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News and notes
Big bux hidden beneath wine-dark sea as we wait for the Tides to go out?
Gitz666 unglocked, Wikimania scholarships given and a new admin anointed.
In the media
Tentacles of Emirates plot attempt to ensnare Wikipedia
Ruwiki on the Ruinternet, Rauwerda on TEDx, and Jimbo on Fridman.
David Thomsen (Dthomsen8) and Ingo Koll (Kipala)
Philadelphians and Tanzanians say goodbye.
News from the WMF
ABC for Fundraising: Advancing Banner Collaboration for fundraising campaigns
The collaboration process for the 2023 English fundraising campaign is kicking off now, right from the start of the fiscal year.
In focus
Are the children of celebrities over-represented in French cinema?
Wikidata queries investigate nepo babies.
Tips and tricks
What automation can do for you (and your WikiProject)
A summary of various tools designed over the years.
Recent research
Wikipedia-grounded chatbot "outperforms all baselines" on factual accuracy
And various other research on large language models and Wikipedia.
New fringe theories to be introduced
Bold move intended to "get some variety" into Wikipedia arguments.
If you're reading this, you're probably on a desktop
The annual report that tries to understand the Signpost through data, written in 2020, which never saw the light of day until now.
Featured content
Scrollin', scrollin', scrollin', keep those readers scrollin', got to keep on scrollin', Rawhide!
In which choices have been made™.
Traffic report
The Idol becomes the Master
Sex, drugs and violence, English, math and science.
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