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News and notes
The future is Swedish with a lack of administrators
Sweden selected for Wikimania 2019; research report on shaping the future; a scarcity of RfAs.
Recent research
Politically diverse editors write better articles; Reddit and Stack Overflow benefit from Wikipedia but don't give back
There might be good things about an edit war.
Arbitration report
Arbitration committee prepares to examine two new cases
Editor in self-imposed exile and infobox wars a thorn in the side of arbitration committee.
Traffic report
Addicted to sports and pain
The Superbowl, the Winter Olympics, death, and accusations of unspeakable things.
Featured content
Entertainment, sports and history
An eclectic mix of promotions.
Technology report
Paragraph-based edit conflict screen; broken thanks
And other recent tech news.
Impossible and unexplained traffic report
Stubs get a lot of pageviews.
Single-page edition


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