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The Signpost got 380,000+ views in 2018; sounds reasonable enough, right?

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By DiplomatTesterMan

In 2018, the fourteenth year of The Signpost, a total of 157 articles have been published spanning 12 issues from January to December. Collectively these 157 articles, created by 64 Wikipedia users, have received a total of 353,134 pageviews until 7 December. After including views from the first page and the single-page edition the pageviews sum reaches 388,484. These 12 issues have also seen a total of 1,222 comments, totaling 96,473 words.[a]

Article pageview totals, both one week totals as well as all time totals. Each dot represents an article, Dot 1 is Vol 14, Issue 1, Article 1 and so on. A total of 157 articles are covered till Issue 12. Correlation between one week totals and all time totals is 0.83. (Pageviews counted till 7 December, hence the overlap visible for Issue 12)

The Signpost statistics 2018, an effort to understand The Signpost, throws up various other findings, such as:

2018's highest viewed articles (till 7 December)
Date Article title Pageviews (all-time)
29 Mar Op-ed: Death knell for The Signpost? 4,988
29 Jun From the editor: The Admin Ship is still barely afloat, while a Foundation project risks sinking 4,068
30 Aug News and notes: Flying high; low practice from Wikipedia 'cleansing' agency; where do our donations go? RfA sees a new trend 4,061
20 Feb News and notes: The future is Swedish with a lack of administrators 4,054
29 Jun Discussion report: Deletion, page moves, and an update to the main page 4,038

Which categories of articles get the most pageviews?

"Op-ed" and "From the editor" articles have the highest average pageviews.

How many users have contributed to The Signpost in 2018?

10 contributors to The Signpost (Vol 14) amount to 72.8% of the total byline mentions, with the remaining 56 contributions accounting for the remaining 27.2% of byline mentions.

How many comments did The Signpost get in 2018?

2018's most commented-upon articles (till 20 December)
Article title No. of comments No. of commentators Total words
Op-ed: Has the wind gone out of the AdminShip's sails? 79 37 11,460
Op-ed: Death knell for The Signpost? 73 34 7,436
News and notes: Flying high; low practice from Wikipedia 'cleansing' agency; where do our donations go? RfA sees a new trend 72 35 4,877
Op-ed: Wikipedia's Strickland affair 61 36 5,621
Op-ed: What do admins do? 47 15 4,567
Community view: It's time we look past Women in Red to counter systemic bias 28 21 4,327
Opinion: Google isn't responsible for Wikipedia's mistakes 28 21 4,102

How many users subscribe to the The Signpost?

A total of 1,149 users have added their names to the user-talk page delivery list. Template subscription transclusions total 2,007, whereas the global delivery list currently has 227 users.

  1. ^ Total words has been calculated excluding signatures. Each signature generates an approximate of seven words in MS Word, the word counter used to count the total words in comments.
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  • @Liz: - bear in mind that many go directly to Wikipedia:Top 25 Report for the weekly, lengthier report. It has scored 160,000+ hits throughout the past year, and this may account for the discrepancy in views, with each individual weekly report grabbing 3,000 or so views. Stormy clouds (talk) 16:46, 31 December 2018 (UTC)[reply]
I was also surprised, but Stormy clouds quick insight of ~160,000+ views makes sense. This is an interesting case, how most people prefer to go to the original source of the traffic report, something they are more comfortable and familiar with, knowing also that it is regularly updated. Compare this with say this issues op-ed, which may have got many many more views when covered by other media sources, whereas in Signpost, the article still has generally the same number of views which a high-view Signpost article gets. DiplomatTesterMan (talk) 08:15, 2 January 2019 (UTC)[reply]
@Bluerasberry: That's an interesting point to note, the contributors to readers ratio. I wonder what the average ratio is in general for writer to reader ratio in media houses etc, I'm sure that may also be very low, much lower than Signpost maybe? Same case for Wikipedia articles... contributor to reader ratio for some are huge. I was also thinking about how low the ratio is for active Wikipedia users to contributors to Signpost. But I am sure this can also be explained by various factors including decrease in meta wiki stuff. Anyway, thank you for the insights. DiplomatTesterMan (talk) 08:03, 2 January 2019 (UTC)[reply]


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