledge Engine and the undoing of Lila Tretikov William Beutler Examining the impact of the knowledge engine
2016-02-17 Op-ed Shit I cannot believe we had to fucking write this month Emily Temple-Wood A new column that examines the articles that are helping to fight systemic bias
2016-02-17 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust One article, three lists, and five images attained featured status this past week
2016-02-17 Blog Antonin Scalia and the editor tracking his legacy Joe Sutherland The American Supreme Court justice's impact on the life of a Wikipedia editor
2016-02-10 Traffic report A river of revilement Serendipodous Collective pelting with virtual rotten vegetables.
2016-02-10 Special report New internal documents raise questions about the origins of the Knowledge Engine Gamaliel Numerous questions remain about the grant.
2016-02-10 News and notes Another WMF departure Tony1 Bouterse out.
2016-02-10 In the media Jeb Bush swings at Wikipedia and connects Andreas Kolbe Investigation shows that for three and a half years Wikipedia did indeed claim that Bush was an avid rock climber.
2016-02-10 In focus An in-depth look at the newly revealed documents Andreas Kolbe Three internal communications from the Wikimedia Foundation that shed light on the history of the Knowledge Engine project.
2016-02-10 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust marbled newts and more.
2016-02-10 Blog Wikimedia Foundation removes The Diary of Anne Frank due to copyright law requirements Jacob Rogers An unfortunate overreach.
2016-02-03 Traffic report Bowled Serendipodous Some sort of sporting contest tops this week's traffic.
2016-02-03 Special report Board chair and new trustee speak with the Signpost Tony1 New member María Sefidari joins the Board of Trustees.
2016-02-03 Op-ed So, what’s a knowledge engine anyway? Andreas Kolbe Examining the issues at the heart of recent Board disputes.
2016-02-03 News and notes Harassment survey 2015; Luis Villa to leave WMF; knowledge engine background Andreas Kolbe A survey released, another major departure from the Foundation.
2016-02-03 In focus The Knight Foundation grant: a timeline and an email to the board James Heilman James Heilman speaks out about the events leading up to his dismissal from the Board.
2016-02-03 From the editors Help wanted Gamaliel Help us continue to publish on a weekly (-ish) basis.
2016-02-03 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Newly promoted content.
2016-02-03 Arbitration report Catching up on arbitration GamerPro64 More cases, more problems.
2016-01-27 Traffic report Death and taxes Milowent Some things never change.
2016-01-27 Recent research Bursty edits; how politics beat religion but then lost to sports; notability as a glass ceiling Brian Keegan Current research involving Wikipedia.
2016-01-27 Op-ed Lila Tretikov: the WMF needs your input in developing our strategy Lila Tretikov Participate in the new strategy initiative.
2016-01-27 News and notes Geshuri steps down from the Board Gamaliel Newly appointed trustee leaves following a community outcry.
2016-01-27 In the media Media coverage of the Arnnon Geshuri no-confidence vote Andreas Kolbe Board turmoil gets the attention of journalists.
2016-01-27 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Newly promoted content.
2016-01-20 Traffic report Danse Macabre Serendipodous A cheery week.
2016-01-20 Op-ed Not a pretty picture: Thoughts on the "monkey selfie" debacle Ira Brad Matetsky Is Wikimedia taking the right approach?
2016-01-20 News and notes Vote of no confidence; WMF trustees speak out Gamaliel Vote of no confidence; WMF trustee speaks out: The continuing controversy over a new Board appointment.
2016-01-20 In the media 15th anniversary news round-up Gamaliel Media discusses Wikipedia's fifteenth anniversary.
2016-01-20 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust Newly promoted content.
2016-01-20 Blog Fifteen years ago, Wikipedia was a very different place: Magnus Manske Ed Erhart Fifteen years ago, Wikipedia was a very different place: A talk with MediaWiki developer : Magnus Manske.
2016-01-13 Traffic report Pattern recognition: Third annual Traffic Report Serendipodous What was the most-viewed article of 2015? Read to find out!
2016-01-13 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community.
2016-01-13 Special report Wikipedia community celebrates Public Domain Day 2016 Gnom WE LOVE PUBLIC DOMAIN DAY!
2016-01-13 Op-ed Transparency James Heilman James Heilman talks about why he was removed from the WMF board.
2016-01-13 News and notes Community objections to new Board trustee Gamaliel A look at community objections to a new Board trustee
2016-01-13 In the media War and peace; WMF board changes; Arabic and Hebrew Wikipedias Andreas Kolbe A look at movement coverage "in the media"
2016-01-13 In focus The crisis at New Montgomery Street William Beutler The Crisis at New Montgomery Street: William Beutler discusses problems inside the WMF.
2016-01-13 Featured content This week's featured content Armbrust This Week's Featured Content: A review of the featured content promoted this week
2016-01-13 Editorial We need a culture of verification Gamaliel Our co-editor-in-chief, Gamaliel, shares his thoughts on the 15th anniversary of Wikipedia
2016-01-13 Community view Battle for the soul of the WMF Liam Wyatt Liam Wyatt shares his thoughts in "community view"
2016-01-13 Blog Inside the game of sports vandalism on Wikipedia Jeff Elder Jeff Elder talks sports vandalism on the Wikimedia blog
2016-01-13 Arbitration report Interview: outgoing and incumbent arbitrators 2016 GamerPro64 We sat down with both incoming and outgoing arbitrators to get their thoughts on the committee.
2016-01-06 WikiProject report Try-ing to become informed – WikiProject Rugby League Leeds United FC fan Try-ing to become informed - WikiProject Rugby League: Sports!
2016-01-06 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news
2016-01-06 Recent research Teaching Wikipedia, Does advertising the gender gap help or hurt Wikipedia? Piotr Konieczny Current academic research on Wikipedia and related projects
2016-01-06 News and notes The WMF's age of discontent Tony1 Trouble with the Board of Trustees
2016-01-06 In the media Impenetrable science; Jimmy Wales back in the UAE Gamaliel Wikipedia's science articles are "effectively incomprehensible"
2016-01-06 Featured content Featured menagerie Armbrust Featured content
2016-01-06 Arbitration report Catflap08 and Hijiri88 case been decided GamerPro64 Current Committee decisions
2015-12-30 Year in review The top ten Wikipedia stories of 2015 William Beutler We review the top ten stories that defined the Wikimedia movement in 2015
2015-12-30 Traffic report The Force we expected Milowent In a development that should surprise no one, Star Wars takes the first place prize
2015-12-30 News and notes WMF Board dismisses community-elected trustee Go Phightins! In a monumental move, the Board ousted one of its own
2015-12-30 In the media Wikipedia plagued by a "Basket of Deception" Gamaliel The latest news coverage from around the movement
2015-12-30 Gallery It's that time of year again Gamaliel Christmas time is here.
2015-12-30 Featured content The post-Christmas edition Armbrust A report covering material promoted from 13 to 26 December
2015-12-30 Arbitration report Second Arbitration Enforcement case concludes as another case is suspended GamerPro64 The latest news from ArbCom
2015-12-16 WikiProject report Women in Red—using teamwork and partnerships to elevate online and offline collaborations Megalibrarygirl Tackling content gaps through collaboration.
2015-12-16 Traffic report A feast of Spam Serendipodous More data, more problems.
2015-12-16 In the media Wales in China; #Edit2015 Gamaliel Jimmy Wales finds his words edited on the Internet.
2015-12-16 In focus Drone photography: New possibilities and new challenges Gnom Creating content in the sky.
2015-12-16 Gallery WikiConference USA 2015: images, slide decks, and videos Pine A look back at October.
2015-12-16 Featured content An unusually slow week Armbrust Featured content
2015-12-16 Arbitration report GMO case decided GamerPro64 Keeping up with the committee.
2015-12-09 Traffic report So do you laugh, or does it cry? Milowent Another death tops the report this week.
2015-12-09 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-12-09 Op-ed Wikidata: Knowledge from different points of view Lydia Pintscher A response from Wikidata.
2015-12-09 News and notes ArbCom election results announced Tony1 The three scrutineers announced the results, a little more than three days after the close of voting.
2015-12-09 In the media Political editing in the context of the US presidential primaries Andreas Kolbe Another election, another series of edit wars.
2015-12-09 Gallery Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 winners Gamaliel The top 25 images.
2015-12-09 Featured content Sports, ships, arts ... and some other things Armbrust Sports, ships, arts... and some other things: This week's featured content.
2015-12-02 Traffic report Jonesing for episodes Serendipodous The new Netflix series heads the list.
2015-12-02 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-12-02 Op-ed Whither Wikidata? Andreas Kolbe Issues of quality and verifiability threaten the project.
2015-12-02 News and notes Online harassment consultation; High voter turnout at ArbCom elections Andreas Kolbe How the community can have its say on two important matters.
2015-12-02 In the media Is Wikidata as transparent as it seems?; Wikimedia Fund-raising drive launches Mdann52 Concerns about Wikidata and WMF fundraising.
2015-12-02 Featured content This Week's Featured Content Armbrust Newly promoted featured content.
2015-11-25 Traffic report J'en ai ras le bol Milowent The week's most read articles.
2015-11-25 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-11-25 Recent research Do Wikipedia citations mirror scholarly impact?; co-star networks in silent films Daniel Mietchen Scholarly research about Wikipedia and related projects.
