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By Shushugah

WikiProject Organized Labour was created by Canadian editor Bookandcoffee on 10 January 2006 with the title of WikiProject on Organized Labo(u)r. Already then, there was an appetite to focus on the global labour movement, not just in the Western hemisphere. Within one year, 48 members joined, including currently-active members Goldsztajn and Warofdreams.

Starbucks union rally in Seattle, Washington

The WikiProject mission has largely stayed the same 17 years later:

  1. To expand and globalize articles related to Organized Labour.
  2. To create and expand articles for individual labour organizations.
  3. To establish fair and consistent representation of labour in business, government, organizational, corporate and economic information articles.

The focus of WikiProject Organized Labour includes trade union organizations/people in each country, sector, strike actions, labour laws/history etc.. Today the project has a smaller but steady number of editors, who are actively contributing new articles, maintaining the existing 11,000 articles and countless more sections within company tagged articles. Previously Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost published an op-ed How to make your factory's safety and labor issues disappear by Zarasophos. Consider participating in our online edit-a-thon that is happening throughout February 2023.

Labo(u)r organi(s/z)ing is difficult

The question of MOS:ENGVAR already came up, with 3 different spelling variants including American English: Organized Labor, British English: Organised Labour and Oxford English which is notably used by the ILO: Organized Labour. Regardless of which variant was used, editors were in agreement that handy redirects should be created, so WP:LABOR and WP:LABOUR both work as expected. In some cases Labor union/Labour union pragmatically redirects to Trade union instead. Either way, we are here, with or without u!

Other language editions

Not all Wikipedia language editions have WikiProjects but of the ones that do, the following four language editions have WikiProjects dedicated to Organized Labour with activity varying mid-active to defunct.

Miners' strike in France in 1906

Two years ago Zarasophos interviewed Shushugah about WP:LABOUR particularly its relations to unionization in the high tech sector. Now Shushugah wants to pay it forward and interview the rest of the Organized Labour Project members.


Why do you think it is important that WikiProject Organized Labour exists?

What are your favorite contributions in the project area?

How does this WikiProject differ from or complement other related WikiProjects like Anarchism, Socialism and Companies?

During February 2023 we are hosting a month long edit-a-thon. What do you hope people prioritize/focus on?

Can union/labor representation be used as an attack on an article subject?

Is it ironic that people interested in (paid) labour are committed to a project that is built on volunteer/unpaid labour? How do you reconcile the two?

Is there anything else you would like to say/share that has not been asked?

February 2023 Labour Edit-a-thon

2023 WikiProject Organized Labour/Online Edit-A-Thon
Hello, Wikipedia Signpost/2023-02-04/WikiProject report!
During the entire month of February there will be an ongoing edit-a-thon on all labour related projects across English Wikipedia and sister projects. Register to track your edits and sign up on the edit-a-thon's project page as a participant. To invite other participants paste {{subst:WPLABOR/2023}} on their talk page! This event is organized by WP:WikiProject Organized Labour


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