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By Igordebraga, CAWylie, Ollieisanerd, Shuipzv3, Rahcmander, I am RedoStone
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by igordebraga, CAWylie, Ollieisanerd, Rahcmander, I am RedoStone and Shuipzv3.

Ah, Kansas City, gonna get my baby back home, yeah-yeah (February 11 to 17)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Patrick Mahomes 2,486,936 The star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs led his team into Super Bowl LVIII with the aim of becoming back-to-back Super Bowl champions. Their opponents, the San Francisco 49ers, took the lead for most of the game, but the Chiefs fought back hard, with Mahomes making several crucial plays to level the score and eventually sending the game into overtime in the last seconds of the fourth quarter, then making the game-winning pass to seal victory for the Chiefs. Mahomes was also named the Super Bowl MVP, which he also won in his other two Super Bowl wins (with the most recent also against the 49ers). In his post-game speech, Mahomes declared his intent to win three Super Bowls in a row, a feat no team has achieved.
2 Usher (musician) 2,404,225 Peace up, A-town down! Usher Raymond was the performer of the big game's halftime show, having to clear off the high bar set by this (and yes, that song was in the set list) with plenty of hits and special appearances by Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Ludacris and Lil Jon (and wonder if Usher only didn't play "DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love" because that would require bringing in Pitbull).
3 Travis Kelce 2,232,171 The star tight end of the Chiefs and boyfriend of #5 went viral for his appearance in #7 for the wrong reason. During a part of the game where he is benched, the Chiefs ended up fumbling the ball. Clearly disagreeing with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid's decision to sideline him, Kelce proceeds to march up to his coach and shouted in his face, as well as making contact which caused Reid to stumble. Still, there appeared to be no "Bad Blood" between the two, with Reid later playing down the incident. Kelce went on to make the most receptions and yards in the game on the way to his third Super Bowl victory.
4 Madame Web (film) 2,081,146 Sony's Spider-Man Universe already provided a low point in comic book movies with Morbius, and both critics and audiences are agreeing they did it again with Madame Web (co-written by the Morbius writers, making many people question how those two still get work). Dakota Johnson is Cassandra Webb, a paramedic who discovers premonitory powers and decides to use them to save three teenagers from a maniac intent on killing them – and given those three women are three of the ladies who in the comics answered to "Spider-Woman', the marketing made sure to show them in costumes, that in the movie itself only appear in visions! And as a reminder of why filmgoers bothered with this movie there are plenty of allusions to Spider-Man, from the costume worn by the bad guy to the fact that Cassie's partner is Ben Parker, about to earn a promotion to Uncle Ben given he is taking in his home his pregnant sister-in-law Mary. Along with negative reviews, Madame Web had an unimpressive opening that couldn't overtake Bob Marley: One Love and is still halfway through its budget with $50 million worldwide. And the SSU still has two movies this year, and while Venom 3 in November should at least make money and give another unhinged Tom Hardy performance, the delayed Kraven the Hunter in August is the make-it-or-break-it point regarding Columbia Pictures doing Spider-Man movies without the Webhead.
5 Taylor Swift 1,847,552 Following much speculation, the pop superstar did make it to #7 to cheer on her boyfriend (#3) and his team, together with a group of her friends including Ice Spice and Blake Lively. Following the Chiefs' victory, the couple were spotted partying through the night in Las Vegas, before she resumes her Eras Tour in Melbourne, Australia.
6 List of Super Bowl champions 1,812,814 The Kansas City Chiefs added their name to the list two years in a row, winning an overtime thriller in Las Vegas. Can they make it three in a row?
7 Super Bowl LVIII 1,775,252 The 58th iteration of #10 took place in Las Vegas and was nicknamed the "Taylor Swift Bowl" due to the extensive media attention on her relationship with #3. The game got off on a slow start with a scoreless first quarter, before the San Francisco 49ers took the lead in the second. The Chiefs fought back to take the lead in the third quarter, but the 49ers regained the lead not long after, though a failed conversion gave the Chiefs the chance to equalize the score with a field goal. The 49ers took the lead again with their own field goal, and in the final nail-biting seconds of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs scored another field goal to send the game into overtime. The 49ers possessed the ball first, but ended up stalling and settled for a field goal. The Chiefs fought their way to the end zone, and scored the game-winning touchdown to win 25–22. This match broke several records for the Super Bowl, including the longest field goal in Super Bowl history (57 yards, or 52 meters for pretty much the rest of the world), and became the most watched television broadcast in the United States (123.7 million viewers on average, which was attributed in part to #5).
8 Valentine's Day 1,555,915 A cheerful day for couples around the world, and a sad reminder of loneliness for those without romantic partners.
9 Alexei Navalny 1,492,658 On February 16, the announcement came that the Russian opposition leader, imprisoned since December 2023 at a labor colony in the Russian Arctic, had died. Almost immediately, tributes flowed in and protests took place in many cities around the world. Though his cause of death has not been revealed, many world leaders in the West laid the blame squarely on Russian president Vladimir Putin.
10 Super Bowl 1,281,816 Everyone who doesn't care about gridiron certainly wished we could discuss some Superb Owls instead.

Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight (February 18 to 24)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Alexei Navalny 1,165,437 Though the imprisoned Russian opposition figure died on February 16, ostensibly of natural causes as said by the authorities, it wasn't until February 24 that his body was released to his mother, after several attempts were denied, as well as pressure on his family into burying him in secret or within the prison grounds. His wife, Yulia Navalnaya, has vowed to continue his work. The US and UK announced sanctions on officials said were connected to Navalny's death, at the second anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
2 Madame Web (film) 1,138,299 2023 demonstrated the "superhero fatigue", regarding audiences getting tired of so many comic book movies to the point they're not as willing to go to theaters for them, particularly if questionable quality and\or lesser-known characters are involved. And both these boxes are ticked by Madame Web, based on a minor Spider-Man side character and deemed just as bad as Morbius, showing that it takes more than allusions to the Webhead (including one of the final scenes being his mother giving birth to him!) to win over viewers, leading to sluggish box office and ensuring that sequel hook regarding a team of Spider-Women will probably never pay off. At least superheroes will stay away for a while, until Deadpool & Wolverine arrives in July.
3 J. Robert Oppenheimer 1,007,592 Oppenheimer already blew up the box office last year, and now the movie about the physicist who helped build the atomic bomb is wrecking up the awards season, the last one being the 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards, where along with all actors earning Outstanding Performance by a Cast, "Oppie" portrayer Cillian Murphy won Best Actor and Robert Downey Jr. Best Supporting Actor for playing the government official who questioned Oppenheimer's loyalty given his sympathy for Communism. Makes the movie's fans hopeful for its Academy Awards prospects on March 10. (in the meantime, Barbenheimer will become a trashy comedy-horror by Charles Band!)
4 Deaths in 2024 1,001,761 As it was in the beginning (one love)
So shall it be in the end (one heart)...
5 Elimination Chamber: Perth 869,248 Australia received the latest WWE extravaganza, that included Rhea Ripley (pictured) defending her Women's World Championship belt.
6 Bob Marley 760,714 Bob Marley: One Love chronicled the reggae legend, particularly the period before and after the album Exodus, which adequate to the title is the source of the song "One Love". Reviews were mixed, praising the soundtrack and Kingsley Ben-Adir as the protagonist, but found director Reinaldo Marcus Green to play too safe into biopic conventions, yet audiences clearly approved as One Love led the box office and has already made over $100 million worldwide.
7 True Detective (season 4) 729,263 The newest season of this anthology crime series, starring Jodie Foster (pictured) this time, concluded on February 18.
8 Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024 TV series) 693,573 Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when M. Night Shyamalan attacked. 14 years passed, and Netflix released a new remake, and although it looks great, it has a lot to learn before it can live up to the original. Netflix's newest fantasy series is a retelling of the beloved animated series that premiered 19 years ago. While, it is certainly an improvement on the movie that does not exist, it is still not as good as the original. Netflix may have hoped for positive reception like their other live-action remake, One Piece series from last year, but that is not the case here, with the reception from both critics and audiences being quite mixed. While many fans want the series to get renewed for a second season, there are some who think that live-action remakes of animated movies and shows are disrespectful to animation as a medium.
9 Pakistan Super League 657,092 This year's edition of this cricket tournament began on February 17, and is set to conclude on March 17.
10 Griselda Blanco 642,260 If you want to hang out, you've gotta take her out, cocaine... Viewers are still intrigued by the late Colombian drug lord chronicled by Netflix on Griselda.


