New section suggestions and sitewide styles: Plus the latest scripts, bots, and tech news.
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New section suggestions and sitewide styles

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By DannyS712 and Evad37

Automated article section recommendations

Annotated screenshot
Automated section suggestions for the article Amedei in the recommendations testing tool (B). Also shown are the lead, existing sections (A), feedback form (C), and a template for providing specific feedback on-wiki (D).

The Wikimedia Research team is creating a new tool to suggest sections to add to articles. This could be useful for suggesting improvements new editors could make to stub articles. Machine learning would be used to recommend sections to add, based on what sections other similar articles have.

Before actually building the tool, the developers need to test the quality of the suggestions. Experienced editors can help by evaluating recommendations and providing feedback using the testing tool (instructions).

Further questions and feedback can be left on the Meta-Wiki talk page.

Sitewide CSS

A new site-wide CSS page was activated this month: MediaWiki:Group-checkuser.css. At the same time, an increasing number of CSS classes are being removed from MediaWiki:Common.css as the community takes advantage of the TemplateStyles extension. This month, the styles for portals and the Letterhead template migrated to individual style pages.

In brief

New user scripts to customise your Wikipedia experience

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Latest tech news

Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community: 2019 #10, #11, #12, & #13. Please tell other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available on Meta.

Recent changes

Installation code

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    {{subst:lusc|1=User:Zackmann08/unwatch deleted.js}}
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