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By Igordebraga, Marinette2356, Ollieisanerd
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by Igordebraga, Marinette2356, and Ollieisanerd.

Come on in, and pull yourself up a chair (July 30 to August 5)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Paul Reubens 3,376,260 American actor and comedian, best known for creating the character Pee-wee Herman. Originally not made specifically for children, Reubens became more selective in what Pee-wee should be associated with in the mid-1980s. Reubens received a lot of negative media attention following his arrest in 1991 for indecent exposure at an adult film theater, which stalled future projects as Pee-wee for some time. The last appearance of Pee-wee was for a Netflix film in 2016, before Reubens' death this week of cancer at age 70.
2 Oppenheimer (film) 2,974,625 The story of the physicist who helped develop the atomic bomb was told by Christopher Nolan in a movie that's exceptionally made but certainly didn't need to be three hours long, specially as it devotes so much time to congressional hearings that can make one quote Thanos. In any case, Oppenheimer already surpassed John Wick: Chapter 4 as the highest-grossing R-rated movie of the year with $550 million, a testament to both its artistic merits and the pull brought by director Christopher Nolan.
3 J. Robert Oppenheimer 2,874,353
4 Angus Cloud 2,430,156 Last week, the world mourned the death of #8, who passed away a year after her son's suicide. This week, this Euphoria star died at age 25 only a week after his father's funeral.
5 Barbie (film) 2,212,618 While this article may not gather as many views as #2, the film certainly outdid it in box office, surpassing $1 billion (or should I say "Barbillion") worldwide in just three weeks. It is the second film of 2023 to hit the mark, after The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and the first film directed solely by a woman (#25) to achieve it. Turns out using all that pink paint paid off in the end.
6 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup 1,417,940 Women's football hit the Land Down Under and Middle-Earth, and perceived favorites are falling left and right. For all the disappointment in seeing his favorite team get eliminated by a nation that only creates runners (and thankfully be defeated right afterwards by neighbors Colombia!), this here writer is relieved that least the U.S. team won't win again and there will be a new champion.
7 Altina Schinasi 1,293,601 This renowned sculptor and designer, known for inventing the cat-eye glasses, received a pretty cat eye-catching Google Doodle, celebrating her 116th birthday.
8 Sinéad O'Connor 1,239,682 She never had a hit as big as a Prince cover, or lived down the controversy of her improptu protest against the Catholic Church. But this Irish singer who died at 56 certainly left an indelible mark in culture, to the point that we can say that Nothing Compares 2 U.
9 LK-99 1,156,058 A room-temperature superconductor is a dream of physicists and engineers – superconductivity, i.e. a material having low electrical resistance to the point of creating strong magnetic fields, has only been witnessed in really cold temperatures – with potential for energy distribution, computing, and even transport in making maglevs cheaper. This material researched by two Koreans (Lee and Kim, who started looking onto it in 1999, hence LK-99) was claimed to show potential for it, but doubts have been raised and other independent research teams are trying to replicate the results.
10 Deaths in 2023 1,008,413 Hey Lord, You know I'm fighting,
Hey Lord, You know I'll find it,
I don't know when or how today,
Hey Lord, I'm on my way...

I'm no Barbie doll, I'm not your baby girl (August 6 to 12)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Oppenheimer (film) 2,016,798 The domination of Barbenheimer continues. Both films famously came out on the same day and the visible contrast between the biographical thriller about the inventor of the atomic bomb and the pink-dominated comedy about Mattel's iconic dolls led to a lot of double screenings, resulting in box office success for both releases as the former is now the highest-grossing R-rated film of the year so far while the latter became the first woman-directed film to cross $1 billion worldwide.
2 Barbie (film) 1,668,707
3 J. Robert Oppenheimer 1,642,942 File:Oppenheimerpipe.jpg The subject of #1, played there by Cillian Murphy, and who in the latest case of theaters featuring reruns of 1989 (and did you know Taylor Swift will make a 1989 rerun of her own?), had in that year a prestige epic featuring him, albeit no one remembers Fat Man and Little Boy, where 'Oppie' was played by Dwight Schultz.
4 Jailer (film) 1,557,669 From Hollywood to two Indian equivalents, a Kollywood thriller with Rajinikanth as a former policeman\jailer helping his son investigate a gangster, and Bollywood going by new American tradition of late sequels by giving a 2001 action drama a follow-up where Sunny Deol tries to evade a revenge plot amidst the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.
5 Gadar 2 1,078,266
6 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup 1,076,859 In the tournament hard for Western hemisphere football fans to follow (at least without losing their sleep), there will be a first time champion: the semifinals are between co-hosts Australia and former colonizers (and Euro champions) England, and the Spain of reigning Best FIFA Women's Player Alexia Putellas against Sweden, who eliminated the last two tournament winners.
7 Deaths in 2023 981,306 And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had...
8 SummerSlam (2023) 928,537 WWE's latest event, held at Detroit's Ford Field. The highlight included Jimmy Uso betraying his own twin brother Jey (pictured) and allowing cousin Roman Reigns to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Talk about low blow.
9 Johnny Manziel 754,041 Netflix released Untold: Johnny Football, a documentary about a quarterback who in spite of a promising college career got embroiled in so many controversies that his NFL career lasted only two years.
10 Sandra Bullock 702,581 Sad news hit this movie star (last seen in both The Lost City and a cameo in Bullet Train) as her photographer partner Bryan Randall died after three years fighting ALS.


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