Most edited articles

For the January 25 – February 25 period, per this database report.

Title Revisions Notes
Deaths in 2024 2269 The deceased of the period included Steve Wright, Kelvin Kiptum, Robin Windsor and Kagney Linn Karter (plus Toby Keith and Carl Weathers, who appeared in the last Traffic Report).
Legalism (Chinese philosophy) 1776 Still busy with this article, FourLights?
2024 Pakistani general election 1452 One week after former Prime Minister Imran Khan won a majority of the National Assembly seats, coalitions were formed to fully investigate electoral fraud and the PTA's shutting down PTI internet access and limiting its cell phone service during the election. Numerous members of various parties also jumped political boats.
Super Bowl LVIII 1079 As mentioned above, the latest NFL final.
List of Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance candidates for the 2024 Indian general election 979 27 parties made an alliance (noticed that the initials are I.N.D.I.A.?) to oppose the current government in the election that will run between April and May.
Vultures 1 975 A rap release by Y$, which is Kanye West teaming up with Ty Dolla Sign. Given all the stuff Ye has said and done in the last few years, some of whom is downright discussed in the album's lyrics, reception has been mixed (Anthony Fantano downright refused to review the album).
Miss Universe Philippines 2024 789 Some people don't understand how beauty pageants still exist, but here's an upcoming one. The Philippines have a reason to care about Miss Universe, given they won twice (Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray) in the last ten years.
José Luis López Vázquez 774 One user is editing the page on this Spanish actor/comedian.
List of foreign footballers in Malaysia 767 Another mostly solitary work regarding players who chased footballs in the Malaysian pitches.
Late night television in the United States 761 Just about every one is a minor edit by a single user.
2024 in sports 756 The year barely started and has a lot to offer in this regard, particularly qualifying tournaments for the 2024 Summer Olympics.
Death and funeral of Alexei Navalny 719 As mentioned above, a Russian opposition leader who died in a corrective facility and thus sparked protests worldwide, mostly holding Putin's government responsible.
T-Square (band) 719 One user is continuously editing the page on this Japanese jazz fusion band.
Narwhal 695 Denne er narkval. An attempt at making an FA out of this cetacean didn't go through.
The Tortured Poets Department 674 During the Grammys, Taylor Swift announced her eleventh album, to be released in April.
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Wow didn't expect Pakistan Super League right up there in top 10 list. I couldn't watch the matches but I think some spicy things happened between random fans and Pakistan star batsman Babar Azam which may have triggered a spike in pageviews but Babar Azam silenced his critics with splendid performances in 2024 Pakistan Super League. He let his bat talk. --Abishe (talk) 03:15, 3 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

That "Superb Owl" joke was genius, an After Midnight-worth caption! : D Oltrepier (talk) 11:04, 3 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

I don't understand one user made over 20,000 edits to Legalism (Chinese philosophy) (98% of all edits), adding nearly 2.5 million bytes of text, yet currently only about 20,000 bytes long. -- GreenC 02:02, 4 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]

@GreenC: It started the year over 100 kb long. Yet in the last few months that same user decided to cut just about everything. I don't understand either. igordebraga 04:21, 4 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]
And 20k edits.. for example, in the past 12 hours, they made about 10-15 edits within each hour - no hour was missed, and even within each hour, barely any 10 minute period went by without an edit. And what did they accomplish for 12 hours of sustained editing. And it goes on like that, day after day, in the same article. Prev discussion from last month: Wikipedia:Village_pump_(miscellaneous)/Archive_76#Legalism_(Chinese_philosophy) where it was noted this broke a "record for the highest number of edits by a single user to one article". It was explained as a "work process" issue. -- GreenC 04:58, 4 March 2024 (UTC)[reply]


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