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And it's hard to watch some cricket, in the cold November Rain

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By Igordebraga, Ollieisanerd, Ktin, GeorgeBailey, Rajan51, TheJoebro64, CAWylie
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by Igordebraga, Ollieisanerd, Ktin, GeorgeBailey, TheJoebro64, CAWylie and Rajan51.

Yesterday, there was so many things I was never told (November 12 to 18)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 2023 Cricket World Cup 3,710,562 After six weeks, the World Cup entered the knockout stage last week, with India and Australia beating New Zealand and South Africa in the semi-finals by comfortable margins. All eyes then turned to the final to be held at the world's largest cricket stadium. In the Sunday after the period covered by this Report, Australia has won their sixth World Cup (more on that in next week's edition).
2 Cricket World Cup 3,653,598
3 Tiger 3 2,489,468 While this woeful choice of image clearly shows that we (the editors of this wonderful crowdsourcing project) can not be trusted to know anything that happens outside of the core anglosphere, the movie in and of itself has been creating quite a stir at the box office. Starring Bhai in and as the titular character in this action thriller series, the movie is yet another banger that seems to be coming from the Hindi movie industry (did someone say, Bollywood?)
4 The Marvels 1,220,998 The world's biggest film franchise had its 33rd film open to mixed reception from both the critics and audiences last week. It may have been a sequel to a billion dollar film, but it featured three other characters, two of whom were only introduced on Disney+ shows, one of which was one of Marvel's least watched shows, and the third was the lead in one of its worst shows. This, combined with the declining quality (and public interest) of the MCU resulted in the franchise's lowest opening weekend at the domestic box office. Things don't seem to be improving, with the second weekend projected to have the MCU's biggest drop.
5 Suella Braverman 1,070,416 The former British Home Secretary was dismissed from the government on November 13. Apparently the trigger for her sacking were her comments in a Times article saying, "police officers play favourites when it comes to protesters", and called pro-Palestinian protesters "mobs" after their supposed plan to disrupt the annual Remembrance Day services.
6 Deaths in 2023 913,191 Find out who you are
Before you regret
'Cause life is so short
There's no time to waste it ...
7 David Beckham 892,350 The famed footballer went to India as part of his humanitarian work for UNICEF, and while there Beckham watched the hosts win the semi-final of #1, and met with cricketers including #8, before attending a post-game party hosted by Shah Rukh Khan. PS: Or, was it a pre-game party? It does not matter. If Khan calls you home for a party, you just show up. Here, he did not even have to bend it like Beckham.
8 Virat Kohli 884,049 The Indian cricketer scored his 50th century in One Day Internationals in the semi-final against New Zealand in #1, breaking the record for most centuries in the format, which was previously held by his icon Sachin Tendulkar.
9 David Cameron 863,413 This week the former British Prime Minister made a surprise comeback to politics after he was appointed Foreign Secretary in the same cabinet reshuffle in which #5 got fired. Cameron hasn't been an MP since 2016, so current Prime Minister Rishi Sunak appointed him to the House of Lords instead.
10 The Killer (2023 film) 860,359 David Fincher, one of the greatest directors of his generation if not ever, released his new movie, a graphic novel adaptation where Michael Fassbender plays a hitman fond of The Smiths.

You'll feel better tomorrow, come the morning light now, baby (November 19 to 25)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Cricket World Cup 3,919,491 Like in 1950, a country hosted the world championship for its favorite sport, went to the decisive game in the biggest stadium in the world as massive favorites and still lost. Indian cricket fans are certainly trying to overcome their defeat to Australia by checking on the next big tournament, to be hosted in the United States and the West Indies in June.
2 2024 ICC Men's T20 World Cup 2,031,267
3 2023 Cricket World Cup 1,880,101
4 Victor Chang 1,619,664 Google homaged with a Doodle a Chinese-Australian doctor who was a heart surgery pioneer in what would've been his 87th birthday.
5 Jimmy Carter 1,402,796 The former US President who might become the first centenarian F-POTUS if he lives until next October, lost his First Lady Rosalynn Carter, a marriage that lasted nearly 80 years.
6 Napoleon 1,259,949 The war hero turned emperor who expanded France's domains during the 18th century, and many crazy people believe themselves to be a reincarnation of. Ridley Scott just released a movie telling about M. Bonaparte's exploits (#10).
7 Javier Milei 1,227,917 Argentina didn't learn from the last four years where neighbor Brazil was ruled by an unhinged right wing politician and elected this guy, who might be even worse, between his extremist economic views and overall peculiarities – as an even deeper dive summed up (turn on the English subtitles), Milei is "an economist and former tantric sex teacher, former cover band lead singer who advocates for organ trading, denies global warming, apparently wears a wig, supports Bitcoin, preaches free love, and his main political advisor is his deceased dog, with whom he consults through an interspecies medium."
8 Sam Altman 1,135,940 The CEO of OpenAI was dismissed for unclear reasons (speculation included Q*, a breakthrough that would make artificial intelligence even stronger), only to return to his post a few days later.
9 Dolly Parton 1,105,283 The country music legend sang during the halftime concert of the NFL on Thanksgiving Day game, dressed as a cheerleader to show off how she's in great shape for 77. Parton also released her 49th (!) studio album Rockstar, delving into rock n' roll with both covers and original tracks, helped by a star-studded guest list (just for starters, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, and Lizzo).
10 Napoleon (2023 film) 1,079,091 Joaquin Phoenix plays #6 in a movie that might not be the most accurate representation of his life, particularly to fit into less than 2 hours and 40 minutes (in any case, director Ridley Scott said he has a 4 hour cut), but has great acting and impressive production values to win over viewers. The film arm of the biggest company in the world already gave $200 million for Martin Scorsese to make Killers of the of the Flower Moon, so they also spent a lot in this one and probably don't mind a low box office performance if it's acclaimed (even if Napoleon hasn't won critics as much as Scorsese's film) and brings in viewers to Apple TV+.

