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From the editorsGetting serious about humor
Smallbones, The Signpost's new editor-in-chief, presents a retrospective on last month's humour article in the aftermath of the community's response.
News and notes
Blackouts fail to stop EU Copyright Directive
Eight Wikipedias blacked out their pages trying to stop major copyright law changes.
In the media
Women's history month
An explosion of women's history coverage, continuing coverage.
Discussion report
Portal debates continue, Prespa agreement aftermath, WMF seeks a rebranding
From MFD to CSD, debates are continuing across Wikipedia about which portals should stay and which portals should go. Plus: Wikimedia rebranding and Macedonia naming conventions.
Featured content
Out of this world
Both literally and metaphorically.
Arbitration report
The Tides of March at ARBCOM
After a fairly tame February, ARBCOM had a lot on its plate this month.
Traffic report
Exultations and tribulations
Academy Award winners, celebrations, scandals, and terror.
Technology report
New section suggestions and sitewide styles
Plus the latest scripts, bots, and tech news.
News from the WMF
The WMF's take on the new EU Copyright Directive
The Wikimedia Foundation reacts to the passing of the new EU Copyright Directive.
Recent research
Barnstar-like awards increase new editor retention
And other recent research results
From the archives
Esperanza organization disbanded after deletion discussion
The destruction of the Esperanza group. A follow up to its creation.
The Epistolary of Arthur37
A collection of 19th century emails from a pioneer Wikipedia editor working in the mines of the New Page Feed.
Pro and Con: Has gun violence been improperly excluded from gun articles?
A decade-long disagreement on including material in gun articles is weighed down by a Wikiproject's essay ... or is it?
In focus
The Wikipedia SourceWatch
The Wikipedia SourceWatch is a new project designed to find unreliable sources cited by Wikipedia. The SourceWatch's creator presents a brief history of the project, along with its motivations, and what exactly it means to be listed on The SourceWatch.
Special report
Wiki Loves (50 Years of) Pride
Commemorate the 50th anniversary of the modern LGBT+ rights movement by editing wiki projects!
Community view
Wikipedia's response to the New Zealand mosque shootings
Our community reacts, the first draft of history.
Single-page edition


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