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News and notes
Golden parachutes: Record severance payments at Wikimedia Foundation
... and a referendum on Jimmy Wales' traditional role as a final court of appeal in arbitration policy.
In the media
History, propaganda and censorship
Opposing scholars on ArbCom case.
Arbitration report
Final decision in "World War II and the history of Jews in Poland"
Includes stronger sourcing restriction, and a nod to the UCoC.
Recent research
Create or curate, cooperate or compete? Game theory for Wikipedia editors
And other new research results.
Featured content
A very musical week for featured articles
Bird is the word for featured pictures.
Traffic report
Coronation, chatbot, celebs
Celebs and Bollywood film dominated reader interest, as usual, but with a new persistent presence on the lists of a certain AI.
WikiProject report
Wikipedians Convene for Queering Wikipedia 2023: The First International LGBT+ Wikipedia Conference
An online conference with 12 distributed trans-local in-person meetup "Nodes" on 5 continents.
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