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From the editorNew for the Signpost: Author pages, tag pages, and a decent article search function
Last issue's vow for "something to show for these efforts" revisited.
News and notes
Foundation update on fundraising, new page patrol, Tides, and Wikipedia blocked in Pakistan
As well as the continued rise of the machines, and Amanda Keton's WMF departure.
Section 230
Twenty-six words that created the internet, and the future of an encyclopedia
Section 230 before the Supreme Court in two cases, with broad implications for the web.
Disinformation report
Wikipedia on Santos
Or Santos on Wikipedia?
Special report
Legal status of Wikimedia projects "unclear" under potential European legislation
WMF issues salvo in latest battles of the Posting Wars
In the media
Furor over new Wikipedia skin, followup on Saudi bans, and legislative debate
The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Estonian businessman and political donor brings lawsuit against head of national Wikimedia chapter
Isamaa party sponsor Parvel Pruunsild files claim in Tartu County Court against WMEE head Ivo Kruusamägi and Reform Party politicians.
Study examines cultural leanings of Wikimedia projects' visual art coverage
English Wikipedia among most "global" and Thai Wikipedia's among most "Western", but non-Western works neglected overall.
Recent research
Wikipedia's "moderate yet systematic" liberal citation bias
And other new research publications.
WikiProject report
WikiProject Organized Labour
An interview with those who pitch in together
Tips and tricks
XTools: Data analytics for your list of created articles
Letting you find out about yourself (and others).
Featured content
20,000 Featureds under the Sea
An exceptionally good period for featured articles.
Traffic report
Films, deaths and ChatGPT
Can we have a chat?
Single-page edition


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