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Are you afraid of spiders? Arnold? The Idol? ChatGPT?

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By Igordebraga, Spinixster, Ollieisanerd and Benmite
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by Igordebraga, Spinixster, Ollieisanerd, and Benmite (plus a helpful IP).

On candy stripe legs the Spider-Man comes (May 28 to June 3)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 1,756,037 Spider-Man, we're at it again. This time with 50% more Spider-Men! Oooh yeah. Not quite a bug. Not quite a man. How do I break out from this Spider-Man clan?
Marvel's most popular character gets another animated feature about his multiple variations, most prominently the once Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. Amazingly done regarding both visuals and writing, even if it's frustrating how everything ends in a massive cliffhanger for Beyond the Spider-Verse, due next March, Across the Spider-Verse has earned great reviews and had a massive opening of over $120 million in North America alone.
2 The Little Mermaid (2023 film) 1,699,397 In the latest case of Disney remaking their animated features in live-action (or in the most unnecessary and unfortunately most profitable case, trading 2D animation for photorealistic one), the return to the story of Ariel is comparable to Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, perfectly watchable with good production values and most of what made people love the original, as well as adding some stuff that only reminds people to skip rewatches of the remake and just go for the cartoon again – don't care if Lin-Manuel Miranda is involved, I certainly did not need to see a rapping Scuttle. Audiences are still making this a box office hit, albeit with better numbers in North America than overseas as seemingly mermaids have problems keeping up with cars and submarines (#4).
3 ChatGPT 1,354,094 People continue to be intrigued by the chatbot that this Report still hasn't "hired" to do write-ups.
4 Fast X 1,115,810 Like #1, the latest in an enduring franchise that ends in a cliffhanger.
5 Tina Turner 1,027,003 As big wheels keep on turning, the late Queen of Rock 'n' Roll keeps on rolling on this report.
6 Deaths in 2023 930,877 Though I'm poor, I am free
When I grow, I shall fight
For this land, I shall die
Let her sun never set
7 Succession (TV series) 917,926 These critically acclaimed shows premiered their season finales on May 28th and May 31st respectively, but it is unclear if Ted Lasso's season finale would be its last like Succession's.
8 Ted Lasso 617,121
9 Al Pacino 607,104 Like friend and fellow acting legend Robert De Niro a few weeks ago, Pacino is here for fatherhood at a very advanced age (83!), once he announced his girlfriend is expecting his fourth child.
10 Danny Masterson 587,101 That '90s Show had one conspicuous absence from That '70s Show in Steven Hyde, who didn't even get a cursory mention. The reason is his actor being charged with three accusations of rape, and the trial has ended with Masterson convicted for two of the counts, leading to incarceration facing 30 years to life.

And they say that a hero could save us (June 4 to 11)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 2,164,788 Holding itself onto the top spot is the congregation of Webheads that won reviewers and audiences in a way that no cliffhanger ending could hurt.
2 ChatGPT 1,635,172 One more week for the chatbot even used in the burger wars.
3 2023 ICC World Test Championship final 1,480,298 India likes cricket so much it is hurting Disney+ more than any backlash against the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So huge views came in the article for this match where the Indian national team lost to Australia.
4 The Little Mermaid (2023 film) 1,055,472 Disney's latest live action remake for their cartoons. This one has Ariel played by a Black actress, and the next remake will have Snow White as a Latina.
5 Fast X 1,006,072 This here writer had no interest in watching this movie about cars, family and a general disregard for physics. Box office of over $660 million worldwide shows he's in the minority.
6 Lionel Messi 991,865 Footballers ending their careers with paychecks in U.S. dollars happens ever since Pelé in the 1970s, so why not see it with the Argentinian some claim is his biggest contestant as the sport's GOAT? After choosing not to renew with Paris Saint-Germain, Leo's return to FC Barcelona was marred by financial constraints and he opted not to go to Saudi Arabia and renew the Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry, so off Messi went to sign with Inter Miami CF.
7 Zlatan Ibrahimović 962,908 Still on football, a Swedish striker that already earned his Major League Soccer money and returned for one last season in AC Milan before announcing his retirement at the age of 41, closing off a career that included over 500 goals scored.
8 Deaths in 2023 956,624 I am so high, I can hear heaven
Whoa, but heaven, no, heaven don't hear me...
9 Arnold Schwarzenegger 888,276 One of the quintessential action stars gets his first show in Netflix's FUBAR, where somewhat similar to True Lies (which itself inspired an eponymous series in another streaming service) Arnie's status as a secret agent is revealed to his family, namely when he finds out his daughter (played by Monica Barbaro, fresh off Top Gun: Maverick) has also been hiding her job in the CIA.
10 Transformers: Rise of the Beasts 826,256 Bumblebee renewed faith in the film series about giant robots, so hopes were up for the seventh (!) movie, taking some pages from Beast Wars and featuring Cybertronians who look like animals. Even if not as good as Bumblebee, Rise of the Beasts is still one of the better Transformers movies in that it doesn't have the typical Michael Bay sensory overload that makes the viewer feel like a truck just ran over them. Hence its opening weekend outperformed both Bumblebee and the predecessor that showed audiences were tired of the 'Bayhem', while having mixed to positive reviews.

