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WikiProject Newspapers (Not WP:NOTNEWS)

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By Shushugah

WikiProjects Newspapers and Magazines spun from WikiProject Journalism and like WikiProject Academic Journals, these projects focus primarily on the textual periodicals themselves rather the humans or organizational structures behind them.

They are killing trees to publish this pulp fiction article?!

News is what someone, somewhere, doesn't want reported: all the rest is advertisement.[1]

Behind the scenes in the wiki-lawyer trenches, hundreds of Wikipedia editors debate discuss with each at the Reliable sources/Noticeboard to which degree different sources are suitable for usage within Wikipedia articles. Is it news...or advertisements?

Wouldn't it be great if there existed a digital resource that readily made available the sum of human knowledge about various topics, something like an encyclopedia of different newspapers in order to help editors and readers alike ascertain the reliability of said sources?

Reading Skimming sources takes time, so Wikipedia users sometimes try to gloss over by checking whether there is a blue link, which could be an indicator that the article topic is notable. It may WP:SHOCK some, but it does not necessarily mean The Onion aka America's Finest News Source is reliable.

Conversely, a red link does not mean popular newspapers like Die neue Fußballwoche [de; fi] are unsuitable for usage within English Wikipedia for an article's source.

Tracking source usage within Wikipedia is already done for magazines and journals. You can find an example at WP:Magazines cited by Wikipedia and read last year's Signpost coverage about it.

In addition to the venerable Signpost, there are 11,666 articles inside WikiProject Newspapers and 11,957 articles inside WikiProject Magazines. These two projects are distant cousins of the more broad (pun intended) WikiProject Journalism.

We Are Not a Newspaper (sorta)

You are probably reading this WikiProject report on English Wikipedia's internal newspaper, Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost. If you don't know what The Signpost is, you can learn more about it on Wikipedia's article called The Signpost. The article was hopefully edited by uninvolved editors. What else is news? English Wikipedia's home page features the latest In The News. Despite all that, you should know that news is not WP:NEWS which is also not WP:NOTNEWS![FBDB] If you cannot access or you are likely better off visiting to access it for (500 edits) free. It is amazing anything gets published on this newsless site.


How did you get involved in these WikiProjects?

What are some of the challenges you encountered and how did you address them?

How do you find sources about a periodical that is widely cited in other publications but aren't about the periodical itself?

What is a publication related article you created or significantly expanded that you are proud of?

Sources are biased, ergo Wikipedia is biased. How do you counter system bias and ensure representation of non-English and non-digitized periodicals?

Anything else you would like to add?

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  1. ^ Source: media tycoon William Randolph Hearst


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