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From the editorsThe Signpost's presses roll again
Following Kudpung's op-ed "Death knell sounding for The Signpost?" in the 29 March issue, user comments encouraged a burst of enthusiasm to keep the newspaper in print.
Future directions for The Signpost
How to revive and evolve The Signpost? Big blue-sky proposals and small concrete proposals from the community and from two regular Signpost contributors.
News and notes
Photo of Kim Jong-un. Stephen Hawking death tops hits on many Wikipedias.
Finally a free image Kim Jong-un. WMF wins legal battle. Stephen Hawking death tops all Wikipedia hits.
In the media
The rise of Wikipedia as a disinformation mop
Internet companies use Wikipedia to police truth; Citogenesis proven yet again; early birthday greetings; and trains
In focus
Admin reports board under criticism
A recent Community Health Initiative survey found only 27% of respondents are happy with the way reports of conflicts between Editors are handled on the Administrators' Incident Noticeboard (ANI).
Special report
ACTRIAL results adopted by landslide
New major editing policy starting immediately: creation of articles in mainspace is to be limited to users with confirmed accounts
Guideline for Organization Notability revised
The standards have been raised for sources used in judging the notability of nonprofit and for-profit organizations.
World War II Myth-making and Wikipedia
Wikipedia's myth of the clean Wehrmacht and what you can do about it. Or, how not to be one of "the worst distributors of pro-Nazi perspectives and the Wehrmacht myth".
Community view
It's time we look past Women in Red to counter systemic bias
Can Wikipedia mobilize the same energy to fill other gaps in coverage?
Discussion report
The future of portals
What should we do about Portals? Keep them, delete them, or mark them as historical? Or should they be more closely connected with their WikiProject(s)?
Arbitration report
No new cases, and one motion on administrative misconduct
Quiet month for the Arbitration Committee
WikiProject report
WikiProject Military History
Combat, weapons, monuments and personalities.
Why the world reads Wikipedia
What we learned about reader motivation from a recent research study
Our Favorite Places to Whine About Stuff
You might not get all excersized about essays but they can be as fun as talk pages
Traffic report
A quiet place to wrestle with the articles of March
The most popular articles from March 25 to April 14.
Technology report
Coming soon: Books-to-PDF, interactive maps, rollback confirmation
Plus the latest tech news and userscripts.
Featured content
Featured content selected by the community
Material promoted from March 2 through April 20.
A look at some famous and not as well-known border tripoints
Honoring a day in military history, as well as peaceful borders
Single-page edition


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