2015-11-25 Op-ed Wikidata: the new Rosetta Stone Kippelboy Wikidata is set to become the main open data repository worldwide.
2015-11-25 News and notes Fundraising update; FDC recommendations Andreas Kolbe Updates on the Wikimedia Foundation.
2015-11-25 In the media Erasmus Prize awarded to Wikipedia; trouble on the Russian Wikipedia Gamaliel The worldwide community wins a prestigious award while the Russian community struggles with government interference.
2015-11-25 Featured content Caves and stuff Armbrust Featured content
2015-11-25 Blog Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland urge Reiss Engelhorn Museum to reconsider suit over public domain works of art Michelle Paulson The suit concerns copyright claims related to 17 images of the museum’s public domain works of art.
2015-11-25 Arbitration report Third Palestine–Israel case closes; Voting begins GamerPro64 Third Palestine-Israel case closes; Voting begins: Another long-running case has been closed, while the voting process for this year's Arbitration Committee Elections has begun.
2015-11-18 Traffic report Darkness and light Serendipodous Paris and Diwali.
2015-11-18 Special report ArbCom election—candidates’ opinions analysed Tony1 Our annual election coverage.
2015-11-18 In the media Icelandic milestone; apolitical editing Gamaliel Icelandic Wikipedia hits 400K articles; how do Wikipedia editors stay neutral?
2015-11-18 Featured content Fantasia on a Theme by Jimbo Wales Armbrust The week in Featured Content.
2015-11-18 Discussion report BASC disbanded; other developments in the discussion world Esquivalience Discussions around the encyclopedia.
2015-11-18 Arbitration report Ban Appeals Subcommittee goes up in smoke; 21 candidates running GamerPro64 Updates on the Committee. You know, besides the election.
2015-11-11 Traffic report Doodles of popularity Milowent More doodles, more traffic.
2015-11-11 Op-ed As one thousand of us requested, Superprotect has been removed Pete Forsyth Assessing the end of a controversial feature.
2015-11-11 In the media Sanger on Wikipedia; Silver on Vox; lawyers on monkeys Gamaliel Are the inmates running the asylum? Are journalists copying Wikipedia? Are monkeys filing lawsuits?
2015-11-11 Gallery Paris Gamaliel Reflecting on the tragedy in France.
2015-11-11 Featured content Texas, film, and cycling SSTflyer Featured content
2015-11-11 Discussion report Compromise of two administrator accounts prompts security review Esquivalience Fallout from a recent security breach.
2015-11-11 Arbitration report Elections, redirections, and a resignation from the Committee GamerPro64 It's that time of the year again.
2015-11-04 Traffic report Death, the Dead, and Spectres are abroad Serendipodous The week in article traffic.
2015-11-04 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-11-04 Op-ed You are invited to participate in the Community Wishlist Survey Danny Horn The WMF wants your ideas for technical improvements.
2015-11-04 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation finances; Superprotect is gone Andreas Kolbe WMF funding and the death and life of a controversial feature.
2015-11-04 In the media Ahmadiyya Jabrayilov: propaganda myth or history? Andrew Lih The difficulties of verifying encyclopedia content.
2015-11-04 Gallery Princess of Asturias Awards 2015 ceremony Pine Wikipedia received the 2015 Princess of Asturias Award for global cooperation on October 23.
2015-11-04 Featured content Christianity, music, and cricket SSTflyer This week's featured content.
2015-10-28 Traffic report Canada, the most popular nation on Earth Milowent What's this all aboot, eh?
2015-10-28 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-10-28 Recent research Student attitudes towards Wikipedia; Jesus, Napoleon and Obama top "Wikipedia social network"; featured article editing patterns in 12 languages Jonathan Morgan New research about Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects.
2015-10-28 Op-ed It’s time to stop the bullying Smallbones Gangs of bullies and trolls rove the internet and make life difficult for the rest of us.
2015-10-28 News and notes English Wikipedia reaches five million articles Gamaliel The community reacts to another milestone.
2015-10-28 In the media The world's Wikipedia gaps; Google and Wikipedia accused of tying Ben Carson to NAMBLA Andreas Kolbe The week's news coverage about the encyclopedia.
2015-10-28 From the editor The Signpost‍ '​s reorganization plan—we need your help Gamaliel A call for volunteers.
2015-10-28 Featured content Birds, turtles, and other things Staff This week's featured content.
2015-10-28 Community letter Five million articles Wikipedia editors The community celebrates.
2015-10-28 Arbitration report A second attempt at Arbitration enforcement GamerPro64 A divisive case before the Committee opens.
2015-10-21 Traffic report Hiding under the covers of the Internet Serendipodous We live in a harsh, uncertain world.
2015-10-21 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-10-21 Special report One year of GamerGate, or how I learned to stop worrying and love bare rule-level consensus Thibbs Examining the conflict and its participants.
2015-10-21 Op-ed Wikipedia is significantly amplifying the impact of open-access publications Eamon Duede Wikipedia is significantly amplifying the impact of Open Access publications: When given a choice between journals of similar impact factors, editors are significantly more likely to select the “open access” option.
2015-10-21 News and notes Wikimedia lawsuit against NSA dismissed; Affiliates mailing list launched Andreas Kolbe District court judge decrees that the WMF lacks standing.
2015-10-21 In the media "Wikipedia's hostility to women" Andreas Kolbe "The lunatics are running the asylum."
2015-10-21 Featured content A more balanced week Armbrust Featured content
2015-10-21 Editorial Women and Wikipedia: the world is watching Gamaliel Time to clean up our mess.
2015-10-21 Arbitration report Four ArbCom cases ongoing GamerPro64 Open cases before the Arbitration Committee.
2015-10-14 WikiConference report US gathering sees speeches from Andrew Lih, AfroCrowd, and the Archivist of the United States Gamaliel Three days at the US National Archives.
2015-10-14 Traffic report Screens, sport, Reddit, and death Milowent Screens, Sport, Reddit, and Death: For the second consecutive week, the most viewed article had less than one million views, the only two weeks that has happened in all of 2015.
2015-10-14 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-10-14 Op-ed WikiConference USA 2015: built on good faith Frank Schulenburg We believe that human interaction can only make Wikipedia stronger.
2015-10-14 News and notes 2015–2016 Q1 fundraising update sparks mailing list debate Andreas Kolbe Everyone's talking about money.
2015-10-14 Featured content A fistful of dollars Resident Mario This week's featured content.
2015-10-14 Editorial Why the news media needs a Wikipedian in residence Gamaliel The news coverage we usually see about Wikipedia is neither in-depth, nor specialized, nor systematic.
2015-10-14 Blog Third Wikimedia Spain conference takes place in Madrid Rubén Ojeda On September 25, 26 and 27, Wikimedia Spain celebrated its third Wikimedia Conference at the Colegio Mayor Universitario Isabel de España in Madrid.
2015-10-07 Traffic report Reality is for losers Serendipodous English speakers, like most of humanity, are primarily a northern-hemispheric people, and as autumn draws close and the days grow shorter, as a group we tend to huddle around our flickering screens and remember what matters: TV, movies, sports and, of course, crazy doomsday prophecies.
2015-10-07 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors A reproduced version of the Wikimedia tech newsletter.
2015-10-07 Op-ed Walled gardens of corruption Andreas Kolbe Kazakhstan and Wikipedia: A marriage made in hell.
2015-10-07 In the media Jailed Saudi blogger wins award; PR editing and Wiki-embarassment; Pakistan's third-richest person? Gamaliel A summary of Wikimedia's mentions in the media
2015-10-07 Gallery Winners of Wiki Loves Monuments 2015 in Pakistan Pine These winners of the Wiki Loves Monuments Pakistan 2015 contest were shared with the Social Media mailing list recently.
2015-10-07 Featured content This week's featured content Resident Mario This Week's Featured Content: Some of Wikipedia's newest featured content.
2015-10-07 Arbitration report Warning: Contains GMOs GamerPro64 A new case was opened for ArbCom as the Genetically modified organisms case was accepted and opened on 28 September.
2015-09-30 Tech news Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news
2015-09-30 Recent research Wiktionary special; newbies, conflict and tolerance; Is Wikipedia's search function inferior? Federico Leva A look at newly published Wikipedia research.
2015-09-30 Op-ed Wikipedia needs more administrators Biblioworm Low numbers of active admins and high standards for adminship make a troubling combination.
2015-09-30 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation fundraising report, Montreal to host 2017 Wikimania Andreas Kolbe A year of fundraising and a controversial decision.
2015-09-30 In the media Irish legislative editing; coffee quarrel; more sports vandalism Andreas Kolbe More Wikipedia editing in the news.
2015-09-23 WikiProject report Dancing to the beat of a... wikiproject? Rcsprinter123 This time of year features the Latin Grammy Awards, so here for an interview are WikiProject Latin music.
2015-09-23 Traffic report ¡Viva la Revolución! Kinda. Serendipodous This week, drug lord and wannabe Bolivar Pablo Escobar was joined by a whole host of somewhat more primetime-friendly political insurgents.
2015-09-23 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-09-23 Op-ed Can we please stop bashing Wikipedia? Frank Schulenburg No, really, just stop.
2015-09-23 In the media PETA makes "monkey selfie" a three-way copyright battle; Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Gamaliel PETA launches a copyright lawsuit over the infamous photograph.
