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New citation template introduced for divine revelations, drug use, and really thinking about it

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After a long Request for Comment at Help talk:Citation Style 1, consensus was reached for creating a new template to allow robust and standardized citations for revelations and epiphanies experienced by Wikipedia editors. The template, {{Cite altered state}}, offers a number of parameters representing a broad range of philosophical, religious, and pharmaceutical experiences.

{{Cite altered state
| thought          =
| author           =
| date             =
| state            =
| substance1       =
| dose1            =
| substance2       =
| dose2            =
| background-audio =
| audio-author     =
| url              =
| access-date      =
| medium           =
| like-whoa-man    =


It's hoped that this template, and the accompanying citation guidelines, will allow us to finally put into articles the revelations, fully-baked ideas, cosmic truths, and toaster inventors that Wikipedia has always struggled to properly include.

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