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I wrote a poem for each article, I found rhymes for all the lists;
My first featured picture of this year now finally exists!

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By Adam Cuerden
Li Fu Lee by Underwood & Underwood, restored by Adam Cuerden, my first featured picture of the year, after a rather rough few months.

This Signpost "Featured content" report covers material promoted from 1 to 15 April.

If you plan to write featured article summaries in poetry (maybe that's just me) it's really convenient to have some of them be on songs. All you have to do is take the opening bit of the song, rewrite it to be about itself, and there you go: Self-referential music. And you only have to keep the rhyme scheme as good as the original, which means I can let myself get away with slant rhymes for once, which I feel guilty about using otherwise.

On a personal note, this issue marks my first featured picture of the year (see above), after a very rough first three months. This being me, there's three others by me this issue, and it's looking good for that or more next issue. Have to catch up somehow, eh?

Adam Cuerden

Featured articles

Ten featured articles were promoted this period.

Mecca in panorama, eighteen fifty-five
'Tis pity how little within it survives.
Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam, nominated by MartinPoulter
A journey to Mecca in artefacts arrayed
At the British Museum where they were displayed;
"I Don't Wanna Cry", nominated by Heartfox
Once again we sit and listen
To Mariah Carey's song.
Latin torch song, sung so sweetly,
Baby, look what it's become.
It can make a million record sales
And earn her some change.
It's a Billboard hit, and Heartfox brought it
Up to featured article, hooray!
(Cue chorus)
Li Rui (politician), nominated by Ganesha811
Li Rui was a member of the Communist party,
He defied Chairman Mao, and for following his heart, he
Was imprisoned and rejected, but restored when Mao died,
Then wouldn't help nepotism, so was once more denied.
The Next Day, nominated by zmbro
Bowie hid his work
Then a sudden release
You never knew that
That he could do that
Just sudden release
Planning it for months he
Kept everyone quiet
He bided his time
To The Next Day
Just sudden release.
Ernest Roberts:
As a nineteen-oh-eight photograph, this would stand right near the top,
Had someone, for the article, not chose this awful crop.[1]
Ernest Roberts (Australian politician), nominated by Peacemaker67
He fought in the Boer War, he wrote for newspapers,
And then he joined in on political capers.
For Adelaide, for Labor he won many an election
But he was struck down in his prime, which would cause them all dejection.
Portland Spy Ring, nominated by SchroCat
The Admiralty Underwater Weapons Establishment:
A successful place for Soviet lavishment.
They paid out the money, the secrets they got
And five separate spies then would each get their cut.
Diodorus scytobrachion, nominated by FunkMonk
A silesaurid dinosauromorph
Of which few bones have yet come forth.
"Made You Look" (Meghan Trainor song), nominated by MaranoFan (a.k.a. NØ)
Trainor wrote a doo-wop song
Tiktok danced it in a huge throng:
A dance challenge for all day long,
It's Made You Look.
Battle of the Trebia, nominated by Gog the Mild
Hannibal and Romans again, so go put on your tunic
And get settled in for a war that is Punic!
We're coming in hot with a Roman defeat:
Surprise attacks from the rear really turn up the heat.
1867 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, nominated by Wehwalt
The Democrats supported a Republican, but that one, Cowan, didn't win.
The caucus of Republican legislators voted for Cameron (not Curtin).
... It's hard in a short poem to cover 19th-century elections,
So go and read the article — or at least some key selections.

Featured pictures

Twelve featured pictures were promoted this period, including the images at the start and bottom of this article.

Featured lists

Seven featured lists were promoted this period.

The Seattle Sounders won three Open Cups in a row
The first three chances they had — Wow, way to go!
List of Seattle Sounders FC seasons, nominated by SounderBruce
SounderBruce writes on Seattle Sounders;
I wonder where he got his name?
Still, Bruce is one of those all-rounders,
This list his latest claim to fame.
Alia Bhatt filmography, nominated by Krimuk2.0
No more just Bollywood star alone,
With her upcoming role in the film Heart of Stone.
GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Documentary, nominated by PanagiotisZois
GLAAD selects the best of film that has LGBT within,
But why's so many of this set lack articles on them?
List of Billboard Latin Pop Airplay number ones of 1999, nominated by Magicandude (a.k.a. Erick)
Yet another featured list we have to put within the hoard
Of yearly lists of music as reported by Billboard.
List of early-diverging flowering plant families, nominated by Dank
The eudicots and monocots won't be found within this list.
But of flowering plants you'll find the rest of all those that now exist.
List of roles and awards of Angeline Quinto, nominated by Pseud 14
A Filipina actor/singer, she won herself great fame,
With mostly Filipino things I don't know well enough to name.
She did Four Sisters and a Wedding and "Patuloy Ang Pangarap",
But I don't know the subject, so this poem is quite crap.
Timeline of the Warren G. Harding presidency, nominated by Thebiguglyalien
After World War I, his presidency tried
To make things better. And then ... he died.
NGC 6530 by NASA, another of our new featured pictures.


  1. ^ The author of this featured content has opinions on crops that make things look like they were taken from an American school yearbook.
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