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News and notes
Staff departures at Wikimedia Foundation, Jimbo hands in the bits, and graphs' zeppelin burns
Plus: Wikipedians get own Mastodon account, and Wikiprojects move to uniform quality assessment.
In the media
Contested truth claims in Wikipedia
Covering Russia, Poland, the Vatican, the U.S., and the "perilously thin" boundary between real life and Wikipedia.
Remembering David "DGG" Goodman
The prolific editor, former Arbitration Committee member and co-founder of Wikimedia New York City died in April.
Arbitration report
Holocaust in Poland, Jimbo in the hot seat, and a desysopping
No news is good news, and this isn't no news.
What Jimbo's question revealed about scamming
The problem we haven't solved.
Wikipedia as an anchor of truth
Can Wikipedia help keep AI agents honest?
Special report
Signpost statistics between years 2005 and 2022
In this article, we will look at The Signpost statistics. More precisely: Signpost article statistics by year, TOP 20 titles of Signpost articles, TOP 20 article authors, and the home wikis of article authors.
News from the WMF
Collective planning with the Wikimedia Foundation
First of a two part series summarising the priorities for the Wikimedia Foundation's next fiscal year (July 2022–June 2023) including staffing, budget and other changes, and how to provide your feedback.
Featured content
In which we described the featured articles in rhyme again
And somehow made it more readable than when it's not rhyming.
From the archives
April Fools' through the ages, part two
2011 and on.
The law of hats
The Selfish Hatnote, the Disambiguation Singularity, and other information-theoretic conundra of encyclopedic note.
Traffic report
Long live machine, the future supreme
Wrestling bumps world-changing technology from the #1 spot, imagine that.
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