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From the editorsHelp wanted (still)
This may be too wordy, verbose and loquacious – and possibly redundant – but as you know, it takes others to check our work, and if there were more people in the Newsroom, we'd be able to double check ourselves and produce a better product for our readership; if you think you are up to it, you are welcome to join us and even copyedit the Editor-in-Chief's article intros.
News and notes
Front-page issues for the community
Encyclopedias for Deletion; Corinne; scholarships; partial blocks; and administrators headcount.
In focus
Wikimedia affiliate organizations seek community participation in 2019 board election
This election will select 2 of 10 seats on the board. All Wikimedia users are stakeholders in the election outcome and should participate.
Discussion report
Talking about talk pages
This month's major discussions include a WMF talk page consultation and a proposed current events noticeboard.
Featured content
Conquest, War, Famine, Death, and more!
Horsemen of the apocalypse all represented in recently promoted content, alongside new life, pretty birds, great music, and other miscellaneous topics.
Arbitration report
A quiet month for Arbitration Committee
Snowed in, maybe.
Traffic report
Netflix shows and TV sports dominate. A US politician breaks into the top 10.
Technology report
Tool labs casters-up
Tool labs goes kaput, bots running wild (not really), interface administrators step into the breach, new gadgets and other tech happenings.
Signed with pride
A gallery of user signatures created by Wikipedians themselves.
Recent research
Research finds signs of cultural diversity and recreational habits of readers
When watchers want the whole truth, they wind up with the wiki! And Cultural Context Content comes out of a complete cartography.
Optimist's guide to Wikipedia
Assume good faith even if it kills you.
From the archives
New group aims to promote Wiki-Love
The creation of the Esperanza group.
Pesky Pronouns
Not feeling blurbish right now.
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