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The Collective Consciousness of Admin Userpages

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By DiplomatTesterMan
I am the very model of a modern Wikipedian (thanks to Bucketsofg), as seen on the page of admin rogerd
"Many hands make light work" — proverb. On the userpage of sysop Ancheta Wis

Just like Wikipedia is a representation of the collective consciousness[a] of the world, admins here in a way represent the collective consciousness of Wikipedia. This article aims, in theory, to represent this collective here. To simplify the task, the scope has been narrowed down to merely the collective consciousness of "active admin userpages". Talking in plainer practical terms, this article picks up stuff (aka plagiarism[b]) from the userpages of some active admins on the English Wikipedia and tries to convey it in a humorous light-hearted or serious/neutral way, as per the content. Note that everything compiled here, the respective degree of humour or seriousness, is courtesy the admins.[c]

"Consensus has determined that this is the single greatest image hosted by Wikimedia". Sysop Amorymeltzer has this image and caption on their userpage.

A euphony of professions and interests

Admin Anne Delong is a bluegrass musician, 28bytes is a video game designer and Acroterion is an architect. J Milburn is a philosopher who still "takes part in horror-themed live action role-playing from time-to-time" while admin Antandrus is a professional pianist as well as a professional violinist, but JUST an "advanced" thereminist. Andrew Gray is a librarian working for a London university, Ausir is a freelance translator while Edgar181 is a medicinal chemist with a PhD in organic chemistry. Casliber is a psychiatrist, while Cburnett is an MS in biomedical engineering in striated muscle electrophysiology and Anachronist is a scientist who has worked mostly in the field of stealth technology. Ad Orientem has an infobox which states his occupation as "gentleman" and writes on their userpage "OK, we have the two world wars and the sinking of the Titanic covered. How much more do we really need?"

Custom made on the userpage of sysop Anna Frodesiak

Did you know... that Wikipedia DYKs are rhetoric in nature?

"I put a spell on you" as seen on the userpage of sysop BOZ
As seen on the userpage of Bishonen
Admin Titodutta, at a Train a Wikipedian event.
Admin Ynhockey, with another "admin", now I wonder who, hmm...? :)

Some admins show a certain sense of being disillusioned in general as well as concern with certain things on wiki

Animals, Plants, Nature

Admin Black Falcon has a falcon on their page and admin ferret has a singing polecat on their page. IceKarma and GorillaWarfare have a picture of a cat, while Courcelles is owned by one or more dogs and Megalibrarygirl has dogs, baby sea lions and a desert dove on their userpage. Acdixon, Sadads, and Bilby are WikiDragons while Beeblebrox is a WikiGryphon.

Admin Mattinbgn has an image of an evocative row of Pepper trees in rural Australia on their userpage, Jehochman has a beautiful view of the Talcott Mountain, Grant65 has pictures of a bobtail (Tiliqua rugosa) and a Red Kangaroo Paws and Jo-Jo Eumerus has a picture of Miñiques lake.

Quotes on admin userpages

Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject, so you know you are getting the best possible information.

Michael Scott

Nifty site you have here! It may be hard to get momentum going, but I like the general idea. I've bookmarked it for some time later when I have more free time. :-)

The key turning point was the increase in emphasis on WP:VERIFY. It unquestionably improved the quality of the encyclopedia, but it just as unquestionably changed us from a large community of online users sharing everything they know to a much smaller community of scholars willing to put in a significant amount of effort researching and documenting their use of reliable sources. That was a good thing for producing a more informative and trustworthy reference work, but it was effectively the end of "the encyclopedia everyone can edit", since most people simply can't or won't make the effort to do the kind of research required to make significant edits when every such edit requires an inline citation to a reliable published source. That combined with the exhaustion of many of the easiest topics has inevitably lead to the community shrinking. --Rusty Cashman (Source:The Signpost 2011, a comment)

saneThis user is relatively sane and will not usually stab you when you sleep
11.2This user has 11.2 centijimbos.

Beware of users so in love with their own virtue, that they are incapable of recognizing when it has become vice; and so in love with their own eloquence, that they can not see when it has become hypocrisy. The former are those who never admit to any wrong, but yet demand apologies from others for the lapses of judgement to which all human beings are prone; and the latter are the blindest and most intractable of POV-pushers. Skill with words correlates neither with virtue nor wisdom. - Antandrus

The list of meaningful quotes related to Wikipedia on the userpages of admins is endless... check out the userpages of MastCell and Kaihsu.


  1. ^ The author severely messes up the usage of this term through this article. So to understand what collective consciousness really means, I suggest you go through the Wikipedia article to fix any grey cells that may have been damaged while reading ahead.
  2. ^ I use the word plagiarise, since when trying to represent the collective consciousness, it hits out as being similar to intellectual property rights violation and plagiarism in its purest form, just fancier language. And if you think Wikipedia is or is not a mess, then that mess will or will not, as per your choice, accordingly reflect or not reflect in this article.
  3. ^ Admin Lectonar writes on their userpage "Always assume good faith and even assume the assumption of good faith."
  4. ^ DYKE: Did you know exclamation
  5. ^ I should mention that Wikipedia:User page stalker sounds rather relevant to mention just now.
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I'd like to take this opportunity to exhibit the very first signature in the collection:
SonicChao talk contribs
The original was complete with links, of course, and was shared by an editor who retired several years ago.
I mentioned on a Wikipedia irc channel (circa November 2006) that I was impressed with some of the signatures I was seeing on various talk pages, and he told me about his, which he said other editors were telling him to stop using. I think that's tragic. – Athaenara 07:25, 31 January 2019 (UTC)[reply]
Athaenara, thanks for the comment. Recently I came across an interesting case with User:Flooded with them hundreds signature and people having a problem with it. Can't remember where I saw the discussion going on but it was a long discussion. They had to change the signature or stop commenting on new users pages... something like that. :D DiplomatTesterMan (talk) 19:24, 31 January 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@DiplomatTesterMan: I put some really egregious ones in User:Athaenara/Gallery/Beyond. – Athaenara 20:19, 4 February 2019 (UTC)[reply]
  • Yup, it's true. I suppose if I move to, say, Liechtenstein, I'll have to change my user name to 77.92. How exciting! 78.26 (spin me / revolutions) 19:51, 29 November 2019 (UTC)[reply]


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