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By Adam Cuerden

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 1 to 15 June.

So! Finally doing this in advance for once. To cover some business from last issue, although our good editor added a note at the last minute about how we could have run this article last time, I don't think he understood the situation,[1] so I'll wait until next issue to consider running the greatest featured content hits that missed out on publication in early 2021. Ba Congress was a really interesting featured article, after all.[2]

As for this fortnight's issue: Isn't that a lovely image for the start of this issue? It's not meant to be included until next issue, but there was such a pleasing colour gradient in the gallery of featured pictures that I just grabbed the next one that passed for the top-of-the-article slot. If you see it again next issue, well, I screwed up.

I guess this is coming out a bit near the fourth of July. We have that in Britain. We also have the third and fifth of July, and a variety of other days. It's apparently "Be Nice to New Jersey Week" and "Sidewalk Egg Frying Day", but then, anyone can declare a holiday, right? Whenever you read this, it's Wikipedia Day! Celebrate by reading something on Wikipedia. Good job! You did it!


Featured articles

Five featured articles were promoted this period.

The Kinks on their 1965 US tour
The Kinks' 1965 US tour nominated by Tkbrett
Their behaviour while they were on this tour arguably stinks,
Hence the four-year U.S. performance ban for U.K. band the Kinks.
Tiberius III nominated by Iazyges
One of the great Byzantine emperors, or so it's supposed
This one would have been, were he not soon deposed.
("Posed" is a perfectly good rhyme for "posed", trust me.)
1995 Aigio earthquake nominated by SamBroGaming
"There's no chance of such an earthquake there in half a millennium."
This science proved,
And yet, it moved.
Takin' It Back nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ)
It's another featured content report! Give it a scan!
... Right there! An article on pop music, by MaranoFan!
In the pop music field, it's a little bit frightening
To see the speed and quality of MaranoFan's writing.
Kingdom Two Crowns nominated by The Night Watch
Collect the coins! Upgrade your Kingdom!
See a monster, and with weapons ding 'em!
A strategy game, where you ride on a horse
And try and improve things as you go on your course.

Featured pictures

Twelve featured pictures were promoted this period, including the ones at the top and bottom of this article.

Featured lists

Eight featured lists were promoted this period.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
As a footballer is really quite strong.
List of international goals scored by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang nominated by Idiosincrático
Football time! Let us now grab on
To the international goals by this player from Gabon!
List of accolades received by Dune (2021 film) nominated by Birdienest81
When critics to see Dune would go,
Just like spice, awards must flow.
List of awards and nominations received by Anjelica Huston nominated by Leo Mercury
Awards for Huston? Yep, she's had 'ems!
I remember her best as Morticia Addams.
List of birds of Tokelau nominated by AryKun
When the birds of Tokelau are taken as a body,
You'll find that, within them, there's a lot of noddy.
Irrfan Khan filmography nominated by Cowlibob
I don't know everything, nor ever could,
But I hear in Life of Pi he's good.
List of COM-clade families nominated by Dank
The COM-clade are flowering plants that use serial interface to connect to your computer.
... Wait! Turns out, no they aren't! My comment just made us all stupider!
Municipalities of Oaxaca nominated by Mattximus
I've never myself been to visit Oaxaca,
But if you want to learn more then this list here has got ya.
United States presidential elections in Florida nominated by 金色黎明
Did Bush win Florida? Well, let's let that point slide:
There's centuries' worth of voting to each president decide.
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  1. ^ Regretfully, due to publishing constraints, a witty riposte could not be produced prior to press time: JPxG did not immediately respond to a request for comment. —JPxG
  2. ^ I too can add sarcastic notes to my articles. —Adam.


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