The Signpost

Death knell for The Signpost?
Is The Signpost on its last legs?
News and notes
Wiki Conference roundup and new appointments.
Wikimedia events, group recognition, and individual appointments are ongoing.
Arbitration report
Ironing out issues in infoboxes; not sure yet about New Jersey; and an administrator who probably wasn't uncivil to a sockpuppet.
Arbcom considers new discretionary sanctions for infoboxes and an extension of 1RR.
In the media
The media on Wikipedia's workings: the good and not-so-good
Diplomats join Wikipedia for International Women's Day, the perfect "Human", how fringe theories are sustained, and perennial plagiarism from our pages.
Traffic report
Real sports, real women and an imaginary country: what's on top for Wikipedia readers
Wakanda still fascinates; the Oscars happened; Winter Olympics come to a close; and International Women's Day gets over a million page views.
Featured content
Animals, Ships, and Songs
A plethora of content.
Technology report
Timeless skin review by Force Radical.
Reviewing a browser skin providing equal emphasis on both content and editing tools simultaneously.
Special report
ACTRIAL wrap-up.
Retrospective on article creation trial.
WikiWorld Reruns
Nostalgia and trips down Memory Lane.
Single-page edition


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