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He rules over everything, on the land called planet Dune

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By Igordebraga, I am RedoStone, CAWylie, Rahcmander, Shuipzv3, and Krimuk2.0
This traffic report is adapted from the Top 25 Report, prepared with commentary by Igordebraga, I am RedoStone, CAWylie, Rahcmander, Krimuk2.0 and Shuipzv3.

He is the King of all the land, in the Kingdom of the sands, of a time tomorrow (February 25 to March 2)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Dune: Part Two 1,498,715 40 years after David Lynch showed Dune is not exactly a story that can be told in a scant 137 minutes, comes the conclusion of Denis Villeneuve's adaptation, making for two movies that suffered a few delays (Part 1 due to COVID, Part 2 due to the Hollywood strikes) and translated in over five hours of runtime how Paul Atreides went from an heir sent to a planet filled with sand and worms to a messianic figure who the local populace will follow to a war. Dune: Part Two earned glowing reviews for fulfilling its epic ambitions, even if it lacks a proper conclusion and ends downright saying Paul's crusades are only beginning (there were originally six Dune books, after all), but hopefully Warner Bros. will answer Villeneuve's dreams of a third movie, given Part Two has high box office prospects (it made back its $190 million budget by Tuesday!) and the universe will even be expanded with the streaming show Dune: Prophecy.
2 Dune (2021 film) 1,248,051
3 Richard Lewis (comedian) 1,232,679 This comedian, best known for his recurring role on Curb Your Enthusiasm as a semi-fictionalized version of himself, died aged 76 on February 27.
4 Shōgun (2024 miniseries) 1,210,277 Improving on its 1980 predecessor, this miniseries, based on the titular bestseller, focuses more on the start of the Asian Saga than on the John Blackthorne character. The 10-episode miniseries premiered on February 27.
5 Self-immolation of Aaron Bushnell 1,105,851 As the Israel-Hamas war is closing its fifth month, to the despair of the Gaza strip population, lots of people worldwide make clear they'd rather see the conflict end, and none were more desperate than an active-duty U.S. Air Force soldier who lit himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in D.C..
6 Dune Messiah (film) 1,074,257 Redirects usually get high views due to page renames. But this one is a whole other deal, as over a million people went for this page, having the expected title for the trilogy closer, taken from the Dune sequel Dune Messiah (which couldn't even get 300,000 views) and instead only entered the "Future" section of #1. In any case, this movie can't be confirmed/made any sooner.
7 Deaths in 2024 1,038,148 Somethin' happened along the way
What used to be happy was sad
Somethin' happened along the way
And yesterday was all we had
8 Avatar: The Last Airbender (2024 TV series) 823,762 Almost 20 years after debuting as an animated show on Nickelodeon, Aang and the "Benders" were fully visualized for a Netflix series. Released on February 22, it has received praise for its visuals and criticism for its writing.
9 Avatar: The Last Airbender 748,199
10 Shane Gillis 681,638 This controversial comedian who was previously fired from Saturday Night Live in 2019 returned to the show to host an episode, earning mixed to negative reviews and a comparison to Jo Koy.

