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Addicted to sports and pain

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By Serendipodous, Soulbust and Stormy clouds
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report.

I like pleasure spiked with pain, and music is my aeroplane (January 28 to February 3)

Addicted to pain?

Human beings are odd creatures. We are currently living through the safest and most secure era our species has ever experienced, and yet we seem addicted to pain. If we cannot have it ourselves, we seek to feel it vicariously. It's the only explanation I can conceive for this week's list, which is topped by a fake blood sport and riddled with death, depredation, and allegations. Multiple people on this list either died horribly and unexpectedly, were accused or accused others of having done unspeakable things, or some combination of the above. Even the Bollywood movie this week sparked riots and death threats. This is particularly striking when you consider that this was also the week of the Grammys, and yet, as per usual on Wikipedia, that show has left a small footprint.

For the week of January 28 to February 3, 2018, the most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 Royal Rumble (2018) C class 2,135,143
A 50% jump in numbers from last week's no 1, Virginia Woolf. I suppose you could call this a victory for women's progress, since this was the first ever Royal Rumble to feature women on the bill (including winner Asuka (pictured)). Cool. Now all we need to tackle is that 7% representation on US corporate boards. And the 19% representation in the US Congress. And the 31% among college professors, despite earning 60% of all master's degrees. But you know, baby stomps.
2 Joe Kennedy III 1,286,359
In a politics in which style and name recognition, well, trump actual experience, it seems only fitting that the Democrats would drag out the latest member of their razzle dazzle dynasty to counter the President's State of the Union. Who cares if he's only been in politics since 2012, and only out of school since 2010? He just has to flash those Jack pearlies and all's right with the world. Maybe.
3 Padmaavat 1,119,564
India, ya know I love ya but baby you crazy. This historic epic based on the poem Padmavat and starring Deepika Padukone (pictured) was released last week and is already making some big crore in spite of controversy – Padmaavat has been accused of being right wing, anti Muslim, even of endorsing mass immolation – that led to the movie being banned from a few Indian states, riots, firebombing, death threats to the director and cast, and even threats of mass suicide. Despite these handicaps it has managed to earn over ₹2 billion ($31.2 million) in 11 days.
4 Roger Federer 1,111,867
Spillover from last week's win at the Australian Open.
5 Alauddin Khalji 1,071,016
The male focus of the love story behind the film Padmaavat (#3). Betcha didn't know that Aladdin was an actual name.
6 Mark Salling 1,052,219
The actor best known for playing Puck on Glee committed suicide this week awaiting sentencing for possession of child pornography.
7 Bruno Mars 1,052,219
The funkster won six Grammys from six nominations at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards this week, on top of the four he won two years ago. Maybe time to spread the love around?
8 Deaths in 2018 List 756,173
Numbers remain stable for the lodestone of this list.
9 Rani Padmini 755,032
The legendary 13th– and 14th-century Indian queen (Rani) who is the main character of Padmaavat (#3).
10 Larry Nassar 732,847
Twenty-five years. Twenty-five years before we caught this physician who molested gymnasts in the guise of medical treatment. Twenty-five years. And remember that we're talking about a sport usually contested by teenagers! No wonder the thing that actually led Nassar to be arrested was the FBI discovering he had an extensive child pornography collection and a video of him molesting underage girls. The sentence of 60 years in prison seems too light in retrospect.

Birds of play (February 4 to 10)

Inside the stadium on Super Bowl LII game day.

Unlike last year, a Falcon won during Super Bowl week. Of course, I'm talking about Falcon Heavy (#14), which had its maiden flight conducted by SpaceX on February 6. Elon Musk (#1) is of course the founder and CEO of SpaceX.

Now, let's address the obvious theme one will find throughout this list: Super Bowl LII (#10), the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl. Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles (#2) and head coach Doug Pederson led the Philadelphia Eagles (#10) to victory over Tom Brady's (#5) New England Patriots. The Super Bowl for the Eagles was the franchise's first, meaning they're now on the List of Super Bowl champions (#9). Also Super Bowl-related: the game's half time performer Justin Timberlake, and The Cloverfield Paradox (#4), a Netflix film which received praise for its Super Bowl commercial marketing.

Oh... hey, there's even more sports with the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics (#8) happening this week. This rendition notched 1.23 million page views, an increase from the 2014 event's 1.06 million page views during its opening ceremony week.

And then there was Travis Scott (#3) and Kylie Jenner (#7), who both found their way into the top 10 after announcing the birth of their child.

For the week of February 4 to February 10, 2018, the most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 Elon Musk 1,986,094
The best type of billionaire. Sure, he wasn't the Super Bowl MVP, but he was the MVP of the Top 25 Report, and isn't that what really matters? Elon was of interest this week because of that SpaceX company of his conducting its Falcon Heavy (#14) launch.
2 Nick Foles 1,977,688
Named Super Bowl MVP as he led the underdog Philadelphia Eagles to their first Super Bowl championship over the reigning New England Patriots (#20) dynasty.
3 Travis Scott 1,718,006
La Flame and Kylie Jenner (#7) announced the birth of their baby on February 6.
4 The Cloverfield Paradox 1,632,812
Although director Julius Onah's (pictured) film was applauded for its clever (err clover?) marketing via dropping the film on Netflix mere hours after it was teased in a Super Bowl commercial, it received generally negative reception for the film's actual content.
5 Tom Brady 1,601,211
As a fan of the Miami Dolphins, parity in the NFL, and breaths of fresh air, nothing is sweeter than seeing Tom Brady lose. Although, I guess he already has 5 reasons to not be too upset. 6 if you add Gisele.
Green up arrow Up 14 spots from last week.
6 Justin Timberlake 1,563,698
JT performed at the Super Bowl's half time show. His dancing was phenomenal, but his overall performance did seem to attract a mixed reception, especially when compared to other recent Super Bowl half time performers.
7 Kylie Jenner 1,327,038
Kylie announced the birth of her child this past week, which had many on social media buzzing about and visiting her article.
8 2018 Winter Olympics 1,234,016
The Super Bowl wasn't the only major sports event to occur this week. The 2018 Winter Olympics held its opening ceremony in Pyeongchang County on February 9, so definitely expect this article to maintain high traffic through its closing ceremony on February 25.
9 List of Super Bowl champions 1,163,663 You can add the Eagles to this list now.
10 Super Bowl LII 1,114,569
A rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles. The almost Galactic Empire-like New England Patriots vs. the underdog Philadelphia Eagles. One of the most exciting and competitive Super Bowls from start to finish in a while... and for those in Philly, LII is the Rocky II to XXXIX's Rocky.