2015-09-23 Featured content Inside Duke Humfrey's Library Resident Mario This week's featured content.
2015-09-16 Traffic report Another week Milowent No particular trends to spot in this week's top article traffic.
2015-09-16 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-09-16 News and notes Byrd and notifications leave, but page views stay; was a terror suspect editing Wikipedia? Jerodlycett WMF CFO to depart, notifications come and go, and questions about the possible editing by a recently arrested terrorism suspect.
2015-09-16 In the media Is there life on Mars? Gamaliel Probably not. Also, Whitehall still editing Wikipedia.
2015-09-16 Featured content Why did the emu cross the road? Xanthomelanoussprog This week's featured content.
2015-09-16 Editorial No access is no answer to closed access Gamaliel On Wikipedia's commitment to open access and its obligations to readers and editors.
2015-09-09 Traffic report Mass media production traffic EllenCT This week's theme in popular articles revolved entirely around mass media productions.
2015-09-09 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors section begin "tech-newsletter-content"
2015-09-09 Op-ed DYK, or proudly displaying incorrect information on the Main Page with alarming regularity Fram Fram tells us why DYK is a problem.
2015-09-09 News and notes The Swedish Wikipedia's controversial two-millionth article Gamaliel First bot-created article generated from Wikidata; the Orange Bar of Doom has finally met its doom; active editor numbers still on the rise; arbitrator to resign; ne templates added in wake of Orangemoody case
2015-09-09 In the media Add to "In the media" Andreas Kolbe A recap of Wikipedia in the media this week
2015-09-09 Gallery Being Welsh Jason Evans The National Library is now releasing some of the nation's most treasured collections to Wikimedia Commons for everyone to use and enjoy.
2015-09-09 Featured content Killed by flying debris Tony1 Tony1 interviews a prolific featured content participant, Ian Rose.
2015-09-02 Traffic report You didn't miss much Serendipodous The late-summer smash success of Straight Outta Compton remains the chief talking point of the English-speaking world, interrupted only by the welcome return of a Google Doodle.
2015-09-02 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-09-02 Special report Massive paid editing network unearthed on the English Wikipedia Resident Mario Nearly 400 accounts blocked in largest paid-editing bust ever.
2015-09-02 News and notes Flow placed on ice Resident Mario The WMF collaboration team announced this week that Flow will no longer be under active development.
2015-09-02 In the media Orangemoody sockpuppet case sparks widespread coverage Andreas Kolbe Also vital statistics regarding Ja Rule.
2015-09-02 Featured content Brawny Xanthomelanoussprog This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 16 August to 24 August.
2015-09-02 Discussion report WMF's sudden reversal on Wiki Loves Monuments Jonatan Svensson Glad A conflict regarding fundraising banners on the Italian Wikipedia is resolved.
2015-08-26 Recent research OpenSym 2015 report; PageRank and wiki quality; news suggestions; the impact of open access Morten Warncke-Wang OpenSym 2015 report: A look at the research presented at the OpenSym 2015 conference.
2015-08-26 Op-ed Wikimania—can volunteers organize conferences? Lane Rasberry Should paid event staff supplement the work of volunteers?
2015-08-26 News and notes Re-imagining grants Resident Mario The Wikimedia Foundation's grant structure.
2015-08-26 In the media Russia temporarily blocks Wikipedia Gamaliel The Russian Wikipedia is blocked, more blocks may be on the on the horizon.
2015-08-26 In focus An increase in active Wikipedia editors WereSpielChequers Does the data mean good news for the encyclopedia?
2015-08-26 Featured content Out to stud, please call later Hafspajen This week's featured content.
2015-08-26 Arbitration report Reinforcing Arbitration GamerPro64 The recently closed Arbitration Enforcement case.
2015-08-19 Travelogue Seeing is believing TonyTheTiger Tony the Tiger tours New York City.
2015-08-19 Traffic report Straight Outta Connecticut Serendipodous It's a long way from the leafy bowers of Greenwich, Connecticut to the concrete barrens of Compton, California.
2015-08-19 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-08-19 Op-ed WP:THREATENING2MEN: The English Wikipedia's misogynist infopolitics and the hegemony of the asshole consensus Bryce Peake Nothing makes Wikipedians more angry than a discussion of gender and feminism on Wikipedia.
2015-08-19 In the media Politically controversial science; "Wikipedia hates women" Gamaliel A new article in PLOS ONE about Wikipedia's science coverage has attracted media attention.
2015-08-19 Featured content Dead parrots, live frogs, a symbolic kiss and what do we get? Enrique Iglesias! Xanthomelanoussprog This week's featured content.
2015-08-19 Blog How Wikipedia responds to breaking news Joe Sutherland Wikipedia is capable of covering news like any news agency.
2015-08-12 Wikimanía report Wikimanía 2015, part 2, a community event Peaceray Our ongoing Wikimanía coverage.
2015-08-12 Traffic report Fighting from top to bottom Milowent The charts are led this week by UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey, who won her last match at UFC 190 (#9) in 34 seconds.
2015-08-12 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Wikimedia technical news.
2015-08-12 News and notes Superprotect, one year later; a contentious RfA Resident Mario Superprotect was a novel page protection level implemented on August 10 last year, without warning.
2015-08-12 In the media Paid editing; traffic drop; Nicki Minaj Gamaliel The Atlantic discusses "The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia—for Pay".
2015-08-12 Forum Community voices on paid editing Smartse The community speaks out on paid editing.
2015-08-12 Featured content Fused lizards, giant mice, and Scottish demons Xanthomelanoussprog Watch out for icebergs.
2015-08-12 Blog The Hunt for Tirpitz Nick-D During World War II, the German battleship Tirpitz was a major threat to Allied convoys travelling across the North Atlantic and Arctic Sea.
2015-08-05 WikiProject report Meet the boilerplate makers Rcsprinter123 The Report checks in with WikiProject Templates.
2015-08-05 Traffic report Mrityorma amritam gamaya... Serendipodous Death is no stranger to this list, but it has never cast such a pall as this week, when for the first time half the slots in the top 10 were devoted to it, including the top 3.
2015-08-05 Op-ed Je ne suis pas Google Mike Godwin The public interest in remembering the facts about trials and convictions is, in my view, at least as strong as any "right to be forgotten."
2015-08-05 News and notes VisualEditor, endowment, science, and news in brief Resident Mario VisualEditor is now on slow roll-out on the English Wikipedia.
2015-08-05 In the media Probe into Nehru edits launched; dangers of the right to be forgotten Gamaliel The Indian government has launched an investigation into the source of Wikipedia edits regarding Jawaharlal Nehru that caused outrage in that country.
2015-08-05 Featured content Maya, Michigan, Medici, Médée, and Moul n'ga Xanthomelanoussprog Three featured articles, seven featured lists, and twenty-two featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-08-05 Editorial Wikipedia better equipped to deal with systemic bias than traditional publishers Gamaliel That particular artists would be omitted through oversight or happenstance is reasonable, but that one of the world's leading publishers of art books is completely unaware of their major omissions is startling.
2015-08-05 Blog Get help editing Wikipedia with the new “Co-op” mentorship program I JethroBT What if there was a gathering place on Wikipedia for newer editors to find a mentor?
2015-07-29 Traffic report Namaste again, Reddit Serendipodous For the first time since this list began, India-related topics have claimed both the top two slots.
2015-07-29 Recent research Wikipedia and collective intelligence; how Wikipedia is tweeted Piotr Konieczny An article argues that Wikipedia displays some key characteristics of a collective intelligence process.
2015-07-29 Op-ed My life as an autistic Wikipedian Guillaume Paumier Two years ago, I discovered that I was on the autism spectrum.
2015-07-29 News and notes BARC de-adminship proposal; Wikimania recordings debate Go Phightins! An RFC proposes to create a "Bureaucrats' Admin Review Committee" (BARC) composed of bureaucrats empowered to remove adminship rights.
2015-07-29 In the media Is Wikipedia a battleground in the culture wars? Gamaliel "Editors representing rival political tribes [are] frequently attempting to impose their respective narratives as the official version of one or another cultural controversy."
2015-07-29 Featured content Even mammoths get the Blues Xanthomelanoussprog Five featured articles, five featured lists, and sixteen featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-07-22 WikiProject report Some more politics Rcsprinter123 WikiProject Politics of the United Kingdom
2015-07-22 Wikimanía report Wikimanía 2015 report, part 1, the plenaries Peaceray WMF's Executive Director, Lila Tretikov, gave the opening plenary address.
2015-07-22 Traffic report The Nerds, They Are A-Changin' Serendipodous Summary:When I was a kid, being a nerd meant wanting to go to Pluto.
2015-07-22 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Community technical news.
2015-07-22 News and notes Wikimanía 2015 in the books; Lightbreather ArbCom case Go Phightins! Wikimanía 2016; Lightbreather ArbCom case: Wikimania features remarks from some leading players from the Wikimedia Foundation as well as the free knowledge movement.
2015-07-22 In the media Novelists annotate Wikipedia; Wales promotes TPO; Working for free Gamaliel Three novelists "have found a way to control the Wikipedia narrative" by using the annotation website Genius to annotate their own Wikipedia articles.
2015-07-22 Gallery "One small step..." Gamaliel 46 years ago this week, humanity set foot on the Moon.
