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From the editorIf only if
Ships and shoes – and if you don't like it here, just go away!
The last leg of the Admin Ship's current cruise
How admin would-bes run the gauntlet.
Wrestling with Wikipedia reality
Wikipedia referees wag a finger at Professional Wrestling editors.
News and notes
Another newspaper for Wikipedia; Wikimania 2018 ends; changes at NPR
New admins and Kudpung finally leaves NPP after 7 years.
In the media
Blackouts in Europe; Wikipedia and capitalists; WMF Jet Set
One secret cabal that watches out for conspiracy theories, and another one out to stymie venture capitalists?
Discussion report
Wikipedias take action against EU copyright proposal, plus new user right proposals
And more: a new user group for editing code, Women in Red, and arbitrator articles.
Featured content
Wikipedia's best content in images and prose
Spanning the gamut from warfare and destruction to pop culture to celebrations of nature and humanity's achievements.
Arbitration report
Status quo processes retained in two disputes
We don't have "state agents" in a political debate, but couldn't talk about it if there were.
Traffic report
Soccer, football, call it what you like – that and summer movies leave room for little else
Finding the mathematician and Supreme Court nominee in this list is like playing Where's Waldo?.
Technology report
New bots, new prefs
Useful new gadgets.
Independence days, national holidays, and football – all in July
Depictions of July events in several countries.
Motivation of two editors
Those who study ancient Egypt.
Recent research
Different Wikipedias use different images; editing contests more successful than edit-a-thons
And other recent findings, plus a roundup of research presentations at Wikimania.
It's all the same
Merge WikiProject Professional wrestling and ANI.
Wikipedia does not need you
Get over it!
From the archives
The pending changes fiasco: how an attempt to answer one question turned into a quagmire
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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