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The Dehumourification Plan

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The Counter-Fun Unit doing its job (by Rhombuth)

We here at the Counter-Fun Unit would like to congratulate the Wikipedia community for choosing the correct option in the Barbenheimer caption discussion. While we dispute our characterization as the "fun police" — we're more of a paramilitary group — the outcome is a wonderful step towards our end goal: removing anything on Wikipedia that could be construed as funny, by anyone, ever.

This incredible progress is why we've decided to finally release our Dehumourification Plan. This 4442-page document outlines our vision for a Wikipedia devoid of all things comical. Some of our proposed solutions include:

We sadly cannot reveal this document to all of you, since its sheer beauty would be too much for you to handle. However, we have sent it to the Foundation — I mean, the Foundation, and they have shown great interest in it. We expect the process will be completed by at most the year 281,474,976,712,644 AD.

Admin Rouge, Director of the Counter-Fun Unit

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