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By Igordebraga, YttriumShrew, Benmite, TheJoebro64, Ab207, and SSSB
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by Igordebraga, YttriumShrew, (May 29 to June 11) Benmite, (May 22 to 28, June 12 to 18) TheJoebro64, (May 29 to June 4) Ab207, SSSB. (June 5 to 11)

In spite of the Top 1000 list stopping (the responsible editor wants some help), we continued to compile the most viewed articles, including streaming shows, movies, and a celebrity lawsuit that just wouldn't leave.

Most viewed articles

And you can all hide behind your desks now (May 22 to 28)

Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (May 22 to 28, 2022)
Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Ray Liotta 3,574,274 An actor who worked for decades with a shameful start and varied roles (as quoted by him in the "Personal life" section, "I've done movies with the Muppets. I did Sinatra. I did good guys and bad guys. I did a movie with an elephant."), albeit his more famous involved criminals, such as Goodfellas and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Liotta died at 67 in his sleep as he filmed in the Dominican Republic.
2 Robb Elementary School shooting 2,184,027 Just a week and some change after a mass shooting at a Buffalo, New York grocery store, as well as another mass shooting at a Taiwanese church in California (which received considerably less press attention, due to a lower death toll), the United States is still bowling for Columbine as the Columbine effect sadly continues. Right before noon on May 24, an 18-year-old shooter walked into a Texas elementary school and opened fire on a single classroom, killing 19 children and two adults and injuring nearly as many. Not only is this the umpteenth mass shooting this year, but it's also the third-deadliest school shooting in the United States, ever. It's reignited some much-needed but likely fruitless discussions about the state of gun control in America, and also called into question the necessity of law enforcement in shootings like these, following revelations that police officers on the scene didn't apprehend the shooter for up to an hour after he entered the building, and stopped parents who attempted to save their children while officers went in to go save their own.
3 Amber Heard 1,484,469 Although these star-crossed star exes have been at the top of this list for Depp's highly-publicized defamation trial against Heard for weeks now, it seems their star is fading now that the trial has come to a close.
4 Johnny Depp 1,435,657
5 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting 1,421,229 Mass elementary school shootings are a fairly rare type of tragedy, so when one does take place, it's not surprising that people might flock to read about the last major one. This one, which took place in 2012, had an even higher death toll than the above entry, claiming the lives of 20 students and six staff members, and parents of its victims were predictably outspoken about the recent shooting.
6 Stranger Things (season 4) 1,379,860 The final season of Stranger Things ... is not here yet, as is the current trend the season has been split in two parts and this is only the first part of season 4. The seven episodes are extra long. The final two episodes are due to be released in five weeks time on July 1, 2022.
7 Top Gun: Maverick 1,259,132 36 years later (a few of them due to pandemic delays), Tom Cruise's Maverick again takes us on a highway to the Danger Zone on his Mighty Wings across the sky, and critics and audiences alike were willing for some Playing With the Boys, with glowing reviews and over $100 million on its opening weekend.
8 Uvalde, Texas 1,004,871 This small, Hispanic-majority town a few dozen miles away from San Antonio was probably not hoping to enter the headlines this week for the reasons it did (#2).
9 The Great Gama 939,737 This Indian heavyweight, who went undefeated for all five decades of his wrestling career, was honored with a Google Doodle for his 144th birthday.
10 List of school shootings in the United States 878,739 You probably don't need a whole morose list to remind you of this fact, but in case you somehow forgot, there's been a lot of 'em, including #2 and #5.

Watchin' in slow motion as you turn my way and say (May 29 to June 4)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Sidhu Moose Wala 3,083,071 In an unfortunate proof that violence in rap isn't limited to the U.S., this controversial Punjabi rapper was shot in his car by an unidentified group. Some significant controversy arose as his security had been cut shortly before he was killed.
2 KK (singer) 2,986,232 Moose Wala wasn't the only Indian singer to die this week; KK, a playback singer in multiple languages from a completely different genre of music, died of a heart attack shortly after a concert.
3 Stranger Things (season 4) 2,665,381
Most of the fourth season of Stranger Things was released last week, with the final episodes being held back to the start of July. The season is a bit darker than previous ones, and features strange (and stranger) things happening in Hawkins and a second, less fantasy-y storyline set in Kamchatka.
4 Amber Heard 2,176,373 The lawsuit revealing a seemingly mutually abusive marriage is over: on June 1, Heard was found liable on three counts of defaming her ex-husband Depp. (Though it wasn't a total victory for Depp; the jury found that one of his lawyer's statements regarding Heard was also defamatory.) If Depp's career was sent down after the last time this went to court, expect hers to suffer too—there are rumors of her Mera, a highlight of Aquaman, being cut from the sequel.
5 Johnny Depp 2,091,010
6 Top Gun: Maverick 2,066,402 After repeatedly being delayed, Maverick was finally released on May 27, 36 years after its predecessor (#8). The film received rave reviews—with many considering it one of the best films of Tom Cruise's career and superior to the original Top Gun—and has already grossed over $548 million worldwide.
7 Stranger Things 1,837,177 The Duffer Brothers revival of both Stephen King and Steven Spielberg from the 80s has returned to Netflix (#3).
8 Top Gun 1,226,408 The biggest hit of 1986 concerned naval aviators going to the TOPGUN academy. Only two of its characters returned for the belated sequel at #6, Cruise's Maverick and Val Kilmer's Iceman – who has only one heartbreaking scene, especially as the character reflects Kilmer's health history being a cancer survivor who now can't even speak properly.
9 Val Kilmer 1,212,420
10 Elizabeth II 1,208,775 The United Kingdom and a bunch of other places celebrated their Queen's Platinum Jubilee this week, with pageantry, salutes, shows and a ridiculous skit with Paddington Bear.

