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Random Rewards Rejected
Lab rats deflate research to be performed on the Wikipedia community.
In focus
The Collective Consciousness of Admin Userpages
Did you know that there was an admin who thought that the metaphor of the mop was a joke, and now they know it's not?
News and notes
WMF staff turntable continues to spin; Endowment gets more cash; RfA continues to be a pit of steely knives
Rude or just forgetful? Eight-year WMF manager has disappeared; Facebook gives a million bucks, gets no love.
In the media
The Signpost's investigative story recognized, Wikipedia turns 18 and gets a birthday gift from Google, and more editors are recognized
Heroes and unsung heroes: many good news stories about the work we are all doing together.
Discussion report
The future of the reference desk
Plus: plagiarism from Wikipedia, user categories, and admin activity requirements.
Featured content
Don't miss your great opportunity
Get yourself lost in 1730's Paris, and a wide range of other recently promoted content.
Arbitration report
An admin under the microscope
Snowman flames newbies? Or just oversensitive snowflakes?
Traffic report
Death, royals and superheroes: Avengers, Black Panther
The most popular articles of 2018 include a cornucopia of superheroes (Avengers: Infinity War)
Technology report
When broken is easily fixed
Emergency server switch goes smoothly; technical glitches resolved; a new way to transfer files to Commons.
Let us build a memorial fit for such pain and suffering
A tour of some of the world's greatest memorials courtesy the Prime Minister of India.
News from the WMF
News from WMF
The world’s largest photo contest, a $1 million gift, Wikipedia’s birthday, WF appoints Valerie D'Costa.
Recent research
Ad revenue from reused Wikipedia articles; are Wikipedia researchers asking the right questions?
And other new research publications.
A narrative to get you oriented to how this place works, and to the key policies and guidelines.
Village pump
More talk pages you don't want to miss.
From the archives
An editorial board that includes you
Four years - and nothing changed?
Single-page edition


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