2015-07-22 From the editor Change the world Go Phightins! We want to take a moment to ask you to consider contributing to the Signpost.
2015-07-22 Featured content The sleep of reason produces monsters Xanthomelanoussprog Three featured articles, two featured lists, and 29 featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-07-15 WikiProject report What happens when a country is no longer a country? Rcsprinter123 We return this week with an interview with a historical project that's still fairly active, WikiProject Former countries.
2015-07-15 Travelogue Wikimedia Conference 2015: Challenges and opportunities for WMF and affiliates Pine Challenges and opportunities for WMF and affiliates.
2015-07-15 Traffic report Belles of the ball Serendipodous However coy they may be about it in public, Americans love to win. And when they do, they make no secret of it.
2015-07-15 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community
2015-07-15 Op-ed/Poll ${title} unparsed
2015-07-15 Op-ed On paid editing and advocacy: when the Bright Line fails to shine, and what we can do about it William Beutler "How long will this take?" This is one of the first questions new clients ask. They come to us because the Wikipedia entry about the company at which they work is wrong, incomplete, or even just outdated. The answer varies ...
2015-07-15 News and notes The Wikimedia Conference and Wikimania Pine Wikimania 2015 is underway in Mexico City, and one of its sessions—a scheduled follow-up to the annual Wikimedia Conference that was held in Berlin in May—is good reason to provide a retrospective of that Conference.
2015-07-15 In the media Shapps requests WMUK data; professor's plagiarism demotion Gamaliel In The Register, Andrew Orlowski reports that three weeks ago, Grant Shapps filed a request with Wikimedia UK (WMUK) under the Data Protection Act 1998 "for all data relating to him".
2015-07-15 Featured content When angels and daemons interrupt the vicious and intemperate Xanthomelanoussprog One featured article, seven featured lists, and 14 featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-07-15 Blog Wikimedia Foundation releases third transparency report Aeryn Palmer The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce the release of our latest transparency report.
2015-07-08 Traffic report The Empire lobs back Serendipodous It's July 4 weekend and on this list that means only one thing: Wimbledon. Sure, the American Independence Day gets noticed too, but it can't hold a candle to that staggeringly British sporting event.
2015-07-08 Technology report Tech news in brief Wikimedia tech ambassadors Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community.
2015-07-08 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation annual plan released, news in brief Resident Mario Lila Tretikov this week posted an email to the wikimedia-l mailing list announcing the final publication of the Wikimedia Foundation's 2015 annual plan.
2015-07-08 In the media Wikimania warning; Wikipedia "mystery" easily solved Gamaliel The mayor of Esino Lario warns that Wikimedia 2016 is "at risk of disappearing".
2015-07-08 Featured content Pyrénées, Playmates, parliament and a prison... WPPilot 12 featured articles, 2 featured lists, and 15 featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-07-08 Editorial So you want to get your message out. Where do you turn? Resident Mario It seems like a good time to discuss the various communications channels available to community members.
2015-07-01 WikiProject report Able to make a stand Rcsprinter123 Here to share their wisdom are Dodger67, Penny Richards, LilyKitty, and Mirokado of WikiProject Disability
2015-07-01 Traffic report We're Baaaaack Milowent For the week of June 21 to 27, 2015, the 10 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the report of the most viewed pages.
2015-07-01 Technology report Technical updates and improvements Wikimedia tech ambassadors Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community.
2015-07-01 News and notes Training the Trainers; VP of Engineering leaves WMF Resident Mario Training the Trainers; VP of Engineering leaves WMF: This week The Center for Internet and Society published a promotional blog post highlighting the heritage of the center's creation of the Train the Trainer program.
2015-07-01 In the media EU freedom of panorama; Nehru outrage; BBC apology Gamaliel A week now remains until the vote, expected on 9 July, when the European Parliament will express either its approval, disapproval, or lack of opinion on the question of freedom of panorama in the European Union.
2015-07-01 Featured content Viva V.E.R.D.I. WPPilot Four featured list and twelve featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-07-01 Blog These Texans are on a quest to improve Wikipedia’s coverage of their state’s revolution Ed Erhart Like many editors of the world's largest encyclopedia, Karanacs was browsing the site's articles and found that they were of relatively poor quality—and that the traditional narrative she'd learned was not necessarily accurate.
2015-06-24 Technology report 2015 MediaWiki architecture focus and Multimedia roadmap announced Legoktm This past week saw the kick-off of the 2015 MediaWiki architecture focus of improving our content platform.
2015-06-24 Special report Small impact of the large Google Translation Project on Telugu Wikipedia Arjunaraoc During 2009–2011 Google ran the Google Translation Project (GTP), a program utilising paid translators to translate most popular English Wikipedia articles to various Indian language Wikipedias.
2015-06-24 Recent research How Wikipedia built governance capability; readability of plastic surgery articles Piotr Konieczny One paper looks at the topic of Wikipedia governance in the context of online social production.
2015-06-24 Op-ed Content Translation beta is coming to the English Wikipedia Runa Bhattacharjee The Wikimedia Foundation's Language Engineering team plans to introduce Content Translation—a tool that makes it easier to translate Wikipedia articles into different languages—as a beta feature on the English Wikipedia.
2015-06-24 News and notes Board of Trustees propose bylaw amendments Resident Mario The Board of Trustees is the "ultimate corporate authority" of the Wikimedia Foundation and the level at which the strategic decisions regarding the Wikimedia movement are made ...
2015-06-24 In the media Turkish Wikipedia censorship; "Can Wikipedia survive?"; PR editing Gamaliel The Hürriyet Daily News reports that the Turkish Wikipedia has posted banners on the top of the encyclopedia to warn users that a number of articles are being blocked by the Turkish government.
2015-06-24 From the editor The Signpost tagging initiative Resident Mario Over more than a decade of weekly publication, The Signpost has accumulated an incredibly lengthy and detailed record about the issues, controversies, successes, and failures of the English Wikipedia community and the movement at large.
2015-06-24 Featured content One eye when begun, two when it's done Adam Cuerden Four articles and nine pictures were promoted to featured status this week.
2015-06-24 Blog 7,473 volumes at 700 pages each: meet Print Wikipedia Michael Mandiberg After six years of work, a residency in the Canadian Rockies, endless debugging, and more than a little help from my friends, I have made Print Wikipedia.
2015-06-24 Arbitration report Politics by other means: The American politics 2 arbitration Tony Sidaway Clausewitz' pithy summary of warfare as "politics by other means" seems to be the motto of some Wikipedia editors.
2015-06-17 WikiProject report We are back - Western Australia speaks Rcsprinter123 Western Australia speaks – we are back: It wouldn't be the WikiProject report if we didn't feature an Australian topic once in a while, so this week we're looking at the left side.
2015-06-17 Technology report HTTPS-only rollout completed, proposal to enable VisualEditor for new accounts Legoktm HTTPS-only rollout completed; proposal to enable VisualEditor for new accounts: The rollout of HTTPS only has now been completed across all Wikimedia wikis.
2015-06-17 Op-ed Making a difference in Wikipedia, one GA at a time Figureskatingfan We need to be ever-diligent in ensuring that articles remain of high quality.
2015-06-17 News and notes Labs outage kills tools, self; news in brief Resident Mario A more than usually severe outage Wikimedia Labs occurred after a massive database corruption implosion on June 17.
2015-06-17 Interview A veteran’s Wikipedia edits help him understand the brutality behind Yugoslavia’s wars Ed Erhart We interviewed an Australian veteran who deployed to the region as a peacekeeper and now writes articles on the region's history to help him understand what he encountered there.
2015-06-17 In the media Wikipedia wins Asturias Prize; printing out Wikipedia; HTTPS switch Gamaliel Wikipedia wins Asturias Prize; printing out Wikipedia; HTTPS switch: The Princess of Asturias Foundation announced that Wikipedia would be the recipient of the 2015 Princess of Asturias award in the category of International Cooperation.
2015-06-17 In focus/ca Tres setmanes per salvar la llibertat de panorama Jheald Full permissions, clearances, royalties, and/or use of authorised images would be required for videos, photographs, paintings or drawings with any potential commercial use.
2015-06-17 In focus Three weeks to save freedom of panorama in Europe Jheald This would end a long-standing tradition in many countries that the skyline and the public scene should belong to everybody.
2015-06-17 Featured content Great Dane hits 150 Xanthomelanoussprog Six featured articles, seven featured lists, and seven featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-06-17 Discussion report A quick way of becoming an admin Jonatan Svensson Glad Author's note: This might be a violation of WP:BEANS; read at your own risk.
2015-06-17 Arbitration report An election has consequences Tony Sidaway The Arbitration Committee delivered its final decision in a case that reached the attention of the UK national press.
2015-06-10 Traffic report Two households, both alike in dignity Serendipodous "Happy families are all alike," Leo Tolstoy said, "but unhappy families are unhappy after their own fashion."
2015-06-10 Technology report Wikimedia sites are going HTTPS only Legoktm Today it was announced that Wikimedia sites are going to become HTTPS only, finishing up 10 year effort of rolling out HTTPS.
2015-06-10 News and notes Chapter financial trends analyzed, news in brief Resident Mario This week saw the publication of the Chapter-wide Financial Trends Report 2013, a now-completed research project that examines the finances and outlays of the 36 movement-affiliated chapters.
