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From the editorSome long-overdue retractions
Errata regretted.
News and notes
Sounding out, a universal code of conduct, and dealing with AI
Skynet believed to be in violation of the new Universal Code of Conduct.
In the media
Twiddling Wikipedia during an online contest, and other news
Taking the phrase "gaming the system" to the next level.
Arbitration report
"World War II and the history of Jews in Poland" case is ongoing
Desysop case request still in accept/decline phase.
Featured content
Hail, poetry! Thou heav'n-born maid
Thou gildest e'en the Signpost's trade.
Recent research
Language bias: Wikipedia captures at least the "silhouette of the elephant", unlike ChatGPT
And a dataset of article revisions to provide a corpus for promotional content.
From the archives
April Fools' through the ages
A retrospective of the best and worst pranks.
Disinformation report
Sus socks support suits, seems systemic
Do important banks sock? Maybe – but don't grab your money and run just yet!
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