He rules the sand worms and the Fremen, in the land amongst the stars, of an age tomorrow (March 3 to 9)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Dune: Part Two 2,124,244 Repeating atop this page is the second part of a seminal sci-fi novel's (#5) adaptation that has won over critics and audiences alike with its impressive cast and epic scope, while serving as a relief in these days filled with movies that don't warrant their overlong running times, given the insurrection on Arrakis has barely any filler in spite of lasting 165 minutes. Respectable earnings of $369 million in two weeks also makes for good box office prospects. Also, AMC Theatres issued a Sandworm-themed popcorn bucket of questionable design, down to inspiring a Saturday Night Live sketch!
2 Akira Toriyama 1,981,346 One of the most influential artists in the history of manga, Toriyama, who is most famous for creating Dragon Ball, died on March 1, but his death was only announced on March 8. Tribute quickly poured in from fans around the world, as well as several governments.
3 Mukesh Ambani 1,838,741 The "richest person in Asia" (and his wife is #13) received additional attention when his youngest son got married on the family's $1 billion estate, with #10 performing a mini-concert during the three-day event starting March 1.
4 Dune (2021 film) 1,559,422 The predecessor to #1, which was given a day-and-date release both on the big screen and on (HBO) Max back in 2021, and Frank Herbert's novel from nearly six decades ago, from which the book, TV and film, and game franchise got its roots.
5 Dune (novel) 1,031,306
6 Shōgun (2024 miniseries) 1,016,700 As expected, the "visually sumptuous" miniseries depicting the 30-year Asian Saga has achieved "universal acclaim". Released episodically every week until April 23, the series drew 9 million views across three streaming platforms in its first six days.
7 Deaths in 2024 986,961 Waterloo Waterloo
Where will you meet your Waterloo?
Every puppy has his day
Everybody has to pay
Everybody has to meet his Waterloo
8 Sydney Sweeney 969,684 Fresh off a massive hit and a massive flop, the Euphoria actress hosted Saturday Night Live on March 2.
9 Manjummel Boys 887,520 This Indian survival thriller film based on a true incident of a man getting trapped in a cave has received positive reviews from critics and audiences and is currently the fourth highest grossing Indian movie of the year, grossing over $18 million
10 Rihanna 871,961 The Barbadian singer performed at the wedding of the youngest son of #3 on March 1. Nothing like a billionaire entertaining other billionaires.

Had her chance for the Moon on strings, Poor Things (March 10 to 17)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Poor Things (film) 2,219,393 The Academy Awards rolled on, and the most viewed article wasn't the Best Picture, but the second biggest winner, a very weird movie once described as "like someone pitched an old porn parody of Frankenstein and then thought 'actually, you know what, we could leave in the sex scenes, but, uh, I don't know, let's try going for some Oscar gold with this!" And indeed, the story of a woman revived by a mad scientist who discovers the wonders of the world, including what she describes as "furious jumping", earned awards for its lavish and surreal scenery (Art Direction) and clothing (Costume Design), the scientist's stitched face and the woman's waist-high hair (Make-Up and Hairstyling), and most importantly, the wacky and wholly committed performance of leading lady Emma Stone, who took her second Best Actress award 7 years after La La Land.
2 Emma Stone 1,985,826
3 96th Academy Awards 1,932,293 Hollywood's biggest prize – albeit not the end of awards season, the Writers Guild of America Awards is only next month. Host Jimmy Kimmel wasn't as inspired this time, aside from reading a complaint from Donald Trump and adding "Isn't it past your jail time?" Among the winners were two Japanese movies (The Boy and the Heron was the Best Animated Feature, and Godzilla Minus One took Visual Effects), a French movie in English and an English movie in German, the script of American Fiction, Da'Vine Joy Randolph for The Holdovers, Wes Anderson with Best Short, and seven prizes to...
4 Oppenheimer (film) 1,358,606 Christopher Nolan told the story of the physicist heading the Manhattan Project that created the atomic bomb, as well as how years later the United States Atomic Energy Commission questioned if he was a Communist and/or untrustworthy – sadly focusing too much on the latter given the runtime of 3 hours, making much more attractive the idea of following the movie with a screening of Barbie. Nevertheless, glowing reviews and massive box office intakes of over $900 million worldwide followed, and expectedly the impeccable values and outstanding cast of Oppenheimer also dominated the awards circuit, culminating in Best Picture and six other Oscars during #3. (Given the award for Japan's best known allegory for being nuked, it was joked that Oppenheimer and Godzilla Minus One was the first time a movie and its sequel got Oscars in the same ceremony.)
5 Dune: Part Two 1,259,910 Still on Hollywood for this week's highest non-Oscar related article, although expect to see this win a few awards at next year's ceremony. Part Two has now surpassed its predecessor at the worldwide box office, and with half a billion dollars total, Part Three (possibly titled Dune Messiah) is a certainty, whenever that is – hopefully less than the 12 year interval where the sequel book starts.
6 Cillian Murphy 1.170.667 Two of the acting awards of #3 went to #4. Best Actor as protagonist J. Robert Oppenheimer was the Irishman who starred in Peaky Blinders and a few thrillers like 28 Days Later, Red Eye and Sunshine, and was also the villainous Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Best Supporting Actor went to the portrayer of Lewis Strauss, the once and future Iron Man in his third nomination, after being film legend Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin and "the dude playing a dude disguised as another dude" in Tropic Thunder.
7 Robert Downey Jr. 1,103,163
8 Flat white 1,094,757 Yes, somehow coffee beat many Oscar-related articles. Blame it on Google.
9 Damsel (2024 film) 1,063,759 Netflix star Millie Bobby Brown and her make-up remain unvanquished despite many obstacles in another hit for the service.
10 Ryan Gosling 1,007,611 #7 might've beaten him as Best Supporting Actor, but one of #3's highlights was Gosling doing a show-stopping, hilarious performance of "I'm Just Ken" heavily inspired by "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend", featuring Slash (who believe it or not, is in the original version too, as was the other guitarist on stage, Wolfgang Van Halen) and the movie's other Kens, plus Gosling lending the microphone to three Barbie ladies – and to his friend #2, prompting her to start her Best Actress speech with "my dress is broken, and I think it happened during 'I'm Just Ken'!" Certainly made up for the movie's other composition taking Best Song.

