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Do editors have the right to be forgotten?
Should an editor's block history be a permanent "rap sheet", or does Wikipedia forgive and forget? A reform initiative has begun.
Featured content
Wars, sieges, disasters and everything black possible
Exemplary content recognized between January 12 and January 20, 2018
Recent research
Automated Q&A from Wikipedia articles; Who succeeds in talk page discussions?
Also: Polish quality, Russian political mythologization, and multilingual analyses
New monthly dataset shows where people fall into Wikipedia rabbit holes
The Wikimedia Foundation's Analytics team compiles a clickstream dataset, now available as a series of monthly data dumps for English, Russian, German, Spanish, and Japanese Wikipedias.
Interview with The Rambling Man, Wikipedia's top contributor of Featured Lists
Lessons on Creating a Featured List
Traffic report
TV, death, sports, and doodles
The most popular articles for January 14 to 27
Special report
Cochrane–Wikipedia Initiative
A partnership to improve and update Wikipedia's medical content
Arbitration report
New cases requested for inter-editor hostility and other collaboration issues
Politeness and collegial behavior about to be taken up by Arbcom, and perhaps a revisit of the infobox question.
In the media
Solving crime; editing out violence allegations
Also, did UCF really win?
You really are in Wonderland
Enjoy the humour of another contributor
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