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Real gangsters move in silence

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By Adam Cuerden, Oltrepier, and JPxG

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted in the second half of October (from the 18th).

If you're wondering about why the second half of October starts on the 18th, it's because I really, really didn't want to forget to include the featured topic mentioned last issue. Featured topics are rare, the formatting search-and-replace doesn't cover them, and I was a bit panicked I'd forget to include it, so I changed the point the month was divided to fit it in immediately, while I was paying attention.

Adam Cuerden

Featured articles

Eighteen featured articles were promoted this period.

Liz Truss, announcing her intention to resign.
Liz Truss by Tim O'Doherty
Liz Truss
Went bust
As prime minister after fifty days.
So short!
Public court
Sometimes that way plays.AC
Darkness on the Edge of Town by zmbro
Angered by backlash and court cases,
The Boss decided to go back record;
Against the odds, the album has gone places,
And it's now a beloved piece of work.O
MLS Cup 2019 by SounderBruce
Seattle Sounders won it at their home ground,
And several records they destroyed.
Kelvin, Victor and Raúl, the groove they all found,
And for the second time in history, they got the city overjoyed.O
The Spider (magazine) by Mike Christie
A magazine from the 30s about heroes made of pulp
Was cancelled when paper shortages made the .gov gulpJ
Mountain pigeon by AryKun
Gymnophaps, gymnophaps, described by Salvadori
Like to flap, like to crap, in Indonesian pigeontories.J
"Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands" by BennyOnTheLoose
A whopping 11-minute waltz, the closer on Blonde on Blonde,
Recorded in four long takes.
Likely an ode to his wife, Dylan was of it fond.
Ah, when it comes to love, so high are the stakes!O
Raffles Place MRT station by ZKang123
A station of colonial design, nestled underground,
where Singaporeans travel, and trains can be foundJ
Incapillo by Jo-Jo Eumerus
A caldera! A caldera! A Pleistocene caldera!
The lake might still be hydrothermally active, so better stay awarea!J
Appalachian Spring by MyCatIsAChonk
A ballad of Copland and Graham and Coolidge,
and still essential in the comp'ny's repertoirage.J
Sir William Gordon-Cumming, 4th Baronet by SchroCat
There once was a man, Gordon-(Redacted),
Fourth Baronet and quite skilled at (Redacted),
Once a soldier, it's true,
And was quite well-to-do,
But most of his fame came from (Redacted).J
550 Madison Avenue by Epicgenius
It's a Sony! It's a Sony!
Once was a Bell shop; atrium's homey.J
C. O. Brocato by BeanieFan11
Scout, coach and football player;
This is one of those postmodern poems that doesn't rhyme. J
Duffield Memorial by Usernameunique
Rest in peace; Art Nouveau;
But the medallion had to go.J
1913–14 Gillingham F.C. season by ChrisTheDude
Wikipedia's greatest Gillingham fan,
He's keeping going strong;
Not so much did his beloved men,
But hey, that season didn't go too wrong...O
"The One" (Tamar Braxton song) by Aoba47
Tamar got a summer hit with it,
And in the critics' eyes, she won;
It sampled Mtume and Biggie,
But in that case, it was not the only one...O
"Photograph of Mary" by Heartfox
An R&B song,
four twenty six long,
and with better lyrics
than this poem.J
Fleetwood Park Racetrack by RoySmith
Trotting track in New York
Failed to stack up the pork. J
Sagan standard by HAL333
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof";
In other words, the astronomer says you just might be a goof.J

Featured pictures

Ten featured pictures were promoted this period, including those at the top and bottom of this article.

Featured lists

Nine featured lists were promoted this period.

A cathedral.
The Aachen Cathedral, Germany's first ever World Heritage Site.
List of World Heritage Sites in Germany by Tone
Alternates of the 12th Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam by TheUzbek
Angeline Quinto discography by Pseud 14
List of cranes by AryKun
List of international goals scored by Davor Šuker by Idiosincrático
List of international goals scored by Emmanuel Adebayor by Idiosincrático
List of Baltimore Ravens seasons by ULPS
List of Hot Soul Singles number ones of 1978 by ChrisTheDude
Outline of lichens by MeegsC
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