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From the editor
Time for a truce
Lay down your verbal weapons.
Looking back, looking forward: A beginner's experience on Wikipedia
The experiences of a new user on Wikipedia, told in their own words.
Special report
The Christmas wishlist
What do the WMF devs have in store for the community?
The blogosphere migrates to Galaxy WMF
Suppose they gave a blog and nobody came?
News and notes
Reviewer of the year, WikiCup winner, and the 2019 Wikimedia Summit
Looking both backward and forward to events concerning the community.
Wikipedia, history, and the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day
A personal reflection on Wikipedia's role as a repository of history.
In the media
Court-ordered article redaction, paid editing, and rock stars
Real-world news competes with the usual celeb fascination for Wikipedia's commentators.
Discussion report
Farewell, Mediation Committee
It was a good 15 years. Plus: admins, notability, substubs, and new padlocks.
Arbitration report
A long break ends
Arbcom takes its first new case since June.
Traffic report
Queen reigns for four weeks straight
The "Queen" of stage and screen, that is. Is there another?
Biology or technology? Form follows function in nature and the constructed world.
Recent research
Why do the most active Wikipedians burn out?; only 4% of students vandalize
And other new research results.
No one cares about your garage band
Nope, don't care!
The dark side of our favorite root vegetable
Wonky carrots invoke terror.
From the archives
Ars longa, vita brevis
ARS might continue, but some Wikipedians might not.
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