Take my breath away (June 5 to 11)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Vikram (2022 film) 1,647,903 This Indian film is now the highest-grossing Tamil production of the year. Much like another 2022 release (#3), it is a spiritual sequel to its namesake 1986 film, and follows a retired secret agent trying to take down a drug syndicate. The film also kicks off a cinematic universe with a sequel to follow.
2 Jurassic World Dominion 1,500,071 For possibly the final time, the revived dinosaurs hit theaters once again. This time, to unite the casts of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, the script is kind of busy to give one plot to Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum and another to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard – surprisingly, both are mostly concerned with subjects other than dinosaurs, namely locusts and a cloned girl, leading to many negative reviews. Still, there is enough action with prehistoric creatures to satisfy fans, and Dominion is making a killing at the box office, getting close to $400 million after its North American release.
3 Top Gun: Maverick 1,402,047 Unlike the above, a very liked sequel. And the Navy pilots have brought in an impressive $748 million worldwide, making it the second most successful Tom Cruise movie after Mission: Impossible – Fallout.
4 Stranger Things (season 4) 1,346,569 A Series of Stranger Things hit Hawkins, Indiana as Series 4 of Stranger Things premiered on Netflix two weeks ago, and it manages to fit three storylines together in a way that actually works. The page continues to get a lot of views, presumably from people trying to find out when they get to watch the last two episodes.
5 Top Gun 1,239,201 Adequately, the thing splitting the Upside Down is one of the biggest hits of the 1980s, released in the same 1986 of the latest season.
6 Stranger Things 1,152,897 The Duffer Brothers' 80s-in-the-2020s Netflix show has returned for most of its fourth season.
7 Elizabeth II 896,612 The 4-day weekend celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee ended on June 5 with a three-hour long pageant. It started with a military parade, before part 2 celebrated 70 years of British culture and part 3 focused on celebrating the 70-year milestone.
8 The Boys (TV series) 888,096 Prime Video brought back the show with jerk superheroes causing bloody injuries no one will not see in the Marvel and DC movies. And like season 2, the third was three episodes upfront followed by weekly ones, so expect the show to remain on this list.
9 Deaths in 2022 887,690 Then swing your rope slowly and rattle your spurs lowly,
And give a wild whoop as you carry me along;
And in the grave throw me and roll the sod o'er me,
For I'm a young cowboy and I know I've done wrong...
10 Amber Heard 838,115 While the most publicised trial since O. J. Simpson wrapped up over a week ago, the article on the defendant continues to receive a lot of attention.

