Like putting a golf course in a historic site.: Only literally.
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Like putting a golf course in a historic site.

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By Adam Cuerden, JPxG and QuicoleJR

For once, we've managed a complete featured content, everything described, including the lists. Which I may have guaranteed by doing lists first, but must thank Quicole and JPxG for their work in helping me finish this. It's been a rough week.

Adam Cuerden

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted in the first half of October (to the 17th).

Featured articles

Fifteen featured articles were promoted this period.

Mark Baldwin
Mark Baldwin (baseball), nominated by Therapyisgood
He still has the recond for single-season wild pitches;
After playing baseball he started giving people stitches.QJR
Irere (Alexander McQueen collection), nominated by Premeditated Chaos (a.k.a. PMC)
Pirates, conquistadors, and birds, and oysters
This fashion week lure you to their cloisters.AC
Theodore II Laskaris, nominated by Borsoka
A Nicaean emperor, he upset his peers
And then he reigned less than four years.AC
Foreign volunteers in the Rhodesian Security Forces, nominated by Nick-D
They recruited others in order to fight,
For the rule of their minority (white).AC
"Open Arms" (SZA song), nominated by Your Power (a.k.a. Elias)
Open Arms parenthesis SZA song close parenthesis;
Only a few more of these to write until the end of this.J
Yugoslav torpedo boat T2, nominated by Peacemaker67
T2 was a Yugoslav torpedo boat;
between '14 and '39 did it float.J
1912–13 Gillingham F.C. season, nominated by ChrisTheDude
The season began poor, got better, then went bad again, it's said;
But, oh well! Everyone who was a fan back then is dead.
Doom (1993 video game), nominated by PresN
The tale of a marine this game does tell;
A space marine who kills demons in Hell.QJR
October 1 (film), nominated by voorts
In this movie, a man investigates the killings of women;
Just before his country gained independence from Great Britain.QJR
Temple of Apollo Palatinus, nominated by UndercoverClassicist
The decorations aren't all about Apollo exactly, um...
A lot of them celebrate its commissioner, Augustus's victory at Actium.AC
Philadelphia Athletics 18, Cleveland Indians 17 (1932), nominated by Wehwalt
There once was a team from Cleveland,
whose name is now thought evil and,
though they tried to play well, the Philly boys played swell,
and eighteen innings saw no reprieve land.J
"Treat Myself", nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ)
A studio album by American singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor
Now that's something we've never seen before on the Pager of Mainer!J
Non-editor note: ...I hope that's sarcastic. See this issue's Featured Topic.—AC
Editor note: Really? I thought it was a pretty obscure subject, like tropical storms and state highways.—J
Mimodactylus, nominated by FunkMonk
An istiodactyliform pterosaur,
with its specimen found near ol' Hjoula.J
American logistics in the Western Allied invasion of Germany, nominated by Hawkeye7
Another fantastic article, one could buy
Worse books than the articles by the seventh Hawkeye.AC
Barbara Bush, nominated by Thebiguglyalien
Besides Abigail Adams, she was the only one;
To have as President both her husband and her son.QJR

Featured pictures

Eleven featured pictures were promoted this period, including the ones at the top and bottom of this article.

Featured topics

One featured topic was promoted this period, nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ).

Featured lists

Thirteen featured lists were promoted this period.

John Oliver, husband to a cabbage.
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (season 3), nominated by MyCatIsAChonk
Watch the show whose host would date
Surprising things! A cabbage, a plate!AC
List of accolades received by Avengers: Infinity War, nominated by Chompy Ace
For all the things this films has done,
It was nominated often (and sometimes won).AC
List of books bound in human skin, nominated by Vaticidalprophet
You probably shouldn't seek them out, but just in case you do,
This list will form a veritable getting-cursed how-to.AC
List of hominoids, nominated by PresN
Gorillas and chimpanzees are on this shelf,
But also, as Linnaeus said, "Know yourself."AC
List of World Heritage Sites in Latvia, nominated by Tone
Striga and Riga get in for historic aptitude
And the monuments that allowed us to measure a latitude.AC
Coretta Scott King Award, nominated by Barkeep49
A celebration of African-American authors who write or draw a thing
For children or for young adults, named for MLK's wife, Coretta Scott King
List of songs recorded by Basshunter, nominated by Eurohunter
Let us cast our line, and wish — er,
Wait, this is a band, not a fisher.AC
Bart Starr Award, nominated by Gonzo fan2007
Character and leadership will serve you well
If you want this award, and play in N-F-L.AC
List of accolades received by No Time to Die, nominated by Chompy Ace
If I have no time to give,
I guess I have no choice but "live".AC
List of Hot Soul Singles number ones of 1976 and List of Hot Soul Singles number ones of 1977, nominated by ChrisTheDude
If you find your soul is hot,
Within Heaven it's probably not.AC
List of songs recorded by Alessia Cara, nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ)
A former child prodigy, she composes and sings,
With a song in Moana, amongst other things.AC
List of tarsiiformes, nominated by PresN
They're mostly endangered, so let's be far-seers
And assure that our progeny still have tarsiers.
Well, that rhyme almost works. —AC
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