2015-06-10 In the media Arbitration case attracts media coverage; Wikipedia in Israel Gamaliel UK media covers Wikipedia Arbitration case; Lila Tretikov visits Israel.
2015-06-10 Featured content Just the bear facts, ma'am Adam Cuerden Four featured articles, two featured lists, one featured topic, and twenty-eight featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-06-10 Blog Making Wikipedia’s medical articles accessible in Chinese James Heilman The Medical Translation Project, an ambitious attempt to improve and translate Wikipedia’s medical content from English into other languages, began in 2012.
2015-06-03 Traffic report A rather ordinary week Milowent The traffic report is nothing unusual this week, with a Google Doodle for astronaut Sally Ride topping the list, the accidental death of famous mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. at #2, and the normal fare of recent popular American movies and television.
2015-06-03 Technology report Things are getting SPDYier Legoktm Over the past few weeks, developers have been working on improving Wikimedia's performance when users connect to it using SPDY.
2015-06-03 Special report Towards "Health Information for All": Medical content on Wikipedia received 6.5 billion page views in 2013 James Heilman Wikipedia appears to be the single most used website for health information globally, exceeding traffic observed at the NIH, WebMD, WHO et al..
2015-06-03 News and notes Three new community-elected trustees announced, incumbents out Tony1 Election results for the three vacant seats on the Board of Trustees — Dariusz Jemielnak, James Heilman, and Denny Vrandečić are set to take up their two-year terms on the Board, replacing three incumbents, all of whom stood unsuccessfully: Phoebe Ayers, Samuel Klein, and María Sefidari.
2015-06-03 In the media Anonymous Australian editing targets football player, shooting victim Gamaliel More UK government vandalism; legend has it; minding the gender gap
2015-06-03 Featured content It's not over till the fat man sings The ed17 Two featured articles and ten featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-06-03 Discussion report The deprecation of Persondata; RfA – A broken process; Complaints from users on Swedish Wikipedia Jonatan Svensson Glad Since the dawn of Wikipedia, or at least since 22 December 2005, the template named Persondata has existed.
2015-06-03 Blog How Wikipedia covered Caitlyn Jenner’s transition Ed Erhart Caitlyn Jenner—the American hero of the 1976 Olympics, a film actor, and prominent member of Keeping Up with the Kardashians—may now be the most famous openly transgender person in the world.
2015-05-27 Traffic report Summer, summer, summertime Serendipodous As usual for the time of year, pop culture rules this week. The start of summer vacation in the US means a focus on summer movies, particularly blockbuster sequels Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road.
2015-05-27 Technology report MediaWiki blows up printers Legoktm ...allegedly. In a post to wikitech-l, Steven Walling pointed out that the TV show CSI: Cyber had used a screenshot of MediaWiki's HTML output and claimed it was responsible for blowing up printers.
2015-05-27 Recent research Drug articles accurate and largely complete; women "slightly overrepresented"; talking like an admin William Skaggs Wikipedia's articles on drugs are pretty good – good enough to impress even doctors. A new research study adds some substance to that impression.
2015-05-27 News and notes WMF releases quarterly reports, annual plans Resident Mario The Wikimedia Foundation recently switched to a quarterly report structure to better align reporting with the generally quarterly planning and goal-setting processes.
2015-05-27 In the media Scrubbing Parliamentary biographies; Wikipedia's invisible history Gamaliel British media reports on Wikipedia editing to articles of Members of the Parliament of the United Kingdom prior to the May 7 United Kingdom general election from IP addresses assigned to Parliament.
2015-05-27 Featured content When music was confined to a ribbon of rust Juliancolton Fifteen featured articles, four featured lists, and six featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-05-27 Discussion report A relic from the past that needs to be updated Jonatan Svensson Glad To many, Internet Relay Chat is an old relic, but not to Wikipedia. Wikipedia currently has an IRC help channel designated to help and assist editors with editing Wikipedia.
2015-05-20 WikiProject report Cell-ebrating molecular biology Go Phightins! Cell-ebrating Molecular Biology: This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology, which has come a long way since our last interview in 2008. Like most projects, it has a long member list, but only a small subset of that group regularly contributes. With 28 featured articles and 58 top-importance start class ones, the project has clearly had some success, but has a ways to go. We talked to three regular project contributors.
2015-05-20 Traffic report Inner Core Milowent The list is topped this week by Danish scientist Inge Lehmann, thanks to a Google Doodle celebrating her 127th birthday. Lehmann discovered in 1936 that the Earth has a solid inner core. It is sometimes surprising to realize how recently such basic scientific knowledge of the Earth, which we now take for granted, was discovered.
2015-05-20 News and notes A dark side of comedy: the Wikipedia volunteers cleaning up behind John Oliver's fowl jokes The ed17 Wikipedia editors logging in on May 19 found themselves walking into an unexpected amount of anti-vandal work to keep the site in line with its extensive biographies of living persons policy. A plethora of Wikipedia articles related to the United States House Committee on Appropriations, and the fifty-one representatives serving on it, have been hit by a raft of anonymous editors making often vulgar edits referencing "chicken fucker," or more creative combinations: "sexual conduct", "sexual congress", "fornicator", "intimate relations", or "trysts with chickens."
2015-05-20 In the media Jimmy Wales accepts Dan David Prize Gamaliel Jimmy Wales and five others accepted the 2015 Dan David Prize at Tel Aviv University on May 17. The prize comes with US$1 million, ten percent of which goes to doctoral and postdoctoral scholarships.
2015-05-20 In focus The awful truth about Wikimedia's article counts Dcljr The article counts of many Wikimedia wikis suddenly changed on 29 March 2015: as the Signpost reported at the time, sixty-five wikis fell below milestones tracked at the Wikimedia News Meta page, and three increased to new milestones.
2015-05-20 From the editor Your voice is needed: strategic voting in the WMF election The ed17 The Wikimedia Foundation's bi-annual Board of Trustees election is open for voting. Of the ten seats on the board, three are elected representatives of the global Wikimedia community—you.
2015-05-20 Featured content Puppets, fungi, and waterfalls The ed17 Three articles, seven lists, and seven pictures were featured on the English Wikipedia.
2015-05-20 Arbitration report Editor conduct the subject of multiple cases Harry Mitchell The Arbitration Committee has an unusually large case load at present. Although perhaps not on a par with the high-profile, multi-party cases seen towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year, with five open cases the arbitrators are likely to be kept busy for the next several weeks.
2015-05-13 Traffic report Round Two Serendipodous Casual viewers may think I've posted the same list twice. But no, readers just happen to be really interested in May 2's Big Fight. In fact, last week was just the weigh-in and the trash talk. This week, the numbers actually increased.
2015-05-13 Op-ed What made Wikipedia lose its reputation? TParis There is a public misconception of Wikipedia: that any anonymous editor can edit Wikipedia at any time, and cannot be tracked or identified.
2015-05-13 News and notes Swedish Wikimedia chapter organizes simultaneous Wikidata contests Resident Mario Swedish Wikimedia chapter organizes simultaneous Wikidata contests: This week has been a busy one for the Wikidata project, with nearly simultaneous Wikidata contests, both organized by Wikimedia Sweden, now underway.
2015-05-13 In the media Grant Shapps story continues; Wikipedia's "leftist ties" Andreas Kolbe Grant Shapps story continues: Grant Shapps, who was the co-chairman of the UK's Conservative Party until this week, has been accused of maliciously editing the Wikipedia biographies of his party's rivals.
2015-05-13 Foundation elections WMF Board candidates share their views with the Signpost Tony1 Board candidates share their views with the Signpost: Three community-elected seats on the Board of Trustees—the ultimate governing authority of the Wikimedia Foundation—will be decided by Wikimedians in the election to be held 17–31 May.
2015-05-13 Featured content Four first-time featured article writers lead the way Adam Cuerden Eight articles, one list, and five pictures were promoted to featured status on the English Wikipedia in a slow week.
2015-05-06 Traffic report The grim ship reality Serendipodous Like colliding ocean liners, rousing entertainment and harsh reality merged ungainly in this week's top 10 list. The much heralded pay-per-view pummeling of Manny Pacquiao by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dominated the list's top slots, giving this list one of its highest total view counts in months.
2015-05-06 Special report FDC candidates respond to key issues Tony1 Elections have begun for five community members of the Funds Dissemination Committee, the Foundation's volunteer body for judging and recommending millions of dollars worth of annual grants to affiliates in the movement. The election lasts just eight days, from Sunday 3 May until 23:59 UTC on Sunday 10 May, so at the time of publication, voters will need to act promptly.
2015-05-06 News and notes "Inspire" grant-making campaign concludes, grantees announced Resident Mario The Wikimedia Foundation this week announced the winning grantees in March's "Inspire" grant-making campaign.
2015-05-06 In the media Guggenheim image donation; Wiki campaign gets advertising award Gamaliel artnet and The Next Web report (May 6) that the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is releasing a hundred images of works in its collection under Creative Commons licences in conjunction with a May 19 editathon.
2015-05-06 Featured content The amorous android and the horsebreeder; WikiCup round two concludes Adam Cuerden Seven articles, three lists, and ten pictures were promoted to "featured" status this week. The second round of the WikiCup has ended.