They're playing basketball, we love that basketball (June 12 to 18)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Juneteenth 1,297,409 After the George Floyd protests in 2020, interest in this holiday marking an end to chattel slavery across the United States (following its abolition in Texas in 1865) rose greatly, prompting Joe Biden to declare it a federal holiday the following year. A couple centuries late on that one, Joe, but at least we got there eventually, and we had our very first official celebration of Juneteenth as a country the day after this week's Report ended. Too bad slavery didn't really go away.
2 Jurassic World Dominion 1,060,281 The core message of Jurassic Park could be described as rampant greed making us blind to our actions, but that hasn't stopped Universal from milking every last coin out of this dinosaur of a franchise. Speaking of last, this is now the sixth and final installment in the Jurassic Park universe, and it ends the series on a sour note, according to critics and viewers, who have suggested that the franchise needs to be encased in amber, never to be brought back again. But we all know how well that worked in the first one.
3 Juancho Hernangómez 1,054,518 Hustle, Adam Sandler's latest reminder he can do good movies, stars this Spanish basketball player in his debut acting role as...a Spanish basketball player. Maybe that's for the best, since sports stars are always best at playing themselves anyway. Well, almost always.
4 Stephen Curry 1,066,585 The Golden State Warriors point guard makes his triumphant return to this list after bringing the team to victory at the 2022 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics and earning his first NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award for the win.
5 Warren Jeffs 1,047,458 He's the infamous polygamist leader of the controversial Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a sect of Mormon fundamentalism which has often been identified as a white supremacist cult, who was charged with child sexual assault for allegedly forcing underage girls in the Church to marry adult men. Now, he's also one of the subjects of Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, Netflix's newest addition to the "cult-o-mania" genre, which was released last week. What a career!
6 Top Gun: Maverick 1,014,701 The '80s classic about a fighter pilot named Maverick who gets the chance to train at the Navy's Fighter Weapons School (aka TOPGUN), got a sequel in which he returns to the program to train new pilots. Even if it's gotten mostly rave reviews, not everyone is raving about it, as recent discussions about the film revolving around the possibility of it just being shiny military propaganda.
7 Vikram (2022 film) 866,225 Much like another 2022 release (#6), this film is a spiritual sequel to its namesake 1986 film, and follows a retired secret agent trying to take down a drug syndicate. The film also kicks off a cinematic universe with a sequel to follow.
8 Deaths in 2022 865,951 And when this building is on fire
These flames can't burn any higher
I turn sideways to the sun
And in a moment I am gone...
9 Stranger Things (season 4) 812,660 Even if the eagerly awaited second volume of this bingeable horror-drama's fourth season still hasn't come out three weeks after the release of the first one, that hasn't slowed down its momentum or caused it to lose its spot on this list. I haven't personally watched this much buzzed-about season, mainly because I have yet to watch the first three buzzed-about seasons, but one thing that does really excite me about the show is that it brought Kate Bush's melancholic masterpiece "Running Up That Hill" to number one on charts across the globe 37 years after its release. It has something to do with headphones, Velma, and the effects of bath salts, if I had to guess.
10 Stranger Things 767,554

Troubled times, you know I cannot lie (June 19 to 25)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Roe v. Wade 2,554,445 Well, we knew it would come, but now the shadow has truly returned. On June 24, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision that effectively legalised abortion in much of the country. Abortion will now become illegal in many states, forcing millions across the country to either risk an illegal abortion or give birth against their will.
2 Juneteenth 1,304,668 After the George Floyd protests in 2020, interest in this holiday marking an end to chattel slavery across the United States (following its abolition in Texas in 1865) rose greatly, prompting Joe Biden to declare it a federal holiday the following year. A couple centuries late on that one, Joe, but at least we got there eventually, and we had our very first official celebration of Juneteenth as a country this week. Too bad slavery didn't really go away.
3 Draupadi Murmu 1,156,860 The former governor of Jharkhand earned her place on this week's list after she was selected by the nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, or BJP, as the Indian presidential nominee for the National Democratic Alliance, or NDA, a right-wing coalition led by the BJP. Winning the election, which is almost guaranteed for Murmu based on the BJP's grip on India's government, would make her India's first tribal president and the second female president.
4 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 1,088,839 The latest MCU installment was released on Disney+ this week.
5 Top Gun: Maverick 938,050 Tom Cruise returns as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in a movie acclaimed for combining good character moments with impressive aerial sequences. It already passed $900 million worldwide, and could very soon become the highest-grossing movie of the year, surpassing the above.
6 Deaths in 2022 862,770 For the life of me, I cannot believe
We'd ever die for these sins, we were merely freshmen
7 The Boys (TV series) 836,257 The jerk superheroes being confronted by ruthless people (who now managed to find a way to get superpowers and level the fight) keep on releasing new episodes on Prime Video, with the latest one featuring a superhero orgy that is a great reminder of Guybrush Threepwood's immortal quote "The human body is a beautiful thing. Most of the time. Ew."
8 The Umbrella Academy (TV series) 760,572 Like the above, another unconventional superhero streaming show which had its third season released, only on Netflix. It even has to acknowledge real world gender transitions, as Ellen Page's Vanya is now Elliot Page's Viktor.
9 Obi-Wan Kenobi (TV series) 752,391 Disney has been churning out a lot of just-alright series in what appears to be a quantity-over-quality move on their part. This show turned out to be a case, as for all the good of bringing back Ewan McGregor, the plot was ultimately unnecessary (sure, an exiled Kenobi is a great starting point; but why have him meet Darth Vader again, when it just undermines their fatal re-encounter in the Death Star? or having Princess Leia as a child, as if she needed to have met Ben to send him a helping plea?), and the final episode had critics complaining that it just felt like a rehash of other, better Star Wars films, to which a roundtable of crotchety old rich men at Disney's HQ probably said "But you all love reboots! You keep going out to see them every time!" (Lightyear begs to differ...)
10 Elvis Presley 745,817 Thank you, thank you very much, Hollywood, for meeting what seems to be an annual quota for rock star biopics. This time, Elvis is about one of the very first people to bring rock 'n' roll to the masses--even if he was only able to do so after infamously stealing it from Black people-- and his rocky relationship with his manager Colonel Tom Parker. The eponymous film was directed by Baz Luhrmann, who's mostly known for flashy remakes of other, arguably better films based on books (plus a movie that only reuses a title), and stars Austin Butler, who got his start on the Disney-Nickelodeon circuit as the one-time beau(s) of Hannah Montana and Zoey Brooks. Butler stepped into the pompadoured singer's blue suede shoes, and viewers have noticed that his affected demeanor and voice as Elvis have creeped into interviews he's done long after the movie was filmed. The devil in disguise? It just might be.


