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From the editorsWhere to draw the line in reporting?
Tell us what you think!
Wikipedia not trumped by Trump appointee
Did World Patent Marketing pay to get Wikipedia to include flattering information on their board member, now the Acting United States Attorney General?
Special report
The Signpost got 380,000+ views in 2018, sounds reasonable enough, right?
A statistical insight into the English Wikipedia's very own online community newsletter.
News and notes
Some wishes do come true
NPP wins the wish list poll; Wikipedia editors will be able to work better at night; new WMF appointments and new arbitrators; and who wants to be an admin?
In the media
Political hijinks
Wikipedia says 'ta' to British M.P. and 'buh-bye' to U.S. President's image vandals.
Discussion report
A new record low for RfA
Plus: reliable sources, notability, and fallout from the self-blocking software changes.
WikiProject report
Discovering how new and unregistered users make articles with the members of WikiProject Articles for Creation.
Arbitration report
Year ends with one active case
GiantSnowman asked to chill, and other disputes addressed by Arbcom (or not).
Traffic report
Queen dethroned by U.S. presidents
The band relinquishes its first place hold; Aquaman is swimming into view for late December.
Sun and Moon, water and stone
Happy solstice, and happy New Year!
News from the WMF
In and around the WMF and its projects from the WMF's web site.
I believe in Bigfoot
Are you a believer?
Requests for medication
When the desire to continue to have the privilege of editing Wikipedia overrides the body's innate desire to choke the living shit out of some bastard who really has it coming.
From the archives
Compromised admin accounts – again
Compromised accounts – especially those of inactive admins.
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