And she'll always get the best of me, the worst is yet to come (June 11 to 17)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 The Idol (TV series) 2,392,488 From the guy who brought you teenagers having lots of sex and doing hard drugs and a pop star who brought you adults having lots of sex and doing hard drugs comes a show about a pop star who, in a shocking turn of events, has lots of sex and does hard drugs—but this time, she's in a cult! The Idol stars self-proclaimed sleazeball The Weeknd as Tedros, a semi-convincing cult leader, alongside famed nepo baby Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn, the aforementioned pop star in the aforementioned cult. It premiered last week, with its second episode released this week, and what it lacks for in positive reviews or common decency, it makes up for in controversy and viewership (well, kind of), hence its taking of the top spot on this week's list. If you've missed out on the show's whirlwind first two episodes, like a certain writer here who may or may not be writing this very entry, then you can instead treat yourself to the many memes spawned by the show's uncomfortable sex scenes and The Weeknd's passing resemblance to celebrity stylist Law Roach, which are far easier to stomach.
2 Treat Williams 1,792,516 An American actor who was a "treat" to watch in films like the 1979 hippie flick Hair and the 2000s drama Everwood, Williams died this week at age 71 from a motorcycle crash on Vermont Route 30.
3 ChatGPT 1,777,074 Resist the urge to get ChatGPT to write it! Come on, you can do it!

ChatGPT is... ChatGPT has been...

You've got it, just a few sentences is all! Don't let AI win!

ChatGPT has got... When ChatGPT...

I can't. I have to do it.


ChatGPT's exceptional popularity and influence in the realm of artificial intelligence was exemplified by its noteworthy inclusion in Wikipedia's prestigious Top 25 Report. Garnering an immense number of views from users worldwide, ChatGPT has become a captivating subject of interest and curiosity. As an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT's presence among the top-ranking pages underscores its significance as a cutting-edge technology that captivates and engages individuals seeking knowledge and understanding in the ever-evolving landscape of AI. Its appearance on the Top 25 Report solidifies ChatGPT's status as a prominent entity within the expansive universe of information and innovation.

4 Adipurush 1,691,430 A Bollywood epic based on the Ramayana, starring Prabhas as Raghava, Adipurush got negative reviews but has been picking the crore, nearly making back its massive budget (the only Indian movie to cost more was RRR) in just one week.
5 The Flash (film) 1,574,871 Flash! Aaaaaah!
The Scarlet Speedster from DC Comics got his own feature film, one of the last in the DC Extended Universe before it folds over into the DC Universe, and indeed the movie can count as an adaptation of "reboot event comic" Flashpoint in which Barry Allen screws up with time and causes massive shifts to the world. Entertaining in a way that's easier to forget the horrible things star Ezra Miller has done, with highlights including the glorious return of Michael Keaton's Batman and some multiverse-related fanservice, The Flash got positive reviews and hopefully can earn more than Black Adam with its similar $139 million opening, no matter if it might not be one of the summer's biggest movies.
6 Nikola Jokić 1,239,609 The Serbian basketballer known as 'Joker' cemented himself as one of the NBA's alpha dogs, as just one year removed from two straight NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, he led the oft-underperforming Denver Nuggets to their first title in the 2023 NBA Finals, beating the Miami Heat with averages of 30.2 points, 14 rebounds and 7.2 assists that made him be chosen as Finals MVP.
7 Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 1,226,927 But we move forwards
Into emptiness
Into the void
Into the Spider-Verse
8 Ted Kaczynski 1,395,884 AKA 'Unabomber', this American terrorist died this week in prison at the age of 81. Kaczynski was originally a mathematics prodigy, but he abandoned this career in 1969 in order to pursue a primitive lifestyle. He was arrested in 1996 for murdering three people and injuring 23 others using mail bombs between 1978 and 1995. Kaczynski targeted these people as he believed they were hastening the destruction of the natural environment. Prison officials believe he committed suicide.
9 Juneteenth 1,070,811 One week before it actually happened in the 19th people were already seeking the holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.
10 Arnold Schwarzenegger 1,047,864 Along with FUBAR, Netflix released Arnold, a docuseries taking a look at the impressive life story of its star, who managed to go from a poor boy in Austria to a bodybuilding champion, the highest-paid movie star in the world and governor of California. A conspicuous absence is his ex-wife Maria Shriver, who probably does not want to recall something that, like Arnie's autobiography, the series pushes as close to the end as possible, how he had an affair with the housekeeper and fathered a son with her.

