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Yo, ho! Blow the man down!

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By Adam Cuerden

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted in the second half of September

I've said this before: If I don't write these, no-one else does. So I've... really rushed this week's article, and it probably shows. If anyone cares to help for next issue... please?

Adam Cuerden

Featured articles

Eighteen featured articles were promoted this period.

William Anderson
William Anderson (RAAF officer), nominated by Ian Rose
A founding member of the R-A-A-F
He was well-liked; may have lacked depth.
Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption, nominated by MyCatIsAChonk
John Oliver made this church to satirise the way
Anyone, without scrutiny, can have a tax-exempt payday.
Ormond Beatty, nominated by PCN02WPS
Centre College, in Kentucky,
To get Beatty as pres. was surely very lucky.
Sun in fiction, nominated by TompaDompa
It used to be inhabited; nowadays, it's not
But if there is an inhabitant, I'll bet you they're hot!
1981–82 Gillingham F.C. season, nominated by ChrisTheDude
The team's winning matches mark the 23 enigma,
But losing first place has to hold such a stigma.Guest-written by Vaticidalprophet
Lever House, nominated by Epicgenius
All New Yorkers might have such hope
As to design a building for a seller of soap.
Polar bear, nominated by LittleJerry
Pictured: The subject of the article in a snowstorm:
Interstate 40 in Tennessee, nominated by Bneu2013
The Great Smoky Mountains and music combine
In this highway across a state sublime.
Blood on the Floor (Turnage), nominated by Schminnte
Someone should really clean that up. But the music's good, at least.
KCPQ, nominated by Sammi Brie
Young man, yeah I'm talking to you,
I say, young man, you know what you should do
You should go man, down to Washington state
Where there's a! Chan! Nel! we relate:
It's fun to watch TV on K-C-P-Q
It's fun to watch TV on K-C-P-Q
Educational TV, and commercial stuff too,
There's a whole lot of stuff to view!
2022 Hong Kong Masters, nominated by Lee Vilenski
An event that entered the history book-er,
When it became the most attended event in snooker.
Edward Oxford, nominated by SchroCat
His assassination of Queen Victoria was a failure,
But he had a respectable life after being banished to Australia.
This poem only works if you pronounce "failure" in an Australian accent.
Ohmdenosaurus, nominated by Jens Lallensack
The sources are in German, so it makes us all tinglish
To announce the first comprehensive account in English.
John D. Whitney, nominated by Ergo Sum
A Jesuit of great renown,
President of U. Georgetown.
"Dark Archives", nominated by Vaticidalprophet
It's about this book binding material, but it's not bound in
And that's a good thing: Where do you source human skin?
Anyone want to make a donation for The Signpost's copy?
Terry Griffiths, nominated by BennyOnTheLoose
The thing that Griffiths really crave is
To at last out-snooker old Steve Davis.
Clown (Mariah Carey song), nominated by Heartfox
Mariah Carey takes up the crown
With a diss track 'gainst Eminem (the "Clown").
Assassination of John F. Kennedy, nominated by Walloon
...Not making fun of this one.

Featured pictures

Seventeen featured pictures were promoted this period, including the ones at the top and bottom of this article.

Featured topics

One featured topic was promoted this period, nominated by Pseud 14.

Featured lists

Twelve featured lists were promoted this period.

Angela Merkel receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Barack Obama in 2011
List of awards and honours received by Angela Merkel, nominated by Actualcpscm and Hey man im josh
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (season 1) and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (season 2), nominated by MyCatIsAChonk
List of Hot Soul Singles number ones of 1975, nominated by ChrisTheDude
List of Houston Texans seasons, nominated by ULPS
List of National Football League annual rushing touchdowns leaders, nominated by Hey man im josh
List of World Heritage Sites in Costa Rica and List of World Heritage Sites in Canada, nominated by Tone
United States presidential elections in Connecticut, nominated by 金色黎明
Nebula Award for Best Game Writing, nominated by PresN
List of tapaculos, nominated by AryKun
Snooker world rankings 1980/1981, nominated by BennyOnTheLoose
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