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From the editorThe Admin Ship is still barely afloat, while a Foundation project risks sinking
A Wiki not so Simple, a mayor motivating an editathon, a Marshall Plan, and a Wikimania under a cloud of criticism
Special report
NPR and AfC – The Marshall Plan: an engagement and a marriage?
Further developments on New Page Review and Articles for Creation work sharing
What do admins do?
Admins volunteer to be abused – or so it seems
Google isn't responsible for Wikipedia's mistakes
So it shouldn't get credit for our work, either.
News and notes
Money, milestones, and Wikimania
Major grants announced, a new milestone for Afrikaans Wikipedia, a new WMF technical engagement team, an effort to start up a new library, two new admins – or maybe three fewer depending on your math.
In the media
Much wikilove from the Mayor of London, less from Paekākāriki or a certain candidate for U.S. Congress
Several online battles are juxtaposed with stories about cooperation and good deeds, Arbcom hovering over it all; notwithstanding, a good action movie script is not necessarily found here.
Discussion report
Deletion, page moves, and an update to the main page
Community discussions include style updates to project-wide icons and the main page, procedural questions on royal names and jettisoning unsuitable drafts, and deeper questions of compliance with European privacy laws and the perennial issue of shrinking admin corps.
Featured content
New promotions
Enjoy the superb content
Arbitration report
WWII, UK politics, and a user deCrat'ed
British politics case enters workshop phase and German war effort closes workshop, goes to Arbcom for proposals.
Traffic report
Two celebrities hang themselves, and the FIFA World Cup is underway
Technology report
Improvements piled on more improvements
An AI assistant comes to watchlists; better mobile compatibility; new bots, tools and scripts; and more
Wiki Loves Africa
Colorful and moving.
Wikipedia should be open for editors in Turkey
WMF appeals to Turkish Minister of Transport, Maritime, and Communications Ahmet Arslan to lift the block of all language versions of Wikipedia for over a year.
Recent research
How censorship can backfire and conversations can go awry
Studying ourselves: 'driven by a sense of mission' according to researchers.
Television plot lines
In our next episode...
Wikipedia essays
This month's pick by The Signpost editors
Some essays are funny, some are serious; some are just, well what exactly?
From the archives
Wolves nip at Wikipedia's heels: A perspective on the cost of paid editing
Revisiting an editor's warning to count our kidneys and keep the wolves at bay
Single-page edition


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