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"All we are saying is, give peace a chance..."

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By EpicPupper and Gerald Waldo Luis

Perhaps some of you merely knew Ukraine from its other things: its deep culture, delicious food, warm locals, splendid nature. Some, though, may understand its architectural roots and political history; CNN described the country as "a former Soviet nation struggling to find its identity between Russia and western Europe", though they acknowledged it as a hidden gem. And it is.

In this month's Signpost issue, aligning with the themes of the other articles, we present some high-quality pictures of the Ukrainian landscape, before the ongoing 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, arranged poetically. Perhaps this classic song can be a good companion while scrolling through this. Indeed, the message still holds true. May peace be given a chance.

  • Михайло Пецкович
  • Moahim
  • Aeou
  • George Chernilevsky
  • Ввласенко
  • Alex Levitsky & Dmitry Shamatazhi (one account)
  • Nick Grapsy
  • Rbrechko
  • EnergyButterfly
  • Balkhovitin
  • Q-lieb-in
  • Pavlo Prystai
  • Khoroshkov

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