Look in the doubt we've wallowed, look at the leaders we've followed (November 26 to December 2)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Henry Kissinger 3,545,119 November 29 marked the death of one of the most polarizing figures in modern American politics and the last surviving member of Nixon's cabinet. Kissinger served as secretary of state under the Nixon and Ford administrations; supporters consider him one of the most effective secretaries of state in American history, while detractors consider him a war criminal for overlooking human rights violations in the name of maintaining international stability. Reactions were, predictably, divided, with a plentiful mix of eulogies and crab raves.
2 Animal (2023 film) 2,580,620 What's the big deal? I'm an animal! The manosphere wave seems to have hit India, with this film's titular character self-describing himself as an "alpha male" and spouting inflammatory nonsense that would make Tate proud. It has not impressed critics (The Guardian calls the lead "one of the vilest protagonists in cinema history"), but has had the biggest box office opening for an Indian film this year.
3 Shane MacGowan 1,214,906 The Celtic punk rocker, best known as the frontman for The Pogues, died this week, just as the holiday season began and people in the UK recalled his perennial hit "Fairytale of New York".
4 Napoleon 974,717 Slate published a story (that includes mentions to our Report!) about how French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is the latest case of Wikipedia readers checking on articles about historical figures chronicled in current movies (see below).
5 Deaths in 2023 942,511 To quote the above, "Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily."
6 Napoleon 867,876 Ridley Scott directed this historical epic about #4 starring Joaquin Phoenix, and unlike the first time they worked together it has not seen the same critical and commercial success, including how this time people haven't given the same leniency regarding playing fast and loose with history. In any case, another project on the same guy is on the works, as Steven Spielberg decided to make a miniseries out of the unproduced Napoleon script by the late great Stanley Kubrick (which even inspired a book), the second time Spielberg revived a Kubrick project after A.I. Artificial Intelligence.
7 Jimmy Carter 798,608 The 39th American president is 99 years old and currently in hospice care for melanoma, but made a public appearance at the funeral for his First Lady Rosalynn Carter, accompanied by their four children. Also there to pay respects to Rosalynn were the five living First Ladies: Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Michelle Obama, Melania Trump and Jill Biden.
8 George Santos 741,743 The alleged criminal and former Emperor, Pope, and President finally gets expelled from the US House of Representatives.
9 2024 ICC Men's T20 World Cup 735,626 The final two qualifying cricket tournaments (Asia and Africa) were held this month. Twenty teams are now set to face off in June 2024 in the United States (where people think of the insect when hearing 'cricket') and the West Indies.
10 Terry Venables 695,191 "El Tel" died this week at age 80. A football player and manager, Venables' style of play in the 1960s was considered modern and innovative, a contrast to the rigid tactical style that once dominated English football.


Most edited articles

For the October 27 – November 27 period, per this database report.

Title Revisions Notes
Legalism (Chinese philosophy) 2931 四灯仍在修补此页面.
2023 Israel–Hamas war 2801 The conflict in the Holy War fell below the top 10 most viewed, but the war developments still needed frequent updates. There was a temporary truce for both sides to exchange hostages, but who knows if they will not go up in arms again as it ends.
Deaths in 2023 2170 More people leave this Earthly realm. A particularly sad addition was a Brazilian Taylor Swift fan during her concert because an awful heat wave was even worse inside the stadium.
Bigg Boss (Tamil season 7) 1318 Like their cinema, every one of India's languages has their own Big Brother. This one is hosted by Kollywood star Kamal Haasan.
Matthew Perry 1122 Friends fans were shocked with the sudden announcement that the portrayer of Chandler Bing had died at 54 (one year after Perry chronicled in a memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, how his life was sadly marred by addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs).
United States at the 2023 Pan American Games 1094 Even if many of the 631 American athletes sent to Santiago were B-listers, the country's athletic dominance in the continental games was predictable. Only in the first Pan Am and the ones held in once sports potency Cuba the USA were held down to second place, so again they topped the medal count with 286, 124 of them golden.
Bigg Boss (Hindi season 17) 1046 Another current edition of an Indian Big Brother, hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan.
2023 Cricket World Cup statistics 945 Cricket has hundreds of millions of fans, so off they go to crunch the numbers for the world tournament (and given every edition of the cricket world cup warrants such an article on statistics while the ones for FIFA World Cup were deleted, seems like a sport where the numbers are very crucial).
Brazil at the 2023 Pan American Games 940 After the North American potency in the continental games came the South American one, and mostly their top athletes (if only to qualify for Paris 2024). Brazil passed 200 medals for the first time, 66 of them golden.
List of Cricket World Cup records 835 Again, updates on the current edition of cricket's big tournament also lead to the overall history needing them.
Frozen (2013 film) 802 An attempt to make Frozen a Featured Article like its sequel instead raised enough issues to start a Good Article reassessment, and in spite of the efforts of Wingwatchers to clean up, the page wound up delisted.
Modern Jewish historiography 788 Andrevan did such an extensive job on this article that the page even landed on Did You Know?
Jackson Hinkle 727 A heavily contentious political commentator, particularly his role in spreading misinformation in the 2023 Israel–Hamas war. An attempt at deleting the page didn't work.
Fulwood, Lancashire 713 One user is cleaning the page on this suburb of Preston.
Five Nights at Freddy's (film) 679 The jump scare-heavy video game series about killer animatronics was adapted into a movie that reviewers did not approve but made fans flock to theaters, earning nearly $300 million worldwide costing only $20 million.
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