2015-05-06 Blog How many women edit Wikipedia? Tilman Bayer This section was published in error and has been removed from circulation.
2015-04-29 Wikimania Choice of small village for Wikimania 2016 ruffles feathers Go Phightins! Esino Lario is set to host Wikimania 2016, but volunteers and others have raised a host of concerns that raise serious questions about the town's suitability for hosting such a large conference.
2015-04-29 Traffic report Bruce, Nessie, and genocide Milowent Though the continued predominance of movies, TV, and sports noted in last week's report largely continues, three additional topics joined the Top 10 this week.
2015-04-29 Technology report VisualEditor and MediaWiki updates Tech Ambassadors All accounts are now unique and work on all wikis.
2015-04-29 Recent research Military history, cricket, and Australia targeted in Wikipedia articles' popularity vs. quality; how copyright damages economy Niklas Laxström Reader demand for some topics (e.g. LGBT topics or pages about countries) is poorly satisfied, whereas there is over-abundance of quality on topics of comparatively little interest, such as military history.
2015-04-29 News and notes Wiki Loves Monuments evaluation sees diminishing returns and increasing cost The ed17 The evaluations reveal that in the last three years, WLM has possibly fallen victim to its own success and seen diminishing returns.
2015-04-29 In the media Scottish MEP blocked for edit warring; ranking articles by importance Gamaliel David Coburn, a Member of the European Parliament for the Scotland region for the UK Independence Party, was blocked from editing Wikipedia on April 6.
2015-04-29 Featured content Apartheid and related topics, awards and accolades, and a bunch of tough journeys WPPilot Ten featured articles, nine featured lists, and twenty-eight featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-04-22 Traffic report A harvest of couch potatoes Serendipodous Couch potatoes rule this week, as 9 of the top 10 slots were taken by either movies, TV, or sports.
2015-04-22 Special report Sony emails reveal corporate practices and undisclosed advocacy editing Gamaliel A Signpost investigation of the released data has revealed Sony's corporate practices regarding Wikipedia and uncovered what appears to be undisclosed advocacy editing of Wikipedia by Sony employees and possibly by others.
2015-04-22 News and notes Call for candidates as the movement approaches the Wikimedia Board elections Resident Mario The Affiliates Committee this week announced the organization of a community referral for comment, currently open on the meta-wiki, to address upcoming changes to the way that the Affiliations Committee will review movement-affiliated user-groups in the future.
2015-04-22 In the media UK political editing; hoaxes; net neutrality Andreas Kolbe Wikipedia appears to have been drawn into the drama of the upcoming, hotly contested UK general election.
2015-04-22 In focus 2015 Wikimedia Foundation election preparations underway Resident Mario 2015 will see through the biennial community election for the three community-elected seats on the Board of Trustees—the "ultimate corporate authority" of the Wikimedia Foundation and the level at which the strategic decisions regarding the Wikimedia movement are made.
2015-04-22 Gallery The bitter end Gamaliel The Gallery is an occasional Signpost feature highlighting quality images and articles from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons based on a particular theme.
2015-04-22 Featured content Vanguard on guard WPPilot Six featured articles and fifteen featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-04-15 Traffic report Furious domination Milowent If it wasn't for Easter, Fast and Furious related articles would have taken the top four spots this week. The latest installment of the movie franchise, Furious 7, tops the chart for the second straight week.
2015-04-15 News and notes Erik Möller leaving Foundation; annual plan grants under community review Resident Mario The Wikimedia Foundation's vice president for engineering, Erik Möller, will leave the WMF on April 30.
2015-04-15 In the media Saving Wikipedia; Internet regulation; Thoreau quote hoax Gamaliel Time profiles Lila Tretikov, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation, and paints a grim picture of the challenges faced by Tretikov and the encyclopedia.
2015-04-15 Featured content Au-delà des Alpes, la chienlit de Saint-Bernard. Sous les pavés, les trimes d'argent ! Mes enfants, suivez-moi ! WPPilot Au-delà de les Alpes, le chien lit de Sainte Bernard. Sous les pavés, les trimes d'argent! Mes enfants, suivez-moi!: Six featured articles, four featured lists, and fourteen featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-04-15 Blog Single-User Login provides access to all wikis Keegan Peterzell Later this month, everyone will be able to use the same user name on every wiki, thanks to Single-User Login.
2015-04-08 WikiProject report WikiProject Christianity Go Phightins! With Holy Week having recently drawn to a close, it is an apt time to examine , which was created in 2006, and boasts over 200 active members.
2015-04-08 Traffic report Resurrection week Serendipodous How appropriate that the theme of Easter week would be resurrection from the dead.
2015-04-08 Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News Wikimedia tech ambassadors Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community.
2015-04-08 Op-ed We are drowning in promotional artspam Piotr Konieczny Wikipedia has been gravitating towards a vehicle for business and product promotion for too long.
2015-04-08 News and notes Advancement department to be created at the Foundation, milestone fixes Resident Mario March saw a number of high-level hirings and executive reorganizations in the Wikimedia Foundation.
2015-04-08 In the media Wikipedia on 60 Minutes, Kickstarter, and in the classroom Gamaliel The venerable CBS news program 60 Minutes profiled Wikipedia and the Wikimedia community.
2015-04-08 Featured content Partisan arrangements, dodgy dollars, a mysterious union of strings, and a hole that became a monument Adam Cuerden Four featured articles, seven featured lists, and 23 featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-04-08 Arbitration report New Functionary appointments Gamaliel New Functionary appointments: The Committee has voted on the 2015 appointments to the Functionary team.
2015-04-01 Traffic report All over the place Milowent The Report is more of a mix of random topics than usual this week. The top spot is taken by Bhutanese passport, a Wikipedia article which contained a crazed spoken word version which drew widespread attention.
2015-04-01 Special report Pictures of the Year 2015 Gamaliel The Wikimedia Commons' annual Picture of the Year contest has concluded. The first 53 top-voted entries were disqualified because they were all nude.
2015-04-01 News and notes New edits-by-mail option will "revolutionize" Wikipedia and its editor base The ed17 The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) will announce later today that it will begin accepting edits by mail for all of the projects under its scope, including Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Commons.
2015-04-01 In the media Wiki-PR duo bulldoze a piñata store; Wifione arbitration case; French parliamentary plagiarism Gamaliel TruthRevolt targets another editor; edit stage right; the Nine Best Hoaxes to Have Hit Wikipedia
2015-04-01 In focus WMF's latest strategy document shows successes, vagueness, and the need for better data Resident Mario The Wikimedia Foundation this week released a State of the WMF report, a 38-page "snapshot" of where it is and where it wants to go in the future.
2015-04-01 Featured content Stop Press. Marie Celeste Mystery Solved. Crew Found Hiding In Wardrobe. Adam Cuerden Six featured articles, first featured lists, and twenty-four featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-03-25 Traffic report Oddly familiar Serendipodous This week's list is reminiscent of lists from the early days of this project: a preponderance of famous faces, Reddit threads, and Google Doodles.
2015-03-25 Special report Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2014 Gamaliel The Wikipedia Commons annual Picture of the Year contest has concluded, with 6,698 people voting, its largest participation yet.
2015-03-25 Recent research Most important people; respiratory reliability; academic attitudes Piotr Konieczny The authors attempt to answer the question "Who are the most important people of all times?" Their findings clearly show that different Wikipedias give different prominence to different individuals.
2015-03-25 Op-ed How my father's railroad image collection now benefits the world: the value of digitization Michael Barera Once when I was young, growing up in the 1990s, my father pulled his collection of railroad slides out from the basement, set up his projector, and shared a glimpse into American railway history with our family.
2015-03-25 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation adopts open-access research policy Resident Mario Last week the WMF announced the release of its long-awaited open-access policy.
2015-03-25 Featured content A carnival of animals, a river of dung, a wasteland of uncles, and some people with attitude Xanthomelanoussprog Four featured articles, three featured lists, and twenty-two featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-03-25 Blog The Wikipedia Library Team reflects on its new Visiting Scholars program Alex Stinson A university gives a top Wikipedia editor free and full access to the university library's entire online content—and the Wikipedia editor, who is unpaid and not on campus, then creates and improves Wikipedia articles in a subject area of interest to the institution.
2015-03-18 Traffic report It's not cricket Milowent If not for Kayne West's dubious repeat at #1, the 2015 Cricket World Cup (#2) would have made the top spot, albeit in a generally slow news week.
2015-03-18 Op-ed Does the Wikimedia fundraising survey address community concerns? Andreas Kolbe The publication of the Wikimedia survey findings on fundraising questions came three months after significant concerns were voiced about the design and wording of the December 2014 fundraising banners and e-mails.
2015-03-18 News and notes SUL finalization imminent; executive office shake-ups at the Foundation Resident Mario This process is now entering its long-awaited final phase with the upcoming SUL finalization, scheduled for April 15, less than a month away. ... Wikimedia Foundation chief talent and culture officer Gayle Karen Young announced her retirement from the Foundation this week. Young will be replaced in that role by interim chief operating officer Terry Gilbey. According to the Foundation's job description for the title as it was applied in the past, Gilbey will be in charge of "overall administration and business operations of the Wikimedia Foundation."