Snow Leopards (February 11 to 17)

This week's report can be summarily reduced to three events – the cinematic behemoth that is Black Panther, the ongoing Winter Olympics in South Korea, and the horrific school shooting in Florida. The report is dominated by articles related to these topics, diverse as they may be. Media may captivate, between incessant sports coverage and Hollywood productions, but the sad tragedy of pointless bloodshed casts a dark shadow over the report as a whole. Though less diverse than usual, there is stark contrast and interesting content in this week's iteration of the Report, between the weather-plagued Olympics and the searing and scorching heat of Wakanda. Ergo, I found the report riveting to compile, and hope that it is as engaging to peruse as it was to produce.

Without further ado, for the week of February 11 to February 17, 2018, the most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 Black Panther (film) 2,341,749
Black Panther (director Ryan Coogler pictured) may not be the first film adaptation of a black superhero, but it is arguably the first good one. The masses, this Wikipedian included, journeyed to the fictional utopia of Wakanda to follow the adventures of the fabled King T'Challa, and it has captured the cultural zeitgeist in doing so. I think that the willingness of the Big Six to buck their shared history and make stories about minorities is a massive positive for the industry, and like their last such effort, Black Panther's cultural relevance is being leveraged into a box office behemoth.
2 Shaun White 2,253,849
The greatest snowboarder of all time consolidated this lofty title in Pyeongchang this week, as he claimed his third gold medal in the sport. His display was utterly dominant, as he performed tricks with immense prowess and poise. If his famous amigo is anything to go by, we can anticipate White to diversify into games of swiftly declining quality.
3 2018 Winter Olympics 1,816,173
The Winter Olympics have never interested me in the slightest. Perhaps this is a result of my homeland's abysmal track record, but it has always struck me as the lesser Olympic games, reducing in scale and importance. Yet, even for me as a snow grinch, this year's ceremony is piquing my interest: between phenomenal performances by American snowboarders (#1 and #12), and the political significance of the host's ice hockey team, this is a highly intriguing event.
4 Priya Prakash Varrier 1,177,538
A very curious entry here, as the Indian sub-internet was set alight by a mere wink this week. The model, who will star in the upcoming film Oru Adaar Love, set the information superhighway abuzz this week following the release of a trailer for the movie. So far, so routine, even if the film's premise is toned down compared to some of its cinematic compatriots. Yet, the intriguing part of this story arises from the fact that the fourth most popular article of this week does not even exist now. It was a fleeting stub... just like a wink.
5 Valentine's Day 1,125,181
The annual ceremony of consumerism love rolled around again this year, bringing with it a cornucopia of chocolate, flowers, and interred hearts. I do not subscribe to the Hallmark holiday, yet I did enjoy myself this year as my little Liver birds shredded their Portuguese opponents in the Champions League. So, footie fans, even if they were not on a date, it was ensured that no Liverpudlian would walk alone.
6 Johnny Weir 1,007,840
Weir, a former figure skater, is part of a duo with Tara Lipinski on NBC, covering the Winter Olympics. The LGBTQ activist engages audiences daily by commenting on events over in Pyeongchang, and this is drawing many internet users to his article. I can't say that I find the sport too intriguing, but their shared commentary is riveting and humorous, perhaps accounting for their popularity.
7 Curling 843,968
Hands down the greatest part of the Winter Olympics, ice pétanques is riveting. This sport lies squarely at the intersection of skill, mental computation, teamwork, and precision, and I adore it. I could watch it indefinitely, which is convenient, as NBC need to air something to maintain their wall of coverage.
8 Tara Lipinski 840,046
The former figure skater and Olympic champion is part of NBC's analysis panel for the Winter Olympics (#3) alongside her co-anchor, Johnny Weir (#6). Perhaps her ubiquity on the Peacock network has propelled her figures on Wikipedia upwards, as has her sharp critiques of the skaters. Living outside of the US, I cannot say that I am too familiar with Lipinski and her credentials to analyse the Winter Olympics, but the last syllable of her surname is irrefutably apt.
9 Elon Musk 810,064
For many wealthy celebrities, one has to discuss the negative attributes of the person alongside the positives. There is a reason why the biographies of so many Forbes favorites are so long. Yet for Musk, it could be summarised thusly – ameliorated online finance, revolutionised vehicular transport, enhanced space transport, and may be our Martian colonist. Now that he slotted a car in orbit, he is multiple steps closer, and also produced an amazing video in the process.
10 Deaths in 2018 741,231
People have a horrible tendency to die. It is inescapable and inevitable, and there is nothing that we can do to alter this fundamental truth. No amount of wealth, no accumulated notability, no masterful magnum opus, nothing will prevent this. Notable individuals die too, and this week, as with any other, hundreds of thousands of people journeyed to a list of their names, to ruminate and reminisce on love and legacy.


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