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By Ganesha811 & Isaacl

Two rhymes in jest.

The Co-Founder's Lament

There once was a learnèd philosopher,
Who was hired as Nupedia's first officer,
But over the years,
His hopes turned to fears,
"Expert must never lag amateur!"

But now the co-founder's lament,
Has hardened his heart to cement,
He publishes jeers,
He sees puppeteers,
"It's biased one hundred percent!"

Quatrain for An IP With Only One Edit

Out from the vast eternal Web they stretched a helping hand,
As ants with grains of sand help build beyond their own short span,
Just like a relay runner passing on the track baton,
Ten dot three dot two dot one writes "This should be 'an', not 'and' :-)"

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