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The news, the memes, the group DMs, and the edit wars have been subsumed by a singular topic in the last month. Most of us know what it is; indeed, some of us are living through it. It follows, then, that article deletion discussions would take a similar tack. Indeed, the largest and most-active discussions of this month have been overwhelmingly focused on events, people, and topics related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with few exceptions. Usually, the deletion report explores a variety of different discussions, but this month they're quite similar, so I will try a different format. This is a fairly short deletion report, owing to time constraints; if you want more detailed information (including a breakdown of !voting patterns, close trends and overall activity) feel free to check out the March index of the Oracle for Deletion, which I wrote a few months ago and use to gather statistics for these reports.

Of the ten longest AfDs (by character count), six were related to the conflict in Ukraine. Of the ten most active (by !vote count), seven were Ukraine-related; four articles appeared in both lists. By characters:

By !votes:

There were, however, some discussions representing other topics. These represented a minority of both lists: between them, only 7 concerned subjects unrelated to the war in Ukraine. By characters:

By !votes:


  1. ^ As the saying goes, "DON'T AWOO — $350 PENALTY".
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