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Selection of a new Signpost Editor-in-Chief

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By Bri, Staff

Readers of The Signpost may have heard in this space nearly a year ago that Smallbones, our Editor-in-Chief since 2019, planned to step down from the position and resume being a regular member of the writing and editorial staff. As Smallbones put it then, the Editor-in-Chief carries out the following critical functions:

The Signpost staff anticipate this to be a smooth process and will continue to provide you, our readers, with the content about which you have provided us much positive comments and constructive feedback. However, the process is overdue, and Smallbones has reiterated a desire to be replaced in the next few months at the latest. We have begun to discuss how to make this transition, beginning by building a list of contributors for the past two years with whom we would like to reach consensus concerning who may be best suited to lead us as Smallbones' successor. If you think you are that person and you want to talk to Smallbones, he has invited you to discuss it with him here.

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