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News and notes
Year-end legal surprises cause concern, but Public Domain Day is imminent
New laws in the US and Europe might enable trolls; sad admin milestone for English Wikipedia, or not?
In the media
Concealment, data journalism, a non-pig farmer, and some Bluetick Hounds
As 2020 draws to a close, this website has been splattered all over the headlines.
Arbitration report
2020 election results
Congratulations to the new Arbs!
How to make your factory's safety and labor issues disappear
Edit wars fought on the back of workers.
Featured content
Very nearly ringing in the New Year with "Blank Space" – but we got there in time.
Texas amphibia, mongeese, and Normandy invasion plans grateful.
Traffic report
2020 wraps up
Punks and heroes, losers and winners, the bereaved and the deceased – they're all here.
News from the WMF
What Wikipedia saw during election week in the U.S., and what we’re doing next
No evidence of large-scale state-sponsored disinformation.
Recent research
Predicting the next move in Wikipedia discussions
Six million talk page threads analyzed, and other research.
Subjective importance
Is not important to notability.
An unforgettable year we might wish to forget
The year that was 2020.
Angels in the architecture
Spinning in infinity.
'Twas the Night Before Wikimas
And to all a good night!
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