I said, ooh, I'm blinded by the lights (June 18 to 24)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 The Idol (TV series) 6,517,575 Geez, those are some big numbers. The only other show to get over 5 million views in a week here on Wikipedia was Squid Game, and that one was breaking viewership records and getting acclaim, as opposed to The Idol barely registering (even if people might not see TV on TV anymore, episodes 2-4 combined barely beat the least viewed episode of fellow HBO show The Last of Us) and the discourse is mostly on negative qualities like a behind the scenes dispute, lots of sleazy content, and the questionable acting abilities of co-creator The Weeknd. In any case, the limited series ends with episode 5 this Sunday.
2 2023 Titan submersible incident 3,029,772 Titan was a submersible so-named because it was used for very expensive (at its lowest tickets were US$105,000!) trips to the most famous shipwreck in history, the Titanic. Its first dive of 2023 ended up going very wrong, as it lost contact on June 18, and after four days of search the discovery of a debris field made clear that Titan was almost close to the wreck when it suffered a catastrophic implosion (in fact, the page's current name is Titan submersible implosion). All five passengers were ruled to have died instantly, including one with many adventurer credentials, Hamish Harding, who had gone to the South Pole, the Challenger Deep and even space before the fatal voyage, only two days before his 59th birthday.
3 Hamish Harding 2,773,229
4 Adipurush 2,533,392 This Bollywood epic based on the Ramayana, starring Prabhas and Kriti Sanon (pictured), is currently climbing the highest-grossing Indian films ranking even if it's still halfway through the massive budget while earning negative reviews.
5 Wagner Group 2,292,021 A paramilitary group described as "Putin's private army", who eventually decided to launch a rebellion against him amidst growing tensions between leader Yevgeny Prigozhin and the Russian Ministry of Defence. He had previously denied having any involvement with the Wagner Group, until September last year when he admitted to being its founder. The mutiny eventually only lasted one day, with the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko intervening. Wagner was presented with three options: joining the Ministry of Defence, relocating to Belarus, or disbanding. Prigozhin stepped down as Wagner's leader, and his forces began retreating from Rostov-on-Don on 24 June.
6 Titanic 2,261,181 #2 has created a resurgence of interest in the Titanic. The guy who made the famed blockbuster about the sinking and visited the wreck over 30 times, down to filming a documentary there, was one of the people consulted regarding the incident, and declared that it was a disaster waiting to happen, claiming #7 was cutting corners while designing and building Titan.
7 OceanGate 1,980,596 The company behind the submersible involved in #2, co-founded by #17.
8 Juneteenth 1,850,138 One of the latest federal holidays in the United States (added only in 2021), celebrating how the Governor of Texas proclaimed freedom for emancipated slaves on June 19, 1865.
9 Shahzada Dawood 1,596,792 Pakistani businessman, victim of #2 alongside his 19 year-old son, whom he had brought with him for a Father's Day treat.
10 Wreck of the Titanic 1,377,230 The remains of #6, which the victims of #2 lost their lives in an attempt to see.

Most edited articles

For the May 19 – June 19 period, per this this database report.

Title Revisions Notes
Deaths in 2023 1747 When the biggest category is Living people, a natural extension is extensive updates on those who died. Ones not listed above include The Iron Sheik, Pat Robertson, Silvio Berlusconi, Cormac McCarthy and Glenda Jackson.
Tartan 1390 To quote Spaceballs, "They've gone into plaid!" thanks to one user cleaning up the article on the patterned cloth mostly associated with Scotland.
Legalism (Chinese philosophy) 1323 Like in April, one user is still cleaning up this article on a Chinese philosophy school of thought.
2023 French Open – Men's singles 1058 14 time champion Rafael Nadal was injured and thus absent for the first time since 2005. Rival Novak Djokovic took the opportunity to win his third title at Stade Roland Garros, also marking a record 23rd Grand Slam championship!
2024 Republican Party presidential primaries 946 Maybe it will be Donald Trump again, even if the law might be coming for him.
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse 921 There's possibly as many Spider-Men in this movie (including Spider-Punk, Scarlet Spider, and a Lego Spidey!) as there were edits to the article.
2023 French Open – Women's singles 904 Polish powerhouse Iga Świątek, who has been leading the WTA Rankings ever since Ashleigh Barty retired out of nowhere last year, won her second straight and third overall title in the French clay, and she's just 22!
Destruction of the Kakhovka Dam 836 No one was expecting the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine to still be rolling by June 2023. One of the latest developments was a dam seized by the Russians early in the war being exploded, flooding the nearby regions and causing problems in the water supply.
2023 NCAA Division I baseball tournament 831 College baseball started on June 2, to culminate in a decisive "World Series" in Omaha.
Leonardo Torres y Quevedo 771 One editor is cleaning the article on this Spanish engineer and inventor.
2023 Pacific typhoon season 702 Our dedicated "storm watchers" were there to update on the year's first violent Pacific cyclone Typhoon Mawar, as well as the strong Typhoon Guchol.
Tina Turner 696 The recently deceased Queen of Rock N' Roll. What's love got to do, got to do with it?
2023 Odisha train collision 669 Three trains collided in India, killing 292 people and injuring over a thousand others.
Fast X 651 With three edits more than the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup won by Uruguay in neighbor Argentina is the blockbuster where again Vin Diesel and co. wreck their other neighbor Brazil.


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