2015-03-18 In the media NYPD editing articles regarding allegations of police brutality and misconduct Gamaliel On March 13, Kelly Weill of Capital New York revealed that numerous Wikipedia edits originated from 1 Police Plaza, the headquarters of the NYPD. Most of the attention has focused on a number of their edits to articles about incidents of alleged police brutality and controversial police practices.
2015-03-18 From the editor A salute to Pine Go Phightins! We announce with sadness and gratitude that Signpost publication and newsroom manager Pine will be stepping back to focus on other Wikipedia and Wikimedia-related endeavors.
2015-03-18 Featured content A woman who loved kings, a king who loved angels ... Xanthomelanoussprog A woman who loved kings: Four featured articles, four featured lists, and thirty-five featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-03-11 Traffic report Wikipedia: handing knowledge to the world, one prank at a time Serendipodous A dull week, with only three new entries in the top 10; a UFC champion, a Google Doodle and a Hindu festival involving people throwing powder at each other (though that does sound fun).
2015-03-11 Special report An advance look at the WMF's fundraising survey Gamaliel The Wikimedia Foundation gave the Signpost an advance copy of the results of a survey of English Wikipedia readers regarding Wikimedia fundraising, due for official release today.
2015-03-11 Op-ed Why the Core Contest matters Casliber I continue to be excited about the Core Contest because I see it as a way of encouraging the expansion of broad articles that are typically neglected by our article improvement incentives.
2015-03-11 News and notes WikiWomen's History Month—meetups, blog posts, and "Inspire" grant-making campaign Resident Mario The community has arranged a number of commemorative initiatives focused on the gender gap, under the banner "WikiWomen's History Month".
2015-03-11 In the media Gamergate; a Wiki hoax; Kanye West Gamaliel ThinkProgress tech reporter Lauren C. Williams wrote a long article on how the Gamergate controversy has spilled over onto Wikipedia.
2015-03-11 In focus WMF to NSA: "stop spying on Wikipedia users" The ed17 In an effort to protect and maintain the privacy of Wikipedia's thousands of editors, the Wikimedia Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the United States' National Security Agency, Department of Justice, and the Attorney General.
2015-03-11 Featured content Here they come, the couple plighted – Hafspajen Here they come, the couple plighted –: Six featured articles, three featured lists, and forty featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-03-04 Traffic report Attack of the movies Milowent The Report this week is dominated by the Academy Awards, taking the top 4 spots and 13 of the Top 25.
2015-03-04 Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News Wikimedia tech ambassadors The Signpost has arranged to mirror Tech news from Meta-Wiki to supplement the long-form tech coverage in our infrequent Technology report..
2015-03-04 News and notes Wikimedia Foundation and OTRS team both publish reports, indicate operating changes Resident Mario The Wikimedia Foundation released their Quarterly Report last week covering the three months October to December of 2014.
2015-03-04 Interview Meet a paid editor The ed17 Before being indefinitely blocked, User:FergusM1970 made more than 4600 edits on the English Wikipedia, spread over eight years. In the last two years, he was paid to edit several articles for clients that included the Venezuelan energy company Derwick Associates. We spoke with him about his experiences.
2015-03-04 In the media Kanye West rebranded; Wikipedia in court; editors for hire Gamaliel Numerous news outlets are reporting that the domain now redirects to the Wikipedia article for rapper Kanye West. Page views on West's Wikipedia article skyrocketed to almost 250,000 views on March 2, up from less than 19 thousand the previous day.
2015-03-04 From the editor A sign of the times—the Signpost revamps its internal structure to make contributing easier Staff We received a large amount of feedback in our survey indicating that our readers found the idea of contributing to the Signpost difficult due to our opaque internal structure.
2015-03-04 Featured content Ploughing fields and trading horses with Rosa Bonheur Hafspajen Two featured articles, four featured lists, and 38 featured pictures were promoted this week..
2015-03-04 Editorial Conspiracy theories distract from real questions about grantmaking report Gamaliel Last week, my colleagues on the Signpost produced a news report covering a minor controversy about a report commissioned by the Wikimedia Foundation. Written by the staff of The Lafayette Practice, a French research firm, it proclaimed the WMF as a leader in the practice of participatory grantmaking.
2015-03-04 Blog Black History Month edit-a-thons tackle Wikipedia’s multicultural gaps Dorothy Howard Black History Month is celebrated annually in the United States in February, to commemorate the history of the African diaspora. For this occasion, Wikipedians worked together to honor black history and to address Wikipedia's multicultural gaps in the encyclopedia, hosting Wikipedia edit-a-thons throughout the United States, from February 1 to 28, 2015.
2015-03-04 Arbitration report Bradspeaks—impact, regrets, and advice; current cases hinge on sex, religion, and ... infoboxes Harry Mitchell The Signpost speaks to veteran arb Newyorkbrad, who retired after almost seven years.
2015-02-25 WikiProject report Be prepared... Scouts in the spotlight Rcsprinter123 This week's project is on a youth activity, one of the largest in the world; its project is commensurately large, containing around 136 active editors. It's WikiProject Scouting, a group of editors whose remit is everything relating to the Scouting movement, which has around 42 million members worldwide and celebrated the centenary of its founding only eight years ago.
2015-02-25 Traffic report Fifty Shades of... self-denial? Serendipodous An odd juxtaposition this week, as interest in Fifty Shades of Grey coincided with the observance of the Chinese New Year and the annual festival of penance, Ash Wednesday.
2015-02-25 Recent research Gender bias, SOPA blackout, and a student assignment that backfired Maximilian Klein A monthly roundup of Wikimedia-related research
2015-02-25 Op-ed Text from Wikipedia good enough for Oxford University Press to claim as own James Heilman Doc James tells us that "The one good thing that has come out of all of this is that Wikipedia’s content passing a major textbook publisher review processes is some external validation of Wikipedia’s quality."
2015-02-25 News and notes Questions raised over WMF partnership with research firm Go Phightins! A report from the external research firm Lafayette Practice has declared that the Wikimedia Foundation is the "largest known participatory grantmaking fund." Several concerns have been raised with the report, the phrase being used (participatory grantmaking), the now-former Wikipedia article on that phrase, and an alleged conflict of interest by WMF staff members.
2015-02-25 In the media WikiGnomes and Bigfoot Gamaliel Andrew McMillen's February 3 profile of and his quest to rid Wikipedia of the phrase "comprised of" has been one of the most widely circulated and commented upon media stories about the encyclopedia recently.
2015-02-25 Gallery Far from home Gamaliel The Gallery is an occasional Signpost feature highlighting quality images and articles from Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons based on a particular theme, as well as an article you could help improve. This week, we feature subjects that are "far from home".
2015-02-25 Featured content The Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn, in no particular order. Also, Kaiser Kong. Adam Cuerden Eleven articles and twenty pictures were promoted in the week covered by this report.
2015-02-25 Blog Join the Wikimedia strategy consultation Philippe Beaudette Editor's note: the Blog will be a recurring Signpost section that will highlight a recent post from the Wikimedia blog, run by the Wikimedia Foundation. This week's installment is written by Philippe Beaudette, the Foundation's Director of Community Advocacy, and focuses on planning for the future of the Wikimedia movement.
2015-02-18 Traffic report February is for lovers Milowent This week saw the 57th Annual Grammy Awards (#13 on the Top 25) held on 8 February dominating the traffic chart, as music lovers checked out Sam Smith (#3) picking up four awards, Beck taking album of the year, and performances including Sia (#9), Madonna (#11), and Annie Lennox (#16). But Valentine's Day (#1) proved the perfect time for the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, with the movie coming in at #5, the book of the same name at #2, and the primary actors at #14 and #15.
2015-02-18 Special report Revision scoring as a service Aaron Halfaker The authors of this report inform us that the "goal in the Revision Scoring project is to do the hard work of constructing and maintaining powerful AI so that tool developers don't have to. This cross-lingual, machine learning classifier service for edits will support new wiki tools that require edit quality measures."
2015-02-18 In the media Students' use and perception of Wikipedia Gamaliel The Australian ("Wikipedia not destroying life as we know it", February 11) and Times Higher Education ("Wikipedia should be 'better integrated' into teaching", February 10) reported on a recent study performed at Monash University, titled "Students’ use of Wikipedia as an academic resource – patterns of use and perceptions of usefulness".
2015-02-18 Gallery Darwin Day Gamaliel is observed annually on February 12 to commemorate the life and work of scientist Charles Darwin. Here is a selection of images of life on the Galápagos Islands, where Darwin made key observations leading to his scientific theory of evolution by natural selection.
2015-02-18 Featured content A load of bull-sized breakfast behind the restaurant, Koi feeding, a moray eel, Spaghetti Nebula and other fishy, fishy fish Adam Cuerden A load of bull-sized breakfast behind the restaurant, Koi feeding, a moray eel, Spaghetti Nebula and other fishy, fishy fish: Five pictures, six lists, and seventeen pictures were promoted
2015-02-18 Editorial Recent retirements typify problem of admin attrition Go Phightins! Go Phightins! shares his thoughts on admin attrition and the size of the administrative backlog.
2015-02-18 Arbitration report We've built the nuclear reactor; now what colour should we paint the bikeshed? Harry Mitchell We've built the nuclear reactor; now what colour should we paint the bikeshed?: The most significant item on ArbCom's agenda this fortnight has been the closure of the Wifione case and subsequent fallout, although the fallout from GamerGate continues to linger.
