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Angels in the architecture

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By Smallbones
Angel representing Scotland at St. Andrews Anglican Church, Moscow

A man walks down the street
It's a street in a strange world
Maybe it's the third world
Maybe it's his first time around
Doesn't speak the language
He holds no currency
He looks around, around
He sees angels in the architecture
Spinning in infinity
He says, "Amen and Hallelujah!"
Paul Simon, Call Me Al (video)

During Christmastide you can see them, coming through the mail slot with their cards, waiting patiently on the tops of trees, helping to sell knick-knacks in advertisements. You might even see them on a can of vegetables, "Peas on Earth, Goodwill to All".

But wait a few weeks and you'll see them in their normal abodes. Peek through the windows of a church, look up at the roof, check out the weathervane. They're in cemeteries, on bridges, helping children. Angels in the architecture. They're everywhere.

On bridges, doors, columns, roofs, walls and windows

And weathervanes

Jacob's ladder

An angel in Staglieno

The music of the angels with trumpets and otherwise

Guardian angels

Jimmy Stewart (seated) and Henry Travers in It's a Wonderful Life

George Bailey: Look, I think maybe you better not mention
getting your wings around here.
Clarence Odbody: Why? Don't they believe in angels?
George: A... Yeah, but... you know...
Clarence: Then why should they be surprised when they see one?
It's a Wonderful Life (video)

May the better angels of our nature always appear when we need them. Happy holidays to all!

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