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The M or P Foundation?

An RfC on Meta about whether the Wikimedia Foundation (spelled with an m) should rename itself the Wikipedia Foundation (spelled with a p), or some other variant, was begun on January 18 by EllenCT. As of February 28, 36 editors supported changing the name to the Wikipedia Foundation, and 361 preferred the status quo Wikimedia Foundation.

A statement from the Board of Trustees was posted on February 27 indicating that consultations with other WMF affiliates and communities would continue. "How this will look like at the end of the process remains an open question", according to the statement.

ITN – In the News – on the mainpage

A long and heated discussion on User talk:Jimbo Wales about In the News looks to be leaning toward modifying, deleting, or moving ITN off the mainpage. The arguments include that Wikipedia "is not news" and that the space on the mainpage could be better used. Also Wikinews could replace ITN. On the other side, editors state that the purpose of ITN is to highlight high quality encyclopedia articles that cover topics that are currently in the news. Thus ITN promotes Wikipedia articles rather than trying to cover the news. Note that The Signpost is not a subject of the controversy.

An RfC on the question of "Should Wikipedia:In The News be shut down, marked as historical, and replaced on the Wikipedia:Main Page?" unofficially has 23 opposed and 10 in support of removal, renaming, or repurposing, as of February 29. Johnuniq wryly stated "It might be better to shut down User talk:Jimbo Wales instead."

A record 'Crat Chat

Is 69.9% support on an RfA a consensus to promote? A lengthy 'Crat Chat following the RfA for Money emoji was itself discussed at length at Wikipedia talk:Requests for adminship/Money emoji/Bureaucrat chat#Is this going to be the record? (Icebreaker). Money emoji was eventually promoted. Congratulations to all involved.

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