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News and notes
New legal "deVLOPments" in the EU
... and at WP:Mastodon.
In the media
Vivek's smelly socks, online safety, and politics
Fake fines, false alarms and faux headlines!
Recent research
Gender, race and notability in deletion discussions
And other new research publications.
Featured content
I wrote a poem for each article, I found rhymes for all the lists; My first featured picture of this year now finally exists!
...Layout lovers will hate this featured content's title.
Arbitration report
"World War II and the history of Jews in Poland" approaches conclusion
There will likely be more to say next issue.
News from the WMF
Planning together with the Wikimedia Foundation
The second article in a series describing the priorities and work of the Wikimedia Foundation. The article invites Wikimedians to collaborate with the Foundation.
Special report
There Shall Be Seasons Refreshing – Stories from WikiConference India 2023
First national-level conference in the Indian subcontinent in seven years.
Single-page edition


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