The Signpost

News and notes
An Action Packed April
New Administrators, April Fools, our competitors, and other associated updates
In the media
Is Wikipedia just another social media site?
Harassment, a black hole, the Mueller Report, and Mötley Crüe - just another social media site?
Discussion report
English Wikipedia community's conclusions on talk pages
Plus: another round of paid editing discussion.
Featured content
Anguish, accolades, animals, and art
April's admirable additions.
Arbitration report
An Active Arbitration Committee
Policies and procedures, cases and controversies, and other ArbCom updates
Traffic report
Mötley Crüe, Notre-Dame, a black hole, and Bonnie and Clyde
Round up the unusual suspects
Technology report
A new special page, and other news
Welcoming English Wikipedia's newest admin (bot)
Notre-Dame de Paris burns
Photos and videos show the damage
News from the WMF
Can machine learning uncover Wikipedia’s missing “citation needed” tags?
Wikimedia Foundation data scientists are using machine learning to predict whether—and why—any given sentence on Wikipedia may need a citation in order to help editors identify areas of content violating the verifiability policy.
Recent research
Female scholars underrepresented; whitepaper on Wikidata and libraries; undo patterns reveal editor hierarchy
And other recent research results
From the archives
Portals revisited
"The future of portals", a year later
Jimbo and Larry walk into a bar ...
Some editors will do anything to get a laugh
The gaps in our knowledge of our gaps
What we know we don't know, and why it might matter more than you might think
Katherine Maher marks 3 years as executive director
Maher discusses her tenure as ED, the editing community, harassment and diversity, the WMF's 3-5 year plan, airplane travel, books, and her future.
Community view
2019 Wikimedia Summit gathers movement affiliate representatives to discuss movement strategy
An overview of Wikimedia Summit 2019, a working conference to discuss the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Process, preparing draft recommendations for Wikimania 2019 in August.
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