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News and notes
Jimmy Wales "shouldn't be kicked out before he's ready"
Arbitration Committee elections begin.
Re-righting Wikipedia
Wikipedia deprecates more right-wing sources than left-wing sources ... but is it a problem?
How billionaires re-write Wikipedia
Billionaires are different from you and me.
In the media
Relying on Wikipedia: voters, scientists, and a Canadian border guard
And yes, it does!
Featured content
Frontonia sp. is thankful for delicious cyanobacteria
The Réunion swamphen is a lot less thankful.
Traffic report
007 with Borat, the Queen, and an election
Plus Alex Trebek and the Queen's Gambit.
News from Wiki Education
An assignment that changed a life: Kasey Baker
Wiki Education and changing our encyclopedia.
GLAM plus
West Coast New Zealand's Wikipedian at Large
Succeeding one step at a time.
Wikicup report
Lee Vilenski wins the 2020 WikiCup
Gog the Mild and The Rambling Man in second and third!
Recent research
Wikipedia's Shoah coverage succeeds where libraries fail
And other new research publications.
Writing about women
Male is not the default.
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