Against evil the fire that spreads through the land (March 17 to 23, 2024)

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes/about
1 Nowruz 1,372,788 The Iranian-Persian New Year (depicted here in the Chehel Sotoun palace) was celebrated on March 21. The date marks the spring equinox on the Solar Hijri calendar. Traditional celebrations across the world include bonfires, ritual dances, gift exchanges, reciting poetry, and symbolic meals honoring classical elements.
2 Catherine, Princess of Wales 1,362,338 "Where is Kate?" In January, Kensington Palace announced that the Princess of Wales had undergone abdominal surgery for something that was not cancer. She then postponed all public appearances and duties until after Easter. Her going off the grid caused numerous conspiracy theories in the ensuing months. On March 22, via video message, she announced that post-operative tests had indeed found cancer and that she had been undergoing chemotherapy treatment since February.
3 Dan Schneider 1,331,755 From the late 1990s until 2019, Schneider created, produced, or wrote for over a dozen children's shows, primarily for Nickelodeon. He also became part of the Weinstein effect when young actresses began filing complaints about him: from temper issues to verbal abuse and gender discrimination. In March 2024, a documentary series, Quiet on the Set, explored the allegations.
4 Indian Premier League 1,271,572 Cricket's richest league returned on Friday for its 17th edition with the reigning champions defeating the team whose female counterpart just won the Women's Premier League, the women's version of #4, whose title was surprisingly not used for the Women's Super League, the women's version of the English premier football league.
5 2024 Indian Premier League 1,137,627
6 Aaron Taylor-Johnson 1,116,376 Speculation was raised that the favorite to be the 007th James Bond was this British actor, who has two superhero roles (the title one in Kick-Ass and Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron) and an upcoming supervillain one in Kraven the Hunter, and quite some experience in action films such as Godzilla, The King's Man and Bullet Train – he's even playing an action star in the upcoming The Fall Guy!
7 Drake Bell 1,052,807 In the March 17 episode of Quiet on the Set, Bell revealed how he was sexually abused by dialogue coach Brian Peck (#10) while working for Nickelodeon shows in the early 1990s. A subsequent episode detailed Bell's DUI arrest in 2015 and his 2021 guilty plea for child endangerment.
8 Deaths in 2024 984,113 All by myself
Don't wanna live
All by myself anymore
9 Road House (2024 film) 937,954 Jake Gyllenhaal, once known for working with auteurs in intense dramas, has in recent years embraced his action hero persona. Road House is his latest testosterone-driven vehicle, which serves as a remake of the 1989 film starring Patrick Swayze. Critics seem to like this version only a tad more than the original, but it's a ratings hit for Amazon Prime Video on which it's streaming.
10 Brian Peck 914,816 Peck had many jobs in the entertainment industry: producer, director, dialogue coach, and actor; but, in 2003, he was arrested and convicted of being a sex offender (as evidenced here by his creepy mugshot) and performing lewd acts with a minor. Peck has served his time, but has yet to secure work in the industry. On the March 17 episode of Quiet on the Set, it was revealed that Drake Bell (#7) was the victim. (Sidenote: Peck was also penpals with serial killer John Wayne Gacy.)


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