Most edited articles

For the May 19-June 19 period, taken from Wikipedia:Database reports/Most edited articles last month.

Rank Title Revisions Notes
1 Robb Elementary School shooting 3916 High profile, rapidly updating events generate high edit counts. This was no exception. Read above for more.
2 2022 monkeypox outbreak 2476 The new COVID? It seems unlikely. However, this article was created on May 17, and like 2019-2020 China pneumonia outbreak (to give the original name), the article is generating high interest in both views and edit count.
3 Deaths in 2022 1958 Many thousands of people die everyday, and with the number of people who are considered notable (rightly or wrongly) it is no surprise that this article gets hundreds of edit a week.
4 Bigg Boss (Malayalam season 4) 1682 The Malayalam-language version of Big Brother is currently in week 13 of 15 (at time of writing, June 20)
5 Top Gun: Maverick 1277 The current second highest-grossing movie of the year, with nearly $900 million. I don't care about the politicized people claiming it's military propaganda, it's an incredible piece of work.
6 Wye College 1226 User:Ed1964 is cleaning up the article on this British college that closed in 2009.
7 Depp v. Heard 1131 This court drama was decided on June 1.
8 2022 French Open – Men's singles 1065 Every year, you can expect the article on this Grand Slam to be vandalized to note Rafael Nadal is the only guy who seems to win it anymore.
9 2022 Australian federal election 970 Australia had an election this month, which resulted in a change of government. This attracted a lot of edits to the page, mostly from people updating the results every few hours.
10 Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II 840 Celebrations were held to note it's been 70 years since Elizabeth II was crowned.
11 List of equipment of the Ukrainian Ground Forces 810 Attention to this remains strong as the Russians don't leave. One editor is particularly dedicated as to keeping weaponry used by the Security Service of Ukraine or the Ministry of Internal Affairs away.
12 Canada national ringette team 809 While ice hockey fans followed the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs, one user updated articles on ringette, which is hockey for girls without body contact.
13 Obi-Wan Kenobi (TV series) 807 Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi was one of the unquestionably good things in the Star Wars prequels, and so he gets a limited series on Disney+, that now even made him meet Darth Vader nearly a decade before their fatal re-encounter.
14 2022 Pacific hurricane season 782 Our very dedicated cadre of tropical cyclone-related editors is keeping itself busy.
15 2022 French Open – Women's singles 766 In the Roland Garros tournament that does give a chance for other people to get a title, the winner was current #1 Iga Swiatek.
16 2021 PBA 3x3 season – Third conference 758 If you needed proof of how the Philippines love basketball, just check how much effort User:Engr. Smitty put into updating the local 3x3 tournament!
17 2022 United States House of Representatives elections 729 With the primary season in full swing, this page also kept being updated as candidates won primaries, lost primaries, entered races, withdrew from races and changed parties throughout the month.
18 2022 United States House of Representatives elections in California 726
19 2022 Lebanese general election 722 A new parliament was chosen by a country still under civil protests and recovering from a freak explosion.
20 2022 FIVB Volleyball Women's Nations League 718 Volleyball's annual tournament. A reminder that maybe watching this will help wash away some pain I had with this sport last year.
21 Elon Musk 709 One of the most popular pages on Wikipedia, both among editors and viewers it seems, as updates on news stories, copyediting and a few light edit wars populated its history tab.
22 Sidhu Moose Wala 678 As mentioned above, a recently murdered Indian rapper.
23 1916 Pioneer Exhibition Game 678 An Australian rules football article being worked on by Lindsay658.
24 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine 631 Mariupol is still occupied, Ukraine is still trying to hold onto Sievierodonetsk after Russia failed to take Kyiv, and Russian filtration camps are popping up to deal with Russia's self-imposed problem of not knowing what to do with the people whose homes they destroyed. In short, things are still awful.
25 List of Acts of the Parliament of Scotland to 1707 630 Being worked on by James500.

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