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By Adam Cuerden

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 16 to 31 May.

Not much to say this week. I rushed it a bit, but, y'know. One does what one can. From past experience, if a featured content item isn't published, it's just spiked; none of the content in it ever gets mentioned in the Signpost and the next issue just carries on with the next batch of content.[1]

Probably best to avoid that.

- Adam

Featured articles

Sixteen featured articles were promoted this period.

Thomas A. Spragens
Thomas A. Spragens, nominated by PCN02WPS
Centre College in Kentucky
To get Spragens was quite lucky.
The Dance of the Twisted Bull, nominated by Premeditated Chaos
Through the torso of one of his models
Alexander McQueen shoved spears.
It's just an optical illusion,
But not in your worst fears.
James Madison, nominated by ErnestKrause
One of America's founding fathers,
His reviews would probably be raves
For writing The Federalist Papers
If he didn't promote keeping slaves.
North East MRT line, nominated by ZKang123
Want to go to north-east Singapore?
Well, that's exactly what this line's for!
USS Marmora (1862), nominated by Hog Farm
A sternwheel steamer that got clad in tin,
The American Civil War is the one she fought in.
Irish nationality law, nominated by Horserice
Want to be an Irish citizen? Unless there's a flaw,
This article will tell you what sayeth the law.
Wood River Branch Railroad, nominated by Trainsandotherthings
A Rhode Island railway, the article's strong,
For a line that was only five point six miles long.
Cherry Valentine, nominated by Another Believer
A drag queen raised as a Traveller, a fact he made clear
Though few knew about Travellers LGBT or queer.
"White Horse" (Taylor Swift song), nominated by Ippantekina
Taylor Swift sings that fantasy stories
Teach morals that they shouldn't do.
She's no princess; her boyfriend's no knight
And she shouldn't have believed that's true.
Coccinellidae, nominated by LittleJerry
Ladybird, ladybird fly away home,
Your house is on fire, your children will burn.
Pasqua Rosée, nominated by SchroCat
He opened the first coffeeshop in London town
What else did he do? It's not written down.
Untitled Goose Game, nominated by MyCatIsAChonk
In a quaint English village,
The sons of the tillage
Find their problems never cease
Because of prankster geese.
Hungarian nobility, nominated by Borsoka
Oh, Hungary,
Oh, Hungary!
Oh, doughty sons of Hungary!
May all success
Attend and bless
Your warlike ironmongery! WSG
1980 World Snooker Championship, nominated by BennyOnTheLoose
Fifty-three entered, though four of them withdrew,
Cliff Thorburn's the man that saw the thing through.
"It's a Wrap", nominated by Heartfox
We're sure Mariah Carey will not have got fed up
When her old song grew popular once it was sped up.
A bit earlier this year, it got a new start
When TikTok discovered it, and it entered the chart.
Weesperplein metro station, nominated by Styyx
A metro line was cancelled, and the most
That remains is under Weesperplein: A ghost

Featured pictures

Nineteen featured pictures were promoted this period, including those at the top and bottom of this article.

Featured lists

Eight featured lists were promoted this period.
An image of Aquino wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with her arms crossed
Angel Aquino on the set of Astray in 2012
Angel Aquino on screen and stage, nominated by Pseud 14
She was in many roles on stage and screen,
But by me none of her roles have been seen.
I'm sure she's good, but I fear this time,
I again have to go with a cop-out rhyme.
List of Top Selling R&B Singles number ones of 1967, nominated by ChrisTheDude
A Billboard chart
With Rhythm and Blues heart.
GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, nominated by PanagiotisZois
A number of shows for this award vied,
A suitable featured list for this month of Pride.
List of Alexander McQueen collections, nominated by Premeditated Chaos
A fashion designer, we talked about him before
As such, I think I need not say that much more.
List of Billboard Tropical Airplay number ones of 1999, nominated by Magiciandude (Erick)
A Billboard chart
With a tropical heart.
List of Indianapolis 500 winners, nominated by EnthusiastWorld37
Round and round and round they goes,
When do they stop? Nobody kno—
Oh, after 500 miles. Right. That explains the name.
List of nitrogen-fixing-clade families, nominated by Dank
Not all these fix nitrogen (that's a symbiote in rhizomes)
But many flowering plants in this clade make their homes.
Werner Herzog filmography, nominated by HAL333
Famed German director, with many a classic movie,
Watching them in celebration would be very groovy.


  1. ^ Editor's note: well, we could have run it in this issue lol.
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