2015-02-11 WikiProject report Brand new WikiProjects profiled Rcsprinter123 This week, we bring three of the most recently created WikiProjects to come into being on the English Wikipedia. While many long-established projects are becoming inactive, (as we have covered before), that doesn't stop new ones forming every now and then to cover a topic that a group of editors feel should be better cared for.
2015-02-11 Traffic report Bowled over Serendipodous Wikipedia presents itself as a repository for the world, and while that is a noble sentiment, it is still true that, Conservapedian complaints notwithstanding, the English language Wikipedia is very often the American Wikipedia, and never has that been more apparent than this week.
2015-02-11 News and notes One editor faces likely ban for work on Wikipedia; another awarded $1 million Go Phightins! One editor faces likely ban for work on Wikipedia; Jimmy Wales awarded $1 million: Also: GLAM-Wiki Conference; Ombudsman Commission announced; Slovak Wikipedia now has 200,000 articles
2015-02-11 In the media Is Wikipedia eating itself? Gamaliel Edina edit war illustrates disconnect between new and experienced editors; Wikipedia is "astroturf's dream come true"; Canadian government investigating even more Wikipedia editing; academics on Gamergate as "clash of civilizations"?
2015-02-11 Gallery Feel the love Pine This week, we feature subjects that are about love of all kinds.
2015-02-11 From the editors We want to know what you think! Pine Please take this survey about the Signpost.
2015-02-11 Featured content A grizzly bear, Operation Mascot, Freedom Planet & Liberty Island, cosmic dust clouds, a cricket five-wicket list, more fine art, & a terrible, terrible opera... Adam Cuerden Two articles, three lists, and twenty five pictures became featured.
2015-02-04 WikiProject report Dicing with death – on Wikipedia? Rcsprinter123 A small band of dedicated editors seek to improve articles relating to a less lively topic. If you haven't yet guessed, this week's focus is WikiProject Death.
2015-02-04 Traffic report The American Heartland Milowent The American heartland appears to dominate the Report this week, with Chris Kyle leading the Report.
2015-02-04 Technology report Security issue fixed; VisualEditor changes Wikimedia tech ambassadors The Signpost has arranged to mirror Tech news from the Meta-Wiki.
2015-02-04 Op-ed Is Wikipedia for sale? James Heilman Hundreds of posted jobs offer money to edit Wikipedia. These jobs appear to be thriving, with tens of thousands of dollars changing hands each month.
2015-02-04 News and notes No men beyond this point: the proposal to create a no-men space on Wikipedia Go Phightins! The Signpost talks with the creator of a grant proposal to create an on-wiki exclusive space for women to discuss issues.
2015-02-04 In the media Gamergate and Muhammad controversies continue Gamaliel Media fallout continues from the January 29 decision in the mammoth Gamergate arbitration case.
2015-02-04 Gallery Langston Hughes Gamaliel A new Signpost feature.
2015-02-04 Featured content It's raining men! Adam Cuerden It's raining men!: Three featured articles, five featured lists, and thirty-nine featured images were promoted this week.
2015-02-04 Arbitration report Slamming shut the GamerGate Harry Mitchell One case has been closed, two cases remain open, a third is undergoing a review, and three clarification or amendment requests remain open.
2015-01-28 Traffic report A sea of faces Serendipodous It is pretty clear what the theme is this week: people.
2015-01-28 Technology report The future of MediaWiki Legoktm What might a MediaWiki 2.0 look like?
2015-01-28 Special report Traffic in the fog—2014's most popular articles include death, Facebook, and Ebola Serendipodous Traffic in the fog—most-viewed articles of 2014 include death, Facebook, and Ebola: As with last year, music stars were the majority of celebrities on the list, as their frequent concerts and media appearances keep their flames alight longer than others of their stripe.
2015-01-28 Recent research Bot writes about theatre plays; "Renaissance editors" create better content Kim Osman A paper presented at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition last year presents an automated method to improve Wikipedia's coverage of theatre plays.
2015-01-28 In the media A murderous week for Wikipedia Gamaliel A murder suspect edits Wikipedia, Russia is kidding when it says it wants to censor Wikipedia.
2015-01-28 In focus Thirteen editors sanctioned in mammoth GamerGate arbitration case Go Phightins! The English Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee has closed the colossal GamerGate arbitration case, whose size—involving 27 named parties—recalls large and complex cases of the past.
2015-01-28 From the editor An editorial board that includes you Go Phightins! The editorial board is not complete without you. We are looking for Wikipedians with all kinds of experience levels.
2015-01-28 Forum Evaluating the Arbitration Committee's handling of GamerGate Masem Does the committee facilitate stability... or is it a circus. Two users, two perspectives.
2015-01-28 Featured content Like Jack Kerouac's On The Road, this week's issue was written on amphetamines WPPilot Ten featured articles, three featured lists, and 22 featured images were promoted this week.
2015-01-21 Op-ed Let's make WikiProjects better James Hare Our contributor opines that WikiProjects are failing to live up to their potential. WikiProject X is a new project funded by a Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grant that focuses on figuring out what makes some WikiProjects work and not others.
2015-01-21 News and notes Annual report released; Wikimania; steward elections Gamaliel The municipality of Esino Lario in Italy will host Wikimania 2016.
2015-01-21 Interview WWII veteran honors shipmates through Wikipedia editing The ed17 Over seventy years ago, the US destroyer Mahan was patrolling off Ponson Island in the Philippines when eleven Japanese kamikaze aircraft appeared over the horizon and attacked. George Pendergast, who edits Wikipedia with the username Pendright, was eighteen years old when he joined Mahan '​s crew in April 1944.
2015-01-21 In the media Johann Hari; bandishes and delicate flowers Gamaliel Quotes from Jimbo on Wikipedia in education; net neutrality; preserving musical heritage; Wikipedia in audio; a cheerful vandal credits high school with papal visitations.
2015-01-21 From the editor Introducing your new editors-in-chief The ed17 A letter from departing Signpost editor-in-chief The ed17.
2015-01-21 Featured content Yachts, marmots, boat races, and a rocket engineer who attempted to birth a goddess Hafspajen Nine articles, one list, and ten pictures were promoted.
2015-01-21 Arbitration report As one door closes, a (Gamer)Gate opens Harry Mitchell ArbCom's three open cases are GamerGate, Wifione, and Christianity and sexuality.
2015-01-21 Anniversary A decade of the Signpost Gamaliel Celebrating and remembering ten years of community journalism.
2015-01-14 WikiProject report Articles for creation: the inside story Rcsprinter123 This anniversary issue, the WikiProject report is returning to WikiProject Articles for creation for one of our largest interviews ever. Last looked at in 2011, AfC is the method used by unregistered or new users to create articles, and provides an effective filtering system to remove all unsuitable or unsourced submissions to save them needing to be found and deleted later.
2015-01-14 Traffic report Wikipédia sommes Charlie Serendipodous Wikipédia sommes Charlie: It's a grim certainty what topic most interested Wikipedia viewers this week. The horrific attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine have drawn anger and resolve from around the world, and also the attention of an English-speaking world that had previously never heard of it.
2015-01-14 Op-ed Articles for creation needs you Chris Troutman Ever since the Wikipedia Seigenthaler biography incident in 2005 triggered the restriction against un-registered editors creating new pages, WikiProject Articles for creation (AfC) has stood in the breach. The WikiProject's purpose is to review draft submissions from IPs (and frequently new registered editors) to sort the wheat from the chaff.
2015-01-14 News and notes Erasmus Prize recognizes the global Wikipedia community The ed17 On the fourteenth anniversary of the founding of the English Wikipedia, the Praemium Erasmianum Foundation has announced that its prestigious annual Erasmus Prize will be awarded to the worldwide community that has built Wikipedia.
2015-01-14 In the media Wikipedia's birthday brings tributes, app, award; Castro death rumors Gamaliel Wikipedia turned 14 on January 15. A few media outlets took note of the anniversary.
2015-01-14 Featured content Citations are needed Xanthomelanoussprog Citations are needed: Six featured articles, five featured lists, and sixteen featured pictures were promoted this week.
2015-01-07 Traffic report Auld Lang Syne Milowent We end 2014 and and start 2015 with the normal array of year-end activities, including movie watching with Bollywood film PK (#1) topping the list, followed by The Interview (#2), 2014 in film (#10), and five other films in the rest of the Top 25, plus a number of articles about the subjects of these films. We celebrated the New Year by singing "" (#11), or perhaps watching Adam Lambert (#9) perform with Queen. But we could not avoid a final tragedy with the crash of Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 (#4) on December 28.
2015-01-07 Interview Interview with Jakob, one of Wikipedia's more prolific waterway contributors Kevin Rutherford User:Jakec has been a Wikipedia editor for over two years and has been a writer of many recent Did you know articles on Wikipedia, including multiple articles on rivers and streams in the state of Pennsylvania.
2015-01-07 In the media ISIL propaganda video; AirAsia complaints Gamaliel ISIL hostage quotes Wikipedia in propaganda video; AirAsia articles draw complaints regarding Flight 8501; Article errors reveal US political approaches to Wikipedia editing; Rhode Island Governor numbering debate
2015-01-07 Featured content Kock up Xanthomelanoussprog Two lists and twelve pictures were promoted.


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