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By Adam Cuerden

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 16 to 30 June. Quotes are generally from the articles, but may be abridged or simplified for length.

Well, here we are! Yet another featured content. This one's meant to come out - and of late that's actually meant something for once – on the 17th, which is World Day for International Justice. We'll find out in ... two issues, I believe (we work about a fortnight behind so we actually have time before publication to write things, but that's just past the cutoff for next issue), whether or not that resulted in any featured content of note.

It's also World Emoji Day, but 🖕 to that. Anyway! I probably make these rather chatty, but, I don't know. I have about 600 readers, according to the stats, maybe more given that doesn't include those of you that read the single-page version of the Signpost (and if you do read the single-page version, and something I did didn't get changed in editing, I am so sorry). It feels like we used to get a lot more readers, but, well, it also feels like Wikipedia as a whole has gotten a lot less chatty than it used to be. I'd like to go back to writing the multiple articles I was doing on here for a while, but, well, one does what one has the mental capacity for, and I'm just dealing with too much other stuff to be able to do much more. As it is, probably going to have to finish the April Fools' retrospective next year, which is kind of fine.

Getting back on topic, this was a fantastic fortnight (well, fiftnight, I guess?) for featured pictures, and okay-ish for lists and articles. It marks the return of featured topics for the first time since "Animals in lagomorpha" in October last year. Or ... probably does? The trouble with featured topics is that good topics automatically become featured topics when over half their articles become featured, and sometimes that doesn't get announced properly.[1][2] Template:Announcements/New featured content says that it's the first since "Animals in lagomorpha", though, and I don't have evidence to say otherwise.

Hope everyone's doing well!


Featured articles

Ten featured articles were promoted this period.

Remains of the pyramid of Merenre Nemtyemsaf I
Merenre Nemtyemsaf I, nominated by Iry-Hor
In a black basalt sacophagus, for centuries he lies,
Until removed in the 19th century by a pair of German guys.
(Or is it really him? Could it be an imposter?
Did some other person sneak their corpse into the roster?)
Anyway, they took him to show a friend, and, in a massive gaffe,
He was heavy so they went and broke the mummy right in half.
They didn't even take both parts: One's been lost since World War Two!
What an amazingly daft and stupid thing for archaeologists to do!
Henry II of England, nominated by Unlimitedlead
He reconquered Wales, lands in France he increased,
But will no-one rid him of that turbulent priest?
Battle of New Carthage, nominated by Gog the Mild
For what else is our beloved featured article status for
But to promote each and ev'ry battle of each and ev'ry Punic War?
Seriously, though, great work, Gog! You're doing WP:MILHIST proud!
Frances Cleveland. I'm sure we won't see this image again next issue in a different section.
Frances Cleveland, nominated by Thebiguglyalien
She was First Lady of the United States, but after Grover's death she did a ton,
Like promoting education, women's suffrage and being prepared for World War One.
Tunic (video game), nominated by PresN
When I was a child, when I got a game in a store,
I read the manual on the ride home to get myself ready for more.
This game's manual, like back then, has quite a lot to say,
But you have to unlock it to read it, a page at a time as you play.
Al-Adid, nominated by Cplakidas (a.k.a. Constantine)
Who kept Egypt Shia despite Saladin ?
Al-Adidn't. His quest he failéd in.
"My Man" (Tamar Braxton song), nominated by Aoba47
A blues song that covers, as it goes on its course,
The trauma arising from Tamar's parents' divorce.
Neptune (Alexander McQueen collection), nominated by Premeditated Chaos (a.k.a. PMC)
Ancient Greece meets the eighties, and then they combine
In a dazzling display: McQueen's fashion design.
Edward Dando, nominated by SchroCat
In the early eighteen hundreds, he ate food, though without cash
By inventing something along the lines of the modern "dine-and-dash".
1919–20 Gillingham F.C. season, nominated by ChrisTheDude
Throughout the First World War, the team couldn't exist
So they had to form a new one, and kept swapping who's on the list.

Featured pictures

Twenty (!!!) featured pictures were promoted this period, including the ones at the top and the bottom of this article, and shoved in between other sections. Because there's twenty of them.

Featured topics

One featured topic, by MaranoFan, a.k.a. NØ, was promoted this period.

Featured lists

Ten featured lists were promoted this period.

Australian marsupials
List of diprotodonts, nominated by PresN
An order of Australian marsupials for you to view,
Like a wallaby, a bettong, or a rat-kangaroo.
List of awards and nominations received by Modern Family, nominated by RunningTiger123
A mockumentary sitcom, which all the critics say
Is great at portraying relationships, one of which is gay.
List of Best Selling Rhythm & Blues Singles number ones of 1968, nominated by ChrisTheDude; List of Music Bank Chart winners (2018), nominated by EN-Jungwon and Jal11497; List of Best Selling Soul Singles number ones of 1969, nominated by ChrisTheDude; and List of Billboard Latin Pop Airplay number ones of 2000, nominated by Magiciandude (a.k.a. Erick)
Sometimes lists might start to cluster
Which any poet's mind will fluster.
It's always hard to know what to say
About lists of what was hot on each specific day.
List of international goals scored by Kelly Smith, nominated by Idiosincrático
At football, she proved very clever:
Steph Houghton declared her "England's best-ever"
And Houghton probably was quite right,
Unless you prefer Ellen White.
List of malvid families, nominated by Dank
There's cabbage and broccoli, but I'd ask you don't knock all yet:
For lo! There's mangos and maples and cashews and chocolate!
List of World Heritage Sites in the United States and List of World Heritage Sites in Pakistan, nominated by Tone
Over the years, our good Tone has unfurled
Lists on World Heritage from throughout the world.

19th-century Chinese scroll depicting Al-Hajj (part of the Qu'ran), unknown creator. This is one of our newest and tallest featured pictures. Templates like {{tall image}} exist for a reason, but I'm ignoring those reasons because I find terrible layout choices funny. And, yes, it's a bit distorted. We're pretty sure that's because the paper distorted as it aged.
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Al-Adidn't. His quest he failéd in. - Why would you do this linguistic violence to your poor, innocent readers? --PresN 15:52, 17 July 2023 (UTC)[reply]

@PresN: My goal is generally to get people interested in reading the article, or to teach them one interesting fact (lists can be kind of definitional, so I'm looser there.) It's a memorable way to get you to remember that fact. That said, next issue's is going to be kind of awkward due to things that happened during preparation. Adam Cuerden (talk)Has about 8.5% of all FPs. 14:10, 19 July 2023 (UTC)[reply]

  1. ^ Like JPxG fails to announce The Signpost on the watchlist every two weeks, as he's worried about Watchlist fatigue. I'm tired of fatigue. — AC
  2. ^ I can't go toe-to-toe in the back-office drama well enough to fight for our God-given right to have a watchlist notice 6 days a week — I have to work my way carefully through reading all the Signpost drama first to figure out who hates who and which fifteen-year-old RfC it was over. — J


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