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By Eddie891

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from May 19 through June 18. Text may be adapted from the respective articles and lists; see their page histories for attribution.

Featured articles

18 featured articles were promoted.

Construction of Rockefeller Center, undertaken as an urban renewal project for Midtown Manhattan, was the largest private construction project at the time. Shown here partially completed in December 1933.
Lord Howe swamphen has been extinct since the early 19th century.
Tutupaca, a complex formed by three overlapping volcanoes in Peru's Central Volcanic Zone, reaches 5,815 metres.
Ceratosaurus cast at Natural History Museum of Utah

Featured lists

18 featured lists were promoted.

Fomalhaut b (Dagon), 25 light-years away, is one of the nearest exoplanets, and has been directly imaged.

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Five featured pictures were promoted.

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The featured article section for the Hudson Sesquicentennial half dollar has an i missing from the word "is". Just though I'd let you know. Alduin2000 (talk) 17:13, 2 July 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Looks like its been fixed. L293D ( • ) 12:50, 4 July 2018 (UTC)[reply]


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