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By Bri
Soundtrack to inspire readers of The Signpost

The regular Editor-in-Chief is taking well deserved rest – at least he said he was, but still snuck in to the Signpost Newsroom to make some last-minute improvements – and as acting Editor-in-Chief this month, I want to take this space to thank all the contributors who did step up during the past year to take a turn, or several turns, to keep it coming for our loyal readers. If you didn't notice, this is the 11th issue of The Signpost for 2021, not the 12th, reflecting a not-quite-perfect publishing year, and we're still looking for more people interested in the news biz.

As always, use the reader feedback on the articles to tell us what you think, make suggestions at our suggestions page or use the private tip link on the same page. We hope you continue to join us in a healthy, fortunate and bountiful 2022.

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